Monday, January 12, 2015

Merry Christmas!

For the 2 weeks before Christmas, we babysat Lia part-time during the day.  I managed to snap a few cute "Christmas-y" pictures of the little sweetie while we were at it! 

On Christmas Eve morning we let the boys open their gifts from Uncle Loren & Auntie Heather, Auntie Laura & her new man Cody, and Auntie Melanie & the Odette family. :)

Lucas got Syndrome & Mrs. Incredible for the Disney Infinity 1.0!

Vinnie got 4 new super hero action figures & 2 comic books!

Lucas got Skylanders Mega Bloks!

And Vinnie got a "How to Train Your Dragon" bath toy!  He wanted to get RIGHT into the bath tub to play with it!  

Lucas got a Grow With Me Skateboard!!

And Vinnie got the Playschool Ninja Turtle play-set! He loved it! I love his little toes in that last picture!!

That evening we headed over to Amanda's house for Christmas Eve Covato style. :) 

They got the story of Rudolph in a Hallmark Read-Aloud book, read by Pap & Gram-mama. 

Lucas got a Batman Apptivity game!

Vinnie got some Skylander Mega-Bloks of his own!

Lucas got Skylanders Trap Team from Auntie Mandy! He said, "I was wanting to get this for CHRISTMAS!"  :) 

Then it was Christmas morning at our house!

Mandy got me the "Peace on Earth" figure for my nativity.  She's the brown doll holding a sheep. 

Lucas was as happy as could be playing Trap Team!

Vinnie was happy playing Ninja Turtles!