Saturday, May 22, 2010

7 Months Update

Luke started rolling on his 7 month birthday!  Way to go!

He also had appointments with his physical therapist & new GI doctor this week.

His PT showed us how to do some exercises to stretch his torticollis.  She also said he'll probably be in therapy until after he learns to walk.  Anybody want to pick me up on Thursday mornings at 8?  We have to be there from 9-10 am.

His new GI doctor thinks that he may be allergic to soy.  I was supposed to stop eating it today, but haven't looked at a label yet today.  Ugh.  My favorite oatmeal cookies from Wal-Mart have soy in them...great.  I wonder if wheat thins do as well.

I have mastitis again.  It started yesterday at the world's stupidest Relay for Life.  It started during rush hour, so it took us over 2 hours to get there.  It was pitch black & impossible to see to walk or anything.  Luke wasn't in his outfit because I thought we had today as well.  Oh well, $20 down the drain, since it won't fit him any longer. (It was going to be a stretch to get him into it today!)

I'm feeling pretty rotten and it stinks.

Monday, May 17, 2010

Quickie Update-7 Months

Well, Luke will be 7 months old tomorrow.  Amazing.  It's crazy how fast time flies!  It's been almost a month since my last blog post!

My little man is SLOWLY showing us that he can INDEED roll over (both ways) he just doesn't really have any desire to do so!

He can pull himself up from a sitting to standing position and can stand holding onto a low surface.

He gives kisses and hugs, reaches up to be picked up or put on/off a shirt, and loves bath time!

He weighs about 17 lbs and is over 2 feet tall!

He wears size 9 months and up clothing and size 1 Stride Rite shoes.  He has wide feet and misshapen toes, so we aren't really using any other shoes.

We had a big scare for about 10 days with bloody poo, finally deduced that raw apples were upsetting Luke's tummy.

We have appointments with a gastroenterologist and a physical therapist.  At Luke's six month appointment his doctor noticed he has a torticollis.    Luke had his first x-rays done on Friday, May 14 of his neck & shoulders.

Luke still hasn't had any solid foods or cereal yet and Mama would like to keep it that way.  He did try eating "breastmilk slushee" off of a spoon with a little bit of success.  I'm getting pressure from Tim & both of our families to start the solids (even though I explain that they aren't TRULY needed yet) so I'll keep stalling them as long as possible!  (Really Tim's opinion is the only one that matters.)

We have found our "niche" in cloth diapers and I'm pretty happy with it, the only problem is it's a pretty expensive niche!!  I love Bagshot Row Bamboo diapers & plan on trying out Elbee Baby diapers next!  I love BumGenius 3.0 One Size diapers too!  Right now I have 10 BSRBs (that fit), and 12 BG 3.0s, and 6 BG All-In-Ones.  I also have a small smörgåsbord of "generic" diapers that make up our laundry days stash!  The ultimate expensive part of my stash is WOOL!  I am loving it!  I'm working out a custom order with Nicole of DaKine Knits.     I am really coveting "Silly Stripes" but I can't afford to pay retail for them & am going to have to find them used if they are meant to be in our stash!

PurlyQ's Nessie Shorties-I paid for these with "free" Frankin Goose Credit!

My four shorties so far!  Top left-PurlyQ's Nessie
Top right-"Stained Glass"
Bottom left-"Earth"
Bottom right-100Purewool Knit by Melanie

So, when WOOL is your #1 diaper cover, you have to have cute t-shirts to go with it, since onesies are out.  So, I've been spending all my spare dollars (and some that weren't spare!) on tees for Luke (in 9-12 month sizes).  I still don't have ANY shirts that match the army/earth colored shorts & only one that KIND of matches the blue/brown ones.  

This picture is really for Melanie (can you see that tushie?) but it shows one of Luke's new skills.  When I laid him on the bed, he was right up against his toy & could rest his face on it.  I skipped into the bathroom to run his water & he had scooted this far away!  He's starting to get moving, but only if I ignore him, which is SO hard for me!!  

(Right now, Caro is watching Toy Story Animated Storybook on the iPad, while playing with Luke in the bed.) 

Cinco de Mayo was a nice sunny day, but Luke wasn't having any parts of my attempts at an outdoor photoshoot.  These are LITERALLY the best I got:

These pictures are from May 4:

Most of my diaper stash as it was 2 weeks ago....still a work in progress, when I get the last 4 Franklin Goose diapers, I'll update!

Luke showing off his Stained Glass Shorties!

On May 2, we took the Girl Scouts to Mt. Trashmore for Earth Day & then to Haygood Skating Rink for a skating party.  It was 2 firsts for Luke and Auntie Mandy tagged along.  Here are some pictures from that day:

Notice the tongue?  He had JUST started doing that & his tongue hung out of his mouth constantly for at least a week!

Giving hugs! Another new "trick"

Our little family at the Skating Rink, Mama was skating, that's why I look out of balance & all flushed!

The first batch of Franklin Goose "free" diapers came in the mail on April 30, I waited just over a month to receive them, so it was great!! Woot Woot!

I immediately tried them on all three boys!  

Luke was ALMOST 6 months old in this picture.  This is the outfit Melanie made him.  He wore it for his 2 month old professional pictures at church. The pants are the only part that still fit.  I LOVE LOVE LOVE this outfit & can't wait to let the next baby Goetsch wear it.

Around April 14, I went with Melanie & her kids to the eye doctor.  Chloe got to get new contacts...if you look closely you can see the "test" contact in her left eye.  Neat!

April 13, my 3 custom BSRB diapers arrived.  I was so totally stoked!  I love my BSRBs, but they are not going to be the be-all-end-all I thought they were.  Two of mine already shrunk so much Luke can't wear them anymore & they get poo stuck up in the elastic, which is a pain to clean.  I'm looking forward to trying Elbee Baby diapers because they are supposed to be the ULT in cloth diapering!!  
No matter what, I've decided high-end bamboo fitteds are my favorite diapering system, with BG 3.0s for when we NEED an AIO.

Have I told ya'll about Sophie?  This toy at first seemed like the BIGGEST waste of Swagbucks...but...let me tell you...she is AWESOME!  

She is essentially a dog toy for babies.  She's made of soft, collapsible rubber & has a squeaker inside.  She has a silicone like feel & a rubber scent.  She is one of the things I bought with my Swagbucks Amazon gift cards in March.
Well, Luke is hungry & fussing, this post has been several hours in the making.  I hope ya'll enjoy the update!