Wednesday, February 10, 2010

Wordless Wednesday

Collages from Photoshoot 
Feb. 10 (almost 4 months old!)

Hawaiian Shirt Part 1

Hawaiian Shirt Part 2
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Green Shirt

In his Bumbo from Great Grandmom

With his teddy bear from Grandmom & Pap
Name Blanket from April on Diaperswappers
Name Blanket Part 2
I know there are a ton of pictures in this thread, but I really really really want to win the March diaper contest on Bagshot Row Bamboo!  Help me pick the top 12 pictures to enter.  (3 each week!)

Friday, February 5, 2010

To Do List

Updated Monday Night:
Laundry (wash & put away, hang up)
Make cookies
Make envelopes
Sort huge piles of papers
Get scrapbooking stuff ready to go to Mandy's
Get sewing stuff ready to come inside, so I can sew next week
Paint Luke's nursery letters

Wednesday, February 3, 2010


I tried my hand at writing a haiku.  I don't care about the seasons....but I do love these two babies!

I love my baby
For ever and always mine
Darling, Lucas Wayne

My Amazing Niece
Carolynn, Sunshine, Sissy
Bright, loving, child

Wordless Wednesday!!

Phewie, that was a lot of pictures!


Well, it's actually been a WHILE since I joined the Swagbucks bandwagon.  I signed up & earned about 10 bucks & then quit using it...but recently I have decided that I am going to make a renewed effort to earn Swagbucks, so that I can get the cool prizes!

I read about this thing called the Wonder Wash on another blog, its basically a counter-top washing machine!  I can do diaper laundry in it, in minutes a day & save a TON on water & electric!!  I'm excited to earn the $5 Amazon gift card from Swagbucks so that I can buy it!

I also used some of my Swagbucks to enter the contest to win an Apple I Pad.  (It's $3 an entry, so I won't enter any more until I earn my first $5 Amazon card.)

Um, yea, forget the Kindle, forget the Nook, the I Pad is now the coolest device on the market & I WANT ONE!  So, its my birthday, Christmas, anniversary, everything gift & I want to have on by the end of the year. (Unless Google sets a release date for their version OR Apple sets a release date for a 2nd version of the I Pad, then I'd be willing to wait a while.)

So, from my researching online, there are actually strategies at getting the most BANG for your BUCK on Swagbucks.

You are allowed to search & win 20 times a day.  A day begins at midnight.  I am normally up at midnight or 1 am, so that is good for me & bad for those of you who sleep normal hours!

The best way to search is for unusual & long items, such as "genetically modified organisms" which earned me $5 Swagbucks the other day!

It is rare that you will win any Swagbucks TWICE in one hour, so there is no point in continuing to search after you've one SB for that hour.

My plan is to make a list of items I want to search for & space them out throughout the day, at least one an hour if I win each time...if I don't I want to have a handful of extras each day that I can use to make sure I win my total of 20 times a day.  I'm actually going to record what TIME I won so that I know when an hour has passed & can come back & search again.  I guess that will be the quickest & easiest way to get as many points as possible each day.  (And since I DO plan on sleeping, I probably WON'T win 20 times a day!)

After I get the Wonder Wash I don't know what I'd like to spend SB on...probably more Amazon gift cards so I can get Luke some Bum Genius 3.0 diapers.  (NEW!)

So anyway, add me as a friend if you use SB!!