Thursday, January 22, 2009

Wii Fit & TTC

Well, folks, it's official! I LOVE Wii Fit! I haven't even had it a week yet & I'm already loving it so much! Even when I'm tired & ragged from work, I want to do my Wii Fit exercises. I skipped the yoga & balance yesterday & today, because I've discovered a great new thing--BOXING! I LOVE, LOVE, LOVE it! It is SO fun! I did the original one like 4 times today (3 minute sessions) until I got 3 stars out of four. Then I tried the "advanced" sessions (6 minutes) and got three stars on my first try! I was SO excited! I can REALLY feel the exercise both while I'm doing it & later. I can feel it in my arms, legs, and stomach! Yay! I love exercising! The only craptastic part? I'm doing it at night & then I can't fall asleep. How to get around that? I guess eventually I'll have to get up early enough to do it before work. UGH.

So, on the TTC front. Things are not looking good. I'm 14 DPO, supposedly, but no sign of old Aunt Flo yet. Pregnancy tests last night & tonight were both negative. I'm fully expecting her to make her appearance tonight, during my slumber. But, I do normally spot for a day or so before it's wierd.

I just looked at my chart. I have spotted for one day (AT LEAST) on every single cycle and most cycles that I was ovulating on I spotted for 2 what is going on! Tomorrow, if I'm not bleeding, I'm going to take another test, as AF is officially supposed to start then. It can't be the exercise, because you can't change your LP. You can change your Pre-O cycle length, but not your LP. So, I don't know what's going on. Pray for me, I'd really like to be pregnant this month since it would make my due date Oct. 2, 2009! A little Halloween baby! If I miss this month, I'll have to dress up as the dumb "bun in the oven" costume because I'd be preggo on Halloween (which is my MOST favorite holiday of the year!)

And still, if I'm not pregnant this cycle, I'm NOT going to chart next month. Not going to do it.

OK, the Oreos are calling my name & I must I'm off to bed!


Smellyann said...

Okay, one, I'm glad you like the Fit so much. I'm DEFINITELY going to buy a Wii and Fit out of our tax refund money. I just gotta!!

Second, You never know, if you get pg next month, you could have the baby a little early and have a H'ween bebe!

Gloria said...

I have my fingers crossed for you Stephanie! An Oct 2 baby would be WONDERFUL... its that best day of the year. Why??? you ask... Its MY birthday! ;0) Good luck!!