Friday, January 23, 2009

Ten Guilty Pleasures!

Hold it, stop the presses, everyone take notice! This is my 200th blog post! Wahoo! In 6 months! Yay! I love blogging! So I got the idea from THIS blog & I'm going to attempt to write about my 10 guilty pleasures!

10. Manicures

9.& Pedicures

8. Letting Tim do the dishes

7. Spending a day off, doing nothing but watching dvds or playing on the computer

6. Having the things we want, so that we have plenty to entertain ourselves

5. Long, hot baths, with a good book...this is so relaxing and wonderful. I especially like an Aveeno bath!

4. Chocolate and marshmallow snow cones-Mmm mmm good! I think I've mentioned them before..oh yea, in my Aloha Friday #1 Post!

3. Holding sweet babies--Nothing better than cuddling a snuggly babe

2. Banana Popsicles-They remind me of my Mom and are so yummy & cheap!

1. Having my back scratched--this is pretty good. Every night Tim scratches my back for me....and I indulge one of his "guilty pleasures". It's VERY relaxing and is part of our bed time routine.


Smellyann said...

First, why should you feel guilty about holding babies, silly?

Second, what's Tim's guilty pleasure that you indulge in every night? ;)

Abby said...

Those all all good ones. I love all of those things too!

Anonymous said...

I totally LOVE banana popsicles too!