Sunday, January 11, 2009

I'm stuffed...

Let's's been busy in an un-busy way!

We were supposed to be up at 7:30 am to get ready for church. BUT, we had been up until 2 am watching Harry Potter (among other things) and so that didn't happen. We ended up sleeping until after 10.

We rushed to get ready to go, left the house at 11 (church starts at 11:15), got almost there & realized the surface would be almost over by the time we got there, and turned around.

When we got home we ate some pizza and then got ready to go rollerblading. Um, yea, that's a LOT harder than it looks! My ankles & feet were killing me. We're afraid there may be a fit issue because they are causing my toes to go numb! If anyone knows anything about rollerblades, please let me know. The length is right my toes don't come all the way to the end. They are hurting me on the sides of my feet just by my heels. I skated back and forth in front of our house and a couple neighbors' houses and then I was done. It probably lasted less than 30 minutes!

After that, we got ready to go to the dog park. We took Rosie May and Wazowski with us. It got a LOT colder out there. I was freezing the whole time! Zowski made a friend with another lab and they had a good time playing. They kept running and jumping into each other. Rosie wanted to socialize more than play with the other dogs but she did do her share of running. (Including into the mud..urg!) At one point I was shivering so bad, a lady (a regular that we actually know) came up and gave me a little chihuaha mix elderly dog to snuggle under my sweater! He helped keep me warm until Tim decided he was cold too and it was time to go.

After the dog park, we came home, ate some cereal, and then Tim went back to work on the computer. (My computer is hooked back up again, since I tried to check my e-mail on the one Tim had up in it's place, broke something, got fussed at, fussed back and caused a big ruckus. We kissed and made up about 2 minutes after the frou-frou, but still. I don't like having my computer taken away.) I played Mario Kart Wii. We only had about an hour to kill until it was time to leave again.

Around 4:15, we headed out to Joe's Crab Shack to have dinner with James and Missy. The food there is overpriced and not worth it. We had a coupon for a free apetizer (Entertainment Book!) so we used that for the "Crab Dip." James and Missy shared the "Crab Steampot for Two" it was like $40 and they got 4 clusters of crab. Skinny ones, at that. Um, no. We passed on that. Tim got shrimp alfredo & I got popcorn shrimp. Trevor got a chicken nuggets kids' meal and at french fries. He's a SUPER quiet and well behaved kid. We love him. We had good talk and fellowship. James and Missy were going to come back to the house to play Wii, but then T-Man fell asleep and they had to go home, instead. We made a date for February so they'll be coming over then. I'm pretty amazed that they're coming here because they haven't been over since the fourth of July when T-Man was a baby. (2007)

Tim and I weren't ready to go home yet, so we went to Super Wal-Mart to look for Wii Fit. I REALLY want it and am on a quest to find it. If you see it in a store, TOTALLY call me! We walked around the whole place, like twice. We picked up some LocTite, so Tim could fix my office chair, a couple pairs of black socks for him, some hangers, and a couple books. I got ECLIPSE! and Tim got "John Adams" a biography that inspired the mini-series. I can't wait to read Eclipse. I listened to it on CD the first time I read it so I'm happy to have the actual book. I need to see about getting Twilight back from the Girl Scout mom I lent it to & put a fire under Melanie's butt so she'll read New Moon. (You'll love the series more once you read them chica-boom!)

When we got home, we made a list of all the things we need to spend money on this year. It's incomplete but we've got to start PLANNING our spending...and stop just blowing money. I've been putzing on my computer & Tim's playing Wii.

Time to go get me some nooky!


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Smellyann said...

Well, didja have good sex? LMAO!!

Sorry... I still haven't picked up the book. maybe I'll read it instead of knitting at dance class this week. That'll be four hours, I can put a good dent in it.

Are the rollerblades very tight and secure around your ankles and calves? They should be. Sometimes they do go numb in the toes, but not in like a painful or uncomfortable way. I recommend a nice path rather than a road. I used to rollerblade constantly in college.

Glad you got to use an EB coupon!