Monday, January 26, 2009

Free Red Box Code!

Here's a Redbox code for you!


If you've been wanting to check out Redbox but were afraid to spend the $1, here's your chance to do it for free!

Don't know what Redbox is? Well, let me tell you about it!

Basically, Redbox is a cheap and easy way to rent DVDs. You can find Redboxes at Farm Fresh, Super Wal-Mart, or your neighborhood grocery store. They look like giant soda machines and function in the same manner. Each Redbox is stocked with the latest movies that are out for rental.

Renting movies from Redbox is as easy as 1, 2, 3, ...4!
1. Walk up to the Red Box.
2. Follow the directions on the screen to select the movies you'd like to rent.
3. Insert your credit card as payment. You're charged $1 automatically and then $1 for each extra day that you keep the movie.
4. Take the movie from the slot and enjoy!

The only tricky part about Redbox is RETURNING the movies. The most important thing is that you HAVE to return them. If you use the promo code & get your movie for free today, but forget to return it tomorrow, you get charged for tomorrow! Make sure you stay on top of that! Also, when you're returning the movies, make sure you follow the directions on the case for inserting the movie. The barcodes have to be visible for the machine to accept the movies.

We have Netflix, but sometimes Redbox is the way to go. We often have 3 "series" discs here at the house from Netflix, which take some time to watch, so we don't want to send them back, just to get a movie. Redbox is the cure. For a buck, we can get a movie to watch.

The best part for me, is we can go to the grocery store, get dinner, wine/beer, and a easy does that make a date night!?!

If you use the code, let me know how it works out for you & what you think of Redbox in the comments!


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