Monday, November 30, 2009


Yesterday marked the official beginning of the Advent season.  This is the time of the year where Christians reflect on the first coming of Jesus Christ.  There are 4 weeks of Advent.  In our church they are represented by Hope, Peace, Joy, and Love.

As a child we had an advent calendar but I didn't really know what Advent meant.  I want to start a tradition with Luke so that he actually understands WHY we count down to Christmas.

Tim and I discussed that we really like the idea of 25 Days of Giving to celebrate Advent.  Since Luke is a newborn and we're pretty tired/stressed with Chrissy, Carolynn, and Tony living here, we decided we won't do an activity EACH day this year, but start that tradition next year.  This year we're going to do one activity each week.

We haven't decided on our activities other than to say that we will use the theme of the week as our guide.  I think a newborn baby is a GREAT way to represent hope in our lives.  So, our "giving" will probably include Luke's hand prints/footprints and a picture in some way.

Sunday Update

Saturday turned out to be a pretty good day!

We relaxed at home during most of the morning, into the afternoon.

 Around 2 we decided to go to church, so we got busy getting ready to go.  We headed out around 4 and stopped by Rock a Bye Baby to get a Baby Bjorn carrier.  I LOVE it!  It's so easy to use & there is no "positioning" the baby just right.  Luke seems to enjoy it too, at least for sleeping!!

We also got 5 onesies & a Christmas sleep & play by Carter's.  (BTW-if it's made by Carters I'll love it, so don't hesitate to grab a good deal!)

Then we headed to church.  It was the first "Sunday" of advent & the message was good.  I enjoyed the service.

Afterwards, we headed home.  Chrissy's kids were starving, so she took the initiative & cooked dinner.  It turned out really yummy!  I ate two whole pieces of chicken & 2 or 3 servings of mashed potatoes (made w/ soy milk & butter flavored Crisco!)  After that it was cleaning house & bedtime.

Sunday we slept in.  Tim cooked a big breakfast for the kids & I ate banana bread while I fed Luke & pumped.  Around 1 we headed out to see Santa at Wal-Mart.  You saw the picture.  It was free, so we can't really complain TOO much.

After that, I relaxed at home, cleaned, and took care of Luke.  Tim fixed Chrissy's closet.  (The rod had fallen down due to poor installation & too many clothes being in there.)

We made chicken nuggets for dinner, cleaned, and went to bed.

Today, I slept until about 8 & spent the entire morning taking care of Luke.  Around 1:30 I headed out to McDonald's and Priority Toyota to get Tim's oil changed.  Luke hung out in his Bjorn while we waited over 2 hours for the truck to be done.

When we got home, we spent 30 minutes vegging (after Luke ate) and then got busy cleaning & fixing dinner. Then I ended up feeding Luke again (that 6 week growth spurt is kicking my butt!) while Tim made the salad.

After dinner, Tim went to bed (early--he's sick--again!), while Tony did dishes.  Carolynn watched Dora w/ Tim & Luke slept for a while.

While Tony worked on the kitchen I worked on the rest of the house.  Around 8:30 I sent him to shower, so I could feed Luke.

I've been putzing on my computer (while sterilizing bottles) since about 9:45.  Luke's eaten again & is starting to fuss AGAIN from his cradle.

I need to pump, drink hot chocolate, and watch House before bed!!

Sunday, November 29, 2009

First Trip to See Santa

Here's our Wal-Mart freebie!  They have Santa set up in the photo department from 10 am until 2 pm.  They're doing it again next weekend, but I wouldn't recommend the Frederick Blvd Wal-Mart b/c this 20something doesn't look much like Santa to me!!

Saturday, November 28, 2009

Sunday Update--6 Weeks Old

T Nov. 24-Tim stayed home from work sick.  Luke and I got a late start but we headed out to run errands & go shopping.  We went to the library, post office, McDonalds (drive through), Babies R Us (where we nursed & I bought a $27 nursing top), the bank, Kohl's,and Wal-Mart. We got home after 7 pm! We also nursed in a gas station parking lot on the way home.   When I got home, Tim cooked dinner & I visited w/ Amanda.  

W Nov. 25-Tim worked a half day & was home early.  It was GREAT!  In the evening we headed out to CiCi's for pizza.  We were doing a test to see if Luke is allergic/sensitive to milk.  I ate four slices of pizza!  

Th Nov. 26 Luke's First Thanksgiving!!  We slept in and took our time getting ready to get out of the house.  It was after 1:00 before we left the house.  We spent the entire day in front of the t.v.  Luke didn't nurse well and so he got a LOT of bottles.  It sucked big time.  He also didn't sleep well because Peggy or Beth kept waking him up.  That was annoying.  It was late, late, late when we got home.  Luke was up until about 2 am.   

F Nov. 27-We slept in and then spent the entire day trying to FIX Luke's eating & sleeping schedule.  That was fun.  (Not.)  For a while there he was nursing every hour.  It was after 7 before he had a bottle which made me happy...we managed to get through the day nursing.  

About 6:15, we packed up & headed out to Wal-Mart.  We spent a while just wandering around the store.  Then we got our groceries and headed home.  When we got home Tim and I worked together to cook dinner, clean the kitchen, make tea, and make popcorn.  After dinner was done we "watched" It's a Wonderful Life w/ Chrissy & the kids.  

I had to cut out to pump during the movie & so missed the majority of it & Tim missed a bunch because he was taking care of Luke.  Oh well.

S Nov. 28-So far today (it's old 8:40 am!) we've gotten up, pumped 10 oz of milk, taken care of Luke and watched an episode of House.  Fun times.  

Monday, November 23, 2009

Celebrate! I have time to blog!!!

We still need to BUY: (any of these would be great Christmas gifts!)
nursing stool ($25)
seat back protectors (10)
breathable bumper (29)
nursing tops & bras

Wet bag for diaper bag
Pail liner

Spray lanolin
Wool Wash

We still need to DO:
General Cleaning:
Filing & sorting through piles of papers
Halloween decorations away

Christmas decorations out
Dust t.v.
Scrub up used baby toys
Mop bathrooms
Scrub window sills
Wash car inside & out
Bathe dogs
Clean carpets
Actually organize garage

Nursery Preparation:
Paint red stripe
Paint wall letters
Clean out top of Luke’s closet

Put up quilts

Finish Thank You cards
Scrapbook w/ Mandy

We still want: (more good Christmas ideas)
breast pump
baby signs (40)
bath tub spout cover (15)
jumperoo bouncy toy (90)


cradle mattress
changing table cover
new trash can to use as diaper pail
2 King size pillow cases (to use as sheets in cradle)
breast friend pillow (45)
a crib mattress $36 @ Wal-Mart!!!
cradle bedding--mom bought the stuff to make the bumper
nursing pads from JoAnna (15)
Snappis--they're here!
changing table pad--yay--a late baby shower present!
crib & dresser are assembled!

Updated Calendar & "Sunday Update" for over a month's worth of time!!
T Oct. 6-Spaghetti for dinner
W Oct. 7-Sub @ Ruffner Academy
T Oct. 8-Sub @ Ruffner Academy<--I walked out @ 10:30 am, b/c the kids were SO bad!! I had 4 contractions in 30 minutes!! , Bible Study @ 7:00
F Oct. 9-Subbing @ Northside Middle, McArthur Center mall w/ Mandy, Grayson, and Spencer afterwards, started feeling sick w/ "the flu", was having contractions 10 minutes apart
S Oct. 10-Tim church in the morning, Chili cook off after church @ 5:00, Post-dinner w/ Melanie @ Texas Roadhouse 

Su Oct. 11-Lunch with Melanie @ Aldo's
M Oct. 12-Home w/ Carolynn, we went grocery shopping
T Oct. 13- 2:45 37 Week Dr. Appointment<-Cancelled...b/c of "Swine Flu"
W Oct. 14- Sick in bed w/ flu
T Oct. 15- Sick in bed w/ flu
F Oct. 16- Sick in bed w/ flu
S Oct. 17-Girl Scout event<--hanging door signs in Ingleside, my contractions were about 4-5 minutes apart & lasting about 30-45 seconds..this is the real beginning of my labor!! Read the birth story here!

Luke's First Week
Su Oct. 18<--Happy Birthday Lucas Wayne
M Oct. 19-Hospital
T Oct. 20-Hospital (no visitors day--we made a lot of breastfeeding progress)
W Oct. 21-We should have been discharged this day, but Luke lost too much weight & although he gained some it wasn't enough.  This is the day I was a MESS in the hospital.
T Oct 22- Discharge day!  We got to leave the hospital around 9:45-10 am!!
F Oct. 23-Luke's First Doctor's Appointment 6 lbs even! (also visited Mandy, went to Target, & Fazoli's)
S Oct. 24- Went to Babie's R Us for major shopping spree

Luke's Second Week
Su Oct. 25-Tim got the offer letter from CACI, I did housework
M Oct. 26
T Oct. 27
W Oct. 28-We made the transition to "Always try the breast first" w/ our breastfeeding journey!  Yay! He also fits into his newborn sleepers now, which were too big a week before.  He's up to 2.25 oz. at each feeding as well!!
T Oct. 29- Luke finally fit into his newborn nanipoos (the IT diaper for newborns), had his first diaper rash, and we went to PetSmart & Babies R Us

F Oct. 30-Eastern Shore trip to visit Luke's Great Grams
S Oct. 31-Dad & Frankie drove down

Luke's Third Week
Su Nov. 1-Luke's first trip to church, Dinner @ Yukon Steak House w/ the whole family
M Nov. 2-Tim went back to work, 1:00 appt @ Rock A Bye to drop off stuff, Hung out @ Hotel w/ Mom, Dad, and Frankie

T Nov. 3- Due Date, Election Day <--first time I "left" Luke, Luke & I hung out at home, getting housework done & relaxing, Mandy cooked everyone dinner that evening
W Nov. 4-Mom & Dad left for Pennsylvania, 9:45 Dr. Appt for me--which got rescheduled into an afternoon appt.  Melanie came by the house & visited for a while & then met me at the Doctor's office

Th Nov. 5-At 3:30 I called Tim to come home from work b/c Luke was fussing so badly...I couldn't handle any longer.  7:00 Bible Study @ Church
F Nov. 6-Tim took a half day to help me out....and Luke was a perfect angel.  Luke nursed and we all took a nap!  Then Tim went out & got pizza for dinner!
S Nov. 7-Saturday Night Service @ Church w/ Ashley & Chocolate Creme Pie

Luke's Fourth Week
Su Nov. 8-Missed church but went to CiCi's w/ the Johnson's afterwards, nursed Luke @ Toys R Us/Babies R Us in Virginia Beach
M Nov. 9-I stayed home & struggled w/ things all day.  
T Nov. 10-I stayed home & napped.  I decided things were getting to me so badly b/c I was tired!
W Nov. 11-Veteran's Day Tim was off!!
Th Nov. 12-Flooding kept Tim home from work!
F Nov. 13-Flooding kept Tim home from work!
S Nov. 14-Saturday night church w/ Carolynn 

Luke's Fifth Week
Su Nov. 15-Skipped church, James and Missy came by to visit w/ Luke, took Luke for his first walk (around the block), dinner & scrapbooking @ Mandy's in the evening
M Nov. 16-I had another rough day w/ Luke.  Peggy came over after work.  She brought McDonald's.  Yay!  She and Beth ended up staying for dinner.  
T Nov. 17-Luke & I had a great day (nursing & getting things done-wise) and went:to the bank, post office, Petsmart, Babies R Us (to nurse/pump), Old Navy (for nursing tops), Girl Scout Council (to visit MIL), to 7-11, and to Food Lion (where we pumped in the parking lot).  That evening was awful though.  Luke was SUPER fussy & I ended up needing Chrissy to take him from me so I could calm down/relax!
W Nov. 18-Church @ 7:00, Afterwards I developed a quick & awful case of mastitis.  It was terrible!  My fever was raging & I was miserable.  
Th Nov. 19-Tim "worked from home" to help take care of me
F Nov. 20-Tim got off early and joined me at Luke's second doctor's appointment.  He weighed in at 8 lbs. 7 oz and was 21 1/2 inches tall.  The doctor said he was "perfect"!  Afterwards we visited Mandy at work, dropped my car off at home, picked Carolynn up from the sitter's, went to Ming's for dinner, and visited w/ Melanie (letting her kids meet Luke for the first time)
S Nov. 21-We did a lot of nothing, lazed around in bed, took care of Luke, Tim wasn't feeling well, Tom, Peggy, and Beth came over &  cleaned house & made dinner.  Peggy & I took Luke & Carolynn to JoAnn's.  

Luke's Sixth Week
Su Nov. 22-Housework, housework, housework, feed the baby, feed the baby, pump, pump, pump, trip to Verizon wireless to check out the Android phone Tim wants
M Nov. 23-TODAY!  I got up early (after being up too late) cleaned, showered, bathed Luke, and had a visit w/ Rachel, our preacher at church.  Luke's in a nice rhythm of eat (nursing about 30-45 mins), play, sleep (for about an hour), and start again!  
T Nov. 24
W Nov. 25
Th Nov. 26 Luke's First Thanksgiving!!
F Nov. 27
S Nov. 28

Sunday, November 22, 2009

The Simple Women's Daybook

Sunday, November 22, 2009

Outside my window...  
It's cold, but was a nice sunny day.

I am thinking... 
That I'd like to get my house in tip-top shape, even if I don't sleep much.

I am thankful for... 
Luke and Tim.  

I am wearing... 
Maternity pants (my "real" jeans are dirty) & a knit tank top

I am remembering... 
All of Luke's faces!

I am going... 
into the living room soon!

I am reading... 
New Moon by Stephenie Meyer

I am hoping... 
 That we make the "right" choice for Tim's job.

On my mind... 
Housework, sleep, Tim's job, milk

From the learning rooms... 
No learning going on over here...

Noticing that... 
I have more and more energy every day!

From the kitchen... 
Crock pot roast w/ potatoes & carrots.

Around the house...
Carolynn is running!

One of my favorite things~ 
Lucky Charms w/ milk...which I can't eat.

From my picture journal... 

Thursday, November 19, 2009


Ugh.  I'm suffering over here.  It all started last night @ church.  I nursed Luke and when I was done my boob was killing me.

Fast forward a couple hours & I had a raging fever, aches & pains, and a lump the size of a golf ball!!

I'm getting an antibiotic and hopefully it clears up quickly.

I guess this is all part of giving Luke what's best.  It's worth it.

Tuesday, November 17, 2009

Wordless Wednesday!!

First Walk -Sunday Nov. 15

Looking at Mommy after nursing...

I'm linked up @

Update Time!

Would you like an update on us?  OK...I'll give you a quick one!

Luke is a month old!  Can you believe it?  It's still shocking to me!!

Today, my darling child, breastfed exclusively ALL day!  (He did have a 1/2 oz. from a bottle this morning & at about 1:30....but other than that, he's nursed for all of his meals!)

I'm so excited!  I'm so happy! I'm so thankful for all the people who've encouraged me, supported me, helped me, and truly made this possible!

He's growing like a weed, we already have a pile of outgrown clothing!  His diapers are all fitting better & we'll soon have a pile of outgrown diapers too.

Today, we left the house for the first time, by ourselves!  It was great.  I had a good night's sleep & Luke was feeling well, so out we went.

We went to the Post Office, McDonald's drive through, Petsmart, Old Navy, Babies R Us (our first nursing pitstop), Aunt Dolly's house (she wasn't home), the bank, Girl Scout Council (another nursing stop), 7-11, and Food Lion (where we nursed in the back seat of the car).  We were gone from 12:15-5:30!!

Yay us!

He's sleeping now & I need to shower before he wants my boobs again!  (I'd also like to try to pump some milk too....we'll see how that goes after all the work they've done today!)

I feel good & my c-section wound is healing nicely.

Tim is still up in the air over the CACI/CBN job situation.  Please pray that ONE of the two works out by Jan. 1, 2010!  

Monday, November 9, 2009

Kindle Contest

I just entered a contest to win a Kindle!  If you follow this link you can enter too!  I really want an E-Reader this year for Christmas, won't you help make my dream come true?

Wednesday, November 4, 2009

Wordless Wednesday

Having a kid makes this post so much more fun!

Can you see that grin?  Seriously from EAR TO EAR.  She said, "This is my cousin Luke.  I'm going to keep him!" 

Say it with me...."Awww!"

Tuesday, November 3, 2009

Some pictures to tide you over

Oct. 27-10 days old, first trip to McDonald's. He did NOT consume any of their food.

Newborn nanipoos started fitting this week!  Yay!

Friday Oct. 30, First road trip...we drove 3 1/2 hours to the Eastern Shore to visit Great Grams & Cousins Penny & Gary.  Look how big I am!

Giving Mommy my "little old man" look during my first bath @ home.  (Friday Oct. 23)

On the way a preemie outfit that we bought on the 23rd...which now doesn't fit him!!  Can you believe it?!  The shirt is SO teensy tiny!

--That's all folks!