Saturday, June 30, 2012

Weaning...or not....update on the lumps

So, I ended up starting Vinnie on bottles of pumped milk, because he wasn't able to get enough milk from my left breast.  By the 6th day of attempting to wean from the right breast, I was in pain, Vinnie was cranky & not sleeping or eating well, and we were just miserable.

Vinnie will drink from a bottle which is great, but I wasn't getting ANYTHING from leftie on the pump & don't want to pump too much from righty.  Nobody answered my call for corn free, dairy free, banana free donated milk (long shot right?) so I haven't gone that route yet either.

I called and talked to Stacey K. and we decided that the emotional stress of trying to wean just wasn't worth it for the CHANCE that it might help healing after the biopsy. So, we decided to quit trying to wean & just limit the production on the right.  Vinnie is nursing on the left breast at least every other time (although he does often finish on the right) and Luke is down to nursing only at nap & bedtime.

When I went to see Dr. Goldstein on Thursday June 28, I let her know that I wasn't going to continue with the weaning attempts & that I'd like to move the biopsy up.

I also got the news that I have a 1.3cm "nodule" (lump) on my thyroid that would need a biopsy as well.

Dr. G says that her personal comfort level of when to biopsy the nodule was at 1 cm but the radiologist's was at 1.5 cm.  It was up to me whether I wanted to wait 6 months or do the biopsy now.  In light of everything else going on, I figured I might as well get it over with now.

So, I will now be having my ultrasound guided core breast biopsy on July 9 and my ultrasound guided fine needle aspiration on my thyroid n July 10.

I've arranged a babysitter for July 16 at 11 am, which is when Tim and I will go get the test results from the two biopsies.

Summer Blog Challenge Day 26

What does your significant other do that makes your heart melt?


My husband has a way of cheering me up & making me laugh (even if it is at him for being corny) that is wonderful!

He is loving and caring and charming with our boys and I love watching him interact with them.

I'm sure there's a ton more, but I don't want to get all sappy and lovey-dovey on the blog. :)

Flattering, I know? 

Summer Blog Challenge Day 25

Ideal day of me time....    

I'll interpret this post to mean if I had absolutely no other responsibilities how would I spend my day?

I'd sleep long as I needed to feel RESTED.

Then, I'd shower and soak in the bathtub.  I might paint my finger & toe nails or go get a mani/pedi.

I'd have a good book to enjoy while eating a yummy breakfast and a massage before lunch.

I'd eat a lunch of my favorite foods, crab cakes, crab dip (from Cheeseburger in Paradise), with german chocolate cake for dessert.

I'd spend the afternoon sewing or blogging or crafting in some way & then have an easy dinner delivered, something like Chinese or pizza.

If there was any time left before bed I'd sew some more & then read in bed or watch a Netflix show until I fell asleep.

Sunday, June 24, 2012

100 Days of Gratitude

So, I pretty much just quit on this challenge a while back, but I'm feeling the need to force myself to stop & reflect on what I have to be thankful for, so I've decided to jump back in on day 50! 1/2 way there!!

Day 50- I'm thankful for the freedom I have to do what I need and want to do.  I'm glad I have the time and energy and funds to have a happy life.

Summer Blog Challenge Days 22-24

I fell a few days behind, after the whole "boob" incident, but I'm going to catch up today & try to stay on track!!  (It wouldn't be a challenge if it was easy to stay on track!)

Day 22 "When I was a Kid" (What did you want to be when you grew up?)

I wanted to be a teacher and I was/ I guess I did good. :)   From 5th grade on, I knew I wanted to be a teacher, I think I may have even blogged about it at some point.  I know I wrote most of my college entrance essays on the topic.  
A teacher "lied" to me and made me miss an event that I wanted to attend because of her inability to pass along the information I needed and I vowed not to be THAT kind of teacher.
Unfortunately, by the time I became a teacher the days of teacher created lessons were long gone & teaching was not the dream job I envisioned. 
Teaching to the test and strict rules of how to spend each and every classroom minute made teaching no fun. The students' challenging lifestyles and lack of respect for each other & authority made it difficult. 

I wasn't happy as a teacher and I'm glad that I am blessed and fortunate enough to stay home with my babies and someday be "teacher Mom" to them as we join the ranks of homeschoolers.

Day 23 Favorite Blog Post Ever

I think the most important blog post I've written & that I've put the most time into is the post about attachment parenting.

Day 24 Favorite Eco-Friendly Thing to do

EASY! Hands down my favorite eco-friendly thing we do is cloth diapering! :)  I LOVE my fluff.  I mean, the boys' fluff.  Cloth diapering is great for the kids, for the environment, and for the checkbook!  

It would only take you a few clicks around my blog to realize that we are quite into our cloth diapers around here! 

1/2 Weaning Day 3 & 4

Saturday June 23-Day 3 &  Sunday June 24- Day 4

So, Saturday went pretty well.  Tim let me sleep in and Vinnie didn't nurse until about 9:45 in the morning. He did well nursing on the left but didn't fall asleep until I let him nurse on the right.  Then we went grocery shopping.  Both boys were so tired & hungry after the LOOONG grocery shopping trip that I let him nurse on the right without trying the left.

Then, we went to Relay for Life & I offered him the left breast 2x and the right breast 2x but he didn't nurse very long on either one because of the heat.  

When we got home, he nursed completely on the left & went to sleep!!

I had Tim help me pump.  We pumped the right breast until it was soft enough to not nurse on during the night & then attempted to pump the left, but it was bone dry!  Vinnie had done a good job!!

I managed to get 3oz. between the two of them.  

All night long Vinnie only nursed on the left breast.  First thing in the morning though, I let him nurse on the right because it was quite full.  I also had Luke nurse on the left. 

So far today he has nursed on the left all the way until about 1:30. when I had him nurse on the right during nap, in an attempt to get him to sleep.  BUT, Luke woke him up & he stopped nursing & started biting!  

So, righty is a little full, I might need to pump a bit off soon, and lefty is trying hard to keep up.  

Friday, June 22, 2012

1/2 Weaning, Day 2

So, I've been offering Vinnie "lefty" first each time he nurses.  I did miss one or two times during the night out of exhaustion, but I've kept up with it today.

He hasn't taken a full feeding on lefty, but has started there & finished on the right each time.

I can already see a difference in production.  Lefty is more normal flowing already (instead of squirting everywhere) and righty is leaking each time I take it out (and once on my shirt!)

I'm going to pick up some cabbage this afternoon to help ease off some of the fullness, but I think I'll start slowly.  I don't want it to be so empty that either of my boys end up with empty tummies.  I have a week to wean them from that side, so there's no need to rush.

I don't want mastitis either though!

So far, Vinnie doesn't really care for lefty but has accepted the positions I've tried, which are laying down with him on my left & cradling him in my lap.

I am going to borrow a breast pump from a local mom so that I can help boost supply on the left & take the edge off the right (when the time comes for that.)

I know better, but still....

Awesome Friends, Great Fluff!

My IRL (in-real-life) friend from Diaperswappers, Hilary, just gifted us a HUGE trash bag stuffed full of diapers & wool for $5!

The trash bag was stuffed with:

Medium Royal Buns Interlock longies (that perfectly match his knitted onesie!)
Medium Rainbow Waters Interlock shorties
8 BG OS Inserts & 8 BG Infant Inserts
12 Zabibaby Rainbow Edge (Large) Prefolds
17 White Edge Prefolds (have to ask her what brand they are)
12 Flip Stay Dry Inserts
Newborn Ooga Booga hat (I will probably send this to one of my internet-DS friends)
2 Random Bamboo Fleece doublers
8 Large BG 3.0 & 4.0 AIOs
2 OS BG 4.0 Pockets (one snap, one velcro)
1 Medium BG 3.0 AIO
4 Medium Bottombumpers (I actually traded those to her a couple months ago, guess they didn't work out...)
6 PUL covers

The boys playing in the pile & Vinnie trying on the longies.

Newborn Ooga Hat

7 3.0or 4.0 BG AIOs Sz. Large, 1 2.0 AIO Sz. Large




Microfiber Inserts & Flip Inserts

Thank you so much Hilary!! We can use almost all of it! I will FFS/give away what I can't use! :)

Thursday, June 21, 2012

Summer Blog Challenge Day 21--Wise Words

Day 21- Most recent words of wisdom you heard that have stuck with you

"Don't worry. Don't google.  Don't panic." <--echoed from all my friends & family

I hope I can hold onto those words.

In September, I found a lump in my boob.  That's 9 months ago.

I went to the OBGYN, he decided to wait & see, it felt bigger (by millimeters) a month later, so I went back.  He referred me to a mammogram & ultrasound.  The radiologist there wasn't able to get a clear picture of the lump, but decided it was probably a swollen milk duct.  That's what it looked like to him.

So, we went on the wait & see approach a little longer.  Then I got antsy & decided that I didn't like that answer and asked for a 2nd opinion.

So, then I went to Norfolk Surgical and Dr. S.  He DID find the lump on an ultrasound.  He said that it was worth biopsy-ing but that because I am nursing and don't have any plans of weaning, that it could wait up to 18 months (until Vinnie turns 2).  This was 4 months ago.

For a while I was okay with his wait & see approach.  Then, Tim's grandma got breast cancer.  (His mom is a survivor working on her 5 years cancer-free.)  And an old college friend who had been fighting breast cancer for several years lost her fight, leaving her four year old son without his mommy.

And, I decided I NEED to know what is in my boob.

So, I called Dr. Morgan & Dr. S & asked them for the referral I needed to go see another doctor.  BUT, they wouldn't give it to me.  WTF? Right?

So, next step, call the lactation consultant, maybe she can help.

And, boy am I glad I did!!  Stacey Kucharzik, came to my rescue.  She recommended a doctor who she knew to be willing to work with lactating breasts and I made an appointment.  Within the week I was seen by Dr. G.

Dr. G did a physical exam and an ultrasound exam.  What she found was worrisome to her but not overly.  She still felt like it was probably nothing, but that it definitely needed further testing.  So, she referred me to Sentara Virginia Beach Comprehensive Breast Center.  They are boob experts.

Dr. G also found that my thyroid was enlarged/swollen and possibly had nodules.  So, she sent me to the hospital for an ultrasound of that as well.

I had both of those follow-up ultrasounds today.

This is a copy & paste of what happened:

"The prognosis went from, "Most likely nothing" to "Still a chance that it is nothing." 
This is how the appointment went:
1-the lump is not round, if it were that would mean likely something harmless, it is not2-the lump is taller than it is wide. If it were wider it would be growing with the natural pattern of growth in the breast, this way it is growing against the norm.3-the lump has extensions going deep into the breast. this is not good.4-the extensions show up on the U/S as black--white extensions would have been better
So, all in all, not very reassuring. The doctor wanted to do the biopsy within a week, but lactating gets in the way of that."

I told the doctor about what I'd read about partial weaning & it possibly helping the healing process and she liked that idea.  So, we decided to give me three weeks to wean both boys from my right breast.  They will both have to nurse exclusively from "lefty".  

Right now, Luke nurses ONLY on the left & Vinnie RARELY nurses on lefty.  After talking with Stacey about it, goal #1 is to get Vinnie to nurse on the left breast willingly.  In addition, we're going to try to get him eating more solids, at least 3 times a day.

The theory is that if the breast is not actively making milk around the clock there will be less milk in there, which would facilitate healing.  

On July 16, I'm scheduled to have the core biopsy of my breast.  Its not the least invasive or the most invasive test that could be done, so that's reassuring.  

We should have the results of the biopsy in 3-5 days & then we will have an idea of what we are looking at. After the biopsy, I'll be sore and unable to lift the boys for a day, but I should be okay pretty quickly.  We are going to wait to let the boys return to nursing on the right until we know what the lump is & what the future holds for it.  

Vinnie will be 11 1/2 months old when I have the biopsy, so if he does have to wean I'll be okay with it.  

As far as the thyroid ultrasound, the technicians were not allowed to tell me anything & I know nothing at all about it, so I refuse to worry until I get a reason to do so from the doctor.  I will get the results either tomorrow or Monday.  

I have a doctor's appointment with Dr. G on Thursday of next week.  I'll be super busy with Vacation Bible School in the mornings next week but I think that time away from Vinnie will actually help our weaning attempts.  

Get Vinnie nursing on the left boob
Get Vinnie eating more solids
Wean Vinnie from right boob without getting mastitis
Reducing milk in right boob through careful pumping & cabbage leaves
Don't stress

So, today I started offering Vinnie "lefty".  The first time was when he was ready for an afternoon nap.  He did okay at first but the flow was way too heavy for him & he got mad and popped off.  He let the milk spray until it stopped & then continued nursing twice.  Finally he got mad at that side & refused to nurse or go to sleep, so I offered him righty.  He nursed & fell asleep.

This evening I offered him lefty again.  He did okay, but didn't fall asleep on that side.  I ended up offering him righty in an attempt to get him to sleep.  I'll keep pushing him tomorrow.

Tuesday, June 19, 2012

Summer Blog Challenge Day 20

Day 20-Post a photograph of yourself as a young child.

As a baby

Probably about 7 or 8 years old
15 years old

17 years old

Monday, June 18, 2012

Summer Blog Challenge Day 19

Day 19: Post about something from the last few days that you are proud of

I am participating in a women's Bible study at church and this past Sunday, I shared briefly about how I overcame a giant obstacle in my life.  It was difficult to open up about, and I won't go into a lot of detail here.  Chances are if you KNOW me, you know about it already, but its not a topic I'd like to discuss in public.

Summer Blog Challenge Catch Up Post (6, 7, 9-11, 15-17)

Finally trying to make good on my goal and get caught up! 

Day 6 Nicknames you have & why

Tim calls me "Lady", he refuses to call me "Stevie".  My real name is Stephanie Ann and I have gone by Stevie my entire life.  ALL of my family calls me Stevie.  My husband and his family are the only non-family people who call me Steph or Stephanie. 

I never, ever allow ANYBODY to call me Stephy.  Except my Grams (maysherestinpeace) she was allowed to.  

My mom calls me Snuffleupagus.  Its a pet name she's had for me since I was a baby, something to do with my big sister (5 years older than me) not being able to say my real name correctly. 

The kids call me Auntie Stevie, even ones who aren't related to me by blood.  :) 

I think of myself as Stevie and have even told Tim that that's what I FEEL my name is....but he sticks by Steph.  

Day 7 Picture of something that makes you happy

This guy :

And this guy:

My sons are my sunshine. They make me smile every day.  They are my pride & joy and my world would be meaningless without them.

Day 9-- Your worst cooking disaster.
I am not a good cook.  If I REALLY want to be, I can be.  But, I lack focus and therefore I've had LOTS of cooking mishaps.  

I think the worst things I have done all involve melting plastic.  There's really no better way to ruin your meal than to melt plastic into it.  

In college, I heated my "Jr. Fry Daddy" up with the plastic lid firmly attached, thus ruining the grease and leaving it coverless forevermore.  

While living in our apartment, I melted a cupcake carrier on the top of the stove and ruined a burner.  We had to take a burner from our home and put it on the stove in our apartment when we moved out.  We lived here for a while with only 3 burners on our stove.  When we finally found out we could BUY replacement burners, we got a new one, but its not quite the same as the others and is obviously a replacement.  

I've also turned on the oven to preheat, while still full of dishes, including plastic lids....but not in my own home--because HELLO, I don't store things in the oven! 

Day 10-- Cost aside, famous art piece you would have in your home.
If I had to pick immediately a piece of artwork that is meaningful to me, only two come to mind.  

The first is The Madonna Litta is a late 15th century painting of the Madonna nursing the infant Jesus which is generally attributed to Leonardo da Vinci. 

If it was good enough for Jesus & nobody shunned Mary for nursing her baby, then why shouldn't I nurse mine too?  

The 2nd painting I do not know the name of, but a good family friend has a copy of it hanging in their home & I've always been comforted by it, it is a picture of a mother admiring her baby.

Day 11-- Best day of your life.

I honestly can't name a single best day of my life--there have been a lot of good days!

-Remeeting Tim, Jan. 4, 2004
-Tim's ultimatum & all that followed
-May 21, 2005 Tim's proposal
-Aug. 5, 2006 getting married
-the Nov. 2008 day that I got my first ever BFP
-the Feb. 2009 day that I got the BFP for Luke's pregnancy
-Oct. 18, 2009 Luke's birthday, the day I became a mother
-Dec. 18, 2010 Vinnie's BFP
-August 5, 2011 Our 5th anniverary
-August 8, 2011 Vinnie's birthday

Day 15 Post a picture that you're proud of

I took this picture of Vinnie at Bluebird Gap Farm and I just love it.  I WISH the stroller wasn't behind Vinnie and if I ever found a photographer who could edit that out I'd be so happy, but, I really do love everything else about this photo, including the fact that Vinnie is wearing the first pair of overalls I ever made! :)

Day 16 Fitness guru or couch potato--talk about fitness habits

I am a bum.  I am constantly behind on sleep, thanks to my two guys who don't STTN yet, so I rarely have energy to even get through the day, let alone THINK about exercise. 
When I was more active I loved playing sports and moving, but nowadays, I'd much rather relax with a good book and snuggle somewhere.  

Day 17 Three things you are proud of about your personality

1. I am very organized. 
2. I have the ability to take charge and be a leader.
3. I don't make "best" friends very easily, but when I do, I truly value the friendship.

Summer Blog Challenge (Days 4 & 5)

Day 4 What is the meaning behind your blog name?

This one is easy enough.  My blog URL is "teachinauntie" which is what I was when I developed my online persona.  I was teaching 4th & 5th grades at Ingleside Elementary School and I was "Auntie" to Tyler, Brianna, Ashley, and Carolynn.

The title of my blog is "Our Life In Words" because my blog is used to detail and keep memories of/from our life and daily activities.  Most of the time I write recaps of our week and update posts as the boys reach different milestones. (need to keep up with doing it for Vinnie....)  But, there's plenty of pictures in my blog too!

Day 5 Short term goals for this month & why

As of June 18, my goals for the month are:

  • Get completely caught up on the challenge & then keep up
    • I have this goal because I really want to make this challenge work, but if I am constantly behind it won't be any fun!
  • Get all the laundry in the house put away/clean simultaneously
    • This goal really drives my husband crazy, so I need to get caught up & then he'll stop complaining!
  • Keep the kitchen clean
    • We finally got it all clean and neat and organized & I need to work to keep it that way!
  • Finish my custom orders for Gina & Sabrina
    • I have got to make sewing for MamaGoetsch's Creations a priority so I can keep up the business. :)  These two projects have been sitting for a while, so I'd like to get them gone so I can move on & get some new work! 

Summer Blog Challenge Day 3 & 14

Day 3 Fifteen interesting things about yourself

I am NOT a very interesting person, but I'll go ahead & make up a list!

1. I'm a lifelong member of the Girl Scouts of America & I earned the Silver and Gold Awards, the highest possible awards in Girl Scouting when I was a kid.

2. I made the decision to breastfeed my future children before I was even engaged to my husband, because it was important to him.  I also turned down the opportunity for a breast reduction when I made that decision. (It was scheduled & everything!)

3. I love roller coasters and thrill rides.  But, I get sick the minute I step on a carousel.  Like, I want to puke and I get dizzy.

4. I love wrapping presents.  My Dad taught me how to do it "just right" and I thoroughly enjoy wrapping gifts.

5. I love throwing parties! I don't enjoy the cleaning and prep for the house, but I love the planning and execution. :)

6.  I am convinced I am not capable of learning to knit or crochet.  I have attempted to learn and paid for lessons on many occasions and I just cannot get the hang of it.

7.  I have never ever colored my hair.

8. One time, my best friend and I "stole" a car.  Neither of us had driver's licenses and it was just from a neighborhood guy, but still.

9.  I used to be a Rocky Horror Picture Show groupie.  I can even do the Time Warp Dance!

10. I used to teach 4th & 5th graders.

11. My favorite girls' names are Rebekah, Elise, Kaylee or Kaylynn, and Jayne.  Someday I hope to get to use one of them (even if it is by adoption.)

12. I would totally relactate to nurse an adopted baby.

13. If the opportunity presented itself & fit my living situation, I would wetnurse.

14. I donated breastmilk to at least 5 different babies and pumped for 11 months to help one mama reach her goal of exclusively breastmilk to a year. :)

15. I am mostly-dairy, corn, soy, and banana free for my kids, because they have allergies.

Day 14 Give your followers 15 tips to get through life to get through life...I feel like that should be some pretty researched & serious advice!

I think I'll revise that to 15 tips that help me get through MY life....

1. Make the beds.  I function so much better when the beds get made.

2. Have a plan. Make lists and schedules.

3. Be prepared. Even if others joke you for your huge diaper prepared. I'd much rather lug extra clothes and diapers than have a wet, stinky, sticky, dirty, fussy child and no materials to help them.

4. Do not grocery shop when hungry.

5. Have an emergency fund, a savings account, and a credit card.  That way, when disaster (big or small) strikes, its not the end of the world.

6. Pray. Without ceasing.

7.  Tithe.  Its hard to start, but I have a strong testimony that when you do it, everything else just seems to work out & you still have #5 as a back up. :)

8. Love the one you're with & the people who you call friends.  Remove toxic people from your life.

9. Holding a grudge only hurts you.  The person you are holding the grudge against isn't suffering from that pain or anger.  Let it go.

10. Say a prayer of thanksgiving daily.  Start small. "Dear God, thank you for my food, house, family, friends, and toys. Amen."

11. Be your own (and your children's) advocate health-wise.  Doctors are not always right.  They make mistakes & they don't always have YOUR best interest in mind.  Push for answers.  Wait & see has a time & a place but it is not always the best option.

12. Laugh every day.

13. Cry when you need to.

14.  Have a best friend that you can call any time of day or night & for whatever reason.  Sometimes just letting out whatever is exciting or stressing you  is all you need to keep on, keeping on.

15. Do your part to make the world a better place.

Summer Challenge Day 8 & 18

Day 8 Not including blogging-your guilty pleasure

Its not really a "guilty" pleasure, but my absolute joy right now is sewing.  I never ever have time for it, but I love doing it. :) I've been getting a lot accomplished both for my own kids & for others too, so that's great.

Day 18 A recipe you love

My favorite "recipe" right now is "homemade pop tarts" and they are so ridiculously simple its not funny!!

I use a store bought dry pie crust mix, jelly, peanut butter & honey, and peanut butter & chocolate chips.

All you do is mix up the pie crust according to the directions and then roll it out (pastry thin) & cut into rectangles.  Make sure each rectangle has a match.

Then smear A LITTLE filling in the center of one crust, cover with the 2nd half and then pinch the edges closed.

Cook according to the directions (though maybe a couple minutes less) and enjoy! They were even able to go into the toaster to reheat!

Our first batch (2 pie crusts worth) didn't even make it through the day!
2nd batch, pre-baking 

First batch, fresh out of the oven, you can see where one of the jelly ones had too much filling.

2nd batch, out of the oven (cooked a minute less this time)

Ready for brunch! 

Wednesday, June 13, 2012

Summer Blog Challenge Days 2 and 13

June 2 -Post a picture of yourself smiling

Here are a few of my FAVORITE pictures of myself!

Between Dec. 2007-June 2008 I'm not quite sure how old Carolynn is in this picture

Aug. 2006--Our Honeymoon

Laura's Wedding 

Probably my Junior year of college

First Month of College--Mud Fight -- 17 years old

Well, that one was easy enough!

June 13- How do you see yourself by the end of the year?

It's June already, and I guess by the end of this year I'll probably be in the same place.  Mama to two sweet little dudes, staying at home keeping up with the house and loving on my man. :)
Hopefully our finances will be a little better and our house a little more tidy, but all in all, I don't anticipate a lot of change in the next 6 months.

Follow along with all the other great bloggers!

Stash Update

Diaper Stash Nirvana is within my grasp!

Shared: (42/64 PUL & 14 Fitteds)
16 BumGenius 3.0
4 BumGenius 4.0
6 (or more) BumGenius 3.0s Out for Repair
3 Medium Fuzzibunz
2 OS Fuzzibunz
2 Thirsties Duo Size 2
6 Alvababy (stuffed for overnight)
8 Alvababy (stuffed for daytime)
2 Alvababy Out for Repair
7 Alvababy New Prints OTW
2 Alvababy Two-Tones OTW
5 Alvababy Double Gussets OTW
11 MamaGoetsch Creations Pocket Fitteds
3 Soggy Bottom Baby Medium Fitteds

Lucas: (5 PUL & 6 Fitteds)

4 Bottombumper OS AIOs
1 Starbunz Large Pocket
4 Bagshot Row Bamboo OS Fitteds
1 Sustainable Babyish Snapless Multi
1 Butterfly Baby OS Fitted

Vincent: (4 PUL)

1 Haute Pocket
1 Swaddlebee Pocket
1 Blueberry Minky Pocket
1 Softbum Omni Pocket

Tuesday, June 12, 2012

Summer Blog Challenge Day 1 & 12

I'm starting on day 12 of the "Summer Blog Challenge" hosted by Going Green with the Grilz so I figure I'll do 2 a day until I'm caught up. :)

Day 1 Why are you doing this challenge?   
Day 12 Worst injury & how you got it

I'm going to attempt to do this challenge because lately all I've been posting are my "Sunday" updates, which don't even always happen on Sunday...more like once every 2-4 weeks!  I LOVE that I can use my blog like a diary and have that memory kept for me, especially since my actual memory sucks, but I know other folks probably don't enjoy reading about what my two boys and I did all day.  (Especially on the really lame days where all we do is housework & laundry.)

My blog is MY space and I write it for me, but I do enjoy having a few followers and getting the occasional comment or feedback on my posts, and I know participating in a blog hop will help with that too.

Finally, I LOVE responding to prompts.  When I used to assign my students writing prompts I always "wrote" a prompt in my head as well (and many times I'd do a mock-up with the class!) and I just adore answering prompts....I used to love those books as a kid that had 1/2 a sentence and a crazy doodle on each page & then you got to write a story to go along with it.  So, this will satisfy my need for creative outlet as well!

5th Grade Softball Picture--
NOT from when I broke my thumb,
but its all I've got on the computer

The worst injury I have ever gotten is when I was about 12 or 13 I broke my thumb.  I was playing a ball game at Plaza Middle School, Edwards was my coach, and I stole third base.  I slid in and landed wrong on my hand, snapping the tendon in my thumb.  As a child, tendons are stronger than bones, and so when the tendon broke it tore a chunk of bone out of my thumb bone.

I ended up seeing a lot of doctors, spending the summer in several casts, and having 2 surgeries over it.  I missed out on playing All Stars (but still made the team) and everything.  I needed physical therapy and have had arthritis in that hand ever since.

Wednesday, June 6, 2012

June Part 1

So, Luke started throwing up during the night on the 30th and has continued to do so every night since then.

During the day he is fine and dandy though, so we haven't let it keep us from our daily routines! :)

Friday June 1 we spent getting ready to go on our weekend getaway....and I got some custom sewing done.

Saturday June 2 we got up & started getting ready to leave town, there was a lot to do and we were pressed for time to make it to Lynchburg before the wedding started at 5 pm.

We finally left the house about 20 minutes later than we wanted to leave Mandy's house and headed over there to drop Aaron off.  We visited in the van for just a few minutes and then hit the road just before 12.

Luke and I ran into Wal-Mart for a gift & some lunch and then we officially got on the road.

The boys napped (as planned) and I navigated & chatted with Tim.  I did get a short nap in, but  I was enjoying the ride and remembering things and noting how things have changed in the last 7 years.

We got to the hotel, got unloaded, and checked in and settled into the room to quickly change for the wedding and nurse Vinnie.

We ended up being a bit late to the wedding, but at least we go to hear/see Angelina say her vows! :)

The boys did really well for about an hour & a half of the reception & then they went down hill fast!

We made a beeline out of there at around 7:45 thinking the boys would fall asleep in the van...they didn't.

Luke and I were hungry, so we got Firehouse Subs for dinner and ate in the room.

Then we fought the kids to get them to sleep...I think it was around 11:30 before they were both asleep! (Luke woke to puke around 5 am)

Sunday June 3 we got up early (per the boys) and had the "Continental" breakfast in the hotel.  It wasn't bad & Luke managed to eat a bit & Vinnie even ate some apples.

Then we went back to the room & changed.  Tim took Luke to the pool while Vinnie and I straightened up some.  Then I took Vinnie down & let him swim for 20 minutes too!

At 10 am, I brought Vinnie back to the room and gave him a bath & then nursed him down for a nap.  When Tim & Luke got back they showered & got dressed while I finished packing us out of the hotel.

We were on the road by 11:15.

From the hotel we went to Farmville.  We drove around town & checked things out.  I went to the new Barnes & Noble bookstore & bought a color "Alumni" bumper sticker.  Then we went to BK & Subway for lunch.  We took our food to a little park near the school and ate and let Luke run a bit.

After I had nursed Vinnie & we played, we got back into the van to head to Crewe.

We took Luke to the Crewe Railroad Museum and he had a blast.  The boy LOVES trains. :) Its a free museum & if you're ever in the area or passing through its worth the stop.  I wouldn't drive 3 hours JUST to go there, (since we did the whole thing with a 2 year old in 1 hour) but it was worth it for us.

After the museum we headed back through Farmville and out to Buckingham County to visit the Corbins.

We had a GREAT visit at their home and even got dinner!  Before we knew it, it was 7:30 and past time to be heading home.

We grabbed a mini pizza at Pino's in Dilwyn and hit the road.

We didn't get home until after 11 or 12 and we pretty much went straight to bed.  (Luke still managed to puke during the night.)

Monday June 4 we spent the day at home, unpacking and cleaning.

Tuesday June 5 Frankie came over first thing in the morning and we headed to Ocean View to get a truck load of beach sand for free. Then we came home, picked up Grayson & Spencer, got 5 minutes down the road & then came back.

Mom & Dad had gotten to the house, so I left Luke with them while I took the boys to Amanda's house (with Frankie).

When I got home, I visited with Mom & Dad for a few minutes before they left.  Then it was naptime for the boys.

While they napped, I sewed.

In the evening I took Vinnie and went grocery shopping.

*My friend Liz found out she is expecting a baby girl in October, so I finally finished her footies!*

Wednesday June 6 is today! I got up early and got some housework done.  Luke had a doctor's appointment with his pediatrician about the puking at 2 pm.  We were late and ended up having to wait until after 3!

The doctor said basically he has "benign cyclic vomiting" and that she's not sure what is causing it.  We are putting him on a bland diet & tomorrow he'll get a bunch of tests done.  (bloodwork & x-rays)

I wanted to run errands today, but lack of funds & gas kept me from doing that.

Grayson & Spencer came over for a bit this evening and the kids are all tucked in bed.