Friday, January 2, 2009

McDonald's Playplace..a very SCARY adventure!

Well let's see...we started out today with Tim driving to work, finding out it was a holiday, waiting 45 minutes to a bus that never came and then coming home. I slept through it all. I got up at about 11:40. (I went to bed by 12 last night LOTS of sleep!)

After I got up, I got showered & dressed & ready to go as soon as I could. We were still running late. We had to go to Melanie's house to pick up the babes! Melanie and Rob are celebrating their anniversary (8th right?), congratulations guys! I hope you have fun on your little mini-vaca! We spent a couple hours at their house while they finished packing up & I gathered up the little neccesities of 3 small children. (Lovies, blankets, toys, you know the deal)

After Mel and Rob left we waited on a phone call from my sister & then we headed out too. We went to Chrissy's house to drop off some stuff & pick up Tony's broken I-Pod.

After that, we headed to McDonald's for a late lunch. There were some drunk guys begging for money (even though they were well dressed & could obviously afford alcohol) and Tim gave them $1.00. Ugh. They were harassing the McDonald's employees and it made for a very negative start to our meal. We got 3 "four piece" nuggets for $3. A 10 piece nugget costs $3.29. How's that work? If you order a 20 piece nugget you pay $5.69...but 5 "four piece" nuggets only costs $5.00! McDonald's we're ON to you! Tim got 2 McDoubles. (A double cheeseburger with only 1 slice of cheese. They're a full dollar cheaper than a double cheeseburger, even though the only difference is ONE slice of cheese!) I got a crispy chicken sandwich combo. We also got a couple things of fries, a large sprite (that the kids spilled before anyone got to have any) and a coke w/ my meal. I asked for water cups (I was going to split the Sprite btwn three cups) but got 3 glasses of water, so that's what the kids had with their meals.

After we ate, and washed all the honey off all the little hands, we headed to the play place. Sophia ran right in. I was a bit nervous b/c the only other time I've seen them in a play place they got scared & we had to send a big kid in to get them. Sophia was the only "brave" child today. She went down the slide at least 25 times! Chloe & Jack were whiney & saying that it was too scary to go in so I crawled in to the play place with them & then they were ok with going UP into the play place. The problem came when it was time for Chloe to come DOWN from the play place! Ugh. She started crying & saying that she couldn't come out. I finally talked her down and she stopped crying & then found her way back the same way she came up. She managed to climb down the rope ladder (which had been SO scary before) and out of the play place. It was a hoot. Tim and I were laughing our heads off b/c she was "talking" herself into being able to go up the thing & then she'd freak out and come down 4" from the top. She was like, "I can do this..I can do it, I can make it, I'm almost there," then when she had only one step to go, she be like, "AGH, I can't do this, it's too high, I'm scared...I'm coming down." She literally went through that like 5 times.

Here are some fun pictures.
Sophia with slide static!
Sophia in the small part of the tunnel. Cheesing it up for the camera.

Sophia with static hair & a big ol' grin!

Chloe "scared."

Another toothless grin from Sophia.

Jack in his comfort zone. Flat on the ground, playing with the baby toy. He did manage to go down the slide almost as soon as he got up into the play place, but at least he did it on his own and wasn't freaking out. He also crawled around in the lower level of the play place for a while.
After McDonald's we went back to Melanie's to get the kids' stuff. We loaded the truck in the rain, put a very upset Lily into the truck, and headed home.
Once home, we let the kids watch "Horton Hears a Who" while I cleaned house and cooked dinner. They also played in the play room some. Melanie told them about the pregnancy that didn't stick in November and so Jack and Chloe keep asking me if they can play with my baby's toys. I tried to explain that it takes a long time to make a baby and that the baby doesn't mind if they play with/sleep on the toys and bed. I'm not sure if they get it.
We had a dinner in a bag chicken alfredo thing for dinner & I'm proud to say that all three kids cleared their plates & no tears were shed. Chocolate ice cream is a good motivator! Jack was the pokiest puppy...but when I broke out the chocolate syrup for the girls & Tim he gobbled up his last 2 bites (which he'd been playing with for 20 minutes) really quickly!
They also had a glass of milk & a glass of juice tonight. (Just in case your keeping track of what they eat, Mel!)
Right now, they're playing Smart Cycle with Tim & I'm relaxing for a minute!


Smellyann said...

LOL about Chloƫ psyching herself up to go in the playplace!

Sooo sorry about all the baby questions. They were there when I found out, and so they did, too... and I've tried talking to them about not mentioning it to you.

Thanks again for watching them!! Mwah!

Jadekitty said...

Sounds like an adventure :)