Saturday, January 17, 2009


Unloading the goodies! Like a kid in the candy store!

Crazy hula-hooping skills! Yea! In the first picture you can see Grayson, he was hula-hooping with me!

Mandy and Grayson doing push ups!

'Member that litlte guy? Spencer Elias who was born in July? Yea, he's a big 'un now! Look at him sitting up all by himself & chowing down on a teething ring. He's about 6 months old right now. He also has CRAZY hair!

I watched the boys after work, ran to the Girl Scount Council to drop off money & pick up wrist bands, then went home. Mandy came to get the boys & ended up hanging out with me. We waited & waited & waited (while I cleaned house) for the Wii Fit to arrive! Finally at 6:20, the UPS truck pulled up! Yay!
Mandy and I unloaded the boxes & got right to playing! I weighed in at 193.5 lbs. according to the scale with an unmentionable BMI. (from now on that's the scale I'm going by!) When Tim got home (around 7:30, silly work-a-holic!) he played for a tiny bit, before we headed out to Fazoli's for dinner.
Mandy & the boys came with & we had a nice little meal.
When we got home, I played Wii Fit, then Tim played while I caught up on blogs, comments, and e-mails! All in all a very busy, tiring day. (I didn't even mention the hour I spent crying in the principal's office today! Another post all on it's own, that story is...)


Heidi said...

I want a Wii Fit! I'm so jealous! Okay, I just had to tell you that. Also I needed to mention that I can't believe you still have your Christmas Tree up!

Anonymous said...

I want a WiiFit too! I can't wait to hear all about it and about your progress. Hula hooping...that looks fun!