Monday, April 27, 2009

Who wants to see Baby Goetsch?

I do..I do...

Well, I got to have another ultrasound today. But, not under good circumstances & Tim didn't get to go with me.
Long story of my students hit me in the belly with a pile of books. I went to the doctor when I started having cramps.

They saw me immediately, I'm really pleased with this office. They took me straight to ultrasound and spent a long time checking out the baby. We did not get a money shot, but for wishful thinking purposes, I'll be referring to the baby as a boy. At first he was all curled up in a ball. His heartrate was 158 bpm. His placenta was fine and the blood was flowing through it properly. The nurse prodded him a couple times with the wand and he finally started wiggling, but he never did open up enough for her to measure him. He moved his leg and waved his arm at us. We saw him from behind and from his left profile. The ultrasound really helped me calm down and not need to worry.

After the US we did my blood pressure and it was back to "normal". Then I had to see Dr. Morgan and he did an abdominal exam and used the doppler so he could hear the heartbeat. I weighed 191 lbs today.

After the appt. I went to my Girl Scout co-leader's house to pass on the message that I needed her to run the meeting & that I needed our cookie money. Then I headed to the Chesapeake Texas Roadhouse. I think Tim's rule that we're only going to go to the VA Beach one is definitely in place now. As usual the service was sub-par, my steak wasn't cooked, the potato wasn't done enough & didn't have enough butter & our first basket of bread was cold. UGH. The VA Beach one is SO nice!

Now, I'm getting this done & then heading to bed! Dr. Morgan said "take it easy" until the cramps go away & they haven' it's nappy time for me!

Sunday, April 26, 2009

Sunday Update!

Tuesday April 21
Only memorable thing of the day is we put Blondie to sleep.

Wednesday April 22
Nothing noteworthy

Thursday April 23
I was beat, exhausted, and not feeling well. I made steak on the grill. I babysat for Melanie.

Friday April 24
Again not feeling well. Craptastic day at school. Ended up letting the kids watch educational films & fart around making flash cards for Science & S.S. Had Grayson & Spencer after school & was super sick to my stomach. Went to sleep as soon as the boys left. (Only real high is I think I felt the baby move. More details later.)

Saturday April 25
Housework. Tim did yard work. Dinner at Fazoli's. Started baby registry at Babie's R Us, don't look at it--it's not done.

Sunday April 26
Slept til noon because I was up super late. Did nothing until about 3:30. Went to VB. Saw Tom and Peggy & dropped off the pack n play for at their house. Then went to Chrissy's. Saw the new dog (Zoe a german shepherd that may be mixed w/ Akita or Chow). Saw Carolynn's pulled tooth & gappy grin. Tim cut the board to fix her couch. Came home. I grilled chicken. Tim's studying for his test tomorrow. I'm going to bed as soon as I tend laundry.

I'm quite tired--sorry for the choppy post.

Saturday, April 25, 2009

Small Talk Six

Want to join in? Go here to learn how and to view the weekly list Small Talk Six topics for 2009.
Today’s topic is the “6 things other people do that make you personally uncomfortable.” You can answer this with a list of 6 words, 6 phrases, 6 sentences, 6 paragraphs, 6 photos, 6 videos, etc . . .

So, here I go...

1. Chewing with their mouth open, even if it's little kids. Totally makes me cringe!

2. When people have big nasty white heads on their face...I cannot stand to be in the same room as them. UGH.

I used a cartoon b/c I wouldn't be able to look at my blog if I put the real thing up there!

3. Watching America's Funniest Videos and LAUGHING. UGH. I hate that show.

4. When other people's children misbehave in an EXTREME way & there's NOTHING I can do about it. Like for example my students...or kids in a grocery store or park being rude. It's not my place to discipline them, but I really have a strong urge to open a can of WHOOPA$$ on them!

So obviously, paper airplanes isn't that bad...but my kids throw pencils, crayons, erasers, and more at each other...URG. Also none of my students are as clean cut as those 2!


5. Lying. I hate liars.

6. Cheating. I hate cheaters too. My kids actually have a saying, when I fuss at someone for lying or cheating...they say "Mrs. Goetsch only hates 2 things in the world: Liars and Cheaters!"

Friday, April 24, 2009

Seriously Blessed

Well folks, I have another baby gear motherload to report! I have been SERIOUSLY blessed by a wonderful woman on Freecycle. (If you don't freecycle you should TOTALLY join!)

I posted a "wanted" ad on freecycle less than a week ago, because Peggy asked me about looking around on craigslist for a pack n play to keep at their house. Well, I figured I'd give the world of free a go & see what we could find.

Within a day or so I got a reply from a woman who said her son had outgrown his & I was welcome to it, along with a bunch of other stuff!

I went by to get it today, but they weren't home, so Amanda picked it up for me tonight.

Here it goes:

A pack n play, complete with a sounds/lights box, bassinet, and changing table. In the print below:A "cuddle u" pregnancy pillow with a like-new (still in packaging) pillow case. It's machine washable, so I'll be getting that taken care of to see if it helps me sleep! A quilted pack n play sheet/cover. 4 Winnie the Pooh recieving blankets.

A piddle pad/ crib saver for the sheets/our bed (until the baby comes & then possible for breastfeeding accidents).

3 'pack n play' sheets & 1 "crib/pnp" sheet (that's the fitted one that's by itself...the others don't have elastic)

And finally, the Fisher Price Sounds and Lights baby monitor. (This thing is still for sale for $24.99) I can start using that immediately when I'm babysitting & when Caro sleeps over. I always worry about not being able to hear her! (We hope to get the fancy schmancy video one for the baby, so if we do, this could be relegated to Peggy's house.)

So, like I said, SUPER blessed! I don't know what we did to deserve such generosity but we are so thankful!

Wednesday, April 22, 2009

Twilight again....

Hey folks...

I've been obsessed with Twilight again lately. It's just so freaking great! I watched the movie on the Thursday before Spring Break & then again on Good Friday & then again while we were in PA (a few times) and then a few more times since we've been home. So, I decided when we got back from PA that I'd re-read the series. Only I lent Twilight to my Girl Scout co-leader and New Moon to Melanie & I haven't gotten either one back, so I had to start with Eclipse.

Which is fine because OMG it is so good! I finished it a couple days ago, took a day off & am now reading Breaking Dawn. Edward & Bella just realized she's pregnant & she calls the baby her "little nudger" and I now want a t-shirt that says that!

Anyway, I've been thinking about it a lot & decided I was in the mood to type & so, wallah, you get a post all about how obsessed with Twilight I am. Remember my Twilight themed blog? I like the new look a lot, but I kind of miss the Breaking Dawn background.

Yay! Tim just bought me Reba's latest release--STRANGE. It's fun! Yay!
I think I'm going to go in the bedroom & watch something on Netflix.

Weekend Update

So sorry the updates took so long, but I'm sure you all understand!

Friday April 17
Friday was my day to spend with Little Miss Caro. I got up with her and played with her. We ate and showered and got dressed and made a plan. Then we headed to the grocery store. I think I made a to-do list post which pretty clearly explained all that we had to do. Caro was a little ham & just too adorable the whole time! When we got home from grocery shopping, Caro took a nap and I read or played online, I can’t remember. We left at 4:00 to go meet Amanda and pick up the baby gear mother load. The lady was really nice; she even showed me how to set up the Pack N Play and everything. We left there and then I went to Amanda’s house. It took a little finagling, but we managed to get all of the pieces into my car and I headed home. Tim helped me unload all the gear & Carolynn and then he went to work out in the garage.

He tried to install the bike seat onto my bike, but it wouldn’t go on because it was missing a part. I called around and tried to find someplace but nobody was open. We ended up just having macaroni and cheese for dinner because Tim had already eaten and I didn’t feel like much.

Tim ended up going to work to hang out with one of his buddies and I stayed home to clean and watch Prison Break. I put Caro to bed around 9:30 and by 10:30 I was in bed myself.

Saturday April 18
Let’s see, I still had Carolynn Saturday morning, so we didn’t get to sleep in. We didn’t get moving too quickly and Tim was upset. We finally got to Melanie’s house around, 11, I guess…maybe a little later. We were heading over there so Tim could help Rob work on the truck. I had to take Carolynn home & wasn’t feeling so hot when we got there, so I left to do that almost as soon as we got there.

By the time I got to Chrissy’s house though, Carolynn was sound asleep and my stomach was begging for some food. Since Chrissy was going to the pool with the big kids + a few extras, I offered to keep Carolynn until she woke up or Chrissy was done at the pool.

So, I headed over to Tom and Peggy’s house to eat the food I had. (It was Thursday’s Texas Roadhouse leftovers.) I tried to eat but couldn’t and Carolynn woke up, so I tried to get her to eat & she wouldn’t. We hung out there for a bit, waiting to see if I’d be able to eat anything or not & then we headed back to Melanie’s.

We picked Tim up and went to McDonald’s drive through for some lunch. Then we headed back to Tom and Peggy’s house so he could get a shower. Then we headed to the church so Tim could go to sound practice. We got there around 3:20. I went back to McDonald’s to get some more food for Carolynn (since Mocha ate hers while we were at T & P’s house) and then went back to the church parking lot so she could eat. I cleaned out the truck & then read my book while she ate. When she was done eating, I called to find out where Chrissy was. She was on her way home, so I headed to her house.

I got to Chrissy’s house just a second before she did and dropped the baby girl off. Then I turned around and headed back to church. I sat in the parking lot and read my book for a long while. At 4:50 I headed in for the service. I wasn’t feeling so well and was cold, but it was still nice to get back to church and hear a service.

After church we were going to go to Tom and Peggy’s so Tim could visit with them, but they didn’t answer the phone. So, we ended up going to Pembroke Mall. We started at Kohl’s but we didn’t shop there. Our first stop was Payless to get a new pair of flip flops. The ones I got 2 years ago are worn out but I managed to find the same thing, just in a different color. Yay! Then we went to the pet store, just to browse and oogle at the puppies. Tim was teasing that our next dog should be a “mastiff” of any kind. They had 3 different kinds in the store at the time & I say no way to all of them! If it has mastiff in the name, it’s OUT. I think I want a small dog for our next dog. While we were there we picked up a “cock a poo” sticker for dad or Frankie and Tim managed to set down my Payless bag.

Then we went to Sears so Tim could look at “baby tools”….or in other words, so I could look at baby stuff & he could look at tools. We shopped around there until my stomach started to hurt & my legs got tired.

When we left the mall we had no idea what we wanted for dinner. Tim decided on Silver Diner and it didn’t sound too bad to me, so off we went. They had clam strips on the menu, which is normally a favorite of mine. I took one nibble and couldn’t touch them. I did manage to eat all of the French fries though. Yum yum!

While we were at dinner I realized we lost the flip flops, called the store, and arranged to pick them up on Sunday.

After dinner we went home and I went to bed.

Sunday April 19
Let’s see….Sunday I slept in. Tim got up and did who knows what until I got up. Then he started getting ready to go to Rob and Melanie’s to play with Rob’s truck some more. I sat down at the computer to check my e-mail and blog reader and ended up being there for more than an hour. When I finally got moving from the computer I ate ½ a lb. of strawberries and then got in the shower. When I got out of the shower, I watched the Special Features on the Twilight disc and started to get dressed. Then, Tim walked in the door and scared the poo out of me! I didn’t expect him home that early & he hadn’t called to warn me! I got dressed and ready to go pretty quickly after that & ended up riding to Virginia Beach with him and Rob. Our first stop was at Pembroke Mall to pick up the flip flops that Tim had set down in the pet store and for the boys to go buy some tools. I got another great deal while we were in there; they had little Craftsman tool belts for $1.99 that were meant to be gift card holders. It’ll be good for Tim’s tool theme coming home outfit for Baby Goetsch, if it’s a boy.

We left Sears and headed to Melanie’s house. Melanie was napping when I got there, so Chloe and I chilled on the porch, reading American Girl, playing Hangman, and just watching the guys work. While we were there, Beth called to say that dinner was almost done & when would we be over. It really ticked me off, because they made a huge deal about us coming over for dinner, knew we were going to be at Melanie’s working on the car “all day” and then started dinner before we even called to say the guys were wrapping it up. I was ticked. So, anyway, Tim and Rob finished up and we headed over to Tom and Peggy’s.

Of course, they had finished eating (it was JUST then 6:00) and there weren’t even enough potatoes left for 2 people. Oh well. I ate a few bites of steak and some potatoes and Tim had the mixed vegetables that were left with his steak. I wasn’t feeling so hot (probably partly because of my attitude) and so it was pretty boring. It really upsets me that every Sunday they watch America’s Funniest Videos, faithfully. That show is so dumb and annoying to watch and I can’t stand it. Who thinks it’s funny to watch babies and children get hurt? Not I. I really started craving a soft serve ice cream cone and tried to convince Tim to take me to get one, but he didn’t.

Finally after 8:00, we headed out. We got ice cream on the way home & ate it in the truck. It was SO tasty.

When we got home, I basically went straight to bed.

Monday April 20
Yesterday was an OK day at work. I was super busy all day & felt ok too. I got lots of planning done for our Luray Caverns field trip & for the SOL review that we are going to be doing over the next couple weeks. I felt good to be so productive and get a lot of good stuff done.

After school, I had to plan for my Girl Scout meeting. I got a lot of stuff done for camp & then decided to go out and get some food. After I left the building I remembered I was supposed to go get a new ID badge for work, so I did that first. That went pretty quickly, my new picture isn’t as nice as my old one, but oh well.

After I left there I really wanted pizza for dinner but I didn’t know where any pizza places were. So I drove around town for a while looking for something that sounded good to me. I didn’t see anything and finally resolved to just go to McDonald’s on my way back to the school. As I was pulling out of the McDonald’s with my food, I SAW the freaking Domino’s pizza that I knew was around there somewhere. At least now I know.

So, I headed back to school and we had another flash storm. That wasn’t too bad though. When I got back there were kids waiting for me so we got right to work for the Scout meeting. We went over the camp permission slip and information. All of the girls are planning to go and they are so excited! (I am too, but where am I going to find the time to get everything ready?!)

After Girl Scouts, I headed home. I spent the first hour or so that I was home cleaning house and tending to the laundry. Then I spent some time on my computer with Tim. I installed Spore back onto my computer, yay!

After that, I went and watched Twilight while I started folding the mountains of clean clothes that needed put away.

When I was done with the laundry & Twilight was over, Tim came on in and we went to bed.

OK, so that's the update from Friday-Tuesday...I'll be back with another post in a moment!

Wordless Wednesay: Blondie

Here's some pictures of our sweet old girl. Letting her go was one of the hardest things I've had to do. Since neither of us had ever experienced putting a dog to sleep, it was rather shocking for us and especially for Tim. I am glad that we went through with it, it was time for Blondie and I don't know what happens to dogs but I'm sure it's better than where she was in her life here.
Rest in Peace Blondie-dog. (adopted June 7ish, 1992-April 21, 2009)

Monday, April 20, 2009

12 Weeks! Yay! Second Trimester here we come!

Holy smokes...this is for real people. I'm going to have a BABY. Can you believe that it's 12 weeks already? And it's JUST now starting to REALLY sink in for me...

So, these pics are totally contradictory of last week's but oh well. I'm using "The Bump" and "Babycenter" at the same time & they don't always agree 100% about how big Baby Goetsch should be.
Anyway, it's not an exact science & is only a "guesstimate" anyway. I like to think that the baby is a couple inches long now and the placenta is supporting him/her. We are just calling the baby Baby Goetsch since I am superstitious and don't want to give it a real name.
Well, that's the 12 week update!

Sunday, April 19, 2009

That's what she said...

To Do List Update:


Sunday Update will have to wait until Wednesday or Thursday.

I have Scouts tomorrow night & Tuesday we have an appointment for Blondie. Our sweet old girl is going to be leaving us.

Friday, April 17, 2009

To Do List

Get back in bed, eat dry (tasteless) cereal and read some more....(9:30)
Make bed
Bathe Caro
Get dressed
Get Caro dressed
Move laundry from guest room to bedroom
Clean up the house a bit
Return books to the library
Go grocery shopping
Put away groceries
Get an oil change
Go to bank
Go to Amanda's work & pick up Baby Gear Motherload (4:30)

OK. As of 10:45, I have done the 4 things bolded. (eat breakfast, relax, bath & dress Caro, put her down for a nap, and moved laundry...not really in that order)

The house is a mess and it's really bothering me BUT I have to get to Va Beach to get my left-overs around lunch time & then to Amanda's work by 4:30. Ugh. Time to re-organize & plan before I get moving again.


Get back in bed, eat dry (tasteless) cereal and read some more....(9:30)
Make bed
Bathe Caro
Move laundry from guest room to bedroom
Get Caro dressed (All done by 10:45)

Shower Get dressed
Go grocery shopping
Return books to library
Go to bank (All done by 2:25)

Put away groceries (2:45)
Go to Amanda's work & pick up Baby Gear Motherload (4:30)
Come home, get Tim, eat dinner, Take Carolynn home, babysit for Chrissy & get food from Melanie's

Stuff to postpone until tonight or weekend:

Clean up the house a bit
Put away huge, monstrous amount of clean clothes
Get an oil change
Prepare packing list for G.S. camp
Saturday night church
Boys on Saturday

Thursday, April 16, 2009

Kindle 2: A Giveaway

Well folks, I haven't done a give away post in a LONG time. I was letting others have a chance, ya know...didn't want to go about entering a million giveaways and bringing down the more deserving people's odds of winning. (Cause I'm just so nice like that!) Hee hee, actually, it probably stems from being pregnant & tired as all get out over the last several weeks, with barely enough time to keep my poor blog alive, and maintain some semblence of "chit chat" in my 2 pregnancy buddy groups.

However, a long while ago, I was on Amazon, looking to find Wii Fit (as part of my attempt to lose weight BEFORE getting pregnant, oh well), and noticed up at the top of their page they were advertising the Kindle 2. Now, I was interested, so I spent quite a bit of time, researching the Kindle, reading reviews, finding out how much it costs to download books, (newspapers, and magazines, too!) and really convincing myself that, someday, if we ever get rich, I had to have THAT! Unfortunately, the $359 pricetag puts it well out of our budget for a "luxury" item. (Especially now that there's a babe on the way.)

Since that first time I noticed the Kindle (and Kindle 2's impending release), I've kept it in the back of my mind for a "if I ever get the money" purchase. Since then, I've purchased at least 8 books and I've read the Twilight series 4 times now. (I'm just a little bit obsessed with it!)

Also since then, we've bought the Wii, Wii Fit, a couple other games, (all as birthday or Christmas gifts), lots of stuff for the baby, Tim's ZUNE (so the daddy could feel special), and went to PA. If we had sacrificed some of that stuff we could have purchased a Kindle 2 for me, BUT, I'm not that self-centered. I really prefer to spend any money that "I" get on the baby. (Our money is completely joint, but Tim takes care of the books. I pretty much ask permission before any big does he. Whenever we have some spare change, I try to get stuff (diapers!) for the baby.) I forget what Tim said he wanted last night, when we were heading to bed, but I told him he couldn't have it until I have: a crib, dresser, changing pad, custom cradle mattress, paint in the baby's room, and a Kindle!

So, I've said all of that, to let you all know that I really want a Kindle, even though my priorities right now are getting the things we need & I'd like to have, for the baby.

A Kindle would improve my reading habits in so many ways! I try to take a book everywhere I go, but it's not cool to carry a 5" thick novel into the bathroom at work, or around the mall. With the Kindle, I could fit it in my purse (and probably some of my pant's pockets) and have it with me all of the time. It would be so much more convenient to have the Kindle with me than whatever book I'm currently into filling up my entire purse! (and sometimes I'm reading more than 1 and have to choose which one I'm going to be in the mood for, and that just sucks!)

With the Kindle, I'd be able to purchase books on a regular occasion, where as now, I only buy books if I REALLY have to have them, because it's just so much cheaper to either WAIT forever on the waiting list at the library or just not read what's new and hot out there. Buying the books for the Kindle is more affordable and I'd be able to read more current releases and expand my love of reading outside of my few tried and true authors.

I'm a book worm through and through, and the Kindle would just make me so happy. With Tim's ZUNE he spends about $10-12 a week on music. I'd have a weekly budget too, so I'd at least be getting 1 book every week or 2.

Anyway, I'd really love to tell you more about why I want to win this Kindle, but I have to get my entry in before noon! The wonderful Julie Stratford is giving away the Kindle 2 (in the form of an Amazon giftcard) on her blog and the contest ends at 12 noon today! The odds look pretty good too, with only 64 commenters including me! Yay! Wish my luck!

Wednesday, April 15, 2009

Lots O Pictures

OK, so I have a LOT of pictures that haven't made it on the blog. These are all from TODAY!

Grayson modeling the bright blue Goodmama. I had it on Spencer a couple weeks ago & I have to say the fit was a LOT better on Spence. It seems tight around the legs and loose around the belly on Grayson. Spencer modeling the "play condition" Bummis Super Whisper Wrap cover I got for free because I waited on those prefolds so long. Underneath he has a Small bamboo prefold.
Here's the prefold Spence is wearing under the above cover. I snappi'ed it in the back!

And, here's a front view and the willing model.

Grayson wanted me to take the Nap bear's picture.

This is an adorable set my mom and grandmom got me! It says "Party in my Playpen" on the onesie and bib. It also has a hat, booties, a burp cloth, and a blanket. I think I'm going to ask a WAHM to tye die using low-water-immersion in a gender nuetral color. What do you think?
Here's another adorable set mom and grandmom picked up. It's a Boon outfit. It's actually one piece, but it's designed to look like a 2 piece from the front! Nifty! It also has an adorable hat. At regularly $20 it was a steal for $3! The box says its a 3-6 months, but we think it must be sized wrong (hence the price cut!) because it looks more 0-3 months, to us. Either way, I can use it & think it's cute!

Here's the package that FINALLY arrived from DS. First up is the cover Spencer modeled above. It's a size small.

Next up the prefolds. This is the periwinkle prefold I paid for, folded & flat, next to a dyed purple, orange edged prefold (folded). She tossed 3 purple dyed orange edge newborn diapers in for free as well.
Aren't they so teeny tiny and adorable?

Just the periwinkle.

All 18 periwinkles.

Just the orange edge.

Tuesday, April 14, 2009


Well, some of you may remember this post, about Blondie. Either way, I'll recap. It was from Jan. 1 and I proclaimed that Blondie was not ready to be put down. Unfortunately, after this past week, we feel that her time has come and we are making the arrangements for her final days.
Poor Blondie has been blind for years, deaf for at least 2 years, and incontinent for about 9 months. She pees on herself, she walks in her own feces. She has 2 open sores that we have not been able to heal, no matter what we try to treat them. We believe she has recurring urinary tract infections that antibiotics have not helped.
She stopped eating her dry dog food sometime last week. I noticed it over a period of 3 days. Tim maintained that she was eating the puppy food. We left town for PA on Friday & by Saturdy morning, she hadn't touched her dog food.
Mandy dog sat for us & began feeding her wet (canned) food. Blondie ate that, but was still peeing on herself and walking in her poo. She made quite the mess for Amanda. Although she went outside 2x a day and ate canned food and drank plenty of water, Blondie does not seem happy anymore.
So, tomorrow I'll be calling the vet to find out what needs to be done & how much it will cost to put poor Blondie to sleep.
We aren't all mushy, we won't be preserving her ashes in an urn, or sending her to the "rainbow bridge" or anything like that.
We are sad that our Blondie-dog will be leaving us, but at this time we feel its the best thing to do.

11 Weeks Pregnant

Do not read this update if you don't want to hear ALL the ugliness of pregnancy.
So, for my 11 week update. I am stuck on Zofran daily. The "pregnancy sickness" is now actually appearing in the morning rather than mid day. It is characterized by a nasty upset stomach, strong gag reflex when I try to eat ANYTHING, and awful gas. As a side effect of the Z, I'm having extreme constipation. (Like, in the bathroom for 30 minutes crying, contorting myself into strange positions in an attempt to have a BM, awful, made me ALMOST call an ambulance, constipation. I finally managed to shoot some water up there & loosen stuff up...but OMG that was awful!) These BMs have been so awful that they've caused pretty substantial bleeding which I will be talking to Dr. M about. (I'm assuming from my bowels or rear end. It's bright red & "fresh" not old or worrisome.) I've been getting headaches lately too, I'm not sure if they were from being in PA or what. Also, I think I have a yeast infection. If it's not yeast, I have some kind of ITCHY as all get out, painful, irritation, of my girly bits. Which I will ALSO be talking to Dr. M about.
I have an appointment on Thursday at 3:30 and I will most likely NOT be getting an ultrasound. I am going to ask to use the doppler though if he doesn't automatically do it.
I think that's it for now!

Friday, April 10, 2009

Lookie Lookie

Look what's coming to live with us!
One of Amanda's co-workers had all this for her baby. It's in like-new condition & no car accidents.
So, we're getting a Graco Snugride w/ 2 bases, a swing, a pack n play (with bassinet & changing pad, as well as a canopy), a stroller, and a diaper bag, all in the Graco G-Galore pattern. Get it, G for Goetsch! Yay! All for $350!!! For as nice as the stuff looks, it is a great steal. This is the pattern I have been admiring & it's discontinued so I'm excited!

Monday, April 6, 2009

Sunday Update (on Monday)

So, we may have to rename this series! I haven't gotten a Sunday Update out on Sunday in a while! Ugh.

Anyway, I had quite the eventful end to last week & I promise I will get to it, but FIRST...doesn't that WEEK 10 baby picture look freaking amazing?!!!!

Here are some pictures that I find amazing!

This first one is from "God's Little Angels", a woman who makes preemie dolls for lots of different reasons. The dolls are anatomically & medically correct. So, this is what my baby would look like if we could peek into my uterus today! (of course minus the cute clothes)

Is that amazing or what? I am just totally in love with this little person I am growing! (even though it's wreaking havoc on my body!)

So, let me get back to updating.

Wednesday April 1-I felt like doo all day & came home & basically went straight to bed.

Thursday April 2-I took a sick day. I hadn't been able to make the sauce I needed for the spaghetti dinner at school & I didn't sleep well. So I slept in, cleaned a bit, and then got dressed to go get the stuff for the sauce. Only, on the way home, my right eye got all blurry & I couldn't see out of it! It freaked me out! I pulled over, tried to check my eye, couldn't, and called my OBGYN (who is on speed dial!) I was on hold for the whole ride home (fortunately I was close by!) When I got home, I called Dad on the house phone to get his advice, then I called Mandy to see if she'd take me to the doc if they wanted me to come in. She wasn't really able to, so as soon as I got off the phone with the doc, I called Tim to come get me. He rushed home from work & took me to the doctor. By the time we got there I was doubled over in pain from a headache & the blurred vision had gone away. (It had been about 2 hours.) They came out to do my blood pressure, which was fine, and then took me back. The doctor saw me pretty quickly & was 100% sure I had a migraine. She was VERY concerned by the fact that I had lost 8 lbs since my last appointment. She said I appeared dehydrated. She asked me how often I had been throwing up & was slightly surprised whenever I told her I hadn't. She prescribed me 2 different medicines for the nausea to help me eat. She also gave me T3+codienne for the pain. She said I have to get the headache & eating/drinking under control by today! She also said I needed a day of bedrest to let myself recooperate from the migraine. So, I called in for Friday, got my prescriptions filled, went to I-Hop for plain pancakes with Tim, and then came home and went to bed.

Friday April 3-
Friday I stayed in bed. I bummed around the house and played with diapers! That was about it. When Tim got home we went out for Arby's and brought it home. I really think that was the extent of it. I took the pills and they seemed to help.

Saturday-Monday, to come later! I'm tired!

Friday, April 3, 2009

A Meme: My Name

1.YOUR REAL NAME: Stephanie

2.YOUR GANGSTA NAME: (first 3 letters of real name plus izzle): Steizzle

3.YOUR DETECTIVE NAME: (favorite color and favorite animal): Purple Koala

4.YOUR SOAP OPERA NAME: (your middle name & street you live on/orneighborhood if it's a #): Ann Tournament

5.YOUR STAR WARS NAME: (the first 3 letters of your last name, first 2letters of your first name): Goest

6.YOUR SUPERHERO/CRIMINAL NAME: (Your 2nd favorite color, and fav drink) Teal Pepsi

7. YOUR IRAQI NAME: (2nd letter of your first name, 3rd letter of yourlast name, 1st letter of your last name, 2nd letter of your mom's maidenname, 3rd letter of your dads name, 1st letter of a siblings first name,and last letter of your moms first name). Tegrafy

8.YOUR WITNESS PROTECTION NAME: (parents middle names): Kay Alfonso

9.YOUR GOTH NAME: (black, and the name of one of your pets): Black Zowski

10.YOUR HOOD NAME: (first 3 letters of your first name, then add "iqua”) Steiqua

Wednesday, April 1, 2009

Wordless Wednesday

Week 9 And "morning sickness" (read, I feel like major crapola ALL the mother living bleepity bleep day) has started.

Enjoy these lovely pictures.
Up first, what we started with...week 4 and a little tiny poppy seed sized ball of cells.
And what we have now, a grape (OMG a grape!) sized baby! With arms and legs and fingers and toes, eyes and ears, vocal chords, and a heart, and brain, and omg, a real baby!

Sunday Update (on Wednesday)

Well, I have been a bad blogger lately, but I have a good excuse. I’m freaking pregnant people! This week is 9 weeks and I FINALLY have “pregnancy sickness.” I’ve been pretty miserable since Friday. (off and on) Today is probably the worst of it.

The baby is now the size of a grape! Wow!

So, this is a very late “Sunday Update” for this past weekend…I don’t know when I blogged a real blog last so I’m going to start with Friday.

Friday at work was quite productive. My kids got a few tests done & did some make up work & then we graded a crap load of papers! I did it the lazy way, letting the kids grade them at their desks and then turn them into me so I could just record the grades. At least I got it almost completely done. I’m down to like 4 things that need graded!

Towards the end of the day I started to feel miserable, so I beat feet at 3:00 and went straight home & there I went straight to bed. I was still in bed when Tim got home.

My stomach was completely upset and I couldn’t fathom eating anything, even though I was hungry.

We talked and determined that I was in the mood for Red Lobster’s cheesy bread and the Ultimate Fondue appetizer. So, that’s what we did. We had a long wait once we got there but it wasn’t too bad, until I got back into the restaurant area and smelled all the food. Oh no, my stomach was NOT happy. I downed a whole lot of glasses of water and nibbled on the cheesy bread they bring out. When my appetizer (meal) came, I ate that and it really helped me feel better. I wasn’t able to eat the lobster or crab in it, but I did eat the shrimp.
When we got home, I went straight to bed.

(I think I did spend some time on the computer on Friday, buying my new diapers & I think I posted about those already. I received the blue Goodmama yesterday & I can’t wait to try it on a kid! I also FINALLY got the 2 SBBs I ordered a couple weeks ago. They both have mild staining but I’m going to try to sun them out when I get to feeling like it. Anyway, the Goodmama is probably a medium/large diaper (maybe the bigger end of small) and the Soggy Bottom Baby diapers are smalls. I haven’t ordered any newborn sized diapers lately.)

Saturday morning I slept in, it was glorious! Oh, I just remembered what we did. Tim got up and got to work on the spigot. He went to Lowe’s and got the broken faucet out front repaired. I did a whole lot of nothing. Then I got showered and met Amanda at “Uniquely Leo’s” in Suffolk. We browsed through the store and oohed and ahhed over all the cute stuff. I think we’re going to try to make a sign like one we saw there that says, “You wake him, you take him.” (or her if it’s a girl!) After I left there, I went to Wal-Mart to get some groceries & Tabitha’s baby shower present. I couldn’t remember where she was registered but I’m not really a registry kind of girl anyway. I almost puked like 5 times while I was in there because of the awful stench of some of the foods. When I got home, Tim and I ate some food (soup for me, who knows for him) and watched “The Incredible Hulk.” After that, I’m pretty sure it was bed time.

Sunday I slept in again. Tim got up around 5:00 am. It woke me up and scared me when I got up and he wasn’t there! Anyway, I went back to bed and slept in again! When I got up around 9:30, he was on the couch watching “Crimson Tide.” So, I curled up in there with him and watched it too. When that was over we got showers, but we weren’t quick enough to make it to church, so we skipped it. We ate some breakfast and then I went back to sleep. I got a nice little nap in before we had to go to James and Missy’s house. (It was just for a visit, I didn’t HAVE to go, I wanted to, but you know, it woke me up from a nap, which is always unwelcome!) When I woke up, I felt REALLY sick, so that sucked. It took me a while before I could get cleaned up, dressed, and ready to go.
When we got to James and Missy’s we pretty much just relaxed and hung out on the porch. I sat in the sun, until I got too hot, so I could soak up some Vitamin D from the sun. When it started to get cool in the shade, we decided it was time for dinner & we headed to “Cazadores” Mexican restaurant. I got a chicken and cheese quesadilla (which I just remembered I brought to school for lunch, but I don’t remember eating, maybe it’s still in the fridge) and it was pretty good, but I only ate ½ at the dinner. When we were done there we were heading to Cold Stone, but Trevor gagged himself and puked all over their car, so we headed back to their house. We had ice cream cake instead and then played Wii. I was feeling pretty out of it and ready to go home by then, but I stuck it out so Tim could visit. (I’m sure I appeared quite anti-social, but I blame it on the pregnancy.) Anyway, when we got home, I went straight to bed.