Tuesday, January 20, 2009

Snow Day!

Monday I awoke feeling NASTY. I didn’t want to get out of bed & so we didn’t. Tim and I both slept in. It was a pretty lazy day. We watched Righteous Kill, which I liked and disliked. It was OK but I think it could have been done better. Then we both putzed around a little and I went back to bed. I managed to get up for short rest breaks every couple hours. I did eventually get the kitchen cleaned, a load of laundry done, and the living room picked up. Around 7:30, I started to feel a TINY bit better, thanks to some Advil Cold and Sinus I had found in the medicine cabinet. I told Tim I wanted to get a shower and head to the grocery store, so we could get more cold medicine.
He wanted his hair cut (do you see how demanding he is?) so I did that and then we got in the shower. I love the way his hair looks when it’s freshly cut. It makes me smile! So, then we went to Wal-Mart. Our “quick trip” to get “just a few things” turned into full blown grocery shopping which took almost an HOUR and cost us a whole lotta bucks! Anyway, we got home around 10 ish & I started some Macaroni & Cheese and Tim carried in & helped put away the haul. You get less and less for your money it seems, each month! Ugh. We were so out of food that we didn’t even have macaroni & cheese! After we ate our measly dinner we hit the sack.
Today, I still feel like dog doodie. I woke up, got ½ way dressed, and then thought to check the school closure webpage. Yay! School’s closed! Snow day! I SO didn’t want to go to work today! I am miserable & sick and just TIRED! I love all the snow we got, too! (If you don’t live in Hampton Roads, it DIDN’T snow!) Anyway, I was too awake to just go back to bed so I helped get Tim off to work (sorry honey!) and then I went to lie on the couch & watch “The Women.” I am SO freaking emotional this month. I bawled my little eyes out. Then when it was ALMOST over, the power went out. Which meant no computers, no TV., no internet. Ugh, and I don’t even have a book to read. I managed to putz around some more, played a little Nintendo DS, made a few trips to the potty, and cleaned up a bit. I even took a little nap. Then the power came back on. Only the internet was broken. This made me sad. I watched some of the Presidential Inauguration, even though I don’t think Obama is the best choice for president, I’ll still respect him and I am still in awe of the procedure and ceremony regarding the office. Our nation’s history is so amazing! Could you imagine, sitting at a desk that Abe Lincoln sat at? OMG. I would DIE! So later, I decided to clean up the house and do my Wii Fit for today. I got the kitchen cleaned up, the dishwasher unloaded and the reloaded, the “hang dry” clothes fluffed & put away, the kitchen swept, the living room cleaned up, all of the baby & kid clothes put away & organized by size, the guest room picked up, and the office picked up. Then I vacuumed the whole dang house. (Oh and I had to clean the beater bar in the vacuum too! Such a yucky job!) Then it was FINALLY time to do my Wii Fit exercises.
I like to start with Yoga. It’s good for stretching & warming up. Then I move on to balance activities. Those are the fun games like skiing and soccer! Then after those I go and do the aerobic activities. Those are the hula hoop and jogging activities. By the time I get to that point it’s time for my 10-15 minute break (required by the game!) so I watched some more of the Inaugural Parade then. After Obama & Michelle walked around I went back to my Wii. I did a couple strength activities & redid some of the fun activities. Then I did my body test. My BMI is still up there but I did lose 0.7 lbs since Sunday. Yay! That’s more than my goal of 0.5 a week! Yay! I earned 42 minutes in the game time. I can really feel the exercises in my belly & in my lower legs. Also, I’m starting to get better scores on the activities that I’ve done more often. Yay! I can’t wait until I’ve had it for a month, so I can really see some progress. I also got my lowest Wii Fit Age today, which was 30! Tim’s lowest is 24! Ugh, I hate men! I don’t think I’ll be able to get mine much lower with my BMI in the obese range, but I’ll keep trying!
After I played Wii Fit, I decided to start dinner or my man. Only, it’s almost done (or probably is) and he’s not home. BOO. I made chicken with Alfredo sauce and a can of whole potatoes in the oven. I will add some rotini to it at the very end.
Since there’s still no internet, Tim’s not home, and I didn’t feel like grading papers, I typed up an email & saved the draft & this blog post, so that when Tim gets home, I can quickly post/send them! I can’t wait to check my e-mail and my Reader and my blog! I HATE being w/o internet for so long!

Well, things didn't go so quickly with getting the internet up. Our router was capoot and so we had to go to Best Buy to get a new one. But, NOW, we are up and running! Yay!

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