Tuesday, May 31, 2011

June OTW / ITW

Customs/Waiting for Shipping Info:

Custom Diaper Bag set from Diaperswappers Co-Op (estimated mid June)

Kirkyard Longies for Luke & #2 Knit by Carly Goode

Buttons from Tessa Ann (July)
  •  Two 1" Woodsy Buttons
  • Need to ship fabric sample
  • Also need to order 4 Owl buttons & 2 "coordinate" buttons for the Birthday Boy longies/overalls
Shorties (from Short-Alls) & Doll Shorties from Kelley H. (shipped yarn & short-alls April 25) Need to send some form of payment 

Custom Knitting from Jennifer S.:

Birthday Boy Foggy Mountain Coveralls (from frogged longies) 
Booties, mittens, & hat on Birthday Boy (need to pay still)
 Newborn Boobie Beanie

Stacey C. 11 pairs of custom longies:

Luke’s: Noah, Wedgewood
Mediums: Noah
Smalls: Wedgewood, Camo
Newborns: Halloween, Woodland Tale, Gray 1, Gray 2
Preemies: Camo & Nessie

Father's Day Gift from Wal-Mart for Tim

2 Yards Purple/Lime Ooga Booga from Nature's Fabrics
Sling Mama Stick Figure from Little Moncai Designs
Newborn Soaker from Handmade by Mama
Father's Day Gift from Target for Tim
Father's Day Gift from Ebay
Nb/Small Soaker from HC
Maternity Support Tank from Destination Maternity

Wednesday, May 25, 2011


Luke has been in physical or occupational therapy for a year now.

I am SO ready to be done with it!

When Luke was just six months old & his doctor noticed his torticollis, we were so worried about him! Miss Kerry, his AMAZING physical therapist at CHKD was awesome and had the torticollis under control & taught Luke all of his skills so quickly. She was awesome to work with.  We had twice a week appointments, weekly appointments, bi-weekly appointments and then finally monthly appointments, until he was 13 months old & "graduated" from Physical Therapy in early November.

In early September, Luke began occupational therapy for his eating issues.  He had many texture issues and went through phases where he'd eat only certain things, only purees, no purees, no solids, only crunchy/salty foods, and more.  Ms. Dana has been a blessing as we have struggled to get our little dude to eat a healthy diet.  We've used special tools, special toys, special cups, and more.  We've given him lots of different foods and experimented with his food sensitivities and really just done so much to get him to eat like a normal little boy.

Today, we had what is sure to be one of our last few Occupational Therapy appointments. Ms. Dana came with her "boss" Ms. Lori & did an evaluation of Lucas.  He has met all of his goals and is functioning at or above age appropriate!  Woohoo!  He is still improving his eating skills and we still have work to do, but we no longer require any special services to keep us on track!  We will see Ms. Dana one more time, then Ms. Dana & Ms. Lori will do the BIG evaluation at the end of June.  They will go through a checklist and series of drills and tests to see what all Luke can do.  Then we'll have one more visit with Ms. Dana and then our final discharge appointment at the end of July.  Ms. Dana won't get to see #2 be born, even though she's been here for the entire pregnancy!  Hopefully, she'll swing by & meet the baby after he comes.

So, four more visits with OT and we're officially done with therapy for Lucas.  I am so excited.

Luke is such a smart, entertaining, intelligent little boy and we love him to pieces....I just wish he'd stop spitting his food out! Ha ha!  With time, he'll get there and I'm sure someday we'll look back and barely remember our weekly and now bi-weekly therapy appointments!

Tuesday, May 24, 2011

Sunday Update May 16-24

Monday May16
I met with a Pest Control guy at 3:00, about the holes in the yard & the bug bites Luke has.  
I can't remember what else I did, all I know is I fell asleep JUST before 10 & missed out on the Squirmie Worm's Mosaic Moon co-op.

Tuesday May 17
26 Weeks Pregnant!
We had to get up SUPER early to take Tim to the airport.  We dropped him off & were home & back in bed by 5:30.  
We slept in & then got up and got ready for Luke's portrait appointment at Wal-Mart.
It took a LONG time but we managed (with 3 breaks) to get a bunch of great shots! I bought 6 different prints for the wall!  
We got home just in time to pick up Aaron & meet the next Pest Control guy.

Wednesday May 18
Lucas-19 Months Old
We got up and had a slow morning.  
An unwilling model--showing off his NEW Birthday Boy longies & shirt--a few months early, but they were both deals!
Grayson & Spencer got here around 10:30 and by 12:30 we were heading out the door to Emporia.  We spent the day with Mom & Frankie.  
Shirt & longies
We left there around 8:15 and got to Mandy's around 9:25 to drop off the boys.  
Birthday Boy Longies (both kids will have a pair!) match a couple of our Big/Little shirts!

Thursday May 19
Luke & I had a slow morning. 
After we picked Aaron up, we headed to Kohl's to get some "Little Brother/Big Brother" stuff but they didn't have anything!  So we drove out to Burlington Coat Factory in Chesapeake Square.  We got some good deals there!
Another Big/Little Brother set!
Then we went in Target really quickly--they had their 2 packs of Toy Story sippy cups priced wrong at $5.50 and I grabbed a pack!
Another Big/Little Brother set!
 Betti, Aaron, and I all went to Golden Corral for dinner that night.

These two Big/Little Brother shirts were both used-STEALS!  
Friday May 20
We cleaned house most of the day.  We picked Aaron up & went grocery shopping.
We ended up getting to the airport about an hour early to meet Tim, so we ate some quick food there.
How cute are these little $3 onesies?
After we picked Tim up we went to Applebee's.  We ended up only paying for Tim's meal because the service was SLOW and terrible!  We didn't even complain or ASK for them to comp. it--they just did it!  

Saturday May 21
We got up early & headed out to Henley's Farm in Pungo, to pick strawberries with Chrissy & her girls.  It was a good time & in about an hour & only half a "row" of berries, I picked 22 1/2 lbs!  
Luke & Carolynn having a moment at the strawberry patch.
We had to rush home so Aaron could get lunch & get to his baseball game.  Tim took him so that Luke & I could relax some.  We cleaned the house, showered, and tried to get Luke to nap, but he wouldn't.  
All the kids--Carolynn 3 1/2, Ashley 10, Aaron 9, Brianna 12 1/2, Lucas 19 months
Sunday May 22
Tim got up early & left for church.  Luke and I took our time getting ready and were able to get there by about 9:55 (only 10 minutes late!) but Luke was SOUND asleep.  I decided not to risk waking him up & instead just drove around until about 11:20, when Tim was ready to be picked up. 
Looking for Mom, while riding!
We went to Lynnhaven Mall & got some Sakkio Japan for lunch & then we rode by Target to get a wedding shower gift.  
Ready to get off
After that Tim dropped me off at the van & headed home with Luke.  I went to my sister-in-law's wedding shower.  That lasted 3 hours, so it was 5:20 before I got home.
Stink face---the carousel operator SPOKE to him. :(
Tim & Luke had gone to Wal-Mart for some groceries, so I took a nap.
When they got home, we grilled steaks & corn and had baked potatoes for dinner.  Yummy.

Monday May 23
The third & final Pest Control guy came at 8:30 in the morning.  He doesn't know it but he ruined his chances by calling me to come an hour & a half before our appointment.  When I set up the appointment he wanted to do it first thing in the morning & I said no, because we don't get moving that early and made it for 10 am.  He called at 8:20 that he was in the neighborhood & could he just go ahead & come by now.  Well, it makes sense for HIS schedule, but Luke was having his naked time, I wasn't dressed & the house wasn't presentable!  Grr...
After he left, we cleaned up the house & got dressed. 
I got all of my new picture frames & 3 of the new portraits put up on the wall.  
Almost done!  Still have one 8x10 to add then all the pictures will be up!
 Around 1:55 we headed out to get Luke a 2nd lunch, since he refused the one I fixed him & then to pick up Aaron.  Luke fell asleep, so when we got to Wal-Mart, I let Aaron stay in the car with him.  I've never moved so fast in Wal-Mart! (through lots of heavy contractions, I got ALL of the things on my list in 30 minutes!) 
After Wal-Mart, we headed home to unload the groceries.  Aaron got picked up & I cooked dinner. (tacos, mac n cheese, and fries) 
After dinner, I took Luke and headed to Amanda's to clean & freeze the strawberries.  We were there until about 8:30, when we headed home in the midst of the storm that was brewing.  
Luke fell asleep RIGHT before we got home (he was awake when we turned into the neighborhood, but asleep when we got to the house!)  so I tucked him in, checked my e-mail, and headed to bed myself.  

Tuesday May 24
27 Weeks Pregnant
Last night, #2 gave me a scare.  He didn't move at all! I still couldn't get him to move this morning, so I drank some cold Gatorade & some Pepsi Throwback, ate some pudding and a Reese's Big Cup.  After 30 minutes he still wasn't moving. FINALLY, at the one hour mark of me being awake & him not moving, I sneezed, and he must have gotten woken up because then he started kicking!  I was getting a bit worried.  
Most nights, he keeps me up half the night with his kicking & rolling.  So, it was REALLY weird for him to be still all night.  
Today is a lazy, stay-at-home, and get stuff done around here day.  We will have to go out to get Aaron & we'll swing by Farm Fresh then to get some lunch meat, but otherwise we have no plans to go anywhere!  

Tuesday, May 17, 2011

Winter Woolies Stash in Progress

Items in italics are to be knit or in progress knitting

For Lucas:

Wedgewood Paton's & Cascade 220 Longies

Bear & Pants Noah on MMW Longies

MM Kirkyard on Cestari Longies

MM October Evening on Cestari Md/L Overalls

Lollyscraps Tan Your Hide Scrappies on MMW Md./L Longies

Mrs. Stripe Cestari Blue Md Longies

Cirilo on Purewool Blue/Brown Md Longies
MM Birthday Boy Longies

Md Soaker

7 pairs of longies
1 pair of overalls
1 soaker

For Newbie:

PurlyQ Nessie on Cestari Preemie Longies

Ella Rae Camo & Green Preemie Longies

Preemie/NB Felted Blue Soaker

Preemie Wool & Fleece Recycled Soaker

Unknown Halloween Cestari & Cascade 220 Nb Longies

MM Woodland Tale on MMW Nb Longies

2 Pairs NB Longies 
Light Grey w/ Dk Gray Trim
Dark Grey w/ Lt Gray Trim

Mosaic Moon Birthday Boy Newborn Foggy Mountain Coveralls w/ hat, booties, mittens
These are NOT our actual overalls--this is a SAMPLE picture.

Wedgewood Paton's & Cascade 220 Sm Longies

MM Kirkyard on Cestari Sm Longies

Small Longies on Camo Patons- Stacey C.

Alpaca Outfit (Longies, Sweater, Hat, Mitts, Booties) Sm

Bear & Pants Noah on MMW Md. Longies

MM Woodland Tale on MMW Md Longies

2 Preemie Longies
2 Preemie Soakers
4 NB Longies
1 NB Overalls w/ Layette
3 Sm Longies
1 Sm Set
2 Md. Longies

Top Ten Tuesday! 10 Things I Don't Do

Top Ten Tuesday is a weekly meme for the list-makers heart!  I think I could definitely enjoy this one!

This week, on Diaper Diaries, her Top Ten list was actually a list of 10 things she doesn't do & I am inspired to write a similar list!

10 Things I Don't Do

1. Wear Makeup-- Like, ever.  I don't like the way it feels and it never looks natural (not even on the few occasions I've paid professionals to "help".  The only make up I even own was bought for my wedding, almost 5 years ago!

2. Wear Jewelry-- 99% of the time, I don't even wear my wedding ring.  My ear holes closed up in pregnancy so I can't even wear the gorgeous diamond or sapphire earrings that I love.

3. Get places on time--No matter how hard I try, I'm generally late.  I don't MEAN to be, I just such at punctuality.  If you don't like that about me, we probably shouldn't be friends!

4. Diet--Absolutely CANNOT diet.  Ever.  Tell me I can't have something & it is ALL I will be able to focus on!

5. Exercise properly--I do get exercise, but not 30 minutes a day, 5 times a week & not in the traditional sense!  I play with my child or the dogs, as often as I feel like it.

6. Get regular haircuts/keep my hair "done"--I've been wearing my hair the same way my entire life.   I get it "trimmed" about one or two times a year.  Right now its been over a year since the last cut, which was a drastic one.  I'm scared to get a trim because I don't want it "short" again.

7. Keep a spotless house--I do clean daily.  I vacuum, tend to dishes, and laundry.  I don't scrub walls, dust, organize, or keep the place immaculate.  I do my best for my comfort zone and that's good enough.  I tell myself, someday, when we have more organization tools & less clutter...it'll be easier.  Right now I have dogs & babies....so deal with it!

8. Cater to or "baby" my husband-- My husband is wonderful.  He plays an equal role in taking care of our family and house.  He cooks dinner, changes poopy cloth diapers (even prefolds!), does chores and can take care of his child.  I am not his maid or servant & I do not live my life wondering if he approves of what I'm doing this very minute.

9. Cook dinner, 7 days a week--We are perfectly fine eating left-overs for dinner.  When I "plan" meals for a week, at least 2 of the meals will be repeats of something else we had that week or the week before.  We also like to try at least one "meat-less" meal each week.  This is generally a no-cooking night.  Something like salad is often what we have!

10. Feel guilty about taking a break--From anything.  From housework, from cloth-diapering, from crafting, sewing, etc.  If I need a break, I take it.  I have to take care of ME to be a good wife & Mommy.

From Diaper Diaries:
So what would be on your list of “Things You Don’t Do?” Write one. It is quite liberating. Of course then you also fill in what is on your “must do” list.  For now, [this list] is where I am focusing my time and my energy and I am not feeling the least bit bad or guilty about it.
10 Things I Must Do:

1. Spend quality time with my son
2. Spend quality "adult" time with my husband
3. Spend time with my friends & help Luke learn to play with other kis
4. Fulfill my responsibilities as Communion Steward at church
5. Read my Bible more frequently
6. Listen to podcasts of the church service, when I don't make it
7.  Try to follow our budget
8. Cook lunch & dinner, with more frequency &eat out less
9. Have alone time
10. Read

Sunday, May 15, 2011

Sunday Update May 11-15

25 Weeks Pregnant

Tim & Luke cooking dinner & playing in the yard.

Wednesday May 11

Luke & I spent the morning getting the house clean.

We also got all of the two kids' diapers folded & put away.  While Luke has this yeast infection we are using sposies, so the cloth is ALL clean for once!

Just when we were pulling into McDonald's, on our way to visit Peggy at work, Dana called & reminded me we had occupational therapy!

So, we headed back home & he had a good OT appointment.  He didn't eat much, but he was VERY tired, and was being a bit of a show-off since Dana had brought a student along with her.

Tim came home early while we were having OT...with exceptional news!  He had been at a seminar that morning & was the LUCKY winner of a gift card to the Apple store w/ enough to buy an i-Pad!  He's been talking about getting his own tablet so this was a MAJOR blessing!

After OT we headed to the mall to get his i-Pad.  Only they didn't have the one he wanted in stock.  So, we wandered around instead: we went upstairs to the bathroom, through Brookstone, and then downstairs to Auntie Annie's Pretzels.  (which sucked....I need to find a Pretzels Plus!)

Then we headed out to Peggy's work to show off the boy.

When we got home, we had tacos for dinner & it was SUPER yummy.

Tim used his gift card to buy himself an i-Pad, an "air-play" device, an HDMI cable, and a leather smart cover for his i-Pad.  He is very excited!

Thursday May 12

Luke and I did our normal morning routine & got the house cleaned JUST in time to take Peggy to her doctor's appointment over in Portsmouth.

After we dropped her off, Luke fell asleep, so I went to Arby's and ate lunch while reading my book.  Then I went to the pharmacy & fought with Luke's doctor's office (going all the way to the top) to get his Nystatin prescription filled.

I drove around the neighborhood a bit while I was taking care of all that, just letting Luke get a good nap in.

Then it was time to go pick Peggy back up.  We went to the Post Office so I could mail my first ever sale to Canada, and then three packages to friends of mine who are going to be knitting for Luke & #2.  I am VERY excited to get their winter woolie stashes taken care of!

If any of those friends are reading--I love you! Thank you so so so so much for your AWESOME knitting skills!!

Then I ran into Food Lion before we all headed home.

I fed Lucas some lunch while Peggy napped on the couch.  Then Luke & I played outside together for about an hour.

Pretty soon it was time for me to start making dinner (spaghetti w/ meat sauce & Italian sausages!) and picking the house back up.

Tom came to pick Peggy up, but they both stayed & ate the super yummy dinner I had prepared!

Later that night, Tim & I went out for ice cream & to let Luke fall asleep in the car.

Friday May 13

Oooh Friday the 13th!

Luke & I both woke up with upset tummies & Luke had a "night terror".  We had a pretty slow morning because of it & were JUST getting out of the shower when Lindsay showed up to drop of Grayson & Spencer.

I sent the three of them outside to play and enjoyed some time on Tim's laptop AT THE KITCHEN TABLE in the KITCHEN, getting some important phone calls made & taking care of business.

When they came in, I fed them all left-over spaghetti for lunch & then put them all down for naps.  I am pretty darn proud of myself to tell you that they ALL took a nap for at least an hour & a half, at the same time!  Yes, I am THAT awesome!

After they woke up, Mandy showed up & it was time to head out to run errands.  We first went & picked up Mandy's dress & then some McDonald's for the kids.


Carolynn, 3 & 9 months, approx 30 lbs, rearfacing in a Cosco Scenara, third row of my 99 Sienna--Showing off how much room she has!

 Spencer, 2 and 9 months, approx. 30 lbs, rearfacing in a Cosco Scenara, second row of my 99 Sienna--Showing off how much room he has!

Lucas, 19 months old, 29 1/2 inches, 19 lbs, rearfacing in a Graco Safeseat 32, second row of my 99 Sienna--Showing off how much room he has!

The whole center row!
Grayson, 4 years & 6 months, approx 48 lbs, forward facing in a Radian 80SL on the middle FF strap setting, in the third row of my 99 Sienna, showing off how much room he has!  He's the only one heavy enough to forward face!


She sat in the car with them, while I ran into Hallmark to buy a graduation card & gift for Diana.  She just graduated with a Masters in Divinity, so that's pretty awesome.

While we were at Hallmark, Chrissy showed up to drop off Carolynn.  Amanda & I got her car seat all set up, rearfacing in the third row of the van & then we headed over to BRU.  Mandy & Grayson ran in to pee & then I went in & bought Lily's 2nd birthday gift!

From there it was time to head home, so that we did!

About 5 minutes after we got home, J.C. showed up to trade cars with Mandy & take all the big kids to her house.  Tim showed up around then too.  He had gone to Lowe's to rent a tool or something like that.

Tim also brought home Subway for he & I to eat, so we gobbled that up before starting our bedtime routine with the little boy.

Saturday May 14

Tim got up with Aaron & let Luke & I sleep in a bit.  That was nice.

When we did get up we had to boogie & shake shake to get the house picked up, me showered, and all three of us dressed for Aaron's 10 am ball game.  I don't know why I didn't put 2 & 2 together and realize that a 10 am ballgame would mean he'd need to be there around 9:15, but yea, I was NOT prepared for getting out of the house that early!  Needless to say, Aaron was about 15 minutes late. Oopsie.

It was super mega yucky outside, hot & humid and Luke & I were pretty miserable by about the third inning, but that's when Aaron got put in the game, so we had to sit & watch.

After the ball game, we all ate lunch and then it was naptime for Luke & I.  Aaron hung out in the living room, watching Netflix & reading his book.

Tim spent the day working in the kitchen & got the last of the cabinets installed!! Woohoo!!

After Aaron got picked up it was time to head to Virginia Beach to go to the graduation party for Diana.  We stopped at Wal-Mart for wrapping paper & I wrapped her gift up in the van!  The party was really nice & of course Luke was the center of most of our attention.

After the party, we swung through McDonald's to get Luke some dinner (he didn't like the food at the church) and then headed home.

Luke was amazingly still awake when we got home, but he was definitely ready for bed.  I took him to bed & snuggled him & he was out within about 15 minutes.

Then I got up & "vegged" for a little bit before heading to bed myself.

Sunday May 15
100 Days Until my Due Date!

So far today, Tim has gone to church and Luke & I stayed home.  We got the house picked up, all of Luke's laundry put away, and I steam cleaned the hallway.

Tim made grilled turkey & cheese sandwiches for us for lunch.  He & Luke are just about done eating, so up next is showers & nap!

Here's a few snapshots of the little ham eating his lunch!

After Luke's nap, we will head to Virginia Beach for Lily's second birthday party!