Thursday, January 1, 2009

Blondie is NOT ready to be put down!

OMG. I just gave Blondie a bath. She doesn't have AS much fight left in her as she used to (it used to take BOTH of us, in swimsuits, to get her to stay in the tub!) but she still has LOTS of fight left!

She started out ok. I had run a full Aveeno Baby bath for her. I lathered her up & washed her top parts and she was OK. Then when I drained the water, so I could do her legs and her belly she started having a cow. Then when there was just an inch of water in the tub, she decided to use the toilet everywhere. And then walk in it.


So then, I had to keep her in the tub & use soggy toilet paper to get the CRAP out of the tub. Then I had to turn the shower on (and keep her in the tub) to run the dirty water & the PISS out of the tub.

Now she HATES the shower. So that was no fun. Also I got my hair & entire upper body wet.

So then I start running some more water to rinse her with. Yea, she's on to me now & is in no way, shape, or form going to stay put. She fought & fought & then she SHIT again! UGH. I was so pissed again!

So, I pushed her to the back of the tub, turned off the water & grabbed some more tp to get it out. Then rinsed the whole darn tub again & then continued with the bath. It probably took less than 15 minutes, start to finish. But it sucked.

Then I had to get her out of the tub in a towel (for her not me), go around the ladder that's blocking my doorway, into the kitchen to dry her. Then back to the guest bathroom to use a blow drier and a comb to get her brushed and dried.

I washed her "jacket" this morning, so its all fresh and clean and so is she!

I can assure you that this dog is not ready to be put to sleep. She is still very much alive. She is NOT in pain. She gets around and loves her mommy and daddy.

Yes, she has a skin condition, but when we bathe her regularly (it's been less than a month since I bathed her) it is easy to control.

Up next, her toe nails. And that one STILL takes 2 people!

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