Monday, October 31, 2011

Fire Department Trip

Free, fun, educational--the three best things that can be said about entertainment for kids, right?  

A couple Saturdays ago, we had to go to the local fire department to get car seats installed.  While we were there, they let Aaron and Luke check out the firetrucks.  It was a great impromptu afternoon event.  

The fire fighter answered all of Aaron's questions, put Luke up in the truck, and really made them feel special.  

Aaron enjoyed climbing in and out of the truck and learning about the jaws of life.  

Luke was fascinated with the TRUCK and wanted to push ALL of the buttons in the driver's seat. (I hope they double-check all of that before heading out!)  

We will definitely go back again (many times) over the years for Luke to learn all about the trucks and the firemen and their jobs.  I love that the station is right in our neighborhood!  

I can't wait until Luke is old enough to not be scared of the gear, so he can see a fireman all suited up. :)  

Sunday Update 10/24-11/4

Here's another post that never got finished....again, we'll let the pictures do the talking!

Mon. 10/24

Tues. 10/25

Weds. 10/26

Thurs. 10/27

Fri. 10/28

 Sat. 10/29

Sun. 10/30

Mon. 10/31

Tues. Nov. 1

Weds. Nov. 2

Thurs. Nov. 3

 Fri. Nov. 4

Sunday, October 23, 2011

I've got a baby, sue me....Sunday Update Sept. 27-Oct. 23

Not really, don't sue me, I don't have any money!

But, I do have a bunch of good excuses for not blogging for a month, so please forgive my lack of posting about anything at all!

I think this will be one of those updates that's best to go in reverse order, since the more recent stuff is more fresh in my mind!

Sun. Oct. 23
The boys are both sick.  This morning their temperatures were 100.1 (Vinnie) and 100.0 (Luke).  Vinnie has a cough & Luke has a runny nose.  They are both extra tired and cranky.

We stayed home from church and took a nice nap together.  I love snuggling my little guys!

Sat. 22
In the morning, Tim, Aaron, and I got the housework done.  Around 11:45 I headed to the fire department to have the car seats rearranged.

It took 4 firemen over 30 minutes to get Luke's Radian 80SL installed in the third row.  Luke & Aaron got to play on a fire truck and talk to a fireman though. :)

After we finally got the car seats taken care of, we headed to McDonald's.  That took forever too, but around 12:45 we were finally headed to Amanda's house.

We picked Mandy, Grayson, and Spencer up & then drove to Emporia.

Mandy & Mom worked on getting stuff from the garage into the attic, while I went to the grocery store & helped out in the house.

We had spaghetti for dinner and then Mandy put all the boxes into the attic.  It was 8:30 before we headed home & it was 10:45 by the time I got Mandy & the boys dropped off, Aaron dropped off, and our van unloaded.

Fri. 21
I took Vinnie to the doctor on Friday morning, while Beth stayed home with Luke.  Vinnie had a low-grade temperature and had a cough starting Thursday night.  They did an RSV test but it was negative so they said he just has a nasty cold.  We were sent home with directions to nurse, use the humidifer, and just let him work through it.  If he gets irritable for 3 hours or more, a temperature over 102, or has no wet diapers for 6 hours we are to take him back, OR if he is still sick on Monday.  Since he's still sick this afternoon I foreshadow a trip to the doctor for him tomorrow.

Vinnie weighed in at 11.1 lbs, putting him just under the 15% for the WHO charts and was 23.5 inches long coming in at just under the 50% for the WHO charts.

Thurs. 20

Weds. 19
Tim stayed home sick from work, again.
I took Luke to Wal-Mart to get his pictures done in the morning & ended up forgetting my purse, so Tim brought it to me.  Then he took Luke home, while I took Vinnie with me to take Mom to the doctor.

After Mom's doctor's appointment we went to Ci-Ci's for lunch.

Tues. 18
Happy 2nd Birthday Lucas Wayne Goetsch!
Tim ended up taking the day off, because he was sick, so we had a lazy day at home.

 Tim stayed home in the morning with Luke while Vinnie & I went to MOPS.  When we got home all three guys took a nap while I did housework.

After dinner, I took Luke and Vinnie for a walk to the park.  (hoping we can keep this a tradition)   We got some cute pictures & video of Luke playing.  Vince hung out in the Moby wrap the whole time.

When we got home, Tim was at class, so Luke and I had birthday cake flavored ice cream together, before his bath & bedtime.

Mon. 17
Vincent 10 weeks old!
Both boys had temperatures and Luke had a cold, so I rescheduled their well-baby appointments.

Sun. 16
Tim had to run sound, so we didn't go to church again.

Sat. 15
Luke's birthday party--separate post!

Fri. 14
Still sick with mastitis but I did manage to go to Target and get Luke's hair cut.

Thurs. 13
I got hit with mastitis. :/

Weds. 12

Tues. 11
I had to take Mom to the doctor at 12 and then I had my own doctor's appointment in the afternoon.  It was a pain in the butt with both boys, but I managed.  I did decide I needed a double stroller though.

Mon. 10
Vincent 9 weeks old!

Sun. 9
After church, Peggy picked Luke up and took him to her house & then to Cracker Barrel for lunch.  Tim & I took Vinnie and went to "Pint with the Pastor" at Guadalajara's.

Sat. 8
We spent the day getting the kitchen cleaned & organized.

In the evening, I left Tim with Luke while Vinnie & I went to a Divorce Party with my old college friends.  It was a good time.

Fri. 7
APSEVA Taylor Farm play-date- separate post!

That night, Liz, Karen, and I met at the Bounce House for a play-date.  Luke got over his fear of the jump-jumps that morning at the farm, so he played hard.

Thurs. 6
I actually got a chance to sew and added this fun Ooga Booga panel to my Moby.  I love it.  Vinnie does too, though I'm sure he could care less.

Is this not the cutest thing you ever saw?  I love snuggling with these two!

Vinnie's 0-3 month sleepers are completely filled out.  

Grayson & Spencer showing off some brotherly love!

Weds. 5

Tues. 4

I managed to pump before MOPS and so I was able to put Vinnie in the nursery.  This was a huge step for me.

Tim had class.
Mon. 3
Vincent 8 weeks old!

Sun. 2
Tim had to run sound, so the boys & I didn't make it to church.

Sat. 1

Fri. Sept. 30
I met up with Liz and her two boys at MacArthur mall in the morning.  Then the boys & I walked around for a bit before heading home for nap time.

Thurs. 29

Weds. 28
Vinnie got to wear a cute onesie that was bought for Luke, that Luke had never worn!  So I took pictures. It made me think of Grams, she is the one who bought Luke this outfit & I'm glad that my 2nd son got to wear something from her, even though she never met him. I'm sure she liked looking down on us that day!

We got new woolies in the mail, so we had to do a fashion shoot! We've since worn most of them a few times!

Tues. 27
Tim had class.

APSEVA Taylor Farm Play Date

We went to our first Attachment Parents of Southeast Virginia event this month!

Taylor Farm is an awesome pumpkin patch experience & I would recommend it to anybody!  

We started out at the first playground.  They have a wooden train which was a big hit with Luke!  

 Then we got to go meet the goats.

After the goats we walked by & saw the donkeys. 

After the donkeys there was another play-ground, but I didn't take any pictures of that one.

On the way to the hay-ride there were some mini-horses.  I nursed Vinnie while we waited our turn & then some more on the hay-ride.

At the pumpkin patch there was a jump-jump and that's ALL Luke wanted to do.

When it was time to get back on the hay-ride, Luke grabbed a  pumpkin.

Then he tried to grab two more!  I managed to get him back to the tram with only ONE pumpkin in tow.

After the hay-ride the "group" part of the day was over, so we took our time visiting with Aubrey & her mom Hilary.

Both kids got a kick out of checking out the pigs.

Then they played on the playground some more.  (This is a boat play-place.)

In the fire-house.

When we finally left after 1pm both boys were exhausted.

All-in-all, we had a great time!