Sunday, January 4, 2009

Big Update!

Wow, what a weekend! This may be one crazy scatter brained post, b/c I'm C&Ping a lot of it from my TTC board! (Sorry!)
On the trying to make a baby front:

Well things seem to be a little more steady with my pre-O temps. I'm just hoping I get a few more low temps in before I O. I'm on CD 9 & O between 14-16, so I should be able to get some low ones in there, so that I don't have a high coverline. I'm remarkably laid back this cycle. I told Tim a few days ago that we needed to have sex today & then dropped it. I texted him last night (we weren't together, b/c I was babysitting at the kids' house while he went out with buddies) that I wanted him. We pretty much continued the flirting & banter all day until I FINALLY got home around 8:30! Yay for LOTS of anticipation!

I just took a nice warm, relaxing bath and ready some Taking Charge of Your Fertility (TCOYF). There's a whole chapter called "Lovemaking not Babymaking"...that's what I was reading tonight. I'm going to back and re-read all the parts about infertility. I love that book--it has taught me SO much about my body! It's great to know that I'll never need to go back on hormonal BCP! Yay!

I go back to work tomorrow. UGH. They SHOULD NOT give us 2 weeks off. I don't wanna go back! Whine, cry, stomp feet, and all <---I'm throwing a fit! I have SO enjoyed the last 2 weeks, even this weekend babysitting, because I wasn't dealing with work stress & now I have the Science Fair in 3 weeks & only 2 judges! ACK!

We never made it roller skating. It was $9 a person & the two littles wouldn't have been able to skate, so we skipped it! Oh well. Maybe another day.

Today, we went to Olive Garden for lunch (with Tom, Peggy, and Beth to celebrate Tom's birthday!) & then saw "Bedtime Stories." It was VERY good & I totally recommend it! (Tim and I went alone, no kiddos & LAUGHED OUT LOUD!) We also went to Sports Authority and looked at skating pads. Tim wants me to wear full on protective gear if I skate in the neighborhood & I'm willing to, if he buys it. (It's over $40 for a set of pads & another $50 for a helmet!) Then we went to the mall & walked around the Disney Store and Kay's. I was eyeballing a necklace (the exact same locket I used to have & lost) and a cross charm. I want a box chain to put them on that I can swap the two out & have 2 n 1 necklaces! Sometimes I feel like wearing a cross...and the locket was my every day necklace until I lost it on a trip to PA. Cry.
Here's a picture of the cross I picked out!

And here's a picture of my locket, that Tim gave me when we had only been dating a short time!

Oh, oh, another thing...a lady came up to us at church, who I've had very limited interactions with & definitely not in the last 2 1/2 years to tell us a story. Apparantly, she had a dream about me. I was PREGNANT & had just found out it was a BOY! She said she's had these dreams before & has normally been right! She seemed nervous to tell us (only one fam. at church knows we're trying, the Pastor doesn't even know). She was like, "I'm not sure how to say this & I don't want you to take it the wrong way, but....I don't know if you're trying, if this is good news to you or what, but I just thought I'd tell you!" I used to watch her now 6 year old in the church nursery. I haven't even been to church in several weeks. She even said, at first, she couldn't place me! I feel SUPER bad because I know her husband's name (Roger) and both of her boys' (Owen and Colin) but cannot think of her name! Ugh! Anyway, Tim was pretty excited by the news, because you know he'd love to have a little boy! (although we now have NO boy choice decided upon!)
Tim's playing Wii & I'm relaxing a bit but I think we're heading to bed soon. We both go back to work tomorrow & neither of us is looking forward to it!

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Ooh, those necklaces are SO pretty. I love them!