PR Policy

Thank you for your interest in my blog.

I’ve been blogging since March of 2008 and am really enjoying it!

I’ve recently decided to try to get into the review and blog giveaway scene.  I am not interested in getting rich or being one of the big-timers, being a mom is definitely my first priority.

According to my blog averages 12 visits and 20 views per day.  I’m hoping to increase this as I gain followers through my reviews and giveaways.  I’ve already started advertising and linking up on sites that promote cloth diapers and “crunchy” living.  My “page rank” is currently “1” but I am hoping that this will increase as well. 

If you are interested in having me review your products and/or offer giveaways on my site please feel free to contact me.  I can provide reviews and/or giveaways free of charge, however any sample products sent for me to review would become my property.  Therefore, I will only accept reviews of items I can actually use and which will relate to and be of interest to my audience.

If you would like me to host a review/giveaway combination, I ask that you provide one sample for review and another sample for the giveaway. I ask that you ship the prize directly to the winners. I will link to your site and require a visit and a comment regarding the products on that site for entry into the giveaway. I promote my blog through Facebook, Diaperswappers, and on other blog giveaway & cloth diapering websites.

I will make every attempt to promote the giveaway/review in as many places as possible; this helps us both out by drawing traffic to my blog and to your storefront. 

As a household we consist of: 

28 year old man (Daddy)

27 year old pregnant female (Mommy—me!)

16 month old boy (Luke, our cloth diapered, breastfed boy) 

We are interested in: 
- Cloth diapers and accessories 
-Breastfeeding accessories
-Breastfeeding awareness apparel and accessories
-Natural parenting
-Attachment parenting
-Baby Carriers
-Boutique Clothing & Accessories 
- Green Living
- Toys (both commercial and handmade, plastic, wooden, knit, crochet)
- Household items 
- Kitchen gadgets 
- Technology- we have 2 PCs, iPod Touch, iPad, Wii,  and a Play Station 2

Inquires and pitches can be sent to me at sgoetsch at cox dot net

Thank you!