Friday, April 12, 2013

Luke's Behavior Chart

Tim and I try to be "gentle parents" and strive for the attachment parenting lifestyle.  (Its more important to me, but Tim is better at it!)

Luke's behavior lately had gotten really out of control, he wasn't listening, was hitting Vinnie as well as Tim & I, he was having multiple potty "accidents" on purpose a day and more.

After chatting and browsing on the web, I decided to try a "simple" sticker chart.  Tim and I talked about it, worked on it & eventually came up with this system.

It was entirely made at home and didn't cost a thing, since I have oodles of "teacher stickers"  left-over.

Each week I print a new copy of the chart with the correct dates.  As you can see from this first week it took some adjusting and learning for Luke's behaviors to change.

The chart has some "concrete" items that happen everyday and are basically a did it or didn't do it item.

I ate my breakfast.
I brushed my teeth. (morning)
I got dressed quickly.
I ate my lunch.
I ate my dinner.
I brushed my teeth. (evening)
I put on my PJs nicely.
I went pee and poop in the potty.

Then, mixed in he has four things he has to earn.

I was nice to Vinnie and my friends.
I listened to Mommy.
I listened to Daddy.
I went pee and poop in the potty.

We decided what to put on the chart by figuring out what was important to us.  It basically comes down to simple rules.

Listen to your parents and do what you are told.
Be nice to your friends and family.
Take care of yourself and your needs. (teeth, getting dressed, potty)

We used the daily chart for the 4 he had to earn for the first few days & now he doesn't even need that.  It was basically to get him used to the idea of an X is bad and a sticker is good.  

Don't listen, you get an X.  Have an accident, you get an X.  Be nice, listen, go on the potty, you get a sticker.  

Now that we're into our third week using the chart, (ALREADY?) he is doing so much better.  

We give him a count to five to follow directions or that's an X.  

For listening to Mommy & Daddy he almost NEVER gets an X and if he does he can "earn it back to a sticker" by being a GREAT listener for the rest of the day.

He is still having potty accidents, but for the most part they are TRUE accidents and not intentionally going on the floor or in his pants.  

Here's his chart from the 2nd week.

If you'd like me to email you the file so you can adapt it for your family, I will. :)  Just let me know!