Wednesday, January 14, 2009

Bunco Night!

Let me just take this bloggy moment to say that I Love Bunco!

I honestly, did not feel like going to Bunco tonight. I've been out of the house past 8:00 three nights in a row now, and I so would have rather relaxed tonight. BUT, it's an obligation & it's more fun when the whole group is there, and Melanie begged me, so I went.

I was a bit late but everyone was still eating, so it was all good. Everyone at Bunco is so welcoming and friendly. (With one exeption but she didn't come tonight!) So of course, I started to feel great as soon as I got there.

Bunco is a dice game & there is no skill involved. You just roll dice! I love it! It's mindless and we chatter and carry on the whole time. There is usually an alcoholic punch, beer/wine coolers, and soda mixed in with all of the pot-luck food. Several people were drinking tonight, so that always adds to the festivities.

I had one can of Pepsi & no alcohol (hello, I'm 6 DPO!) but it's the atmosphere that makes it so fun!

Tonight there was LOTS of Twilight talk! I LOVE LOVE LOVE Twilight! There are two teenie-boppers in our group (daughters of the players) and they're both into Twilight but then a couple of the other women have read them too. We had a great time chatting & talking about the books and movies.

Tabitha is pregnant & so of course I had to talk to her about the baby & her pregnancy and my TTC journey & all that jazz. I even got to rub her baby bump for good luck!

It's just a great time of fun and fellowship with other women, that I totally enjoy and deserve once a month.

If you want to check out Bunco & you live in Hampton Roads, comment or e-mail me, we are often needing subs in our group. Also a couple of the girls are in more than 1 group, so there may be openings in their groups too! Here's a webpage that looks like someplace to help you find a group!


Smellyann said...

Yay! I'm so glad you came out tonight :D

Joelle said...

Yay Bunco! We're bunco(ing) on Friday. Woohoo. It's so much fun to socialize because not THAT much attention needs to be paid. hehe

Anonymous said...

I've heard about how much fun it is but I've never played.