Monday, April 19, 2010

Inspired By Finn Co-Op


Do you have a teething baby or toddler?  Do you get headaches or back aches?  Do you suffer from arthritis pain?

If you answered yes to any of those questions, then baltic amber jewelery is for you!

Here, copy & pasted from Inspired By Finn, is an explanation of what Baltic Amber is & why it is helpful!

"Our Baltic Amber jewelry is a unique piece of history…The amber beads are fossils from an ancient forest which existed tens of millions of years ago. 
Baltic amber is not a stone, but a fossilized tree resin.
Historically, Baltic Amber has been used in Europe as a natural and traditional remedy and curative for many ailments for centuries. Long ago it was considered one of the leading ‘medicines’ of its time. Baltic Amber is the most esteemed amber in the world, and the healing qualities of Baltic Amber make it unlike any other type of amber found in the world.

When baltic amber is worn on the skin, the skin’s warmth releases trace amounts of healing oils from the amber. These oils contain succinic acid and are absorbed into the skin. 
Baltic Amber has some of the highest concentrations of Succinic Acid found in nature, and this is what makes it so special. Succinic Acid is a natural component of plant and animal tissues, and it's presence in the human body is beneficial in many ways.
How can baltic amber help us?
  • Pain Relief -
Baltic amber contains analgesic properties and helps take the edge off of many types of discomfort associated with dental issues, headaches, joint pain, etc.
  • Strengthens the body's immune system -
In many different and subtle ways, succinic acid helps boost the body's own natural healing ability and immune system.
  • Restoring Energy –
The human body naturally produces succinic acid. The salt of succinic acid (succinate) is one of the most active substances in the processes of cellular respiration and intercellular energy creation. Succinic acid restores oxygen and energy supply to depleted cells and helps the body return to a normal, functioning state.
Succinate is a raw material and a catalyst in the Krebs Cycle which is one of our main sources of energy. During the Krebs Cycle carbohydrates, fats, and proteins are metabolized for energy.
  • Maintaining Wellness -

When the human body reacts to stress, the body’s cells begin to use oxygen more quickly. Oxygen plays a central role in the intercellular creation of energy, and a lack of oxygen can result in feeling lethargic.
Oxygen is alkaline-forming in the blood and maintaining a slightly alkaline blood ph helps keep us healthy. Whenever the body functions in a state of low oxygen, it is much more susceptible to illness.
  • To help break a cycle of (chronic) inflammation -
Where chronic inflammation is present, disease lurks.
When the body’s cells are chronically inflamed the human body’s immune system response is to increase production of free radicals. Chronic overproduction of free radicals results in inflammatory-related disease. Chronic inflammation is a common denominator of many seemingly unrelated diseases.
While wearing a piece or two of baltic amber jewelry may not cure all that may ail you, it has been a proven benefit to many! 

Be sure and check out our testimonials by clicking on the link!"

Luke has been wearing an amber teething necklace (not for chewing) and anklet off & on since he was about 6 weeks old.  I believe that it does help with his teething pain.  

I am getting him another necklace, because the one he is wearing is old and worn out.  I actually received it a few years ago as a blog contest prize & wore it daily for my migraines!  I am planning on getting myself a new one too! (They sell matching Mommy & Me sets!) 

I am hosting this co-op so that you can try Baltic Amber jewelry at a discount!  Using my code, "stephanie" you will save 25% on all jewelry & baby legs you purchase from their store!!

Quick visit today!  This co-op will only run until Mid-May.  I just ask that if you do purchase anything using my code, please comment or email me so I know how many ITEMS you bought.  You don't have to tell me what, just say, for example: "I bought 3 items using the code."


(Here are some shots of Luke sporting his necklace!)

Tuesday, April 13, 2010

Almost 6 Months Old

 I am so amazed by all the things my big boy can do!

Luke now smiles & laughs big huge belly laughs.

Sits unassisted & has control of his body. (reaches down, sideways, and back w/o falling)

Plays with toys, his hands, and his toes.

Leans and stretches his arms out to go to Mommy or Daddy.

"Holds his own bottle" by holding onto the breast while eating.

Can cover & uncover himself during the night/naps.

"Crawls" in the bathtub when we practice "swimming".

Plays on his own in his bouncy seat, rocking chair, or on his play mat...for periods over 20 minutes.

Mimics arm movements.

Anticipates actions. He laughs before you start tickling & knows what's coming next in common games we play.

Drinks water or breast milk from a big-boy cup.

Sips from a valve-less sippy cup.

Sits in restaurant high chairs & shopping carts, like a big boy.

Holds onto my arms/hands when I'm lifting him!

Puts his toes in his mouth.

Holds his legs up for diaper changes.

Rolls onto his side.

Get anything he wants into his mouth!

Knows his name and will look when called

Pulls himself to a stand while holding just your hands/fingers.

Mock somebody by blowing raspberries when they do it

Blows raspberries and drools!

Reaches for food & is interested in putting EVERYTHING in his mouth

I'm so blessed!!! I love this baby!!