Saturday, December 31, 2011

3 Month Comparison Shot

Here's a 3 month comparison of the boys.  Luke on the left (obviously).  I don't think they really look alike at all.  Luke was heavier, but longer.  Vinnie is lighter, but chunkier.

Luke had a perfectly round head (still does).  Vinnie does not, his head is shaped just like Tim's.

Luke has a dimple in his right cheek, Vinnie's is in his left cheek and not as pronounced as Luke's is.

Vinnie has my wide, round eyes.  Luke's are more almond shaped.

Vinnie has big hands & lots of chub.  Luke was a skinny mini.

At 3 months old, Luke was a pro at playing and splashing in the tub...but at almost 5 months old, Vinnie is still figuring it out.

I love my boys and I love that they are so unique!!

Christmas & Heather's Visit

Since I realized it is March & I never blogged the week of Christmas, I figured I'll let the pictures tell the story & leave it at that!

Dec. 20 (Heather & Evangeline Arrive)

Dec. 21  "Surprising" everyone

Dec. 22

Dec. 24

Dec. 25

Dec. 26

Dec. 27