Sunday, April 29, 2018

Trying to Resurrect the Blog

So, I clearly lost my blogging mojo a while back and kind of just let the blog drift into oblivion.  I don't even know if anybody still stumbles across it.  But, I did always enjoy using it as a journaling space and somewhere to keep a record of the fun stuff the kids and I did.  So, now that we are getting the house in order and I have a space where I can sit and type again, I figured I'd give a go at bringing it back to life!   

There's no way to quickly recap the last couple years, so I'll just have to let that be.  Obviously our family has expanded since the last time I posted.  Sulley is the sweetest baby & such a blessing.  I can't imagine our lives without him.  He's our fun and sensitive little red head, so easy going and gentle.  His big brothers adore him. 

Tim is still working as a computer geek and supporting my desire to stay home and homeschool the kids.  I wouldn't change it for the world.  We may not have the biggest house, newest car, or fanciest gadgets but we've got each other and the freedom to enjoy ourselves. 

Lucas is technically in 2nd grade according to the state, but we haven't done any formal "curriculum" with him beyond the "Teach Your Child to Read in 100 Easy Lessons" book, which we didn't even finish.  We got through about 70 lessons.  He is amazing at scripture memorization and is finishing up his third year of Awana Sparks.  He will have earned all 3 years worth of books & the full review for the first year book.  We couldn't be more proud of him!  He is reading a little and LOVES math. 

Vinnie is officially a first grader this year, but we technically "held him back" by opting out of kindergarten and starting him in Awanas late.  He is not yet reading.  He recognizes most letters and can count almost to 20.  He's not interested in "school" work yet and we are trying to give him space and not push him.  He's funny & entertaining.  He recently dyed his hair turquoise!  He kept his long locks until Nov. 2016 when I finally relented and let him chop them off.  He's finishing up the first year of Awana Sparks. 

His health is AMAZING.  We've got his allergies mostly under control.  Seasonal stuff is still giving us a fit but he is down to being anaphylactic to ONLY: milk, eggs, peanuts, and bananas!  He has outgrown SO MANY of his allergens.  We took a 2nd trip to National Jewish Health in February of this year.  They were amazing, just like last time!  When I have more time I'll try to write up the details of those trips!

Its been 2 years and 7 months since Dad passed.  Its definitely easier now.  We miss him.  I have a good cry every now and then.  Lucas is in counselling and we will probably put him in a group grief therapy soon.  He and Dad were close and he has some unresolved issues with the end of Dad's life.  No thanks to Vibra, who denied the kids a chance to say goodbye.  It makes me sad when I think that Sulley will never know his Pap. 

That's all I have time for now. Hopefully, I'll be back soon! I've missed my dear old blog!