Monday, September 27, 2010

Some of my Sewing!

I think this post is pretty self-explanatory so I'm going to leave it with just pictures!!


September Update

Well, well, well....where to begin!  I guess I'll go in reverse order & update as much & as thoroughly as possible!  I have had basically NO time for my beloved blog and that's ok.  It means I've been spending much more time tending to my house & family!

(Mon) Sept 27

Today was a lazy day & I sewed a new purse/diaper bag prototype.

This evening I sprayed flea killer & we went to Mandy's house for dinner.

(Sun) It is Sept. 26.  I skipped church with Luke this morning to get a chance to relax & get back into our routine.  So far we haven't done anything, other than our normal morning routine.

ETA: We ended up going to Golden Corral & Wal-Mart with Grams.

(Sat) Yesterday was my 27th birthday!  It was a GREAT day!

Lucas surprised me by sleeping "through the night" from 12:30 to 6:30.  Granted he was co-sleeping, but it meant I got a decent night's sleep!

He nursed at 6:30 and went back to sleep until 8.  Tim got up with him around 8:30 and I got to sleep in until 10!  It was AWESOME!

Tim did a bunch of yard work & I did housework & made spaghetti sauce for our dinner.

Mom & Dad came over around 4 and took Luke & I to Fashion Bug.  We went on a huge shopping spree & they bought me 4 new tops, 2 new pairs of jeans, and a pair of Sketcher's sneakers.  I also got a new grocery shopping bag out of it!

When we got home, Tim fixed the pasta, set the table, and we ate dinner.

After dinner I bathed Luke & attempted to put him to bed, but he wasn't we played in the living room while Tim & I took turns working in the kitchen.

After a while, Tim gave me my 2nd birthday present from him...a pair of gingher fabric scissors.  He gave me his first gift a week's a fabric cutting board!

I loved all of my gifts & really had a great and relaxing day!

(Fri) Sept. 24-

 Let's see, I think I mostly just did housework and unpacked during the morning hours.  Mom came over around 1:15 and I showered before we headed out.

We had to take Luke to his GI check up.  Dr. K came and we chit-chatted.  We decided to switch Luke to Prilosec instead of Prevacid since it seems to be not as effective any more.  He said if the Prilosec doesn't work then we may have to do some invasive tests to verify that he is indeed having reflux/Sandifer's related issues & its not something else all together.

We also decided that he is still showing sensitivity to dairy & soy in my diet so we will continue to hold off on those.

I asked him if there was a magic age to test his gluten sensitivity again & he said no...we basically just have to pick a day, start small, and go for it.  So, we'll wait until after his birthday & then test that one again.  I am hopeful that he'll outgrow all of these issues because it will be one hard little life with no dairy, soy, or gluten!

After the doctor's appointment, we went to Walgreen's to drop off the new 'script so that it could be compounded (made liquid).  Then we went to Chic Fil A & ate in the car, while Luke napped.  After that we went to Wal-Mart to get some much needed groceries.

I also bought myself 3 undershirts and Luke a shirt to go under his new Bronco's jersey.

Mom dropped me off in the evening and headed home.  Grams wanted Firehouse Subs, so she sent Tim off to get those for our dinner.

(Thu) Sept. 23 (flew home from CO)
Thursday was a miserable day of travel.  Flying really isn't bad, I actually enjoy it, I just wish I could fly WITHOUT luggage!  Ha ha!  We had to be downstairs from our room at 3:20 to catch the 3:30 shuttle to Denver International Airport.  When we got to the airport, the baggage/ticketing counters didn't open until 4:30.  Someone didn't do their homework!

So, we had to wait, a long time.  Luke snoozed a while but eventually woke up...and stayed up until after take-off of our 6 am flight.

First we flew from Denver to D.C., had a short lay-over and then flew from D.C. to Norfolk.

Mom was there dropping off our car when we arrived so we got our things & hit the road.  On the way home, we got Burger King for lunch.

When we got home we had a ton of unpacking to do.

*I can't remember what we did that afternoon.*

(Wed) Sept. 22 (Leadville/Denver)

Wednesday was our last true day in Colorado.  We got up early, packed, and then headed back up to Leadville.  We had a good lazy day of a visit with Auntie Linda, Grandma, and Uncle Richard & family.  Around 3:00, we had to head back to Silverthorne to load the car & drive to Denver.

Luke on the car ride to Denver....he was slightly dehydrated & SO cranky!
We were pretty worried about Luke because he was showing several signs of dehydration (sunken soft spot, dry cracked lips, no pee/poo diapers, cranky, red eyes, tired).  I kept trying to get him to nurse or drink water, but he didn't WANT either.  Boo! We decided to watch him closely instead of rushing to the ER if it was just altitude related.

By the time we got checked into our hotel in Denver, and let him settle a little, he seemed to be doing much better.  So, we went ahead to dinner at Ruby Tuesday's with Uncle Kenny & Matthew.\

After dinner, we went up to the hotel room.  I got Luke down for bed, while Tim & Loren went to the pool.  After he was asleep, I headed to the pool too!

We didn't swim at all, the water was too chilly!  Instead we soaked in the hot tub.  It was nice.  I want a hot tub.

After we got upstairs again, I unpacked & repacked our suitcases to get ready for our 6 am flight.  Then I got a shower.  Loren had bought a bottle of wine, so we all shared a few glasses of that as well.

Around 1 am, we went to sleep for a few hours.

(Tue) Sept. 21 (Grandpa's funeral)

Tuesday morning was Grandpa's funeral.  (It was also my Dad's 55th birthday--but I totally forgot that until the next day.)  We got up super early to drive to Leadville by 8:45 am.

We headed to the church and got ready for the service.

It was a very nice service.  Tiffany & Jacquie (Tim's cousins) sung a couple really beautiful songs.  The preacher said some nice things about Grandpa & a lot of people cried.

After the service, we all headed to the Elk's lodge for the reception.  That was a good time of visiting with lots and lots of extended family.

After that, we all went to Grandma's house for naps/relaxation.

In the late afternoon a BUNCH of us headed to the river, led by Uncle Kenny.

We hiked to the river, waded or got carried across, and then hiked to the tire swing.  It was a good time.  I cut my foot when I stepped into the river.

We passed Luke along an assembly line since I wasn't comfortable with anybody carrying him on the slippery rocks.

I walked across the first time, but on the way back I let Tim's cousin, Buddy, carry me!

On the walk back, I had Luke on my front & tripped.  It was pretty scary and he freaked out.  He didn't get hurt though.  I caught his head before he hit the ground.
Uncle Kenny & his son Andrew

Auntie Linda & Tim

Jason, Jacquie, Beth, Matthew, Michael, Andrew, Buddy, Linda (from left to right, I think)

Uncle Kenny & his son Matthew

Luke & I w/ Auntie Linda


This is how Luke & looked.  He rode on my back the whole way & was an angel!

The dying elk we saw.

The "bridge"....

Luke getting passed across the river.

The assembly line

Phyllis getting carried across the river.

Tim on the tire was scary, but fun!

Auntie Linda playing piano.

(Mon) Sept. 20 (Leadville)

I'm not sure what we did with the day time on Monday.  In the evening we went to the viewing at the funeral home.  We got to meet the rest of the extended family.  Luke was so cute in his little red choo-choo outfit.

Great Grandkids! (Eli, Luke, Lily, one of the twins)

Tim & Loren w/ their cousins.

(Sun) Sept. 19 

Sunday we arrived at DIA around 12:30 in the morning.  We took a shuttle to our hotel and went to sleep.

In the morning, we got up & went to I-HOP with Judy & Jennifer.

After we took our luggage home to Judy's and got ready for Leadville, we drove up to Grandma's.

Luke puked from all the dairy I ate.

Luke & Little Richard playing with the wagon.

(Sat) Sept 18

All I've got for Saturday is we packed & flew to CO.  Our flight arrived in Denver at 12:30 am.

(Fri) Sept. 17

Friday morning we took Luke to his PT appointment and then went shopping.  Tim got a new jacket, pants, shirt, tie, and belt.  I got 2 new dress tops, a new sweater, and 2 new pairs of slacks.  Luke got a new red choo-choo outfit.

We also packed and got ready for CO.

(Thu) Sept. 16 

Thursday morning around 11 am, I noticed Tim's cousin's facebook page had been updated with the news that Grandpa Goetsch had passed away.  I called Tim & he had not heard the news yet.  This started the whirlwind that prompted this entire post.  It was a crazy long day.

(Wed) Sept 15 
It was Mom's birthday.  We went to Texas Roadhouse with Grams, Tim, Luke, Mom, Dad, Mandy, Frankie, and myself and ate dinner to celebrate.  Afterwards, we all came here for cake.  Happy 52nd birthday Mom!

For the rest of the dates I've got nothing but pictures!

(Tues) Sept. 14

(Mon) Sept. 13

(Sun) Sept. 12

(Sat) Sept. 11
Luke napping.  I never get tired of watching him sleep!

(Fri) Sept. 10

(Thurs) Sept. 9
 Luke & Pap playing "drums".

 Carolynn when they first got her here.

Showing off the pants & shoes I made him!

Can you see the love between Caro & Luke???  Obviously I was THRILLED to see her!!

(Weds) Sept 8

Mom & Dad & I took Luke to Texas Roadhouse with Mandy for a mystery shop.  He wore his spiffy mama-made longies & his Kate Quinn shirt!

(Tues) Sept 7

A sleepy Luke wearing an 18 months Gerber sleeper.

Eating "beets & sweets" potato chips!

(Mon) Sept 6