Friday, January 23, 2009

Another TTC Update

Well, I know you probably get tired of these updates...BUT, here's another.

Today was 15 DPO, official time for Aunt Flo to show & nothing. So, I hacked my chart to pieces and I have now changed my O date. I "disturbed" all of the temperatures I had on days where I was too sick to get out of bed & now it says I am only 9 DPO. Great, that means AF isn't late and all....BUT, there is absolutely NO chance of me being pregnant, if I am 9 DPO, because we didn't "finish" the one time we had sex even REMOTELY close to the O date, I now have. (Which was still like 4 days before it says I Oed.) So, I'm out for this month. Which is depressing and not helping with me being sick as a freaking dog. (OK, so I've said this phrase quite a few times in the last couple days & I just googled it...) I am heading to the Urgent Care Center tomorrow after Saturday School to get some treatment. I now have what I believe is bronchitis and have had 4 (yes FOUR) asthma attacks today.

So, no Trick or Treat baby for me. Oh well. I'll try not to cry TOO much about it. I am taking my promised break from TTC boards & charting though. No more boards, starting today, no more charting as soon as AF shows.

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