Tuesday, August 26, 2014

Vinnie's 3rd Birthday!

Happy 3rd Birthday Vincent James!!

Our TINY boy turned three this month!  We had a HUGE Lego themed celebration with lots of friends! :)

All of the food was free of ALL of Vinnie's allergies and everything except the animal cookies was gluten free too! :)

The MAIN cake! :)

The back-up cake (which ended up NEVER getting cut. :( )

Guess how many Lego in the jar! The middle one was ONLY minifigs!

The gifts!

Pin the Hat, Mouth, or Glasses on the Minifig!

Awesome balloon vinyls given to us by a friend from church.

Pete, Kristi, and Alexander! :)

The Bates family!

The coloring station!

Vinnie said, "This is SO my favorite!"

 Vinnie weighs 23 lbs & is 34" tall.

He is currently under the care of his pediatrician, his allergist, an endocrinologist, and soon a developmental pediatrician.

He is COMPLETELY terrified of water, in any form other than a regular swimming pool.  Even then he is still scared but warms up, eventually.

He is also scared of the potty & has made NO successful progress towards potty training.

He knows several letters and their sounds. He can count to 10. (mostly) He knows many colors and is VERY smart & intuitive.

He loves Lego minifigs and dinosaurs.

He still has curly hair and BIG blue eyes!

His excema is well managed with Elidel (non steroid creme) and he still wears 100% wool or wool/silk clothing.

Long Time No See!

So, after a VERY long blogging break, I think I'd like to make an effort to restore my blog.  Just for my personal use and record keeping, but hey, I'm out there!

So very much has been happening in our lives, it will take a while to get you all caught up! :) I'll try to do month-by-month catch up posts. :)