Thursday, March 31, 2011

19 Weeks & 3 Days

Well, 18 weeks and 6 days marked "halfway" through my pregnancy, expecting I'll only go to about 38 weeks with this little one.

Today I am 19 weeks and 3 days & while I still don't LOOK pregnant, I certainly FEEL pregnant.

18 weeks, 3 days pregnant in these "first" belly shots--they are blurry & out of focus, but you can see the TINY bit of bump that I have!

I also have "the sick" complete with Strep Throat (confirmed w/ the 10 minute swab test).  I have aches & pains, I've been puking my guts up, my head hurts, my ears hurt, my glands are swollen and sore, its pretty much just miserable!

So, that's that.

Sunday, March 27, 2011

Sunday Update-March 7-27, 2011

Monday 3/7- Friday 3/11
I can't remember that far back.  Obviously nothing amazing happened.

Saturday 3/12
Saturday morning was my last day of IV Zofran.  I had Tim take the IV out when it was after noon & the nurse hadn't called yet.  It didn't hurt (well the tape did, but the IV didn't).

Dad was over, helping Tim sand & mud the last wall in the kitchen.  Then they went to Lowe's to get MORE supplies (it seems like we go at least 1 or 2 times a week)  and came home and patched the hole in the foundation.

When they were all done, Dad headed back to Mandy's and Tim, Luke, Aaron, and I headed to Sam's Club.

We had a good time going through the store, sampling all the different offerings and picking out food for church on Sunday.  Aaron, especially, enjoyed himself, since he says he had never been there before.

We rushed home in time for Aaron's baseball practice and then went home to put away groceries.

Tim headed to James' house for a guys night in and I was getting ready to go out with Mom & Dad & Frankie, but they had to cancel, when they heard from Grams that she wasn't feeling well.

So, Luke and I just putzed around the house & then cleaned up before heading to bed early.

Sunday 3/13
Luke was up a lot during the night & kept me up a lot too, because he was breathing funny in his sleep.  Mom & Tim both think it was just a dream or something, but I couldn't sleep with him gasping next to me and I was scared to put him back in his room, in case he was having trouble breathing.  So I just laid there 1/2 in & out of sleep paying attention to him.

So, we decided to skip church in the morning so I could get some more rest and its a good thing.  I ended up getting really bad morning sickness.

I spent most of the morning until about noon puking up everything I tried to eat.

When Tim got home he gave me a break from taking care of Luke and I rested for a bit.  Then I nursed Luke to sleep and got up to clean, eat, and get myself showered & dressed.

Around 3:30, Tom & Peggy showed up to pick up Luke & I.  We went over to their house and hung out with Beth, Heather, Chris, and Trent while Tom & Peggy did some grocery shopping.

When Tim got there around 7:30, he and I headed to Farm Fresh for some groceries and then back to the house for some dinner.  Tom & Peggy had grilled burgers & made corn, so that's what we ate!

After eating and a few minutes of visiting we loaded up our boy & headed home.

When we got home we got the house ready for bed & then hit the sack.

Monday 3/14
Lucas is such a big boy!  In 4 days he'll be 17 months old.  My little peanut is almost 1 and a half years old!

This morning he fed himself baby food with a spoon from a bowl.  I don't know why I didn't start that sooner, it was awesome!  I vacuumed while he ate!

He had a bad night, waking up HUNGRY at 5:15 am.  We finally figured out what he wanted & gave him 1/2 a banana, then he fell asleep WHILE EATING it!  He finished the whole half a banana, eyes closed.  Silly baby.

He loves to take walks and push his push toys outside.  He has learned how to "go" on on his ride ons and can scoot around the house & back patio.

He is throwing tantrums, which I am ok with.  We don't cater to him or baby him or give in when he does it and I think our approach to dealing with it is very "AP-friendly".  I'm not sure where or why he learned to do it, since I don't think he's ever seen another child do it (maybe in the nursery?) but it's no fun.  I don't think it means he's a spoiled brat or there is anything wrong with how we parent, I just think its him expressing himself and his frustration, especially for things he doesn't have words for yet.

He's also going through a "shy" phase.  He'll tuck his head into his chest & give a pretty nasty little look to most strangers who approach us.  I keep telling him, if he weren't so gosh-darn-cute, it wouldn't happen so often, but he's not getting any less cute!

Luke and I cleaned during the morning.

Grayson & Spencer got here around 1:15, and Lucas ate the nuggets Lindsey brought him.  Then I nursed him down for a nap (by nurse I mean, he suckled for a few minutes, then I rocked milk is just about dried up :cry:).

While Luke napped, I ate and ate and ate.  I had strawberries, blackberries, pineapple, the last couple nuggets, some Pringles, and some Gatorade.

While Luke was napping, I checked the mail.  Our refund check for the kitchen remodel came back from the mortgage company (they had to endorse it)--so now we can put that in the bank & finish paying off this remodel!  Woohoo!

Then, I went to put something away in Luke's room & tripped!  I tripped over a Thomas toy, stumbled across the room & slammed into the crib before falling to the floor.  I'm sure it was VERY graceful.

I ended up hurting my belly & getting a cramp, both wrists (I think I twisted the right one), my right ankle, and my left calf.  It took me a few minutes to get up.

Dad called Frankie & Frankie called me, apparently Grandmom had to go to the hospital & Mom hadn't called to check-in by 3:30.

We ended up hearing from mom later on that afternoon, things weren't looking good for Grams and she was admitted to the ICU.

Tuesday 3/15
17 Weeks Pregnant
We found out that Grams' kidney function was about 10%, down from the 18% it had been previously.  We started making plans to get out to Emporia to see her as soon as possible.

Wednesday 3/16
Luke and I took Tim to work so that I could go to my doctor's appointment.
Everything was great & I actually gained a pound!  Woohoo!  The baby's heartbeat was nice & strong & Dr. M found it quickly.
After the doctor's appointment we headed home so I could pack & load the car, before going to pick Tim up from work.
We picked Tim up early & then went to the headquarters building for his company, so he could have a meeting with his "boss".  He got a little raise with the recent promotion he got, so that is nice!
When we were finished there, we went to the pharmacy & picked up my prescriptions, then headed to Mandy's house.
As we were unloading the car & getting everything into Mandy's car, we realized that Luke lost a shoe somewhere.  GAH!  One of his $40 sneakers!  So not cool, but Tim decided that his time & gas were worth more than going to look for the shoe (I'm 99% sure I know where it was lost.)  and ok'ed me to buy new shoes for the boy.  (Fortunately there is a BOGO50% off sale going on at Stride Rite!)
We kissed & hugged Tim goodbye & then Amanda, Frank, Luke, and I headed to Emporia, straight to the hospital.
Our visit with Grams that night wasn't very long, but at least we got to see her a little bit.  Mandy spent the night in the hospital & then got up & drove to work in the morning.

Thursday 3/17
Dad & Frankie went to Virginia Beach.  Dad had to stay the night in town to go to the doctor in the morning.
Mom & I had Chinese for dinner.  We visited with Grams in the hospital.

Friday 3/18
Luke-17 Months Old
We visited Grams in the hospital some more.  Dad came home from Virginia Beach. I got a flat tire in the Buick.

Saturday 3/19
Dad took the Buick in to get new tires.  We visited with Grams at the hospital.
Tim drove out in the evening with Frankie.  Penny & Bill Bill (my mom's cousin & her son) came from the Eastern Shore to be with Grams.
Aunt Ree & Jordan came up from Florida (on their way home to Maryland) to visit with Grams for a bit too.  Jordan wasn't in her hospital room when I was there, so I didn't even get to talk to him.  They only stayed a couple hours before they had to hit the road.  (They had animals traveling with them.)
Dad & I cooked Italian Chicken, baked potatoes, corn, and a salad for dinner.  We fed 8 people that night.
I fell asleep with Luke around 10:30, but our company didn't leave until close to midnight.

Sunday 3/20
Tim & I went to the hospital in the morning, with Luke & Frankie.  We visited with Grams for a bit, then got some McDonald's on the way home.  (I'd been puking all morning.)   Then, Tim & Frankie had to head home.
Betty & Aaron drove up from Chesapeake to visit with Grams.

Aaron took some good pictures of Grams on his DSi.

Monday 3/21
We visited with Grams at he hospital.
Mom, Dad, Luke & I drove out to Roanoke Rapids (the closest "big" town) to eat dinner at their Chinese buffet.  They have a hibachi grill that is 'all-you-can-eat' where you pick what you want & then the chef cooks it for you while you wait!  It was nice!
Luke was pretty much set for bed when we got home, I can't remember what all we did other than that.

Tuesday 3/22
18 Weeks Pregnant
We visited with Grams at the hospital.
It was MEGA nice outside & so I got Luke into his shorties & a t-shirt & let him play outside for a long time.I also got some good pictures of him.  I shared a bunch already, but here are a couple more.
Tim taught him to "sniff" flowers--this is the face he makes when he does it!

Walking down the street.

Dad made cream of chicken soup for dinner.  

Mandy drove in from Suffolk to spend the night with Grams.  

She did come back to the house for dinner & to play with Luke for a bit though!

Wednesday 3/23
We knew we were heading home on Thursday, by Wednesday, so I got Luke all dressed up in his Easter outfit before we went to visit with Grams.  She bought him the cutest little suit before he was even born & it will be a perfect fit for him for Easter this year.  (We don't dress him up too often, our church is VERY casual, but Easter is a good reason to put on his fancy duds!)
Unfortunately, Grams was pretty out of it by Wednesday, and I don't think she really understood that Luke was dressed up.  He was very sweet though, signing "up" to get on the chair & stand with Grams.  He would pat her or her bed & was just generally a really sweet kid.  I have a couple more pictures that SHOW him being sweet, but Grams doesn't look flattering in them, so I won't post them.  

Betti & Aaron drove out again to visit with Grams some more & then came back to the house for dinner that evening.

It was also the day that Grams got moved to the nursing home.  Mandy had called at 4:30 in the morning and said if we wanted to say goodbye before the move we should do it soon, because Grams had taken a turn for the worse.  She made it through the move, late that afternoon, and actually perked up a little bit in her new room.  
Aaron took this picture of Grams & I think it is really nice--this is how I'll remember her.

Same picture, different crop

When Luke, Aaron and I left the room, she was "with it" and actually gave Luke a hug & a kiss and he kissed her and said bye.  It was sweet & I'll always know that she said her final goodbye to him then.

That night, Dad & I made tacos, home-made french fries, and macaroni & cheese for dinner.  It turned out really good too!  
Dad shared strawberry shortcake torte with Luke & he really enjoyed it!

Thursday 3/24
I got up early with Luke and got our stuff all packed up.  I also got us both dressed & ready for our trip home.
Around 11 am we headed to the nursing home and said goodbye to Grams.

View off the back of Mom & Dad's porch!

View off the side of Mom & Dad's porch.

It was very difficult to say goodbye to my Grandmother.  She was out of it, and thought I was a nurse, trying to pester her, when really I was trying to make her more comfortable.
It was the first time I shed any real tears and I eventually hugged her goodbye and kissed her before meeting Dad in the car.
Dad went in then & helped her eat some lunch.  (They were trying to get her to eat solid food when I was there & I requested a tray of puree'd foods for her.  They brought that while Dad was in the room.)
While Dad was visiting, Mom arrived.
It was after 12, closer to 1 before Dad & I got on the road to Chesapeake.
We got home around 2, unloaded the car, and got busy cleaning house.
When Tim got home, we went to TGIFriday's for dinner & then to Dairy Queen for dessert.  It was nice to just relax a bit together.
When we got home (late) Tim had to work in the kitchen some, but Luke had fallen asleep in the car, so I laid down with him for about an hour.  (I was pretty drained, physically & emotionally.)
Then Tim & I headed to bed about 9:30.

Friday 3/25
I spent Friday cleaning house.
The cabinets arrived around 12 and Luke took a nap.
When Tim got home, Carolynn was already here & Luke was running a temperature.
I left the kids home with Tim while I ran out to get them some McDonald's for dinner & then I went to Food Lion for some groceries.  I also brought home Subway for Tim & I.
I ended up falling asleep with Luke, instead of eating cheesecake & drinking wine with Tim like I had planned to do.
Luke being a monkey!  He climbs all the time!

Showing off one of his new summer woolies

The cabinets!

Saturday 3/26
Yesterday morning, Tim was so sweet.  He set his alarm for 6:15 & got up, found my phone, and put the dogs out all before Betti called to say she was on her way.  Luke and I slept until about 8 am!  Carolynn slept even later!
Dad called at 8:45 to tell me that Grams had passed away.  I am okay with it.  It is hard to handle & I am sorry that she's gone from MY life, but I know that she is in a better place, rejoicing with the angels, spending time with her dad, "Poppy" and healed from all pain & suffering.  Knowing that makes it easier for me.  I also know that I spent good times with her at the end & she knew I loved her & cared for her.
Around 1, the kids and I headed out to Virginia Beach.  I swung by Rock a Bye Baby and picked up a couple little CDs for the kids to listen to in the car.
Then we went to McDonald's for lunch for Luke & an ice cream for Carolynn.  After that we stopped at DQ to get me another ice cream!
Finally, we headed to MacArthur Center Mall and to Stride Rite.  We got Luke two new pairs of shoes, a pair of sneakers & a pair of sandals.  Then we headed to the play-place so they could burn off some energy.
I let them play there until about 4:40, then we headed home.
When we got home around 5, they were awake but sleepy.  Tim was still working, so we headed back out for a drive.  They needed naps & Tim's work was pretty loud.
Both of them fell asleep after about 15 minutes, so I headed home & used my iPad to surf the web from the driveway!  They both slept for about an hour before waking up, so we went inside.
When Tim was done & cleaned up, we headed to Golden Corral for dinner.  Tim ate meatloaf in memory of Grams.  Luke ate well as did Carolynn & I.
Everybody was tired by the time we got home.  So, we straightened up the house, got the kids ready for bed & hit the sack around 10.

Sunday 3/27
I'm not sure what today holds for us yet.  I skipped church.  I was up at 12:20 with a crying Luke but got him back to sleep quickly.  I woke up at 2:30 to realize he was STILL in my bed, so I transfered him to his room.  Then I was up again at 4:30, when Carolynn woke me up, with a bloody nose (poor kid gets them all the time).  Then Luke woke up at about 6:15 and I brought him into our bed, but he managed to go back to sleep.  I should have been getting everyone up for baths/showers/getting ready for church then, but didn't have the energy & felt that the kids needed the sleep.  Luke's fever finally broke during the night, AMEN.
So far, we haven't done anything!

Trip to Emporia RECAP:
While we were in Emporia, Luke rarely nursed.  He took most of his naps in the car, driving to or from the hospital/nursing home.
He started sleeping through the night (like from 9 pm until 7:30 am).
He fed himself most of his meals & ate & ate & ate!
He played outside a LOT.
He ate dessert with his Pap everyday.  They shared muffins and cake and pound cakes!
We helped with housework and cooking and laundry while Mom & Dad were at the hospital.
All in all, I'm very glad that I was able to take a break from my life to go spend Grams' last days with her & my parents.  Even though I wasn't there for the very end, I am at peace with her passing.

Tuesday, March 22, 2011

2nd Day of Spring

Tuesday of last week it was near 80* outside at Mom & Dad's house in Emporia, so Luke got to wear his shorties & a t-shirt for the first time this year!  

He LOVES being outside (even when its really cold) so he had a blast! 

I think while we were out there (in Emporia) he spent at least an hour playing outside every day, if not longer! Yay for all that natural Vitamin D!

Smelling flowers

More smelling flowers

Knocking on the garage door

Tuesday, March 15, 2011


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Tuesday, March 8, 2011

16 Weeks!

Our baby is now about the size of an avocado!  

Monday, March 7, 2011

The Game Plan

So, Dr. Morgan called me today.

The plan is to stay on the IV Zofran twice a day, through Friday.

The nurses will come Tuesday to put in a new IV line & then again on Friday, to remove the IV.

Saturday-Wednesday I will take my oral Zofran as usual.  (I don't even need it when I'm on the IV.)

Wednesday at 11:15, I'm going to my doctor's appointment as usual.  I'll be 17 weeks along.

Things can go two ways: 1) I'll be fine on the pills & stay hydrated and be able to eat.  2) I'll end up not being able to eat or drink (as usual) and be sick when I go in.

If its the latter and I'm sick, Dr. Morgan will most likely recommend a PICC line be inserted, so that I can continue to get IV Zofran as long as it is needed.  (as well as fluids, if needed)

IV Therapy--Pros & Cons

So, Friday night I had my dose of IV Zofran and went to bed.

Saturday morning, Aaron arrived bright & early and Luke woke up not much later.

Tim and I managed to stay in bed a bit, while the boys watched t.v. together, which was nice.

I decided to attempt getting a shower, since the nurse had said it would be alright as long as I wrapped my IV site up really well.  So, I taped and saran wrapped and taped and saran wrapped some more.  I thought it was pretty good.

I was wrong.

When I got out of the shower, there was blood backing up in my IV line.  I called Tim to bring me my supplies & to help me.  As I unwrapped my saran wrap and tape, I found a not so pleasant surprise.  My IV had gotten SOAKED.  And, was now, no longer in my arm!  GAH!   It was super gross & I was pretty good, at first.  I called the nurse, informed her of what happened, and sent Tim out to take care of the boys while I got dressed.  Then I got faint.  I dove onto the bed to ward of a fainting spell and tried to relax.  It wasn't even bleeding!

When I was finally able to get dressed I got all the tape off of my arm and immediately got hives all around where the IV was.  Fun.  I had to take Aaron to baseball practice, so we quickly did that.  Then, Luke and I went to the pharmacy to pick up my "happy pills".  When we got home from there, we hung out at home and didn't really do much.

Frankie came over with Carolynn to drop off a headboard and footboard.  I also gave him a buzz cut.  A little shorter than either of us were expecting, but, oh well, I don't normally DO buzz cuts.  (Tim's cut has a little bit of shape to it.)

AND, then the nurse showed up to put in my new IV.

AND, Betti showed up to pick Aaron up early.

While the nurse was getting my IV going, everyone cleared out.  The first vein "blew" (and is now big-time sore & bruised) and so she had to place the IV in the back of my hand. :(

I'm pretty sure I took a nap with Luke after that.

Luke and I headed out in the afternoon to go grocery shopping for church.  We had to pick up communion stuff and also stuff for the "buffet" so a trip to Sams Club was in order.  We got all the stuff we needed, after a quickie trip to Wal-Mart as well and then headed home.

I wasn't feeling like eating anything, so 1/2 a "French Bread" pizza was my dinner.  Then I went back to bed.

Sunday morning we had to get up early to go to church.  We had to get Luke & Tim showered & dressed, and me just dressed (I can't get my IV wet--so no showers for 3 days!)  (I'm sponge bathing---I don't stink! Promise!)  and everything packed and loaded up!

It was a busy morning, but we made it out of the house with time to spare to go to Lowe's to buy MORE stuff for church, and still get there "early".

Church went well, I ate well which was good.  After church we stopped by the bank and then headed to Oysterette's in Chesapeake, for lunch with James & Missy.

That was nice & the food was great!  I ate a lot of the crab dip all by myself & then I ate my crab cake & 1/2 of Tim's as well.

We had to head home straight away from there, to meet the medicine delivery guy to get more saline & another 4 doses of Zofran for my IV.  Luke and I came in the house & went straight to bed.  Tim ended up accepting the delivery, so we took a nap.

Luke woke up before I was ready to get up, and I could just barely move.  I'm getting headaches in the afternoon along with severe exhaustion & I think both are side effects of the IV Zofran.

I ended up being a use-less lump most of the evening, until Tim stopped working in the kitchen and we decided to go to I-HOP for dinner.

I had 1/2 of a 5 pancake stack & 4 slices of bacon & a ton of water.  Tim ate most of his omelette and Luke picked at some fruit & chicken.  We made a quick stop by Wal-Mart for dog food after dinner and then headed home.

I put Luke to bed and went to sleep myself.

Today, I got up early with Luke (like 6:30) and got pretty much right to work on housework.  It took me several hours but I managed to get the house picked up & vacuumed so it wasn't so messy.  I had to take lots of breaks.  After I got Luke down for his nap I ate a huge lunch.  I had a parfait yogurt, then a sandwich bag of Pringles, and then I followed that with an apple dipped in peanut butter.  (lots & lots of peanut butter)  I also drank about 1/2 of my 20 oz of Gatorade.  (the 2nd one of the day)

Luke had therapy & wouldn't eat hardly anything. :(  It wasn't a great visit, but oh well, what can you do.   He did eat his whole jar of baby food w/ DuoCal mixed in, so that's good.

Now, I'm going to work on laundry for the rest of the day & hope to take a nap tonight.

Friday, March 4, 2011

Update Post, IVs, and the Sick

Feb. 25-Friday
-I got nothing!

Feb. 26- Saturday

  • Luke ran a fever.
  • I attempted to take Aaron to his baseball try-outs but the location was changed at the last minute & nobody informed his mother. :(  

Feb. 27- Sunday

  • Luke ran a fever again.
  • Luke & I skipped church, since my boy wasn't feeling well.  

Feb. 28- Monday

  • I took Tim to work so that I could have the car because Luke still had a fever.
  • I got Luke a doctor's appointment & took him in.  He has an infection in his boy bits, thanks to the bubble baths we gave him. Oopsie.  

March 1-Tuesday

  • Tim was up all night being sick, so he stayed home from work.  He pretty much slept all day.  
  • Luke and I did our normal thing.  
  • 15 Weeks

March 2-Wednesday

  • I took Tim to work so that I could have the car for my doctor's appointment.
  • We came home & cleaned house & got showered & dressed, then Luke took a nap until after the boys got here.
  • Beth arrived and the 5 of us headed to my doctor's appointment.
  • Beth stayed in the lobby with all 3 boys, so she didn't get to hear the heartbeat for all 20 seconds Dr. M listened to it. 
  • It was nice to hear the heartbeat and know that no matter how run down I feel, the baby is okay.
  • I lost another 5 lbs, total loss in 15 weeks--20 lbs.
  • Dr. M said I was dehydrated & that at this point he recommends Home-Health-Care for IV hydration & IV Zofran.  
  • I also got a new prescription for my tiny dose of anti-depressant, to see if that will help with my nausea.  (We think that my stress over Luke's weight, the kitchen reno, and more may be effecting my appetite.)  
  • We left here and got the boys some McDonald's to eat and me some Chic-Fil-A to not eat.  :(  
  • Then we headed home.  Tim got a ride with his boss, so I didn't have to go pick him up. Yay!  
  • After Mandy got the boys, the three of us headed to Joe's Crab Shack for what was supposed to be a nice date dinner.  Only the food sucked. :(  I got the crab dip, which was yucky.  (Seriously, pickles in crab dip????)  Then I ordered crab stuffed shrimp & just couldn't get past the two tastes together to be able to eat it.  Tim's was okay, but way too much food for him.  Luke played with his fries & didn't touch his nuggets. Oh well.  
  • We went home & to bed.

March 3-Thursday

  • Thursday day was lazy for Luke and I.  I got some housework done and made a bunch of phone calls to set up the home-health-care nurse. 
  • A guy came and dropped off all the medicine and supplies that the nurses would need.
  • When Tim got home he went right to work on the kitchen.
  • Luke and I headed out to Golden Corral for dinner.  We both ate well and filled our tummies!  The nurse called while we were eating, so we scrapped our plans to go to the pharmacy & Wal-Mart and headed home.
  • I had Tim take Luke to the grocery store with him while I waited on the nurse.  I thought she was going to be right there, but she ended up being over an hour behind me.  
  • At 9:15ish the nurse showed up.  She spent a long time going through all the stuff that was left and programing the IV pump.
  • Tim got home & I got Luke dressed & ready for bed.  
  • Then I nursed him to sleep. 
  • Tim took the dogs into the back of the house, while the nurse got me all set-up.  She taught me how to administer my Zofran (4 mg every 12 hours, on top of the 8 mg I already take orally every 6 hours) and tend to my IV line and pump.  It was 11:30 before she finished and left.
  • We all went to bed then.  

March 4-Friday

  • So far today, I've eaten yogurt, a Strawberry Shortcake, and Pringles. 
  •  I drank a whole glass of Hawaiian Punch and almost a whole 20 oz of Gatorade!  
  • The IV seems to be helping, even though I still FEEL exhausted.  
  • I got the house picked up & vacuumed and Luke bathed & down for a nap.  I have a chore to-do list, but haven't really worked on it much.  This back-pack full of IV junk is a pain in the butt!
  • I have to be on the IV for 48 hours and then Dr. M will re-evaluate if/when I need to do more IVs after seeing how it helps.
Night Time Update:
  • Well, the nurse just left. I'm off the IV fluids. Yay! I still have the IV line in though, so I can get a dose of IV Zofran Saturday morning & Sunday morning. Then Monday, I'll see if Dr. M will order more or what he wants to do from there. Monday they'll come to either remove the IV or put in a new one. (Can only have each line in for 3 days.) I'm still not 100% but I feel a lot better.