Friday, July 29, 2011

Happy 19th Birthday Frankie!

Today is Frankie's 19th birthday!

(And I'm secretly hoping #2 wants to share it!)

Let's see how many "fun" pictures I can find of the kid brother!

Sometime between 2005-2007

Halloween 2003?

Halloween 2003?

Summer 2004

Disney World Vacation 2004

Halloween 2009

Working hard in our kitchen, this spring

Thursday, July 28, 2011

July 21-28 Sunday Update!

July 21 Thursday
Between Dad & I, we made home-made chicken noodle soup for dinner.

Luke only took a 1 hour long nap & was quite cranky.

Mandy & Frankie came over for dinner & to visit.

July 22 Friday
Luke was a cranky-butt all day long.

Tim got off of work at 1:00.  I went grocery shopping in the evening by myself!

We had burgers & gravy for dinner.

Dad got a lot done in the kitchen.

July 23 Saturday
Tim had to work. :(  Dad worked in the kitchen.

I made stuffed artichokes for Dad & I for lunch around 3:00.

Chrissy came around 5 to drop Tyler off and then Dad & everyone left.

I got the border put up on 2/3s of Luke's walls....and then realized its not going to stick permanently to his textured walls.  So, we're rethinking that plan & Mom will help me finish it this weekend coming.

July 24 Sunday
Separate Post!

July 25 Monday
On Monday, Tim surprised me by coming home from work early!  Luke was asleep, so I worked on laundry.  I got a lot of the baby's stuff put away, but ran out of hangers!

After Luke woke up, Tim helped finish a few more chores & then around 5:30 we headed out.

We went to MacArthur Mall so Tim could buy the books he needs for class & then we went to Norfolk General Hospital to visit Tim's dad.

He had surgery and we were just going to say, "hi!".  Only, Peggy gave us the name of the wrong we hiked through the ENTIRE hospital only to discover that where we REALLY needed to go, was right by the main entrance.  Oops.

Anyway, I had some decent contractions while we were there, but it was just from all that walking!

After we left there (at 8 PM) we decided we were going to have to use a few dollars of our grocery money to get some fast food, so we hit up a KFC/Taco Bell combo store and ate.

July 26 Tuesday
36 Weeks Pregnant!
On Tuesday, I babysat Brianna, Ashley, and Carolynn.  It was a long and stressful day, with several spikes in my blood pressure.

I made all 4 kids play outside for about an hour in the morning, it was probably about 90* so not TOO miserable and there's lots of shade out there.

When they came in, I fixed them lunch (no easy task) and then put Carolynn down for her nap.
Luke and I showered together (to help me calm down & relax) and then I put him down for his nap.

I spent the first hour of his nap chit-chatting online with my sister-in-law.  Then I went to get some work done and ended up only folding a few receiving blankets, before Luke stirred, so I went in & laid down with him....and promptly fell asleep!

I slept with Luke for an hour & Tim got home shortly after I woke up!

Tim worked on the lawnmower for a while, I cooked some dinner.

Tim took the 4 kids for a walk around the neighborhood & I ran to Lowe's to buy a new spark plug for the lawn mower.  On the way home, I had to "rescue" the girls, because they were getting swarmed by some kind of gnats.  They all had bug spray on, but these bugs did not care!  Tim ended up running the last block home with Luke to get out of them!  (I didn't have a car seat or enough seat belts in the Corolla for Luke & Tim to get in the car too. :(

When we got home, Chrissy was waiting to pick the girls up and so they left.  Tim showered & then we all went to bed.

July 27 Wednesday
In the morning, I did the housework and then we left at 12:30 to go run errands.

I got the baby car seat all scrubbed & put the freshly washed pads on it too!

We went to McDonald's, two freecycler's houses and then we were done with our errand running and Luke was sound asleep.  So, I went to another McD's and just sat in the parking lot to use their internet before heading to my appointment WAY early.

Wednesday was my 36 week appointment, technically, 36 weeks & 1 day.

Click the image to open in full size.

Click the image to open in full size.

I realized on the way, that Luke was born at 36 and 6 days, NOT 37 weeks and 5 days. How I got that confused in my head I'll never know, but I double-checked twice.

So, I am 5 days away from being at the same point when I delivered Luke!

I got to the appointment WAY early, but had to wait on Peggy & Tim to get there. We ended up being the last ultrasound of the day I think!

The technician was super nice & did all of her measurements & actually told us what stuff was (normally I have to ask). AND, the best part of all, is that for the last 10 minutes or so, she turned it to 3/4/D and did a bunch of face shots (just to get the good pictures!) in 4D! Woohoo! Normally this is something they charge for!

So, he's still a boy.  Its a picture of his junk.
Click the image to open in full size.

And measuring "average" even though all the measurements seemed behind to me. For example his belly was 34 weeks & some days, his leg was 35 weeks and some days, his head was 35 weeks and some days...nothing measured at 36 weeks.

Click the image to open in full size.

She didn't mention my fluids.

He is HEAD DOWN! His butt is right in the center of my chest with his back along my back. He's got feet in my left ribs & arms over his head.

Click the image to open in full size.

Other than being sunny side up, he is in a good position for me to possibly get a VBAC!

My BP was high again. 130something/88. I haven't had a "normal/normal" reading in over a week now...but nothing for them to worry about, no protein and no swelling.

Click the image to open in full size.

My fundal height measured 35 weeks.

My doctor WAS going to check me, but I asked him not to, its so uncomfortable & I was just checked Sunday & h
aven't had any more 'real' contractions since then. He was fine with that.

We got to talk a bit about the C/S....and basically I can't get what I want, to a certain extent but he's willing to work with me.

Click the image to open in full size.

July 28 Thursday
Today's agenda equals-
Regular housework
Regular laundry
Made sauce for dinner
Early to bed with a cranky, only slept for 50 minutes at naptime, Mr. Luke

Tuesday, July 26, 2011

GI Update

On July 20, Luke's GI doctor, Dr. Konikoff, managed to squeeze us in to talk about Luke's recent reflux flare up.

For about 10-12 days prior to the appointment we had been noticing Luke twitching a lot more.

He was having several different KINDS of spasms and some of them were quite alarming.

After talking with Dr. K he basically came to the conclusion that with the dosage of PPI (proton-pump-inhibitor) that Luke takes that he should NOT be able to produce enough acid to have the side-effects that he was having.

Dr. K seems to think that there is something else ("real" seizures) going on. :(  He wants to do some invasive tests to determine if acid is really the cause of Luke's troubles.

The first test we had already discussed and agreed to, the endoscopy.  Basically they will put him to sleep (it'll be his second time under full anesthesia) and insert a camera down his throat.  Dr. K will use that to examine him & possibly biopsy some of his throat tissues if he finds anything.

The 2nd test is a little more complicated.  While they have Luke sedated they will insert a tube down his nose and into his stomach.  (actually just outside his stomach)  This tube will have to stay inserted for 23 hours, and will track whether or not acid is being refluxed.  If Luke disturbs the tube, the test has to be restarted.  You can imagine how stressful/painful that is going to be for him & us.

And, the BEST part (huge sarcasm there) is that the procedure is scheduled for Sept. best case scenario #2 will be about 5 weeks old...worst case scenario, he'll only be 20 days old.  Either way, I'll be in a VERY stressful situation with my almost 2 year old with a TINY baby in tow.

Anyway, the stress of Luke's doctor's appointment caused me to have some pretty scary pre-labor signs, so I headed to my doctor & got checked out.  My BP was 148/100 but other than that I was okay.

Sunday, July 24, 2011

Labor Progress (countdown to baby)

Sunday July 24

35 Weeks & 6 Days Pregnant

9 days until "full term"
26 days until scheduled c-section
30 days until estimated due-date

So, I'm thinking my body has decided to start getting ready!  Woo hoo, I'm glad it's finally on the same page as me, mentally!

Ha ha!

Had a ROUGH night comfort wise--baby did some serious gymnastics & I had lots of painful contractions.

But, I managed to  get up & get moving for church this morning & with Tim's help we made it with a few minutes to spare before the service started.

Throughout church I was feeling pressure "down there" and like I needed to bear down/squat.  

After church we had a picnic at Rachel's husband's church to celebrate Izzie's baptism.  It was around 12:35 when I finally headed home from there.

Luke got a nap in on the car ride home and when I got home I started timing the contractions/pressures.  

(I also got a huge glass of water & changed into much cooler clothing.)

So, as of right now, 4:46 PM--the contractions are averaging 33 seconds long & 12 minutes 33 seconds apart.  BUT, the first few hours I was only monitoring how FREQUENT they were, not how long they lasted...for the last 30 minutes or so I've been tracking their duration as well and they have been 36, 33, 31, and 36 seconds long.  

I got my hospital bag & the baby's hospital bag packed up as much as I could.  I didn't bother packing as if today is the day, I don't think I'm that lucky.  I made my "last minute packing" list too, so when we are READY to go, I have it all there.  

Besides, if he came today, he'd be heading to the NICU most likely, since I'm only 35 weeks and 6 days.  So, I wouldn't need clothing or diapers. :(

Since I've been home, I also hung up all the NB and 0-3 month clothes that I had hangers for.  I'm out of hangers now. 

Anyway, here's the ooey-gooey gory details of what I've been feeling.

STOP reading if you don't want to hear about bodily functions.


I've been losing mucous plug--with "globs" of mucous at least 4 times in the bathroom.
I've got "the runs" & have had like 5 yucky soft bowel movements since I woke up.
I'm feeling pukey.
All day with the "pressures" I've been feeling the urge to bear down/push.
(I feel 'pressure' with the urge to push, but not the same as the contractions I had with Luke....)
I'm feeling very comfortable in a squat....
And he's dropped about 4" down my belly!--I can fit almost an entire hand above the baby, under my boobs.

Finally, the last time I went to the bathroom, there was a tiny pinch of blood on the TP.  


We ended up going to Labor & Delivery around 6:30 last night.  I got quickly taken to triage (they don't mess around with breech babies!) and situated.  

The nurse said I was only about at 1 cm (even though I KNOW I got 2 fingers in there....) but maybe they measure different than what I did.  

The baby's heart rate was "flat" in the 130s for the first 30 minutes of monitoring & although I didn't have ANY contractions show up (I felt 2 but they didn't register) they had to keep me for another 30 minutes to see if we could make it "perk up".  

They gave me a glass of icy apple juice and within just a minute or two of drinking that his little heart rate started bouncing all over between 120 and 170.  

I guess that's what they wanted to see, because they came back in & released me with strict hydrating myself & kick counting guidelines.

The baby is completely breech, and that made things a bit difficult as far as keeping the monitor on him. 

Anyway, we were home by about 8:15, so all in all, they did a good job of moving me in & out!  

Saturday, July 23, 2011

Pee Pee on the Potty

On July 19, 2011, at 21 months & one day old, Mr. Lucas Wayne went pee pee on the potty for the first time!

Here's how it went down:

I was going to the bathroom & Luke sat on his potty chair (lid down) and said "potty, pee pee...."

I said, "yep, that's your potty."

He then opened the lid and said "pee pee potty"....

I was done so we went out of the bathroom. THEN he started dragging his potty out of the I helped him carry it to the living room.

He said, "pee pee potty" again, so I took his soaking wet diaper off of him & let him sit on it. (he was watching Blue's Clues while I fixed lunch)

A couple minutes later I came back & looked & sure enough, he had gone pee pee on the potty.

21 months & 1 day...absolutely NO formal "potty training"--just a part of our life that we do & talk about

He's been able to say he was pee pee or poopy for MONTHS now and just started saying diaper this past week. He also has brought me a clean diaper a couple times when he needed changed.

I would LOVE IT if he just "gets it" and starts peeing on his potty...but I'm not going to push or pressure him...

So, that's a big milestone....but we're not stressing the issue.

After I cleaned up the pee pee, I left him to sit there for a few minutes (he wasn't ready to get up) and he apparently tried to go poopy on the potty too.  BUT, he got sidetracked I think....because the poopy ended up on the floor IN FRONT of the potty chair.  (and on the potty chair, and on Luke, and on Luke's toy vacuum (which I think he used to "clean" it up).  


Anyway, we haven't tried any more potty times since then because my Dad is in town & I'd rather keep the pee & poop in the diapers where they belong, rather than the floor for someone to slip/step on. :)

Thursday, July 21, 2011

Sunday Update July 15-20

Boy oh boy, its time for another update post.  I think this one is going to be short & sweet.

July 15
Luke went out with Tom & Peggy in the evening, Tim had guys night

July 16
Tim did yard work, I did housework & took care of Luke

July 17
Tim had a meeting in the evening after church so Luke and I were pretty much on our own all day/night

July 18
Happy 21 Months Birthday to Luke!
After work, Tim had a meeting for church, so Luke & I were pretty much alone again all night, we ate a package of sausage for dinner!

July 19
35 Weeks Pregnant!
Luke went pee pee on the potty!  (separate post)

July 20
13-30 Days Until #2's Arrival!
Big GI doctor's appointment & water breaking/blood pressure scare (separate post)
Dad arrived & we went to Bojangles for dinner

Monday, July 18, 2011

Baby Countdown




Before we meet #2. 


Maybe, some of you have already realized this.  I think it is finally hitting me.  In anywhere from 2-4 weeks we will be having a baby.  A HUMAN BEING.  Another kid.  + ONE.  

We are so not ready.  NOT ready at all.  Oh I'm ready PHYSICALLY---I've been ready to be done being pregnant since about week 9....(tomorrow is 35)...but in every OTHER way, we are NOT ready.

In 15 days I will be 37 weeks, so technically full term.  The baby can come any time after that, though LATER is technically better (for the baby).  

In 32 days, it will be August 19, and if #2 hasn't made his arrival we'll be up bright & early for a scheduled repeat C/S.   

One way or another, in 32 days or less, we're having a baby. 

Any guesses on his birthday?  Tim is banking on our anniversary--5 years on Aug. 5.  

I did manage to get some work done today, on my baby to-do list, but not enough to cross anything off.  I went through SOME of the baby clothes in the "playroom" and got 2 huge baskets ready to drag out to wash.    I also went through Luke's closet & moved all of his clothes to one side (through the summer) and then put all the already hung-up/clean baby clothes on the other side (up to 6-9 months).  

I  moved the 9-12, 12, 12-18, and 18-24 months into the "playroom" closet so that they would be out of the way.  That is everything that Luke has outgrown (that was still on hangers).

I also moved all of Luke's winter clothes into the "playroom" closet, because there won't be enough room for more than one season of his clothes in the closet.  So, Luke's 18-24 month, 24, 2T, 3T, and even a few 4T clothes are hanging in the playroom as well.  We have a LOT of little boy clothes!

I did get the car seat taken apart & the cover washed, but I haven't found the infant inserts & I haven't scrubbed the actual plastic of the seat yet, so that's not ready for loading into the car.

I found a swing on Craigslist today.  That's pretty exciting.  It plugs in & is $10 cheaper than what I had budgeted!

Last night, while Tim was getting the corner desk set up in our bedroom, I got both bathrooms overhauled & cleaned.  I found our "travel" toiletries & went through all the baby medicines.  So, we're one step closer to being ready to pack our hospital bags.

So, we're making baby steps of progress....but still, we are SO not ready!  

Hopefully, we'll get some help with a few of the projects and such and things will all fall into place before #2 makes his arrival.

Either way, 32 days & counting down...

Luke's Current Diaper Stash

Luke's been wearing disposables for a few days, because his Mylanta gives him the runs.  (He's having a flare-up of his Sandifer's Syndrome.)  So, I managed to get all of his diapers clean & counted up.

Currently in rotation we have:

Fitteds (15):
11 MamG Pocket Fitteds
3 Soggy Bottom Baby Medium Fitteds
1 SBish Snapless Multi

Pockets/AIOs (23):
18 BG 3.0 OS Pockets (3 Moonbeam, 3 Twilight, 4 Clementine, 3 Butternut, 2 Grasshopper, 1 Ribbit, 2 White)
2 Thirsties Duo Pockets Size 2
Swaddlebees OS Pocket
Haute Pocket OS Pocket
Bottombumpers OS AIO

We also have 5 flats, about 10 toddler/premium sized prefolds, and a few PUL covers, that we really don't use.  Luke has 3 pairs of shorties & 1 soaker that we use when he wears the fitteds.  He also has one pair of fleece MamaG shorties!

Saturday, July 16, 2011

Immense Getting Ready for Baby List!

Wash, organize, put away, donate baby clothes
Find & Install base in van
Pre-register & tour hospital 
Get & put on new screws for cradle
Make new cradle bedding (or buy new set $18 at BRU)
Bird cage cover
Bjorn cover
Scrub & disinfect all of Luke's toys
Call Security Company
Clean out van
Steam clean hallway
Put up Luke's border
Sock Monkey Blanket & Doll
Sock Monkey Hat & Loafers

Shop for mattress for Luke's toddler bed
I-Spy Quilt for Luke
ABC toy for Luke

Monster's Inc. curtains for guest room
Leslie's Trade
Put stickers on van
Order sunglasses (waiting on funds)
Organize/clean Closets (install Closetmaid)
Get cupboards cleaned & filled
Ooga Booga Night gown/Shorts for myself

Switch desks around
Clean garage
 Follow up on OTW/ITW knitting 
Buy swing
Set up cradle 
Wash & prep diapers
Finish packing hospital bag
Clean & assemble car seat
Diapers & Soaker for trade (for cocoon & hat)
Top stitch pockets on diaper bag
Add decorative buttons to diaper bag
Put together Luke's big brother gift
Organize/clean Guest Room (partially done)

Friday, July 15, 2011

What's a Name?

So, I'm 34 & 1/2 weeks pregnant & this baby doesn't have a confirmed name yet.  
LOTS of people (including my husband) seem to think that is a problem.  
I'm not really sure why, but for some reason I cannot commit to a name for this little guy.  
When we were dating, we decided we would name our children:
Isaac Wayne or Jacqueline Rose 
Then, we got pregnant.  And, we decided that Tim already had a cousin named after Grandma Goetsch & that MAYBE Issac wasn't perfect for a boy either....
So we started playing around on  And we found Lucas....and we fell in love with it.  So, Isaac Wayne quickly became Lucas Wayne (to be called Luke) and we were happy.
Lucas:A boy's name of Celtic, Danish, Dutch, English, German, Greek, Irish and Latin origin that is found in the New Testament. Lucas is at an all-time popularity peak and is currently ranked #46 among the U.S. boys' names. Meaning: Latin: light; bringer of light
Wayne:A boy's name of English origin that has a country-western accent. Wayne was most popular in 1947 and is currently ranked #694 among the U.S. boys' names. Meaning: English: wagon maker. A short form of Wainwright.
We knew he was a boy and so we didn't even worry about a girl name.  (Even though Rebekah Jane was stuck in my head.)
Well, this time around, I had it in my mind that a name with Kay in it somewhere would be ideal for a girl, to honor my Mom....I was thinking like Kaylee or Kayla, with Jane still as my favorite middle name!
BUT, #2 turned out to be a boy (why?! oh why?!?!) and that just threw a wrench into my plans....
So, now we have to come up with a 2nd boy name, that will sound good with Lucas Wayne.  Hmm....
With that, we've hit a stand-still.  We have one definite name that we like and agree on, but I'm just not sold that the baby will be able to FILL it.  We're keeping it to ourselves until we make a decision because I don't want to hear anybody else's opinion.  
If that name doesn't "fit" the baby, we've got to have some back-up names to work with.
This is what we've got...
Benjamin:A boy's name of English and Hebrew origin that is found in the Old Testament. Benjamin was most popular in 1989 and is currently ranked #25 among the U.S. boys' names. Meaning: Hebrew: son of my right hand.
Isaac:A boy's name of Hebrew origin that has a timeless style. Isaac was most popular in 2007 and is currently ranked #37 among the U.S. boys' names. Meaning: Hebrew: he will laugh. Bible: the son of Abraham and Sarah.
Brian:A boy's name of Celtic, Irish and Scottish origin that has become a contemporary classic. Brian was most popular in 1972 and is currently ranked #87 among the U.S. boys' names. Meaning: strong; virtuous; honorable. History: Brian Boru was an eleventh-century Irish king and national hero.
So, with those names as inspiration (Lucas, Wayne, Benjamin, Isaac, and Brian) anybody have a suggestion for us??  
  • I really like the idea of keeping a 2 syllable first name with a 1 syllable middle name.  
  • I don't want him to have stupid initials, for example Benjamin or Brian Isaac would make BIG.  Um, no.  Because look at Luke, he's likely to be SMALL and that's just WRONG.  Initials that don't spell anything are great.  (TWG, LWG)
  • I'd like it to have a nice meaning, but its not high on the list when choosing.
  • Biblical is nice, but not required.  
  • It does NOT need to be a family name, but if it can honor someone that's awesome.


--July 2011--
On the Way & In the Works
Updated 7/21

  • Custom Knitting from Carly G.
    • Kirkyard Longies for Luke
    • Kirkyard Longies for #2

  • Custom Knitting from Jennifer S.
    • Birthday Boy Foggy Mountain Coveralls
    • Birthday Boy Booties, Mittens, Hat (need to pay)
    • Newborn Boobie Beanie

  • 8 Longies--Custom Knitting from Mrs. Stripe (working out deal/trade/PP situation)
      • Luke’s: Noah, Wedgewood
      • Whatever size we can get for #2: Noah
      • Smalls (3-6 months): Wedgewood & Woof
      • Newborns (0-3 months): Halloween, Gray 1, Gray 2



Gray 1 & 2

Woof Shortalls (frogged)
  • Custom Dye Job from Leslie P. of Joyful Tie Dyes
    • Bamboo terry preflat
    • 12 Preemie Prefolds
    • Fabric for her custom longies

  • Custom Knitting from Stacey Christian 
      • Smalls: Camo
      • Newborns:Woodland Tale
      • Preemies: Camo & Nessie
      Preemie Camo
      Newborn Woodland Tale
      Preemie Nessie
      Small Camo

    Thursday, July 14, 2011

    Tuesday July 12
    34 Weeks Pregnant

    Luke and I did our normal morning stuff.  Then we headed out to my 34 week check-up.  Luke got a little nap in before we got there. :)

    I am up to 200 lbs now.  Only three more pounds to go before I am at my pre-pregnancy weight.  I'm sure I'll go over and I'm okay with that...I know I'll lose it after #2 is born & then in a couple years when I'm done nursing I can worry about what I weigh!  For now, its all about making milkies.

    Dr. Morgan is quite pleased with my weight gain & seems to think its a good thing.  I personally think 8 lbs in 2 weeks is a bit much...I was happier with the 5 lbs in 2 weeks...but I guess when the only things  I seem to want to eat or keep down are pizza and snack foods, it is inevitable!

    I let Dr. M know I am counting down the days to 37 weeks and that I'm still having contractions & in a lot of pain.  He said he's going to do an U/S on my next appointment, at 36 weeks and check out the baby's size & growth.  I'm excited to get to see #2 again & double check that he's still a boy.  (Miracles can happen.)

    After the doctor's appointment we headed to Virginia Beach to check out the consignment shop for a swing for #2.  We still don't have one and I'm having a hard time finding one. :(

    Then we went to the Wal-Mart in Greenbrier to get Tim's movie from Site-to-Store.  They ordered the wrong freaking movie though, which made me mad. Oh well.

    By the time we got home, I was BEAT.  I left Luke with Tim & told them to fend for themselves for dinner while I napped.

    Tim ended up making chicken & rice, which was good.

    After dinner, Tim took Luke to the grocery store.  They didn't get home until 9:30.

    While they were in the store, Luke was yelling, "Mom! Help! Mom!  Help!" with his hands on his cheeks!  It was cute (I could hear him on the phone).  Tim probably didn't think so as he was pushing him around the grocery store past his bed time...but oh well, we needed the groceries.

    When Tim got home, he had to get the sink un-installed so that the counter guys could come Wednesday morning.

    Wednesday July 13

    Tim stayed home from work to meet with the counter guys.  He got up with Luke & let me sleep in a bit!  Yay!

    After the counter guys left, I got up with the boy & Tim headed out to TCC.  He's officially a student again & will be taking one class this fall.

    After he got things taken care of at the school, he went to work for the day.

    Luke and I got the housework done, early, since Mom was coming in to babysit Luke.

    We were in the shower when she showed up & he jumped right out to greet her!  He snuggled with her & let her get him dressed!

    I quickly went through the run-down with Mom, leaving her with enough junk and plans to last all afternoon and raced off to the Virginia Beach City Hall.

    Our church had come under attack and we were going to be showing support during a City Council meeting...I was a few minutes late, but I was in time to hear our case read and to be there.  After about an hour, we were voted through with "consent" and then it was time to leave.

    I stopped by McDonald's for my own lunch & then Hardee's for some lunch for Mom on my way home.

    We visited for about an hour before Mom had to head back to Emporia for the evening.

    Luke took a nice nap and I relaxed a bit before starting chili for dinner.

    After dinner, (I ate toast, Luke ate hot-dogs, Tim had chili-dogs) Luke and I went to Food Lion to get some groceries and some Mylanta for him.  Tim went for his daily walk with Wazowski.

    Poor Luke has been having trouble with his GERD and Sandifer's Syndrome again.  It started a week or so ago, that I noticed him twitching more often, just little ticks, so I didn't think anything of them.  This week they have gotten completely out of control and are into full blow "siezure-like spasms".  The poor baby can't sleep unless he's being held in an upright position and is refusing to eat most anything, since he has caught on that eating hurts. :(

    I've been in touch with his GI's nurse, but our wonderful Dr. K is out of town until Monday & there isn't much we can do until we see him.  He is booked solid, but I'm hoping he'll squeeze us in as an emergency visit, otherwise we're going to have to go to CHKD's ER on a day we know he is at the hospital doing rounds. :(  Either way, something needs done.  We've gone to absolutely no dairy, soy, or gluten for Luke...but I haven't cut them from my diet.  He gets SO LITTLE breastmilk each day, only nursing for about 5 minutes at nap & bed time that I don't know if its worth it, since I am eating so very little these days myself.

    I've been having an especially hard time with the pregnancy, and am in constant pain.  My belly hurts all the time, my back, legs, hips, ankles, and feet hurt periodically.

    My sprained thumb, wrist, and shoulder are all still sore and healing.  I'm exhausted from being up with Luke during the night and trying to keep up with some level of housework during the day.  I'm just ready for this baby to be here and the pregnancy part of things to be OVER.

    After the grocery store last night, we all vegged out for a while before heading to be about an hour later than normal.

    Thursday July 14
    Today has been an extraordinarily lazy day.  I didn't get moving until after 11.  Even then I haven't vacuumed yet & its 4:15!  We have eaten and Luke's had a nap....but we haven't accomplished much else.  I had to hold Luke, rocking in bed for his entire hour & a half long nap, which hurts my back & baby belly, but my boy needed me, so what can I do?

    ETA: We decided to go ahead & get a shower.  Luke's "swimming" in the bath tub. I think we'll play outside tonight while Tim grills the chicken.

    Tuesday, July 12, 2011

    A Conversation With Luke

    (Pointing at rain coat) It's raining!

    No, its not raining right now.

    (Pointing at window) Outside. It's raining?

    No, honey, its not raining right now.

    Outside?  Raining?  

    No, we aren't going to play in rain right now.


    No, baby, not right now.  Maybe later.

    --The child LOVES to play outside.  We have let him stand out in the rain in his rain coat ONE time & he cannot wait for it to rain again so he can go out in the rain with the coat on.  He can put it on all by himself and wears it all over the house!--

    Sunday Update: July 6-11

    Wednesday July 6
    I took a 2 hour long nap with Lucas.  And that's all I can remember.

    Thursday July 7
    Carolynn's 4th Birthday! (See post)
    Luke and I went to Patient First in the morning, since I had fallen out of my computer chair Tuesday afternoon & still had LOTS of pain in the shoulder & arm.

    The doctor didn't want to do x-rays though so he just sent me home with a "sprain" and a sling to wear until it felt better.

    That evening, Tim and Luke went out for a LONG walk.

    Friday July 8
    Luke and I spent the morning cleaning.  Frankie showed up RIGHT after I got Luke to sleep, waking him up. :(

    Mom & Dad showed up minutes later with Carolynn.  Mom, Dad, and Frankie left for a while and I had to feed the kids & get ready to go to the grocery store.

    After a quick trip to the grocery store, we came home to cook dinner for the masses.

    We had burgers in gravy, corn on the cob, and mashed potatoes.  It was a yummy dinner.

    Mom & Dad left quickly after supper and Chrissy picked Carolynn up just a couple minutes later.  Luke was EXHAUSTED from no-nap but we managed to keep him awake until almost 8:40 so that was good.

    Saturday July 9
    We spent the morning getting the house clean & then Luke and I drove out to Heather's parents' house to pick up Tim's shoes.  We also swung by Amanda's house to pick up her gifts for Carolynn's birthday.

    Then we drove home & picked Tim up.  While we were home I grabbed the mail!  #2's Coming Home romper was here!

    Won't they be so cute?  Luke's matches but is not exactly the same...

    He drove us to Wal-Mart so I could buy a couple gifts for Carolynn.

    Then we went to her party.  Chrissy did a good job and the kids were all happy.

    We went to the pool in her community at about 3:30 and let Luke swim for almost 2 hours.  He had a blast.  I am really happy with the life jacket I bought him & with how well he did with swimmies on in the baby pool!

    After the party, we went to Tom & Peggy's house to look at Peggy's progress on #2's baby blanket.  It's a cute sock monkey blanket, but the pattern was written for acrylic yarn, which I don't like, so I bought worsted weight cotton.  I bought the proper yardage, so I didn't see a problem with the switch.  I LOVE the feel of a nice heavy cotton blanket and that's really what I'd prefer (if I can't have wool).  Peggy didn't think the cotton was working out, but I assured her I was happy with how it was working up. :)

    After a short visit there, we headed out because it was supper time.  We grabbed some Subway & everyone filled up!

    By the time we got home at 7:45, Luke was asleep for the night.

    Sunday July 10

    Sunday after naps, Luke & I went to Kangaroo Jac's to meet up with Amanda, Grayson, and Spencer.  Luke is free so I was willing to try it out.

    It's a good thing we didn't pay for him, since he was scared senseless by ALL of the jump-jumps, even when I went in with him.  (which sucks when you are just about full term!)

    That evening, Tim grilled burgers & Luke played outside with him!

    Monday July 11
    I spent all day Monday waiting on the mail man.  Seriously.  We did housework and nothing else except check the mailbox a million times!

    FINALLY at 5:15 the substitute driver came & brought only ONE of the two packages I was expecting.  I was quite upset.  So I waited some more & when he finally came down the OTHER side of our street, I went out & asked him about my package.

    The first package was my custom Tessa Ann Designs buttons to add to #2's Romper & Luke's Birthday Boy longies!

    He was RUDE & said he definitely DID NOT have my package.

    Yea, an hour later after he went back to the Post Office & scanned in his deliveries he must have found my package, because at 6:33 it was delivered to our house!

    I'm still wondering if I'll get a call back from the LIVID email I wrote to the USPS.

    We had home-made pizza for dinner & then Tim & Luke worked/played outside for about an hour.

    Near bedtime, we went to 7-11 to get Slurpees.