Thursday, March 7, 2013

January 16...

January is just trickling by....before we know it, it'll be birthdays & Christmas again!

Today, Jan. 16 we had a playdate at our house.  Our friends Hilary & her two kids, A & D, and Liz with her three kids, G, L, and KR all came over around 9:45 to play.  We played until just after noon and then all the kids temperaments started to change as it was lunch & nap time.  After all the company left, Luke and I cleaned up the house (in 20 minutes) and then made lunch.

Vinnie is eating his hot dogs again & actually putting away a little over 1/2 of one before he gets full/bored/tired of that.  He also had some of Trader Joe's veggie chips too.

After lunch, it was naptime first for Vinnie, then for Lucas.  Neither boy slept soundly or for long, so I barely managed to go pee during their nap time.  After nap, they just kind of played around the house while I followed behind keeping things tidy & playing along.

At one point, I used the bathroom & Lucas closed the door with Vinnie in the bathroom and Lucas on the outside.  When I came out we COULD NOT find Luke, anywhere.  I was just starting to worry (but I know he can't undo the deadbolt & open the front door silently & the gate was closed to the back) when I spotted a wiggle under our Christmas tree (yes it is still up).  Phewie!

Tim's at a finance meeting for church so the boys and I all just ate quick stuff for dinner & we're going to hang out & snuggle and play until bedtime.