Tuesday, September 30, 2008

Wordless Wednesday!

I'm starting CLOMID tomorrow folks! Check it out!
Click the picture to make it bigger so you can read it!

Sunday, September 28, 2008

Who'd-A Thunk It?!

Well you know there are some amazingly crafty people out there!

Boutique Sweet Cheeks has created a "Bumbo Seat Cover" that is too adorable!

I've entered to win & so should you!

The contest ends Sept. 30, so hurry!


Saturday, September 27, 2008

How the accident looked....

OK, so in this pic. the black blob is the other car & the blue blob is me. I was headed for the side of the road (once I realized I couldn't slow down, I was trying to avoid a collision)..but managed to clip her with my corner. It hurt a lot. My wheels are STUCK pointing off the road. (The fender caved in on the driver's side.)

Still sore...

Sorry for the lack of posts.

We went by & took pictures of my car today, but Tim has to upload them because the software isn't installed.

I went to the E-room last night. My stomach pain switched sides & they thought it could be my liver.

It's not. It's just a "contusion of the chest wall"...or a bruise. A bad one. I'm in a lot of pain just typing this.

Hopefully you'll have pictures of the wreckage tomorrow. They told Tim it's over $7,000 worth of damage & I believe it.

I hit her with my driver's side corner in her passenger's side corner. Lots of stuff got crunched.


Thursday, September 25, 2008

It's My Birthday & I'll Cry if I want to....

And I did. A lot.

So, it started with a migraine last night. We went to Cracker Barrell & I was sick with this migraine. So when we got home, I basically went straight to bed. I talked to my dad for about an hour & then fell asleep around 9. I woke up this morning, still feeling like crap.

I contemplated not going to work or taking the morning off. But, I decided I couldn't do that.

So I got up, found some clothes that matched & headed to work in the yucky rain.

On the way, I crashed my car. I looked down to check my gauges and when I looked up, traffic was nearly stopped. I tried to stop and swerved, but couldn't get completely out of the way. I rearended the girl in front of me. My front end hit the passenger corner of her bumper. My car wouldn't start & the wheels wouldn't turn. As soon as my car was stopped (which took a second), I called Tim. Bawling. Then I called 911. Then I called work. Then I called Tim again. Then I called Dad. Still bawling. The girl I hit got out of her car, looked at the damage (not much), waved & yelled something, and then got back in her car. I stayed in my car until the officer said I could go. I got a ticket for "Following too Close." The officer said he'd do me a favor & not give me a ticket for "Exceeding the Maximum Safe Speed Limit" b/c that is reckless driving & -6 points. Like I cared! I was still cry-ey until Tim got there. When the officer said I could go, I unloaded my stuff into Tim's truck. Then we headed out.

Our first stop was Ingleside. I wanted to let the principal's know I was OK and make sure my class was good. Mrs. Clark (the art teacher) decorated my door with my class, it was pretty! After we left there, I called the insurance company & Tim made some calls for work. We drove randomly towards VB while we talked on the phones. I made arrangements for my car to go to Priority Toyota for an assessment & work & arranged to pick up a rental on Saturday. Tim called in to work & took care of his responsibilities.

By that time, my left arm & hand were quite swollen so we decided to go to the Urgent Care center. The doctor said my arm & hand were classic "whiplash" type injuries & should heal on their own. While she was doing her exam she found a tender spot on my ribs. She told us to watch it because it's right over my liver & there could be some unknown damage in there. It could be a broken or bruised rib too. Something is definitely wrong in there though because its been hurting pretty badly since about 4:30.

After the Urgent Care Center we headed out to find some lunch. We made a stop at Tim's parents house to use the computer & then we headed to Ruth's Chris. They weren't open so we ended up going to P.F. Chang's. It was good but the service SUCKED. We got "The Great Wall of Chocolate" dessert. Yummy.
After that, we headed to PetSmart to get flea medicine for the dogs.

Then, we went to the DMV to do some stuff. Tim got registered to vote. Yay! I got my license renewed! Yay! BUT, I had to retake my picture. I am one of those people who "wears" their emotions. You can STILL tell I've been crying today & I haven't cried since 5 o clock. So my picture pretty much sucks! I also "sold" my car to Tim & myself. Then paid for a new title & registration. So now, if we ever get my car back, Tim can take it to work! Yay! While we were at the DMV Tim got a phone call.

So, we headed to Lynnhaven Mall because one of my birthday gifts was in. Yay for gifts! Here's a picture!

It's kind of hard to take pictures of jewelry. They are light sapphire stud earrings. I love them. I did pick them out so it wasn't too hard to please me! They are on 14K white gold studs. Love, love, love them!

We left the mall without any dilly-dallying because by that time I could barely walk.

I slept for the entire ride home. I've been SO sleepy all day.

When we got home, I got undressed & had Tim check out my belly again. The things the doc said to watch for (hard belly, misplaced pain, nausea, vomiting, blood) haven't happened so we're thinking I just banged up a rib or 2. Then he gave me my other birthday present. Here's a pic!

It's a natural sapphire & diamond ring. It's so pretty. I picked it out too! Tim is so good to me! There are 4 sapphires & 3 diamonds on it! I love it! Since then, we've been playing on our computers. It's only 8:25 & really too early for bed but we're both kind of ready.

I called in for tomorrow & am taking the day off. I expect to be hurting pretty badly. I'm actually in quite a lot of pain right now.

So, yea, I might cry some more.

If they total my car, what should I get? It has to be new & it has to be a Toyota. We will probably have about $5,000 to put down if they total my car.

Sick Birthday To Me!

Ugh...I'm sick. I think it's my pills. (Provera) I got a migraine last night while Tim & I were at Cracker Barrel. I ended up getting in bed at 8 & talking to my Dad for an hour. Then, I went to bed around 9:15. I had a hard time getting out of bed this morning & I feel BLAH. Nothing's really WRONG with me, I just feel like CRAP.

Anyway, I've already had quite a few well-wishes & I'm hoping the day gets better after I shower & get moving. Tim and I have no idea what we are going to do to celebrate, any ideas?

Have a great day today!

PS It's my GOLDEN birthday! I'm 25 on the 25th! Yay!

Sunday, September 21, 2008


Well, our weekend with Caro is over. Chrissy goes to court in 12 days.

Here are a few pictures from today.

This one is a self-potrait of me and Caro. There are SO few pics of us together!

Tim took this picture of Carolynn wearing my glasses. I thought it was cute! I look silly without my glasses now don't I?

Look at the GRIMACE on Caro's face. She was REALLY working to move those Roll-A-Rounds.

And this one is Caro while we were running errands & doing Mystery Shops.

Yep-that's all. She had a runny nose & a fever by the time we took her home.

Say Cheese!

This is what Carolynn does if you tell her to "Say Cheese" or "Smile Pretty." It's not very pretty, but how can you NOT love this face?

She lights up my life!

Saturday, September 20, 2008

It's My Birthday Week!

Yay! So, let's start with the most recent occurance!

Tim gave me one of my birthday gifts early!

Here it is:

Yay! I've been wanting it since it came out on the 9th. He's installing it right now! Yay! Between the Wii & Spore--we're going to be some gaming fools!

We went to Arby's for dinner. That was yummy!

Melanie and I went to Michael's for their huge season end scrapbooking sale. I got some stuff to help me get my "Arts & Crafts" business on the road again.

This is a sticker set I got for a "Jungle Love" note card & some Monster's Inc, stickers I just couldn't pass up. Note to Mel-If you ever see ANYTHING Monster's Inc, call me so I can give you $$ to buy it or go & get it myself! OK? Thanks!

These are some clear stamps that were only $1 a piece! Awesome! I love my clear stamps!

Next up is the circle cutter I've been wanting. Melanie got one too! There's also a pack of paper that's all different shades of purple!

And the last thing I bought is a set of 25 cards & envelopes for my "notecard" making. (This ought to speed things up quite a bit!)

Melanie and I got our manicures & pedicures done at Le Nails on Princess Anne. They did a decent job. Not super grand, but it was only $45 with the tip, so that's not bad!

Here's a picture of my color: "Let's have a party"
And of my pretty french manicure:

So, it was REALLY nice to go out with just Melanie. We like NEVER get to do that. We think this may be the 3rd time, ever. Anyway, I think the highlight of the event was holding Mel's hand while the Vietnamese woman "tickled" the crap out of me, first with the callus cutter & then with a pumice stone!

Tim and I got some "lunch" at Subway. It was almost 4:00, but we hadn't eaten anything. Tim forgot to buy anything for Caro, so he had to get her more food later. Oh well.

OKAY, so now I'm going to go back to 7:00 am when I got up & then take you through the day up until 4:00 (which is where we are now...OK? do you follow?)

So, I got up at 7:00, 1 minute before my alarm went off. I forgot to take my temp, but I'll do it tomorrow.

I got right to work on getting some stuff done. I switched & folded some laundry. I scrubbed Carolynn's high chair, and I just generally got ready for the day. I think I even blogged a bit about my morning already. When Caro got up at 8:00 I was MOSTLY ready for her. I got her taken care of & then passed her off to Tim. I got in the shower, around-about the time I should have been leaving, but wasn't stressed. After I got showered & got the laundry taken care of, I went ahead and headed to the Central Admin building in Norfolk. I was 30 minutes late. I talked to my Dad on the ride over. The training was called "Science Fair Boot Camp" and it was a huge waste of my morning. Tim did well with Carolynn while I was gone though.

When I got home, just after noon, I gave Caro a bath & got her stuff all ready to go. Tim showered & we were on our way.

We headed first to the library to return some Dvds & a Book on CD. Then we headed to the DMV, which was closed. We needed to get Tim registered to vote & put him on my new Title. Then we headed to the Post Office, which was closed. We needed to ship a diaper, mail some stuff to Laura, and send a present to my Mom. Oh well. Then we headed to PetSmart & bought some more stuff. We got 68 lbs of puppy food. We also bought some dog toys. I have pictures!

So, what we have here is a Kong bouncy ball, a Bamboo rugged chew toy, with a rope & a tennis ball attached, a GIANT rope knot, and a new Nylabone. You can see the OLD Nylabone on the left. We figured they were fighting over & sharing this one (it's funny 2 dogs on the bone at once!) so we ought to get another one. It was a very well spent $130!

After PetSmart we went to Michael's to get Mom a gift. Shh, don't tell her. Then we walked around Grand Furniture looking at couch sets. Around 3:15, we realized I was going to be running late for Melanie's so we shook off the salesperson & high tailed it out of there.
Here's a pic of a happy baby mid-laugh. This was before I put in her ADORABLE pig tails!

Caro is asleep in bed & she's been a joy to have this weekend. I can't wait for a baby.

So, I think that's my whole day. I think it was a GREAT beginning to the day.

Carolynn is spending the weekend with her Auntie!

Be prepared for a picture-full weekend!

So, Chrissy is in a world of hurt AGAIN (She may be facing lots of jail time, we won't know until Oct. 3.) so she asked me to keep Caro this weekend, so she could work & go to AA meetings.

John took Brianna back & brainwashed her into thinking that Chrissy can't afford to raise her (which is actually true--she ran entirely out of diapers last week) and that Bri should live with her Dad so that she doesn't HURT her mom anymore.

How F&#*ed up is that?

So, Chrissy has a lot of stuff to ge straight. He's taking her to court for $19,900 in back child support! (and he's trying to finalize the divorce)

So, off of their mess, I picked her up last night around 7--then spent an hour packing for her. When I got home, Tim had made Chicken & potatoes for dinner. Yummy. This was also the first home-cooked meal in a couple weeks! (We ate a lot of "quesadillas" off the griddle!) Carolynn pigged out & then we started cleaning. We actually worked together & got the house ALMOST finished. We didn't do any folding/putting away of the huge mountain of laundry though, so that still needs done. I did get all of the laundry (except the last load I started this morning) washed & dried though!

I laid out all the cute clothes, diapers, and whatnot that Tim will need today, because he's actually going to be doing most of the babysitting today! I have training this morning from 9-12, then I'm going to come home & get him, go to the PO, go to the DMV, and then take him back home, so that I can go to Virginia Beach. Why am I going to VB? Oh, yea, to get my Manicure & Pedicure, that Melanie & I are giving each other for our birthdays! Yay! I'm very excited!

So anyway, I should go get showered, scrub the high chair (it was SUPER nasty, I already washed the removable cover), and fold some laundry so I can be on time to class!

I'll leave you with a stuffed-up-nose Carolynn playing Rock Band with Uncle Tim!

Wednesday, September 17, 2008


So, I went to the new GYN yesterday, Dr. Frank Morgan. I am so pleased! He is 1. Willing to work with me & "not treat me for infertility", since my health insurance doesn't cover ANY infertility treatments! 2. In agreement that I do have PCOS 3. In agreement that the Metformin doesn't appear to be doing anything for me.

His plan of action is to
1. Start losing weight. ASAP. The more the better.
2. Take Progesterone to induce a period. This will take about 17 days. (so by Oct. 4 I should have my period for the first time since June 9)
3. Wait & see, while I continue exercise, diet, and my Met at 1500 mg a day.
4. See me again on Nov. 17 to see what's going on. I may change that appt. to 2 months after the first day of my new cycle though, because I think that's what he meant by 2 months, not 2 months from yesterday. Which would still be by Dec. 4.
5. Assess where we are at that point. The options are
A. Pregnant (Wahoo!)
B. Not pregnant but ovulating on my own & possibly having another "regular" period
C. Not pregnant & not showing any signs of ovulation
6. If the options are B or C, he will start me on Progesterone again (to induce another period within 60 days of the last) and then Rx Clomid to make me ovulate! So, by the end of this year I should ovulate!


Doesn't my hubby look wonderful holding a baby?

Tuesday, September 16, 2008

Crib Rock Couture

Well, there's yet another contest on Momdot that I'm interested in!

This one is for a free shirt/onesie from Crib Rock Couture!

I'd love to win a onesie for our future baby & for Spencer to wear in the meantime!

Here's a pic of Caro looking pretty cool!

She is such a HAPPY baby!

Friday, September 12, 2008

Look what I got for my birthday!

We haven't even had it for 3 hours & we're already fighting over it. Great, huh?

Harry Potter Mania!

Well....It's Harry Potter time again folks!

September 23, 2008 is the 10th (can you believe it the TENTH) anniversary of "Harry Potter & the Sorcerer's Stone."

A new edition of the book is being released with brand new cover art on 9/23/2008--just 2 days shy of my birthday!

On December 4, 2008, "The Tales of Beedle the Bard" will be released. This is the book that Dumbledore left Hermione in his will. It is very important in the last 2 books. I want to get this one for sure! I love the Hogwarts library" book that I have, "Quidditch through the Ages". I want to get this one: "Fantastic Beasts & Where to Find Them," too!

I LOVE Harry Potter. I've read the series 3 times all the way through. They are such good reads & I truly can't put them down while I'm reading them.

I've even taken the Accelerated Reader tests on them! My students get a big kick out of that!

So, you might ask, why, oh why, is Stephanie blogging about Harry Potter? Well it just so happens to be for a HUGE-MAJOR-KICK BUTT-AWESOME giveaway on Momdot!

Momdot is giving away 1 huge grand prize of a 10th Anniversary Edition of the Box Set, which has been spiffed up with all the special anniversary stuff (such as BRAND NEW cover art!) Scholastic is their sponsor & we all know I LOVE Scholastic. Half of my classroom library is from scholastic! I'm a major scholastic supporter! One person will win the grand prize & then 4 people will win the 10th Anniversary edition copy of the "Sorcerer's Stone" and a commemorative pin. I'd love to win either prize!

Thursday, September 11, 2008

9-11-01 Remembered

Well, I know it's late in the day, but I wanted to get my rememberance in too.

On September 11, 2001, I was a Freshman in college at Longwood University. I was up and actually in the shower when the first plane hit the first tower. My two roomates, cousins who spoke only Spanish in my precense, had the news on. Somebody ran into the bathroom (where I was showering & someone else was getting their hair or teeth taken care of) and called us to watch the t.v. Dumbstruck, I stodd in my dorm room with 2 girls I haven't talked to in 7 years and watched live t.v as the second plane hit the towers. I called home. My dad was at work on the base & couldn't answer his phone because the lines were so clogged. I can't remember if I got a hold of my Mom or not, but I did get through to a couple friends at school. After watching frantically, I ran across campus to the dining hall (d-hall) every television in the campus was on the news. It was wild & crazy. People were frantic. I was frantic. I can't remember if I ate anything, but I then headed to my 9 am class. All classes cancelled-Go be with your family! That's what the doors to the buildings said. So, back to the dorm or back to my friends' house, I can't remember, but that day life in America changed forever. Locks were installed on all the doors to our buildings & we had to use our key cards to get into the buildings. My dad was locked down on Norfolk's base for a while.

So, anyway, I wept for all the men, women, and children killed on that day. I wept for the ones who made it, but didn't survive. I wept when every baby was born to a now widowed mother. I watched the specials about those women who had babies on 9-11 and what that meant to them, as well as to all the women who gave birth after 9-11 without their husbands by their sides. I wept for all the little children who were orphaned or had their world turned upside down. I can't imagine what life must be like for all the people effected by those events. Fortunately I did not personally know anyone who was harmed or even involved with the entire catastrophe.

Sunday, September 7, 2008

Getting Ready for Back to School

Yucky. The weekend is over. It's time to start getting ready for back to work!

Let me tell you about my weekend first though.

Friday night I stayed up super late after Spencer & Grayson left at 2, (like 3:30 in the morning!) sewing & blogging & crafting.

I slept in until something like noon. After we got up & dressed we headed to the Chesapeake Square Wal-Mart, because they had Wiis in stock on Thursday. BUT, they were SOLD OUT! Bummer. So we left there & headed to the mall. We checked Sears & Radio Shack & then found a Game Spot! They had one! So we bought the Wii, which comes with 1 controller, 1 nunchuck & Wii Sports. Then we got an extra nunchuck & Wii Play (basically a how-to use the controllers game) that came with an extra controller. (The controller is $40, Wii Play is $50.)

Then we came home & Tim got it all set up, while I packed up the kids' stuff. I packed my bookbag, a small suitcase, and a lunch box worth of stuff to take to Melanie's house. It won't be so bad when I have my own kids because I'll know what fits them & won't have to plan on needing to completely change their clothes. Anyway, I used lots & lots of cloth diapers on both boys & actually ran out of Spencer's cloth. Grayson stayed in cloth until we got home (around 11:30) and it was great.

Anyway, back to our day....after I packed & wrapped Chloe's earrings we headed to Cheeseburger in Paradise to get the boys. Then we went to the mall & got my jewelry back. We window shopped for sapphires. I may be getting some jewelry for my b-day. (earrings & a bracelet or ring w/ natural sapphires or a new necklace, about which I am not picky) Then we went upstairs to Charley's and got some sandwhiches & fries for dinner. Grayson through a temper tantrum & we hightailed it out of there.

We got to Mel's a little late but she didn't mind TOO much. It was Chloe's birthday. Her friend was there & we did presents & then cake. Grayson was in rare form & truly misbehaving. He's normally such an AWESOME baby! We hung out & talked & ate cake & pizza & then more cake until 11 at night.

Tim & I came home, laid the babies down, wrapped meat, and then played Wii. After the babies were picked up, Tim played Wii & I sewed a bit. I am working on a "taggie" blanket. I think it's going to be cute. I have it laid out & just need to iron & pin it up before I can start sewing. I really think Spencer will like it! (It's mine to use when I babysit.) Anyway, I will have pictures when its done.

We were up until after 4 am! We just got up, Tim's been on the Wii & now it's my turn!

Still to come--he's got to take Rosie in for bloodwork (She's being spayed tomorrow!) and work on the yard maybe...and I've got lesson plans to write & a house to clean, yet again.

Saturday, September 6, 2008

Wordless Saturday!

At a Game Stop on a Saturday--Freaking Amazing!

What I've been up to lately!

Phew, that was a seriously large amount of pictures! Blogger is wierd & the easiest way to insert pics is to them in the reverse order of how I want them to appear & then go back in & add my text. So here is a photoblog of my week.

First day of school picture of my classroom in action. Sorry about the faceless children, but you know I must protect the little ones.

Here's another notecard I made. The client requested "baby blue, black, and "retro" designs". What do you think?

Then here's the outfit I bought for Spencer for $5.50. Too bad the preemie onesie is going to be too small! I really thought he was shorter than he is. I am going to try it on him tomorrow, but I doubt it will fit. It's a cute outfit though.

Here you can see the onesie!

Ok, so pardon Tim's Raggedy Andy doll & the huge breastfed baby poo stain on the bed. I will be washing the sheets but when you have 2 small babies in the house, that is the LEAST of your concerns. (I did scrub it up with a baby wipe.)
This is a fleece soaker that I made using Katrina's Sew Quick Soaker pattern. The name lies! My sewing machine apparantly doesn't like fleece. I thought it was broken, but it's not. It works fine on all other materials besides fleece. I was able to get the last leg sewn on these tonight! They are a bit wonky, but I love them because they are my first pair. The Diaperswappers market is swamped with mamas selling these, because the pattern creator allows you to sell them after "free for shipping" just one! Anyway, they are supposedly great for wearing over prefolds & fitteds. I've never actually tried a soaker. But, I did have great success with fleece pants. So we shall see. (When I have a baby or if I make some boyish ones for Spencer.)

Ok, up next we have a Prefold diaper that I made out of a flat birdseye diaper & then embellished. Too bad it's about an inch short in the rise & a good 2 inches short on the width. It doesn't stretch like the flannel one & I didn't take that into account when I was planning it. Oh well, it can't be pinned, but I could probably snappi it & then cover it. I wouldn't leave it on him uncovered though, or we'd have EBF poo everywhere!

Next is a pacifier clip that I gave new life to. See the cute Nuk plastic piece. That was my old paci clip. One of the dogs ate the yellow strap that was on it & made it useless. So I recycled a piece of Organic Bamboo Velour (OBV) to make a new strap. Then I used the bottoms of a cut-off onesie to steal some snaps so I can attach & detach pacifiers to it! I am quite proud of it. It is VERY soft & cuddly! Spencer even took a paci for the first time tonight, using it! Yay!
Up next, Andy is modeling another diaper I made. This one is a prefold made from a Toddler prefold, I had cut in half a while back. I forget why I cut it in half, but I gave it new life this way. Unfortunately its only a tiny bit bigger than the one above & can't be pinned on Spencer's butt either! I can definitely snappi this one & put it under a cover though. I'll work on making some larger ones for him soon. He is still much too tiny for an Infant Green Mountain Diaper prefold.

And finally, the picture you've all been waiting for. An itty bitty baby in an itty bitty diaper! Here is Spencer's butt in a Rumpsters size small cloth diaper. It was actually the ONLY one he wore tonight. His mama doesn't know I am using CDs on him & I am scared to put him down after 7 in one, in case he doesn't wake back up! Hee hee....

And again, during the same diaper change. He was quite hungry & not in the mood to pose for pictures.

Just after that diaper change, Tim overheated the breastmilk & we had to wait for it to cool. Spence was VERY hungry, but he calmed down when I stuck him (swaddled) in my new modmum sling. (modmum.com) I got 3 comments at Chesapeake Square Mall about it, when I was carrying Grayson tonight.

And then, when the milk was finally cool enough for Spence to eat, Tim got to feed him & love on him, while I cleaned house & cooked dinner. Spencer was laughing and "talking" to his uncle Timmy & I couldn't resist taking a pic of my man. He actually says (on his own, without prompting!) that he wants a baby, when he is playing with Spencer & Grayson.

Spencer LOVES to be swaddled, even at 6 weeks old. I love it, I think a swaddled up baby is too freaking cute for words!
Anyway, it's 2:20 in the a.m. & I'm off to bed. I gotta do it all again tomorrow!

Thursday, September 4, 2008

First Week of School

Well, let me quickly recap the first week of school for you.

Tuesday-I got up early & was at work by 6:45. I had 18 kids on my roll that morning & I ended up with 17 students, as of today. The first day of school went well & I felt good about my class. I have 4 girls & 13 boys. Hopefully some girls come into the school later on.

Wedensday-Tim & I carpooled. I was late to work & it set the whole day off on the wrong foot. I was cranky & didn't have my plans.

Thursday-Today, I was only about 5 minutes late & Tim & I carpooled again. It was a pretty good day. I started actually "teaching" today, we did some real schoolwork. Mrs. Clark, the art teacher, gave me a ride home so I didn't have to wait for Tim. I made chili for dinner & sewed. I made a flopped hat (I did it wrong, but I know what I need to do now.), a prefold diaper--made out of a flat diaper, a prefold diaper made out of a toddler prefold cut in half, and a pacifier clip. Why am I sewing baby things, you ask? Why, because I'll be taking care of Spencer & Grayson tomorrow & Saturday! Yay! Their dad will be dropping them off at my work at 3:20 tomorrow! Isn't that fun! I broke out all of Caro's old clothes & pulled out all the boyish stuff & the gender neutral stuff. I have plenty of clothes for Spenc now. I am going to work on making more tiny diapers. (And of course they'll be there when I have my own baby.)

I'm going to watch the end of the Republican convention & try to make another hat, then I'm headed to bed.

Sorry there's not more info....I'm tired & have been busy!


Monday, September 1, 2008

9 Hours

Until the first day of school! I am excited/nervous/anxious all at the same time! I THINK I have gotten everything done. Wish me luck & a good day!