Monday, July 8, 2013

Let's Do Summer: July Update!

So far we've had a pretty good summer, in my opinion!

New PJ Footie Pants I made Vinnie

May 31 we went to the Virginia Beach Public Library tour & playdate with our home-school group.  Luke & Vinnie got to play with some friends & Mommy got to hear all about the library.  You can get a non-resident pass for $10 for 3 months! :)

That evening the boys stayed with Tim, while I went to Carolynn's recital.

On June 1, we went swimming at Mandy's pool!

June 2 We went to Busch Gardens.  Tim took Luke and had a guys' day and Amanda and I took Vinnie to the outlet mall.  Then we met up at Busch Gardens for a couple rides before dinner time.

June 3 We went to our friend Liz's house for a play-date & picnic lunch.

(On June 5th I made Vin some new clothes.)

June 8 We went to Lowe's Build and Grow to make Monster's University Scarers with Grayson and Spencer.  Then we went to the park to play.  After that, Luke & I went to Logan's 3rd birthday at Chuck-E-Cheese's. It was Luke's first time (since infancy) and he had a blast.  That afternoon we drove to Emporia.

On June 10 we went to Busch Gardens, just the three of us.

June 11th I picked up a huge lot of Geotrax for $50 for Vinnie's birthday!

On June 12 we went to the zoo with Liz & Hilary & all the kids.  The boys got to play in the water fountains twice!

June 15 we had Tim's birthday party which was completed with a HUGE Nerf Super Soaker water gun fight.

June 16, we spent Father's Day going out to lunch at Firehouse and then Tim & Luke went to see The Croods while Vinnie & I grocery shopped!

June 17-21 was VBS at Deep Creek Baptist church.

June 19th was haircut day for Luke--he decided to keep it long. :)

June 20th we went for a walk/bike ride as a family!

On June 22 we had a 25th Anniversary Celebration lunch with the Corbin family, after Tim & Luke did another Lowe's Build & Grow event.

June 23 we went to Busch Gardens.

(June 24-Vinnie went to the ER after this Busch Gardens trip for a suspected milk reaction.)

Tuesday June 25 was the Gatherings' movie night and we saw Monster's University, then we picked Ashley up!

Then the boys got sick. :(  It started with an allergic reaction for Vinnie on June 20, which 2 weeks later had morphed into an eye, sinus, and ear infection for him and an eye, sinus, and double ear infection (with perforation of his left ear drum) for Luke.

Vinnie's swollen eye on 6/21/13
Sick kids eat grilled cheese. :) 

Sweet sick napping baby

On Saturday June 29, we took Ashley back to John and then headed to Mandy's house for dinner.

Monday July 1 is when we found out how sick the boys were and then Luke had to go back to the doctor on Friday the 5th.  

So sick he asked to nurse (he's mostly weaned) on 7/2 and 7/3/13.

On July 3, Amanda took us to Chic Fil A so the boys could all play together!

We spent the 4th in Emporia.

July 6th was spent at Busch Gardens with Tom, Peggy, Mandy, Grayson, and Spencer. :)

Vinnie started the day with everything free cereal & coconut milk--his first bowl of cereal with milk!

And yesterday, July 7th was Carolynn's 6th birthday & we partied at their house, before heading to the beach for an hour! :)

This afternoon, July 8, our cousins Betti & Aaron will arrive in town after living in Texas for the last year! We can't wait to see them!

So, how's your summer been?