Monday, January 12, 2009

The Challenge! Week 1

Our bedrooms should be a haven. I find, it’s pretty hard to get in the mood with piles of dirty laundry waiting to be folded staring you down. So, your first assignment is to turn your bedroom into a romantic retreat.

Lose the TV: I once watched an Oprah (though not in my bedroom) where a woman proudly admitted that she watched Oprah while having sex with her husband. That’s about the worst thing you can do with a TV in the bedroom, but frankly I can’t think of many better reasons for it. I love TV as much as the next gal, probably more than the next girl, but it is a passion killer in the bedroom. One study showed that couples who have TVs in the bedroom have sex half as often as those who don’t. So lose the TV and focus on each other while in bed. No excuses on this one ladies, I have heard them all and I ain’t buyin’ it.

OK. So we are SO guilty of this one. Tim and I had sex watching Harry Potter the other night. At least we're still getting it. Hee hee.... I can't focus if a series is on though, so the night we got started in the middle of Star Trek, Tim had to go turn it off! Fortunately, we don't have an actual TV in our bedroom, just the laptop. It's pretty easy to just shut the lid. We've gone through phases where we listen to Adventures in Odyssey or talk radio before bed, but Tim was raised with the whole t.v. watching thing, so it's hard to kick. Probably the most effective way for me to impliment this is to say, no computer "t.v." during my fertile phase. That way we can focus on each other when it really counts. We don't do much when I'm not fertile b/c it hurts.

Tone down pictures of the kids: I can’t think of anything that kills the mood faster than glancing over at pictures of my kids. Don’t get me wrong, I think my kids are the cutest things since sliced bread, but I keep their pictures up in other parts of the house. If you really want pics of the kids in your room, just avoid putting them right next to the bed.

Seeings how we don't have any kids, this one isn't a problem for us!

Get rid of the clutter: Try and keep your room picked up. If I see messes waiting to be cleaned up, I have a hard time focusing on the task at hand. If you really want to be creative, tell the hubby you can’t focus on the task at hand with the room so messy. You will be amazed at how quickly the room stays clean. Of course, I would NEVER encourage manipulation…

This is another one that's not really a problem for us. The laundry that needs folded is in the guest room, the closet door is closed to the laundry, and I clean off our dresser at least once a week. Our room stays pretty tidy. (Except for the floor b/c the dogs all shed!) One thing I did do to help out the bedroom is I bought a natural de-odorizer at the pet store. It's a bag of volcanic rock & it is really reducing the doggy odor!

Get romantic lighting: No one wants to see themselves naked under harsh fluorescent lighting (let’s face it most of us don’t want to see ourselves naked at all). Install dimmer switches or light bulbs that can be set on different light settings. Better yet, get some yummy smelling candles and create an even more romantic mood.

Hmm....we've never really tried candles or anything. There's just enough light coming in through our window that we don't need a light on or anything. We do have a 3 way lamp in our bedroom that we sometimes have on, if we've been reading in bed.

Try some mood music: Get a CD player and put on some music that puts you in the mood. I won’t even give suggestions cause one persons Enya is another persons Van Morrison. Use whatever works for you.

This is another good idea. Perhaps I could put together a playlist at for bedtime that includes mood music & relaxing music. This would solve the bedtime t.v. problem, would be relaxing, and would help with setting the mood!

You’re not even required to have sex. Although you will get extra credit if you do So what do you think? Are you in?

I'm definitely in! Do you want to join? There's a button on my sidebar, link up & get to "hopping"!

Now, let me add 2 things that have been nice this week for Tim and I.

We are making a commitment to start reading our Bible's daily. I found this webpage that outlines a way to read the entire Bible in a year. We're going to do it chronologically and then talk about it together.

Second, we have ventured a tiny bit outside of my comfort zone in the bedroom & it really makes Tim happy. When he's happy & into it, that helps me out, so it's been VERY nice!

(Insert big cheesy, toothy, smiley grin here!)

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Smellyann said...

Okay, so, I'm DYING to know how you went outside your comfort zone in the boudoir! ;)