About Me

I’m Steph a stay-at-home-mom.   I have two sons, Lucas and Vincet and an awesome husband, Tim.  We have fish, an old cockatiel, and 2 dogs.  Our cockatiel is Speckles and my husband has raised him since he was born.  Our dogs are Wazowski, an Australian Shepherd Lab mix and Rosie May, a golden retriever.  The current fish is a beta named "Spiderman-Peter-Parker" and we also have a golden mystery snail named Jess.  

I am into cloth diapers, cloth menstrual pads, Attachment Parenting, and baby wearing.  

Our family attends The Gathering United Methodist Church. 

I love children, teaching, reading and swimming. I enjoy the beach, riding my bicycle, rollerblading, and playing games! 

In May of 2008, I was diagnosed with Polycystic Ovary Syndrome. I took Metformin from 5/9/08 until Oct. 2008. Then I started taking Clomid. On Nov. 26, we got our first BFP!  Then on Nov. 27-29 we were saddened by BFNs. Unfortunately my doctor confirmed that I had a chemical pregnancy. We were happy to know that I COULD get pregnant and we kept trying. On Feb. 21, 2009 we got another faint positive on a HPT. The next day we had another faint positive. On Feb. 23, we had a blood test to confirm that I had a viable pregnancy! After a pregnancy full of ups and downs, (and lots of morning sickness) we welcomed baby Lucas Wayne on October 18, @ 9:40 am, by c-section.

Fourteen months later, in December of 2010, we found out that I was miraculously pregnant again!  I had only had 2 post-partum cycles and we assumed I'd have the same issues as before, so we weren't being as careful as we could have been.  Vincent James was born on August 8, 2011 and has been a huge blessing to our family.  He suffers from multiple severe food allergies, but we are all learning together how to cope with his special needs.  

My blog is a personal outlet and a means of communicating with family and friends all of our going-ons.  You'll find a nice mixture of Luke & Vinnie's antics, my daily hum-drum, some reviews and giveaways, and lots of information on cloth diapering & natural parenting.  

I hope you enjoy my blog!!  Feel free to grab my button & post a comment if you'd like!