Sunday, January 25, 2009

Luck is what happens when preparation meets opportunity.

Well, let's see.

To answer Mel's questions...why would I be guilty about holding little babies. Mostly, because I can't keep myself from being jealous. No matter who the baby belongs to, I find myself wishing I had a baby, and I even sometimes have to fight back tears. I want a baby more than anything else in the world. And Tim's guilty pleasure...oh well, um, yea, he said I can't tell anyone! Oh well...let your imaginations run with that.

Also, the Science Fair. This whole thing just makes me frustrated/tired/and angry, so I'm going to keep it simple. I am the Science Lead Teacher. Which means I have to run 2 PTA meetings a year. I am the only person besides the music teacher who has to plan a PTA meeting. I ran the Science/Math/Technology night back in October. Thursday I ran the Science Fair. It went well. Mostly. I got lots of praise about how nice our projects were. There weren't any major hang ups. I was tired and glad it was over by Friday morning. Now I still have to get the winners ready for city wide. Fun times. This is one position I will not miss when I leave Norfolk.

Dinner is done, so I must go. But, I'll leave you with a quote. As part of Toni's Quotable Sundays.

Luck is what happens when preparation meets opportunity.
SenecaRoman dramatist, philosopher, & politician (5 BC - 65 AD)
(This is an AWESOME quote that I recently read in "The Last Lecture" which I borrowed from Rob.)

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