Wednesday, March 21, 2012

Wordfull Wednesday: Vinnie's First Beach Trip

On March 20, 2012, Lucas got the opportunity to do a little modeling photo shoot for a local boutique.  No, we are not putting him in modeling, no we did not get paid a ton of money, we basically did it just to see if he could get picked.  

Here's the picture I submitted:

So, the photoshoot was in the afternoon at Seashore State Park (also known as First Landing) and was supposed to be on the beach.  Unfortunately, the "holding area" was on a concrete pavilion, so while Luke waited his turn (I think there were 16 kids) he managed to skin both knees and an elbow.  Oops. :(  

Vinnie waited on the blanket in the grass, took a nap in the baby carrier, and hung out in the stroller while we waited.  He almost got to model a dress, but she didn't want to cause any future damage by cross-dressing him. He got lots of compliments on being such a well behaved, well mannered, patient little baby. :)

When it was his turn, Luke did AMAZING.  The photographer & the boutique owner both raved about how well he took directions & how cute he was with the other kids.  (both had previous modeling experience--Luke just gets LOTS of pictures taken!) 

I LOVE the beach.  I tell Tim I'd be okay moving to CO someday, but I will most definitely miss this & we better be able to come "home" at least once a year.

 Vinnie LOVED the sand.  He was so bright eyed and smiley, even though it was chilly and late.  He definitely enjoyed his first trip to the beach. :)

 And, Luke was a typical boy, getting sand all over the expensive outfit he was modeling:

We were there until about 10 minutes after 7 and both boys were exhausted when we left.  We grabbed McDonald's and hit the road to home.  Luke fell asleep without touching his nuggets and slept until 2 am before he nursed.  Then he slept the rest of the way through the night!

Monday, March 12, 2012

Long time no type....Sunday Update: Feb. Edition

Ay yai got away from me again!

Feb.11 Tim had a meeting in Virginia Beach, I'm not sure if we did anything other than housework with the kids

Feb. 12 We were SUPPOSED to hang out with Mandy & the boys, but our plans fell through. :(  Happy Birthday Abraham Lincoln!!

Feb. 13 In the morning, the boys & I attended the Peace.Love.Swap at Kangaroo Jack's.  I was a volunteer to take pictures and that was a lot of fun.  Luke got to play in the Bounce Bounce while Vinnie rode around in the mai tai. :)  Ididn't get any pictures on my personal camera, but I did get a picture of myself taken & it is my new Facebook Profile Picture, so click on over there to see the pictures! 

Here's the stuff we brought home:

We also got the original Pokemon Monopoly for Frankie. :)

Luke had a check-up for his ears at 2:30 in the afternoon, so we didn't get much done after the swap.  Everything was good with his ears so that was nice.

Feb. 14 
Happy Valentine's Day!
We celebrated Valentine's day by attending a cloth diaper swap at a local AP Mom's house. :)  There was a small turn-out this time, but I still managed to get a couple diapers for the boys and to trade away a few things too.

Feb. 15 We were supposed to go to the Valentine's Day party with the AP group on this day, but we were so worn out from running for so many days that we decided to skip it. 
In the evening we went to Virginia Beach to have Golden Corral with the entire family.  The Golden Corral in Sandbridge has COTTON CANDY! I was so excited & I did eat 3 or 4 all by myself.  :)

Feb. 16 This lovely Thursday had us at a MOPS playdate @ Ches. Sq. Mall in the morning and then we walked around the mall and shopped for a while afterwards.  Luke actually took his entire nap in the stroller while I shopped!

Feb. 17 Both of our play-dates got cancelled so we didn't do much, but Laura did come by & picked up breastmilk & the SNS which I was passing along to her.

Feb. 18 We went to Virginia Beach to do some errands.  I know I returned the corset I had bought at Frederick's and Tim took the kids to the play-place.  I'm not sure what else we did in VB or why we were even over there in the first place. 

Feb. 19 I'm pretty sure the kids & I skipped church.  

Feb. 20 Aaron had a no-school day, so he was here with us.  

Luke & I did "snow paint" with shaving creme & glue.  He had fun with it! 

Feb. 21 MOPS in the morning!  In the afternoon we went over to Hilary's house for a play-date and then when we got home Carolynn came home with Tim! Luke was very happy to see his cousin!

Luke playing with the marshmallow shooter at Hilary's:

Feb. 22 We went to the Children's Museum with Karen & Thomas, Liz, Logan, and Gherig, and Hilary, Aubrey, and Delaney.  Carolynn had a great time as did Luke.  

Luke modeling Alexander's shorties:

Getting ready for the museum!

That evening for bedtime, I made the kids shaving creme paint & let them go to town on the bathtub walls!
They loved it!

Feb. 23 Betti came over in the morning and babysat all of the kids so I could go to the dentist & get my filling put in over my root canal.  In the afternoon I went to Chesapeake to meet up with my friend LaToya and we got spa manicures/pedicures.  It was nice to be pampered a bit.  Mandy took the boys to Target & the play-place in Chesapeake Square Mall. 
After that, we went by her house to change & feed the baby & then I left Luke with her while I went to Grandma Grace's viewing (I met up with Tim & the rest of the Goetsch family.)  We got to briefly see Heather & her kids but it was a sad occasion.

Feb. 24 I had a check up/annual visit with Dr. Morgan in the morning and everything went fine.  He scheduled me an appointment for a second opinion on my boob lump (been there since the end of September now) and that was that. 

Feb. 25 
Happy Birthday Leslie!! 
Saturday was my big boudoir picture shoot.  I was nervous as can be and I'm not sure how I feel about the pictures.  I don't like how I look so it is hard to like pictures of JUST me.  There are some really nice ones though & Tim seemed happy with them.

Feb. 26 Tim had to be at church early, so the boys and I skipped it.  We waited until Tim got home & then we headed to Golden Corral for lunch with James & Missy & their boys.  The Chesapeake Square GC has cotton candy too, but they were stingy with it. :(  

After lunch we had to rush home because Tim had a meeting in Virginia Beach.

Feb. 27 I've got nothing. :(  I'm pretty sure Carolynn was here. :)

In the evening, the boys and I went to Tom & Peggy's to visit with Heather & her kids.

Feb. 28 We were supposed to go to the Orb for a play-date, but our Groupon order didn't process correctly, so we didn't have the coupon we needed.  We ended up running errands, grocery shopping, and getting Carolynn's dance pictures done.

Feb. 29 Luke & Vinnie surgery Separate post!