Monday, December 22, 2008

Christmas Part 4!

Well tonight was Christmas with my sisters. It was a CRAZY afternoon. We had to get the sauce made and everything packed and loaded with four kids in tow. It was crazy. Anyway, we finally left the house at 6, which is when we were supposed to be there. Oh well.

We got to Chrissy's at 6:30, unloaded the car, and started getting ready for dinner. We had lots of food to prepare so everyone was helping. The kids watched "The 10th Kingdom". Tim ended up making a grocery store run and I wrapped gifts. We ate a huge dinner. We had homemade pizza, spaghetti, cavadils, salad, little smokies, fried potatoes, and italian sausages. Then it was present time! We gave Amanda a crock pot (just like ours!) and a Rubbermaid set. We gave Tony and Brianna each 3 Bakugans & a booster pack of cards. We gave Ashley a moon sand set and a pack of Bakugan booster cards, as well as an extra moon sand pack. We gave Carolynn Barnyard Bowling. We forgot Chrissy's presents in the car but we got her "The Last Lecture" and a set of 30 Christmas cookie cutters.

Amanda got Chrissy a wall hanging that has the serenity prayer on it. Apparantly it is very important in AA. It has special meaning for Chrissy. Amanda went above and beyond for everyone! She got Tony an IPod Shuffle with an extended warranty! She got the girls Bakugans, polly pockets, make up, pokemon stuff, and 2 board games. (One was Littlest Pets Monopoly!) Amanda also got Tim an adorable Mickey and Minnie Mouse statue! She got me about a gazillion pieces to start a Halloween Village! I've taken pictures for your viewing pleasure! She also got me a pair of baby socks and a set of 18 cookie cutters! All Halloween themed of course! I even noticed that she used orange/white tissue paper in the gifts! Sweet! I LOVE Halloween, just in case you didn't know!

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Smellyann said...

Holy crap, she gave you a lot of stuff! Cool.

Wth are cavadils????

Dude, last comment unless you start reciprocating!! ;) :P