Sunday, January 18, 2009

Sunday Update!

This is going to be one of those boring posts where I update you on my going-ons.

Saturday morning, we got up, dressed and out of the house in an hour. I also packed a day's worth of stuff & a bunch of extra clothes for Carolynn and all of the Wii gear. Our first stop was Chrissy's new place to get Carolynn. The house is pretty nice, white carpet, clean, flat screen, wall mounted T.V., and very clean. Chrissy's room is about the length of her twin bed & then at the foot of the bed the crib. It's got a decent amount of floor space for Caro to play. She only has a little laundry basket full of toys though, which is sad. After we left there, we headed to church to drop Tim off for sound. He was 35 minutes late, but not because of me! He thought practice was supposed to start at 9:30 and it was really 9. He was only 5 minutes late & I'm blaming it on him, because I told him to set the alarm for 6:30 and he set it for 7:30!

After dropping Tim off, Caro and I headed to Tom and Peggy's. I dragged (drug? I'm going to look it up after I post this!) Caro & all of her junk in and then got to work on getting her decent.

What do you mean, decent? You might ask...well.... She came to me in overalls that were dirty & too big, no shoes, ankle socks, a long sleeve onesie and a hand crocheted sweater. No hat, no shoes, nothing. It was RIDICULOUS! Fortunately I came prepared. I got her all cleaned up (including a washcloth bath) and dressed to the nines. (Including piggie tails!)

That took about an hour. Then Peggy and I headed out to A.C. Moore to work on spending my $50 gift card! Yay! I love buying stuff! I picked up: a 180 ct. pack of patterned cardstock, 2 packs of clear stamps (one has 13 the other 17) to use for card making, 3 small packs of Halloween clear stamps, 1 pack of snowflake stickers, 5 sheets of loose 12x12 paper, a set of 4 board books that are Preschool Nemo themed for Amanda, and a village piece for my mom! A very good haul, indeed! After A.C. Moore, we headed next door to B.J.s so Peggy could get some groceries.

When we got home, Tim was just getting dropped off from church. He and Peggy went out to get some pizzas and I fed Caro baby macaroni & cheese and then tried to get her to nap. She wasn't having any parts of that though, so I ended up letting her stay up. She snuggled Tim for a while but then she got down and played. At 2:30, we headed to Melanie's house. Carolynn was asleep in the back seat before we'd gone 2 miles! So, we decided to kill some time & let her nap.

First, we went back to Tom and Peggy's to get the things I'd forgotten, my glasses, a bottle, and her snack cup. Then we went to Verizon. My cell phone's "D" key is not working, it sticks and makes it hard to dial. So, they are going to send me a BRAND NEW phone by Wednesday! Sweet, huh! We pay $5 a month for the insurance & this is the first time I've needed it. I'd say it's totally worth it. (For a total of $120 on a $499 phone! Cool!)

After that, we headed to Melanie's. When we got there, I had Tim park in the driveway so we could unload the bajillion bags we had & so I could carry Caro in & put her down for a nap. I went straight upstairs & Tim worked on the bags. Melanie got home & was upset I was in her spot, but I'm sure she got over it! When I came down, I got to work making spaghetti and Tim got to work setting up the Wii. We all took turns trying out the games. It was fun. It was a pretty lazy visit and nothing too exciting happened. We ended up heading home around 9 because we were pooped and that sucked because we didn't get to *really* visit. Oh well, we shall plan another date when I won't have Caro & when Tim and I can come in the evening.

When we got home, Tim was a cranky snagglepus, so I sent him to bed so I could get the bags unpacked & the groceries put away and the house picked up. I started a load of laundry & then went to bed.

This morning, Tim got up and went to church and I slept in. I managed to sleep until around 9:00. Caro woke up SCREAMING at 9:30, so I grabbed a fresh bottle & got her into the tub. She had peed out of her diaper & was SOAKED! I ended up having to get in the tub behind her because she wouldn't stop crying. We took a nice, hot, long, Aveeno bath and that calmed her down. By the end she was laying in the tub drinking her bottle. After her bath, I got some p.j.s on and then got her all lotioned up and dressed. Then we started to take care of the housework. I changed the linens on my bed and took care of the laundry. We also ate some breakfast (grapes and granola bars) I picked up and took care of laundry for about an hour, when little Miss got tired again.

She went down for her nap about 11:40 am...and JUST woke up at 3:25! She's one sick puppy

So, while she was asleep, I got the entire house picked up, did almost all of the laundry (including putting it away), took a shower, cleaned the kitchen, swept, washed some dishes by hand, and ate lunch with Tim. (As well as typing half of this blog post!) She's got a bottle now & is snuggling in my lap!

Chrissy had asked me to take Carolynn to her "dad's" house this evening, because they were supposed to babysit while she goes to AA. Tim had a good thought though, that they may not want to take care of a sick little girl. She super fussy & crabby, running a low grade (motrin controlled) fever and is snotty! I pointed this out to Chrissy & offered to keep her until after meeting, to which Chrissy agreed. So she's still here. And she will be until after Chrissy's meeting tonight. The housework is done (except for vacuuming, which I can do now that Little Miss is awake) and Tim is napping. I'm going to vacuum and then play Wii Fit!

I have tons of pictures from yesterday that I'll post later, because I left my camera at Melanie's! Sorry!

I know, I'll give you a newborn picture of Carolynn Rose so you can see how much she's grown when I post the pictures later!

3 Weeks old, heading to PA for Auntie Stevie & Uncle Tim's first anniversary & to meet Great Grandmom!

A couple weeks old, at the mall. See that kid in Mandy's lap? That's GRAYSON, when he was 8 months old. HUGE!
Same day, just me and Caro. OMG. I have gained a LOT of weight since she was born. That's disgusting. My face shows my weight the most & it makes me sad.


Anonymous said...

I tell you, your days exhaust me completely. The kids are adorable and it sounds like you have a great time with them.

Don't worry about the have a WiiFit now! Yay!

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