Monday, October 4, 2010

Update Time & The Countdown is On!

Today is the 4th of October, in just 14 days, 2 short weeks, my little man will be ONE YEAR OLD.  Oh my goodness.  I cannot even wrap my head around it!  There are so many things going through my mind and so many feelings going through my heart!

This year has been amazing.  We've had trials and joys, scares and blessings, it's been truly awesome!

I'm frantically working on putting together the loose ends for Luke's birthday, I never did get those birthday posts done...maybe I'll get to them one night soon.

Yesterday Oct. 3 (Sun), was Grams' 80th birthday.  We went to church, then went to lunch at Keegan's for "Pint with the Pastor".  After that we swung by Courthouse to fill out the reservation form for the gym. (That's where we're hosting Luke's party.)  When we left there we headed by the in-laws to pick up my glasses & a shirt Tim had left over there.  We FINALLY headed home around 3pm.  It was a long, but good, day.

When we got home, I sewed and drafted patterns for a few hours, while Tim played with Luke.  Then, it was time to start getting things ready for Grams "party". Mom brought over a roast & veggies and I made some corn.  We had a good dinner together & then Mom, Tim, and Grams ate carrot cake (Grams' favorite).  It was about 8:30 when I got Luke down for the night, and 10 when I got in bed, so overall not bad!

During the night I got a stomach ache & felt gassy & crampy to the point that I could barely move!  I took some Gas X and got my heating pad set up.  This morning I started my cycle.  It's actually blog worthy because I have reason to believe that I actually ovulated on my own, without any drugs, so I might be able to conceive our next child without the aid of fertility drugs!  Anyway, I'm pretty excited about it because it will definitely make things easier, for one, I won't have to quit breastfeeding Luke before we start trying, which means we can start a lot sooner!

Saturday Oct. 2, Tim had to work on sound stuff at church so he was up & out pretty early.  Luke & I spent the morning cleaning & waiting on Mom & Carolynn to come over.  They FINALLY showed up around 1:00 and it still took us about 2 hours to get ready to go.

We headed to Wal-Mart so we could all shop.  When we left there we had Tim meet us at Golden Corral (our new favorite restaurant) to have dinner together.  Grams treated and we all ate well.

After dinner it was pretty much time to pick up the house & go to bed.

Friday Oct. 1 was a crazy busy day.

We got up early and took Tim to work.  The roads were flooded & Camelot Elementary was closed!

We picked Amira (Tim's boss) up at Pass & ID and then dropped them both off at the gate.  After that Luke and I headed to McDonald's to get a couple hash browns & some coke.  Luke fell asleep so then we went to therapy.  We were early but it was ok, better early than late!

Luke did well during therapy & I won't be surprised if he only has a few more sessions!  Yay!

After therapy, we went home and picked up his prescription & my breast pump.  I'd be renting the pump for almost a year!  We dropped his Rx off at the pharmacy to get remixed without any flavoring in it & then headed to the pump store.

Dropping off the pump was bittersweet.  I don't think I'll need to pump (with the electric) for the next baby, so it was odd.  Anyway, after that we headed to Western Branch to get the oil change & inspection done on the car.  We had a long wait ahead of us so we went to the Wa-Wa next door & got a sub for lunch.  Around  3:00, the car was finally done so we headed home.  When we got home, Tim decided we weren't going to cook, so we went to Golden Corral for dinner.  Afterwards we picked up Luke's prescription.

When we got home we pretty much went straight to bed.

Thursday Sept. 30 

It rained.  A lot.  We pretty much hunkered down in the house all day.  When Tim got home from work, Luke and I walked down the street (through knee-thigh high water) to take him some flip flops.  Then we all hiked back.  We cleaned up the trash that had floated down the road and then let Luke play in the gutter water.  He enjoyed that.

When we were all cleaned up, Luke & I headed to Greenbrier Mall to see Eclipse at the Cinema Cafe.  Only, they wouldn't let us in.  Apparently they have a policy that children under 5 are not allowed into PG 13 movies & up after 6 pm.  I understand the theory behind the policy, but just think its a dumb age range.  Seriously, I'd think children 5-12 would be more annoying than sleeping babies.  Most parents of small babies would have the courtesy to take their child out, I'd hope, if they were fussy.

Anyway, Tabitha and I ended up going upstairs & getting dinner & then let Luke play in the playplace.  It was close to 9 before we left the mall!

Wednesday Sept. 29

Slips by me...I'm sure we did something, but for the life of me I can't remember what!
Yep, gone.

Tuesday Sept. 28

You guessed it...nothing exciting.