Tuesday, October 30, 2012

Busy Weekend! Oct. 19-20

Last weekend was crazy jam packed!!  We just went full steam ahead all weekend long!

(10/19) Friday afternoon I drove home from Emporia, with no cell phone.  I stopped at Mandy's work to drop off some sauce Mom had made for her and she offered to watch the boys so I could run over to Obici to visit my friend Liz, who had just had a baby.  So, I left them there & zoomed over to the hospital and up to the maternity ward.

I got to visit with Liz and hear about her birth and then snuggle with little Katie Rose for a few minutes.  It was nice.  I definitely got all my warm fuzzies from holding that little 7 1/2 pound baby.   But, fortunately, no baby fever.

After too short of a time, I had to go back and get the boys and then race home...Luke was going to be late to soccer practice if we didn't hurry.

I got home, Tim switched car seats and I got Luke dressed for soccer.  Then they left and Vinnie and I were home alone.  I nursed Vinnie and played with him a bit and then unloaded most of the van.  I didn't have the motivation to do a whole lot, so we just hung out until Luke & Tim got home.

When they got home, we decided to splurge and get Subway for dinner, so we headed over there.  After eating, we walked around Food Lion, letting the boys ride the "Spaceship car" and picking up a couple groceries.

When we got home, it was bed time for the kids and then for us.

(10/20) Saturday morning we got up and got ready for Luke's soccer game.  He played at 10:30 and we ended up being a couple minutes late to the game, which is actually unusual for us, we normally make it to soccer on time or early.  Luke went right out and actually played!  He did really well for the first two quarters of the game.

By half time he was  moping and whining and not wanting to play, so we let him take a break for a quarter (his team had 6 players anyway--they only need 5 on the field).  During the last quarter, he decided to go play some more, all by himself!

After the soccer game, we headed to Greenbrier to shop a bit.  Tim and Luke checked Petsmart for dog food, but they were out.  Vinnie and I checked Target for a cell phone charger, but they didn't have what I needed.  Then we all walked down to the Verizon store and found one there.

Then we walked back to where we parked and headed home.  Luke fell asleep in the car, so Tim took him for a ride, while I nursed Vinnie at home & then packed up stuff for the rest of the day.

Tim and I ate our lunch in the car on the ride to Virginia Beach.  Our church and Foundry United Methodist church were having a joint Fall Festival and pumpkin patch.  Luke went straight for the bounce house, while Vinnie finished his nap up on my back.

Luke used most of his tickets to play the small games that were available and then we went inside to get some lunch and have a sit-down.

After Luke ate we headed back out to let him play in the jump-jump some more!

I went inside to nurse Vinnie for a bit and Tim got Luke all set-up to get his face painted.  One of the moms from church did an awesome job giving him a Spiderman face paint!

He was too tired and cranky though, so 1/2 of it quickly got wiped off.

After that it was time to head home.

Monday, October 22, 2012

Bad Blogger!

I've fallen way-mega-behind again in the blog business.  I've been barely keeping up with everything we have going on in September and October...and January is looking pretty awesome for all the empty calendar days we'll have!!

I'm going to update in little chunks, in reverse order...so starting with this past weekend and working my way to September 16. :)

Ready, set, go....