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Saturday, October 24, 2009

One Proud Mama

Here's a picture Melanie took of me with Lucas the night he was born.  She didn't get to the hospital until after 7 so he's around 12 hours old.  I had just gotten "permission" to get out of bed, clean up, and brush my hair & teeth.  Oh I felt so good!  I had no idea what the rest of the week would hold...

Friday, October 23, 2009

Short & Sweet Birth Story

I went into labor on Sunday night. It was VERY quick! My water broke at 2:45 am & by 3:15 (how long it took me to wake Tim up!!) the contractions were at less than 3 minutes apart.

We got to the hospital around 5:15. I was dilated to 3cm.

We found out very quickly that Luke was breech& that I’d be having a c-section.

I was wheeled into the OR at 9:15 and Luke made his arrival at 9:40.

He is 19 inches long and started out at 6 lbs. 3.6 ounces. His head circumference was 33 cms. (He’s a tiny little peanut!)

Within the first 36 hours he lost a lot of weight due to poor latching issues. He got down to 5 lbs. 11 oz.

Then things started looking up for about 12 hours before we found out that Luke had lost more weight, down to 5 lbs. 9 oz., and was severely dehydrated.

I was forced to start supplementing him with formula, which just broke my heart. I spent an entire 1/ 2 a day in bed crying over it & how sick our little boy was.

About ½ way through that day I got my act together and started talking and working out a plan of action for getting Luke healthy.

Around 6:00 that day, we found out he was mildly jaundiced & would need a bili-blanket.

Throughout the day we continued to supplement with pumped milk, formula, and only attempted nursing after Luke was finished eating.

We found out in the wee hours of the morning that Luke had gained 2 oz. We were now above the dreaded 10% birth weight decrease & would be allowed to take our little boy home. (We were on day 4 in the hospital.)

In the morning Luke was cleared of his jaundice & we were discharged around 7:30 am!

We had a check up this morning with Luke’s pediatrician. He gained 5 oz. since yesterday morning & now weighs 6 lbs even! He was very alert and active for about an hour and a half at the doctor’s office. We were so happy. The doctor said he looked great, keep doing what we’re doing and that he didn’t need to come back until he was 1 month old! Yay!

We’re so happy and love our little boy to pieces!

Obviously we call him “Our little Pumpkin”, “Peanut”, Luke, Luke-y, and “Squeaker”. He makes this funny squeaky noise all the time & I just love it.

Anyway, that’s our birth story & first week with our awesome little boy!

Monday, October 19, 2009

Birth Story Continued

Pretext: It's 7:30 am & I'm finally being allowed food....I'm waiting for the food cart to show up before I go back to sleep after nursing my handsome man!!  (My parents will probably show up before I get to go back to sleep though & that's ok.)

So, the c-section began at 9:15 w/ me getting the spinal placed.  (The spinal wasn't  at all & truly numbed me completely.  I am glad I wanted that & not an epidural. I didn't have a choice...but to me the spinal was so much EASIER to do than the epidural.)  Tim didn't want to see anything, so he sat next to my head behind the curtain. 

So, within a matter of minutes they had done the section & pulled Luke out.  I could sort of feel, but don't know if I felt "the moment" when he came out.  I remember them saying he was born at 9:40 am.  He gave a few gurgly cries and I'm assuming the doctors suctioned him & cut his cord pretty quickly.  (We couldn't see.) 

After he stopped being gurgly &crying, they carried him around the curtain on my left side & let me have a looksie. 

Tim got to go over to the bassiet where they were toweling Luke off & checking his vitals.  He got an 8 & 9 on his "at birth" apgars. I don't know what his later ones were, but I plan on asking before we leave. 

After about a minute of Tim looking at the baby & me not being able to see, I told Tim I wanted to touch the baby.  So, the sweet nursery nurse (Tammy) brought him, butt naked & in all his glory, over for me to see and touch.  She let me pet him and give him a kiss, before asking if she could continue drying him. 

He didn't cry or anything, such a good man.

So, then the doctor's finished with me & the nurses finished with Luke.  Tim got to hold him & came to sit with me while I was being stitched up.  He laid Luke on the bed by my head (without letting go) so that I could see and touch and kiss my little boy.  I remember him fussing a bit & me kissing him and going 'shh' and him getting quiet. 

After several minutes of bonding time the nurses had to take him to the nursery to get properly warmed b/c they didn't have a "Panda" warmer in the OR. 

I had asked that they not "bathe" him but just wipe him down & they respected my wishes.  Yay!  Tim and his mom got to go in the nursery with him while they did all kinds of little newborn assessments.  Tim was particularly interested in the testicular exam!  He said they also bent all of his joints as far as they'd go & flexed all his little muscle groups.  Aww...I'm sorry I had to miss that.

It took them a little while longer to get me settled & it was after 10:15 when I got to my post-op/recovering/postpartum room. 

My nurse, Rebecca, stayed with me from the triage room,to surgery, to my post-op room.  As soon as we were in the room, she called for the baby to be brought to me.  She did all the post-op stuff she had to do to me (blood pressure, hooking up IVs, and such) and then she helped me and Tim get Luke to latch on.

Oh how I love feeding my child. 

It'sNOT easy.  But the reward is so great & I know that I'm doing my best for my baby!  So far it's not painful & I am using lanolin after every feeding to help limit any possible soreness. 

Luke got 3 or 4 really big deep swallows of milk in before we were both spent.  I was in tears and he just would not/could not open his tiny mouth wide enough for my huge ta-tas! 

By then it was after 11:15 and maybe even closer to 12! Mandy asked to come in so that she could see Luke & I before leaving to go get Grayson & Spencer.  We let her in for a quick visit. 

Nurse time...

More about Luke

I'll start out with the good stuff!!  A few more pictures of the most amazing man in my life!  I am so in love with my son, Lucas Wayne, that I cannot express it adequately.  I've been awake for almost 24 hours straight & for an entire day before that, so I'm beat, but I have to get this down while I'm feeling it.  Talk about running on E!!

Here's a couple pictures Tim caught of Luke after his bath this afternoon.  We managed to wait until after 3:00 to give him his first bath & he was pretty alert afterwards.

This is one from when he was FIRST born...I guess someone snapped this from the nursery. His cute little tooshie!!

Who can resist a perfectly baked baby burrito?  I just love how snuggly he is when he's all wrapped up!  (Though he has spent quite a bunch of time today getting some almost nakie skin to skin time with me!!)

And finally, this is what I see when I look down at my chest.  I am so thoroughly blessed.  Thank God for my healthy little man!!

Eh, I can't get into the birth story right now.  Guess you just get pictures tonight!!

Sunday, October 18, 2009


Lucas Wayne Goetsch

Born @ 9:40am

Weighing in at 6 lbs. 4 oz.

Measuring 19 inches long

My water broke at 2:45 am.  Within minutes I began contracting for 30-45 seconds every 2 1/2 minutes.  I woke Tim up at 3:20 and told him my water broke.  He didn't believe me & had a hard time waking up!  Because I had worked hard the day before & we had DTD @ midnight, I wasn't immediately SURE that my water broke.  BUT, within 30 minutes I was STILL leaking & then had a few drops of blood when I wiped.  I knew then that my water was broken!

We spent the next hour & a half getting the last minute things taken care of & ready to go.  I folded laundry, showered, ate some eggs, and finished packing my hospital bag.  (We used contraction to time the contractions...or "the ows" while we were doing this stuff.)  I couldn't tell the contractions were coming other than the pain got never really went away.

We arrived at the hospital at about 5:15 am.

We got into the ER & did a quickie triage...then I had to be wheeled to L&D. I tried to walk but they wouldn't let me.

We got put right into a triage room up here.  I warned them about my flu-symptoms & was promptly given a mask to wear.  The nurse did all the usual stuff & then did an internal exam sometime around 6:00.

She said I was measuring about 2-3 cm. dialated.

She then hooked me up to the monitors & left for a while.  Luke's heart rate was around 140-160, peaking during the contractions.  The monitor did not pick up the contrax. well, because I kept sitting up & leaning forward during them.

I had INTENSE incredibly painful back labor.  DH or his mother had to apply STRONG counter pressure on my lower back or I was in an unimaginable amount of pain!!

Around 7, they finally said I could get off the monitor & start walking the halls.  Yay!  More than anything I wanted out of the stinking bed!!

So, I walked to the bathroom & went potty.  I lost my "mucous plug" then.  It was about the size of a 1/2 dollar & red blood w/ a snot mixture.

Then we did 1/2 a lap of the halls before the nurse stopped me. She came rushing up...saying that b/c I was breech at 36 weeks I wouldn't be allowed to "labor down" until I was checked.

Well, the doctor wasn't going to be in until "around 8" and it was only a little after 7.  I begged & pleaded...but lost.  I had to return to bed...and monitors...and was NOT to try to progress things on my own.


So, I got into bed.  I managed to avoid the monitor for a while.  The contractions were getting a lot stronger & closer together.  I sat in the bed indian style & DH & his mom took turns rubbing my back through the contractions.

As I got more & more in pain, and the nurse did more & more stuff requiring me to lay down, I started to lose control during the contractions.  After 8 am, I started to get really upset.  The nurse could tell things were moving along & decided to check me herself w/o the doctor.  She did an internal, said, "that's his butt" and then threw me on the ultrasound machine.

I cried during the US.  I knew I was headed for a c-section & it hurt like the dickens to be flat on my back.

As soon as she & another nurse (who was already in the room) confirmed that he was still breech, my awesome nurse (Rebecca) started making the arrangements for my c-section.

(Tim and I had already discussed that a version performed by a doctor who didn't want to do one, was a bad idea & that the section was our best option.)

The doctor showed up around 8:30 and did his own quickie ultrasound.  He made the official call that we'd be doing a section & things really started picking up.

I was upset & crying over the section/loss of control by that point.  I forgot to focus through the contractions, which made the pain quite unbearable.  I was crying a lot & making a lot of noise through contractions that were 2 minutes or less apart.

I got my IV in and they started prepping me for surgery. The nurse shaved me & really upset me b/c she was rough & went REALLY low.  Lower than I think was needed.   I was shaking & really scared.

At 9:15 am I was rolled into the OR.  Tim couldn't come in until after I had my spinal.  I was a shaky whine-y mess.

After the spinal (with tears a rolling down my face) I was laid down & they got the room ready.  Though I couldn't see & was numb past my breasts, I could tell that I was spread eagle & naked on the table except for my boobs.  It was not pleasant.

After they got started I was silently crying & holding Tim's hands.  I kept saying "I don't like it." because I didn't like the way the tugging & pulling felt.  It was not fun, but not miserable or painful in any way.

Well, there's more to the story, but I can't keep my eyes open.  I'll leave you with a few pictures & then I'll finish later.

Friday, October 16, 2009

Seriously the light of my life....

There is this adorable little girl that I know.  She is 2 years old.  She's so funny & has such an imagination! 

I love her to bits & pieces!  I don't know what I'd do if I couldn't see her or talk to her or be a part of her life. 

Lately, we've been experimenting with "Big Girl Panties" and potty training!  It's not going so well...but I blame that on inconsistency & the fact that we don't have her mini-potty chair.

Doesn't she look adorable in her "big girl panties"???

These are pictures we took today. 

She's been a trooper through my flu recovery & has done SO well camping out in my bed with her "People" and books!

How can you resist that adorable face? 

Tuesday, October 13, 2009

Blog Break

That should be explanation enough. 

I'm sick.  I'll be back to post more when I feel better.  The tamiflu is supposed to help within 48 hours. 


Saturday, October 10, 2009

Countdown to Baby!

I think this is the beginning of what could be a LONG pre-labor.  For documenting the birth story & all that good jazz, I'm going to post every little detail which COULD mean something is if you don't want to hear about bodily functions in all their gory glory you probably shouldn't read these countdown posts!

While subbing at Northside Middle School, I started having regular contractions Friday at 1:20. They were about 16-20 minutes apart. I waddled around my classroom & did some lungy type movements to help keep them going.

The contractions continued during my hour long drive home & then Amanda & I went to the mall (another 40 min. car ride) and walked around for an hour & a half (with Grayson & Spencer). By the time we left the mall (6:15) the contractions were steadily 12 minutes apart.

I did notice by the time we got home that Luke had dropped quite a bit (several inches) into my pelvis & out of my chest!

I got home & Tim and I putzed around the house a bit until we went out for dinner around 8:00. Still 12 minutes apart. I ate a good dinner of yummy pepper steak w/ gravy (at Grand China Buffet) and really got myself stuffed!

When we got home, I was exhausted & went to bed at 9:30, still having contrac. every 12 minutes.

I didn't sleep well at all & tossed and turned. Tim didn't even come to bed until after 12:30. I timed an hour or 2 worth of contractions then & they were 12, 19, 12, and 15 minutes apart. (We were watching The Office in bed.) I had an asthma attack around then too & started feeling congested during the night. Tim said I was SNORING like crazy too! (Which I used to snore badly, but havn't the entire pregnancy!)

When I got up Saturday morning (at 11 am) I putzed on my computer and then got busy doing housework/showering and stuff. I was having a few contractions an hour or so but not timing them or anything. When we left for church around 4:15 I started timing them again & they were pretty consistently 20 minutes apart.

I've only 1/2 way been paying attention to them since 5:45 and they are staying around 20 minutes 3 an hour. (Doc said to call for 4 or more an hour, but I KNOW I'm not in "real" labor yet, so I'm not too I'm 36 weeks & 5 days, so they wouldn't stop the labor at this point.)

I've gotten steadily MORE congested as the evening as gone on. My nose is even dripping a little bit.

Tuesday, October 6, 2009


Time to post another calendar!

T Oct. 6-Spaghetti for dinner
W Oct. 7-Sub @ Ruffner Academy
T Oct. 8-Sub @ Ruffner Academy, Bible Study @ 7:00
F Oct. 9
S Oct. 10-Tim church in the morning, Chili cook off after church @ 5:00, Post-dinner w/ Melanie
Su Oct. 11-Lunch with Melanie
M Oct. 12
T Oct. 13- 2:45 37 Week Dr. Appointment
W Oct. 14-Subbing at Monroe Elementary
T Oct. 15-La Leche League @ 6:30, Bible Study @ 7:00
F Oct. 16- Subbing at Monroe Elementary
S Oct. 17-Girl Scout event
Su Oct. 18
M Oct. 19-Lunch with Melanie
T Oct. 20
W Oct. 21
T Oct 22- Bible Study @ 7:00
F Oct. 23
S Oct. 24-Girl Scout event
Su Oct. 25
M Oct. 26
T Oct. 27
W Oct. 28
T Oct. 29- Bible Study @ 7:00
F Oct. 30-Smore's at the Gilmores
S Oct. 31-Mom & Dad coming down unless plans change
Su Nov. 1
M Nov. 2
T Nov. 3- Due Date
W Nov. 4

Needs & Wants

Here's our MAJOR updated to-do/buy list for preparing for Baby Luke.

We still need to BUY:

nursing stool (25)
cradle mattress ($52 from
Spray lanolin
changing table cover
new trash can to use as diaper pail
2 King size pillow cases (to use as sheets in cradle)
breast friend pillow (45)
seat back protectors (10)
breathable bumper (29)
nursing tops & bras
Wet bag for diaper bag
Pail liner

We still need to DO:
General Cleaning:
Filing & sorting through piles of papers
Boxes in living room
Halloween decorations
Dust t.v.
Scrub up used baby toys
Scrub our bathtub
Mop bathrooms
Clean behind the microwave
Scrub window sills
Wash car inside & out
Bathe dogs
Clean carpets
Actually organize garage

Nursery Preparation:
Paint red stripe
Hang shelves
Paint wall letters
Clean out top of Luke’s closet

Pack hospital bags
Order cradle mattress
Write birth plan
Finish Thank You cards
Scrapbook w/ Mandy

We still want:
breast pump
diaper bag (ju ju be be prepared) (180)
baby signs (40)
bath tub spout cover (15)
closet organizers (25 each)
jumperoo bouncy toy (90)
Bumbo (supposed to be getting one from a friend)

a crib mattress $36 @ Wal-Mart!!!
cradle bedding--mom bought the stuff to make the bumper
nursing pads from JoAnna (15)
Snappis--they're here!
changing table pad--yay--a late baby shower present!
crib & dresser are assembled!


First, let me say that I think circumcising your child is a very personal decision.  It should be made by the parents of the child alone.  Nobody else can decide for you what to do to your child. 

Secondly, let me say, that to leave comments about it & then not leave a reply e-mail addy is lame.  Especially when I didn't ask for information or input.

Finally, our son will be circumcised.  I'm not too particular about which method is used, as long as it is done correctly and neatly.  My largest concern is that my baby is given pain medication and local anestesia prior to the surgery and then given pain medication as needed after the surgery. 

The decision to circumcise Luke was not an easy one.  I did a LOT of research.  We are not doing it for any religious reasonings.

There is medical evidence that states that circumcision later in life hurts MORE and takes longer to heal (if it heals correctly) than circumcision as a newborn. 

Both sides of our families have had complications with uncircumcised boys having problems as children/teens and needing to have operations and circumcisions.  Those boys all say that they wish it had been done as a baby, so they'd have no memory of it.  They will remember and be effected by the pain of late-in-life circumcision forever. 

We are going to fight to have Tim go with Luke, to hold his hand and console him during the 10 minute long procedure.  Luke will be numbed before and will have access to pain medication after.  The operating table that is used is heated and Luke will be swaddled during the procedure, not spread eagle on a plastic board like you see in the horror films on Youtube.  Immediately following surgery, Luke will return to me.  He will not be held in the nursery or required to have any length of "recovery" in the nursery. 

If Luke resents us later in life for having him circumcised, well, we'll deal with it then!  I'm sure he'll resent us for other things along the path of life too!  That's part of being a parent.  Most likely, he won't care either way, just like all the guys in my life, don't care.  It's just how it is. 

So, if you're going to comment on this post, I ask that you please leave a reply e-mail, so I can write back to you.  I hate not being able to respond to comments.  Comments that are hateful, ugly, rude, vulgar, or use profanity will be deleted.  Comments w/o an e-mail address may be deleted (at my discretion.)  I love comments, but don't comment on something so personal & not let me write back to you.  Thanks! 

Monday, October 5, 2009

Hospital Tour

Well, tonight was our hospital tour at Leigh.  I'm pretty happy with where we'll be delivering Luke.  I am pretty sure I can have the birth I envision there. 

We started out in a "classroom" and the nurse went over a lot of things.  I'm going to jot down my notes here so I can remember what we talked about & learned.

What to Bring to the Hospital:
extra pillows
no jewelry
baby's outfit for going home
baby's outfit for picture
pjs & blankets for Tim

Things to Ask Dr. Morgan About:
1. Procedure for going to hospital (call him first, go in, etc.)
2. Circumcision procedures w/in the practice (nobody at Leigh uses plastibell)
3. Delayed cord cutting
4. Continuous monitoring (20 on 20 off ???) 

Normal Hospital Procedures:
-3 people allowed in room at a time, can rotate until pushing starts
-house pediatrician will check on baby each morning
-Nourishment room available (has coffee, hot chocolate, ice, etc.)
-Staff fridge available for saving left-overs for baby photos
-between 9 pm & 5:30 am enter through ER, go straight to L&D
-Vaginal birth soonest discharge 24 hours w/ 1 day follow up or 36-48 hours
-C-Section birth soonest discharge 48 hours but normally up to 3-4 days
-C-Section rate over 30% in Virginia
-24 hour liquid diet w/ C-Section
-24/7 Roomming in is bathed & everything in the room (even weighed)
-Baby goes to nursery for hearing screening, doctor check-ups in AM, and circumcision
-Baby placed on warm towel on belly
-no teli-monitors
-they have birthing balls
-no birthing tub or stool
-If I want a squat bar bed I need to ask at admission b/c they only have a few
-Heplock is ok, as long as you don't need an IV for antibiotics or fluid
-Their rooms are LDRP (labor/deliver/recover/postpartum)
-After a C-section 1 hour baby in nursery, mom in Recovery
-It's not a teaching hospital...they do have student nurses but you can request not to have one
-Own clothing ok after delivery
-No food or drink (ice chips & popsicles only)
-Lactation consultant available Mon-Saturday 

Sunday Update

Sunday Sept. 27

We ended up skipping church because we worked WAY too hard on Saturday. We should have gotten stuff done but we didn’t. Instead it was 5:00 before we made it to Tom and Peggy’s house for Cousin Amy & me to have our shared birthday party. Only, Loren & Beth had a ton of their friends over, so it was pretty awkward. Peggy & Tom gave me $20. We didn’t leave there until late.

Monday Sept. 28

I can’t remember anything. The only thing on my calendar is childbirth class @ 7:00.

Tuesday Sept. 29

I subbed at Northside Middle School again on Tuesday. This time it went really well.

Wednesday Sept. 30

I was off on Wednesday. I had errands to run and I got a lot done. I took Carolynn to meet the new babysitter. Her name is Mrs. Jen. Caro really seemed to like her. Chrissy went to the social services office to apply for assistance. I had a 2:00 appointment to get my car inspected and my oil changed. I had the courtesy shuttle take me home. When Tim got home we went to pick up my car. I can’t remember much else.

Thursday Oct. 1

Subbing at Ingleside for Ms. Walters

Friday Oct. 2

Subbing at Ingleside for Ms. Walters & then I had the boys after school & took a nap. Tim and I didn’t accomplish anything.  Mandy came by & got the boys. 

Saturday Oct. 3

We didn’t get anything done on Saturday morning (*wink*)…Tim ended up heading to the bank & Wal-Mart. I went out to lunch w/ Melanie for a mystery shop and we had a great time! Lots of birth/baby talk because we could talk freely w/ no littles around! After lunch we went to Toys R Us and then back to Melanie’s. When I left there I went to Rock a Bye Baby and got a swaddle me blanket, a boppy cover, and some valves for sippy cups. We are still a couple Playtex valves short so I’ll be on the lookout for those for a while.

Sunday Oct. 4

We spent all day Sunday cleaning the house. Tim worked on the garage. I worked on the inside of the house. Loren came over and helped w/ a little bit of both. We got a LOT done & we were all exhausted by supper time at 7:00. I had a huge to-do list to tackle & got most of it done. The house looks amazing!

Monday Oct. 5

Today started out w/ getting up early and heading to the Nansemond Pediatrics office to meet Dr. M who will be Luke’s doctor. We like her & are happy with her answers to our questions.

Then we headed home for a little while to do some housework.

Around 10:15, we headed to MY Dr. M’s office for my ultrasound. I already posted the update about that.

After the doctor’s appointment we went to Chic Fil A.

When we got home, Tim headed to the grocery store & I worked on the housework & unpacking my Halloween stuff.

Tim dropped off the groceries & then went to the post office. I continued working on the house. When he got back he got to work on scrubbing the walls & mopping the kitchen. I kept cleaning.

Around 5:15, we left for our hospital tour. It went well.

Afterwards we went to Tom and Peggy’s to pick up my car. Then we headed home.

I made grilled cheese & soup for dinner. Then I did the dishes. Tim finished scrubbing the walls in the hall.

Now, we’re heading to bed.

Sorry for the SUPER abbreviated notes...I have no energy & can't remember everything that happened!

To Do List Update!

To Do:


mop bathrooms

scrub our bath tub

scrub walls in hall

paint stripe

paint Luke's wall letters

get Luke's room 100% done

pack hospital bags

couple more boxes to unpack in living room

office papers

36 Week Check Up Update

Well, I'm still pregnant & planning on staying this way! Our ultrasound was fine, Luke was SOUND asleep & no amount of jiggling or poking was getting him to spread his legs. We really wanted to confirm gender!! Oh well. She said if they saw it at 20 weeks, it's still there & they're rarely wrong.

Luke was in the frank breech position. I felt him turn during the night. He's still a little wiggle worm! So, right now, he's facing my right front, his spine is along my left side. His butt is down & his feet & hands are up in my right abdomen. My doctor said, "Don't go into labor while he's breech...we don't do breech delivery, only c-section." Fun. So, we either get him to turn or delay going to the hospital until they'd have to let me birth him...or just suck it up & have the CS.

His head measured correctly at 35w6d and 36w0d....but....his belly, arms, and legs all measured behind. The farthest along any of those measured was 34 weeks and a few days. The lowest was 33 weeks and a day. I don't really know what those measurements mean or if there is anything to those numbers, but he definitely seemed small.

She said his estimated weight was 5 lbs. 6 oz. According to the internet at 36 weeks they should be about 5 lbs 9 oz to up to 6.5 lbs. So, he might be a little light.

I'm ok w/ him being a peanut. There was nothing at all wrong w/ his placenta or cord & his blood flow & heart were he's a-ok!

His heart rate was 154. My blood pressure was 110/80 (I think.) I forgot to ask Dr. M my fundal height.

I had "nothing going on" w/ my cervix...which OMG that HURT!!! It felt like he jammed his whole freaking fist up there!!

I also had my Group B Strep test today.

I also have GREAT news!! I gained 2 WHOLE pounds this past 2 weeks!! I knew we grew a lot this past 2 weeks & I thought I had gained I was SO happy to see that I'm to 201.5 now! That's the MOST I've gained in between appointments the whole pregnancy! Yay!

So, overall, one of my better appointments.

Our next appointment is Tuesday afternoon. I'll be 37 week then!

After the doctor appointment, Tim and I went to Chic Fil A & I ate 9 nuggets & a whole thing of fries! I was starving! Now, Tim's gone to the grocery store & I have to get some housework done!

Sunday, October 4, 2009

Busy Me

Wow, I've been a busy little bee lately...way too busy to blog.  I'll entertain you with today's to-do list for now & then hopefully have time to blog/update later.  I'll definitely have an update for you in the next couple days about our appointments tomorrow.  (8:30-meet the pediatrician, 11:00 ultrasound, 6:00 hospital tour)

To Do:
lots of laundry
decorate for Halloween
mop bathrooms/kitchen
scrub our bath tub
scrub walls in hall
paint stripe
paint Luke's wall letters
pack up scrapbooking stuff to go to Mandy's
clean giant mess in living room
clean kitchen
clean out Luke's closet & get his room 100% done
pack hospital bags
wash some of the preemie/newborn clothes