Friday, March 27, 2009

New Diapers

Well, I'm going to check out the now not-as-much-of-a-fad-diapers, Goodmamas.

I just made my first purchase & I've got another one pending. Tim bought a 120G Zune yesterday, so I got $45 to spend on diapers. (it works out in our own wierd way!)

Here's the sellers' pictures of what I bought:

So, that's a Cottonspuds Boutique OBV prefold, embellished with owls, a Limited Edition Lavender GM, and a "blue" GM, which I don't know the proper color name for, but I KNOW, it's not "blue" she always gives them funny names.
Anyway, they make the top of my list for expensive diapers though! I sure hope the kid likes them!

Wednesday, March 25, 2009

Hi-Ho-Hi-Ho, It's off to work I've been going...

Well, this week seems to be DRAGGING by!
I'm 8 weeks pregnant! That's great! BUT, I don't feel pregnant! It makes me sad! I wish I had some sign or symptom! I am still tired, but that's not even as bad as it was. I can't wait for my April 16th appointment so that I can check on the baby. I'm hoping he at least puts it on Doppler or something so I can make sure he/she's okay.
My kids are taking their Science Quarterly Test so I figured I'd get a blog post written. My blog-o-versary is coming up this week! I have to think of something to do for that! AGH!
Monday was a typical work day. I felt like crapola. I didn't want to be here. Actually during the day, I felt ok, it wasn't until about 2:30 that I started to really feel drained. Anyway, I couldn't make it after school, so I went on home. I got some computer time in, started laundry, ate, took a nap, read, and then had Tim bring me back to school for Girl Scouts. The girls are working on the Math Whiz badge in our meetings, so it was pretty chill. After Girl Scouts, Tim and I went to Farm Fresh & got some groceries before we went home. We had left-overs & chicken wings from FF for dinner & then I went to bed.
Yesterday was another bum day at school. Ms. Brown (the assistant principal) came in and checked my lesson plans (3/4 were done & ready to go, I just told her I wasn't teaching Science this week!) That was about the highlight of the school day. I started to feel pooped again around 2:00, so I let the kids play Multiplication Around the World, in preparation for this dumb math test they have to take.
We found out Friday (I think) that the kids are going to have to take a timed online math test. We found out Tuesday what was going to be on it. It is on multiplication & division facts. Well, you see, that wouldn't seem like a big deal, except that all year "downtown" in the math dept. has been touting that kids don't need rote memorization of the facts anymore & as long as they have the skills & strategies needed to solve the problems then they were fine. The SOLs are not timed. So, now, we have about 2 weeks to get our kids to memorize their times tables & division facts before we have to give them this test. They get 6 seconds to answer each question or it will automatically go on. (Even the 3rd and 4th graders are taking this thing!) It's ridiculous. So, anyway, I'm giving "Mad Minutes" in class to prepare them & we are going to play Around the World every afternoon. (I made division cards today.) After school, I laid down on the freshly swept floor & read my book for a while. When my eyes started to droop, I went to my desk & went to sleep. Tim got here around 5ish and we headed home.
We spent a long time on our computers. I got caught up on my e-mails & PMs from my message boards. I also talked to my sister for like 35 minutes. (She's excited to share with me all the cute stuff she's bought for the baby!) After I was done on the computer I started to clean up the house a bit. Then I got a craving for soft served ice cream. I convinced Tim to go with me to DQ. We went and got ice cream (mind you it was like 40* outside) and ate it in my car. Then we came home. I fell asleep listening to the president talk. Bo-RING. When we got inside, I checked my e-mail and watched a little bit of Myth Busters with Tim. Then I went back to cleaning & getting our room ready for bed.
I managed to get the bedroom cleaned & vacuumed and the guest room cleaned but not re-set for kids. I also did a couple loads of laundry & sorted/put away most of our laundry. Tonight's projects will be the kitchen and living room. Then I guess tomorrow I'll tackle the bathrooms & the office. It's just so hard to work in the evenings! (I will be home at a decent time tonight though, b/c Tim made me drive myself to work. We majorly overslept and I didn't get to work until 8:20.) I went to bed at 10 last night & SLEPT THROUGH THE NIGHT! Wahoo! It's great!
Anyway, that's it. We're having a baby/babysitting free weekend this weekend & I'm looking forward to it a lot. Especially if I can get the house clean before Friday. Tim and I might be able to watch the 3 Netflix movies we have!
Well that's this week, so far!

Wordless Wednesday!

I'm 8 weeks pregnant!

Better late than never, right?

Sunday Update: Part 1

Well let’s see…
Last Sunday was a LONG day. We had Carolynn over night. We got the boys at like 11:45.
So, Caro was tired and ready for a nap. I tried to get Caro to go down with a juice bottle, but that wasn’t happening. Tim went to the store to get milk and formula at first. Spencer WAS asleep in his car seat, but that didn’t last long.
I let Spencer chillax in his car seat, while I gave Caro & Grayson a bath together. OMG that was a mistake. He kept LAYING ON HER! I had to keep pushing him off of her, so that I could wash her. Anyway, after I got them out and dressed, I let them all play on the floor for a while. I got them all dressed and lotioned and up and then Tim got home and he had to leave to take the dogs to the vet which was seriously stressful. He basically carried the groceries in, got the dogs, and left. It sucked big time. So, as soon as he was gone, I got Caro a bottle, put her in the crib, got Grayson a sippy cup and laid him on my bed, and then got Spencer a bottle too. I tried to get Spencer to go to sleep by rocking him, but he just wouldn’t keep his eyes closed. I was getting seriously upset with him and Grayson both, so I finally told Grayson to lay down and not get up, strapped Spence into his car seat, and left the room. I took Spence into the office & set him down so I could rock his car seat. He finally fell asleep after a couple minutes of rocking.
I was able to relax a bit on the computer while the three of them napped. It took a very long time before Tim got home from the vet. He bought the dogs a new Nylabone and a new giant knotty rope.
After Tim got home, the kids all woke up pretty quickly. Tim watched them in the playroom while I made Mac N Cheese for lunch. I also cleaned up the kitchen and worked on laundry. I even vacuumed I think. We fed them all some Mac n cheese and Chrissy showed up while we were doing that. She helped feed Carolynn, then spent some time using my computer, before she gathered up her cats and headed out.
Yay for no more cats! Wahoo!
After Chrissy left with Carolynn, Tim and I did who knows what with the boys. I think I made pizza for our dinner, we watched a little TV. I cleaned and spent a few minutes on the computer. I also got a shower, after Tim got Spencer to sleep. I think the kid seriously has a preference for men.
When I was out of the shower and dressed we loaded the boys up and took them to Amanda’s house. Yay!
Then we came home and went to bed.

Monday 3/16:
Let’s see…I had Girl Scouts that night, so I knew it was going to be a long day. I wore my dress to school. I hadn’t ironed my new pants, so I couldn’t wear them and none of my other pants were fitting. I can’t really remember anything from the school day. After school, I got a lot of work done on lesson plans and grading. Girl Scouts was ok. My co-leader didn’t come but that was fine. The girls did 2 badge activities and played around with each other. The important thing is that they have fun.
After Scouts I went home. We didn’t do anything really. We mostly just played on our computers and ate who knows what before bed.

Sunday Update: Part 2

Tuesday 3/17: (St. Patrick's Day)
Tim drove me to work, because I was too tired to drive. I got to wear my new pants to school with a regular top. They were ok comfortable. Not super dee duper, because they’re still a bit loose. We didn’t really have anything much to report from the school day. After school, I got a bit more work done, but not much. When Tim came and got me we went to Target to do some shopping. We got the vitamins I needed per the doctor’s orders and some Expecta for me to take as well. By the time we left there it was late, so we headed to I-Hop for some dinner. When we got home, we pretty much went to bed. It was my first day of feeling queasy and all I could eat was mashed potatoes at lunch and plain pancakes for dinner. I didn’t even put syrup on the whole pancake.

Wednesday 3/18:
Tim drove me to work again on Wednesday. I’m just SO tired in the morning and its nice being able to relax. I have been congested since at least Wednesday and that’s getting annoying too. I’m not sleeping well. I have been waking up around 5 am and then tossing and turning until it’s time to get up for real. After work, Tim picked me up and we went out couch shopping. We went to Haynes and the Room Store Discount Outlet. We found a bunch of couches at Haynes that would work, but nothing we really loved. Then at the Room Store Outlet, we found a sectional that we both liked. But, they only had 3 of 4 pieces available and we decided not to buy it if they couldn’t get the 4th piece.
After that we went to Virginia Beach and had dinner at Texas Roadhouse. Yum, yum, yummy! Then we went to Chrissy’s house and saw the new place. It’s not bad. Chrissy’s house keeping leaves something to be desired, but we all knew about that anyway! Caro was totally attached to me and kept yelling for Auntie Stevie!
When we left there we headed home and I slept in the car. As soon as we got home, I went to bed.

Sunday Update Part 3

Thursday 3/19:
I got chauffeured to work again on Thursday. It really is nice! I got mad at the math specialist in the morning. She had come in on the 18th and checked my calendar math. It was still set up for the 17th, because we don’t do it until after lunch. She marked me “incomplete” on one section because it was blank. Well, that particular section can only be completed on days that are composite numbers. 17 is a prime number. So, we had erased the 16 information and left it blank. It’s supposed to match the calendar. So, I asked her why she marked me off & that was her reasoning. After I complained about it being supposed to match the calendar she then tried to say that I didn’t have my arrays. Well, the arrays were made back in like November. My class did theirs on individual sheets of construction paper, which I then had bound into a class book of arrays. So, they are ALWAYS on the chalk tray with the calendar math bulletin board. She said the book was closed. It doesn’t even have a damn cover! It was sitting on the tray, open to the 17 page when she came in! So, she started to complain that she didn’t see anything that said arrays and the other thing should have still had the 16th’s information on it & I got mad. I crumpled the paper up and fussed at her and walked away! That was at 11:45 ish. When my kids got back from lunch we did the calendar for yesterday the 19th and made sure to leave the damn crap from the 18th up there. (Which is SO dumb, the whole entire board matches the calendar except for that one feature!) Then it was dismissal time.
After the kids left, I went and changed into jeans. Our training was dumb and boring. We had to organize our books and although mine were fine, I helped Ms. Riddick and Ms. Whitley get theirs together. After that, I headed back to my room and Tim was already on his way to get me.
We went to Haverty’s, the Room Store, Grand Furniture, and Value City. We found 1 couch that was ok, but not perfect, but they couldn’t get it for like a week, so we passed on that one. After our bummed out shopping session, we headed to Ci Ci’s for dinner.
While we were there, we ran into one of the guys Tim used to work with. He was telling Tim that he might be able to help him get his foot in the door with his new company. It would be a substantial raise & I wouldn’t even have to do day-care next year, if Tim can get over there! So, we’re prayerful that this will pan out!
After dinner, we headed home, and I hit the sack around 9:00pm.

Thursday-Friday Night

I started tossing and turning a lot earlier last night & was up at 10:30 and then just about every hour after that. I had one dream that I had just had the baby, but I had blacked out during the delivery. When I came to, they brought me this big baby boy with lots and lots of curly blond hair. Everyone was calling him Aiden (which isn’t even on our short list) as they were handing him to me. I wanted to try to breast feed him, but I was still wearing 2 bras. (My current situation.) So, we cut the bras off, because I couldn’t seem to get out of them and I lowered the baby down to try to feed him. He lurched forward and grabbed on with his mouth. His little mouth was full of teeth buds like a little vampire! At first he latched on perfectly, but then he pulled away and was biting my nipple. I had to tug on him to get him off, because he was hurting me! When he came off, there was milk dripping out of my boob, which I found both cool and gross. I had several more dreams, most of them much more disturbing than that one. Each time I’d wake up, I’d look at the clock, sigh, and try to get comfortable again. I’m having a REALLY hard time sleeping.

Friday 3/20
d to drive myself to work today, which sucked, but was really necessary. I got myself McDonald’s on the way in, though. So far things have been ok. I had an “audit” to see if I had my reading plans, which I did. Then the math specialist came in (didn’t say anything to me) and checked on my calendar math. Then she left. The kids have been either testing or working on their assignments that are due today. I’ve e-mailed Amanda a few times & I’ve written this whole Sunday Update. I’m pretty bored & looking forward to going across the street to get some food. I’m hungry!

Mom and Dad should be here tonight & after school, I have to race to get the house clean and do a McDonald’s mystery shop.

Monday, March 23, 2009

My Weekend (Sunday Update Part 4)

3/20 Friday afternoon I started feeling yucky, (it seems I'm pretty drained by about 2:30), so I left school right at 3:00.

When I got home, I got busy cleaning and doing laundry. I vegged a bit on the computer and then really got to work later on.

I completely forgot that I had a McDonald's mystery shop, and didn't even realize it until I got an e-mail letting me know, TODAY! They didn't say they were going to restrict me or anything so that's good.

We cleaned and cleaned, then we ate (and watched Good Will Hunting) and then cleaned some more. Around 12:30 my parents showed up. The boys got the truck unloaded and then we all went to bed.


On Saturday morning, we got up and went to Chrissy's house. Dad and Tim were building her a t.v. shelf. I can't remember what we did all morning, but it was 12:30ish or 1:00 before Mom and I got out of the house to go out.

We went to Rock a Bye Baby. Misty was really happy to see Mom. I had a bag of maternity clothes that had been given to me & I got $10 in store credit for it! I used the credit to buy Carolynn a sleeper, three pairs of baby socks, a bike seat, and a baby helmet for Caro!

Um, so yea, those are Halloween socks. Because, I REALLY want the baby to get here in October! A few days early isn't going to hurt anything, right? (You all know I'm OBSESSED with Halloween right?) If we find out it's a girl, mom is going to put orange frillies on those socks!

After we went shopping, I dropped Mom back off at Chrissy's house & headed to my Girl Scout Cookie Walk-About.
We loaded the girls & cookies up and headed to Virginia Beach. We went to my old street and sold ALL of our cookies on one street + 4 houses on the next street. I visited with 2 of my old neighbor's and made one woman's day. (Mrs. Taylor was a sweet old lady who lived a few doors down from us. She was SO happy, moved to tears to see me, still active in Scouts, and pregnant!)

We got back from that 30 minutes early and all of the parents were there to pick their kids up!
I headed to Amanda's house after that. I was pretty tired, so almost as soon as I got there, I went upstairs to take a nap. I watched a little bit of Transformers and that was pretty good.

We had fried tilapia, potatoes, and rice. It was yummy!
When we got home, we went to bed!

Sunday morning, I woke up plenty early, and made myself a couple eggs for breakfast.
When Tim got up we started getting ready for church. Dad and Tim were heading back to Chrissy's to work on the t.v. stand. Mom and I were taking Chrissy's kids to Courthouse for church. Whew, what a work out!

We managed to get all 4 kids loaded and out the door on time. At church the kids were pretty well behaved. Caro even fell asleep in Mom's lap. I enjoyed the service & I'm glad I went.
After church we went to the Hair Cuttery to get Tony's hair cut. While he was in there, I went to K-Mart and got a bunch of stuff on clearance.

These are for Jack's birthday Mel! I think it's the same pack he bought at Toy's R Us. Oh well!

I bought myself a book! I LOVE J.D. Robb's book.

These are some adorable unisex cotton sleepers for the baby.

I grabbed this adorable little long sleeve onesie for the baby too!
After that, we headed back to Chrissy's house. Chrissy bought lunch meat stuff & we all ate pretty well.
After lunch, I took Carolynn and Frank and went to Animal Jungle. Amanda and Mom went out to A.C. Moore. I bought bird seed and a toy for the birds.
When we got back to Chrissy's house the guys were just about done getting the shelf built, so we all packed up. We headed home finally.
When we got home, we made the decision that we were going to go out to dinner. Yukon Steak house in VB was the only place we could get in & so we went there. Chrissy invited herself to dinner so she and the baby met us there too. (Amanda and J.C. were coming too with the boys.)
We had dinner there and then we came home & basically went to bed, as soon as we got here.
Well, that's it for the weekend!
I forgot to e-mail myself LAST week's Sunday update, so you have to wait another day!

Friday, March 20, 2009

Sunday Update

Will be late this week. I typed it up at work...all the way through this afternoon & then left it at work. ARG. There was a lot in there too. It was like 5 pages in word! Anyway, I'm NOT retyping it, so I'll post my Sunday Update for this week on Monday.

Tuesday, March 17, 2009

Vitamin D

Well, I got what I guess is bad news from the doctor today. My Vitamin D was low. So, I'm going on supplemental D...2000 units a day. I'm also going to try to increase my milk through Ovaltine and yogurt. Also, I'm going to try to get outside when it's sunny, because sunshine helps Vit. D too! I'm glad that's the only thing I was deficient in, though, I was afraid there'd be major problems with my vitamins and minerals.

I'm super tired today because I didn't sleep well. I did get a 30 minute nap in after work but the phone kept ringing, so that's all I got. Tim and I are getting ready to head out to get the vitamins and more Mac N Cheese (I'm craving Mac N Cheese and oranges.)

Monday, March 16, 2009


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A Good Day

Just a quick post to say, that I think today was my first "good day" since I found out I was pregnant. I felt great. I was well rested. I looked pretty darn good too! I still FEEL pregnant, my back hurts & I'm tired...but I had a great day!

Yesterday sucked & I don't have the energy to blog it right now. I might never.

Chrissy finally got a place of her own. But, she doesn't have any power as far as we all know. (or water, for that matter.)

I'm tired & there's a staff meeting at 7:40, so I have to go to bed.

Sunday, March 15, 2009

New Diapers!

I just bought 2 more diapers! Yay! They are my ultimate favorite brand of all time, Soggy Bottom Baby diapers! They are no longer being made and I've tried contacting the WAHM to no avail. Fortunately someone saw my desperate ISO (in search of) post on DS and offered me 2 in a size small for $18! Yay! Gotta love that!

Here's the seller's pictures:

Sunday Update!

So, I didn't make it through the whole week this week & I'm going to have to do a slightly LONG SU.

I took a sick morning. We were out late (but I slept on the couch) and I was tired. So, I slept in a good and long while, then I got up and got a bunch of housework done before heading to school. My kids were awful, 3 boys got sent to the office by the sub, 2 got sent to the office in gym for FIGHTING, and Mrs. White finally had to come down & teach my class because the sub couldn't handle them! (Mrs. White is the principal!) And the children who were fighting, still in class. Wouldn't that just make you mad, if someone beat your kid up & then that kid was still in school & NEVER got punished? Yea, it happens all the freaking time at our school! I beat feet pretty quickly after school because I needed to get home to finish the housework before babysitting. Before going home though, I stopped at the library, took care of some fines, and checked out a bunch of pregnancy/baby name books. I also got some books on tape to listen to in the car. Then, I worked and worked, cooked dinner for Tim and I, and then headed to VB to babysit. I'm getting really good at sleeping on couches. After I put the kids to bed, I took up my spot on the couch and zonked out. I did mostly listen to the Office but not 100%.

Friday at work okay. The kids were okay. We got 80% of what I wanted to, done. We had a guidance presentation in the afternoon, so we weren't able to finish. After work, I drove to VB, picked up Carolynn, and headed to the Post Office to mail the proofs from her professional pictures to Mom and Dad. Chrissy was supposed to do it, but left the pictures here, so I was going to do it, but I only had 41 cent stamps! (We pay ALL of our bills online, so we don't really USE stamps often!)
After the PO, we went to the mall. I got 2 sports bras at J.C. Penny and 2 pairs of maternity pants at Motherhood. I REALLY liked shopping at Motherhood. They were super friendly & helpful. They have TOYS in the dressing room! The clothes weren't NEARLY as expensive as everyone says they are! I got jeans for $31.00 and khakis for $29.00. The khakis were full price, the jeans were on sale. Once I went into the dressing room, I didn't have to come out again. The salesperson went and got me clothes & they were perfect! I am a size large petite in pants and 1-2x in tops. The two pairs I got, should last the whole pregnancy, so that's pretty cool. I do have some stuff that I've been given along the way, but none of it fits 100% the way I like it.
After the mall, we went home. Tim and I ate crablegs for dinner & Little Miss went to bed.

Sucked! No really, it was a BUSY day. Caro woke us up around 9:00, along with the dog's major whining. We got up, ate breakfast, put Caro down for a nap, took one ourselves, got up again... Then we showered, I cut Tim's hair (and screwed up royally! I tried using no guard on the bag of his neck & now he has razor burn & a couple cuts, poor guy!) we cleaned and cleaned and entertained Miss Caro.
About 2:30, the boys showed up & it was time to get moving to get out of the house. Tim ended up leaving without us (in my car) because me and the babies were nowhere near ready to go.
At 4:00, I managed to get 3 kids dressed, loaded into the car, and out of the house. We drove on the yucky roads & with the maniacs to church, and got there with plenty of time to spare. Caro sat with Uncle Tim in the sound booth, while I checked the boys into the nursery. Then she played and carried on during church. It was okay though, b/c there are seriously like 25 people in that service!
After church, Tim drove the kids and I got my car back! We went to McDonald's and got dinner. For $14 we fed 2 kids & Tim and I! After that, we headed home.

Spencer fell alseep and stayed asleep in the car. Carolynn and Grayson were both tired & ready for bed, but fought for a good 2 hours before we got them down. I put Carolynn down in her crib and I took Grayson to bed in our bed. Tim got some much needed "alone, guy" time. Right now, Carolynn is terrorizing his desk! I ended up falling alseep with Grayson and didn't get up until 11:30. Lindsey showed around midnight, so we never even moved Grayson to the crib that is set up in the guest room for him. I'm starting to get an idea of what that room is going to look like when I'm doing day-care.

After the boys left, we went to bed.

So far, I have gotten up at 9:00 with Miss Caro. Tim's still asleep, but I'm about to wake him. The boys should be here before 11:30. I'm taking the boys to Amanda at bedtime tonight, so we won't have them all night. I'm assuming Chrissy is going to come and get Carolynn on her way back into town too.

On the agenda for today is:
1:00-Rosie & Zowski to the vet (we also need to buy food, toys, and bird food, while we're there)
6:00- Tim meeting at church
The rest of the day will hopefully be spent at home! I'd like to go to Wal-Mart & get milk & Expecta. I'm going to ask Dr. Morgan if something like Boost or Ensure would be OK. A couple people have recommended them for the energy problem! We have the double stroller, so going out isn't completely out of the picture.

Well, that's all folks! Peek-A-Blocks are taking over my keyboard and I'm making tons of typos. Uh-oh, Caro found the mouse...must go!

Saturday, March 14, 2009

Pregnancy Update

This preggo-chic is TIRED. That's about the biggest, baddest, and most kick-ass symptom of pregnancy I have so far. All day, every day, regardless of how much sleep I get, I'm TIRED. I need to take a page from Mel's book & eat more protein/good stuff my body can actually USE!

Aside from that, and something most of you probably don't want to hear, but I MUST record it anyway, for my future child's possible assistance, there are BUMPS on my boobs. Like five on the right side and three on the left side. They are popping up, like one a day, and they are quite ugly.

Here's what Babycenter has to say about them:
You may not have noticed the little bumps on your areolas before. But now these bumps, which are a type of oil-producing gland called Montgomery's tubercles, may become much more pronounced. Your breasts go through these changes in preparation for nursing your baby.

Next, sex is completely out of the picture for the time being. We tried it today (because I realize it has been forever!) and it hurt like a snitzlefritz and I spotted for like 7 hours afterwards. No thanks! So, until I can see the doctor or "feel" like something has changed on the front, my poor man is going to have to suffer.

Another symptom I have, is the "pregnancy complexion". My skin looks like crap & my face is splotchy with red marks. My pimples are unbelievably tiny and painful. They generally pop almost immediately after forming, but leave red splotches for days. Fun stuff. Good thing I'm not trying to impress anyone.

At my doctor's appointment I weighed 197.5, which means I had gained 5 pounds already. That's ridiculous, but mostly due to 2 things. 1. I can't exercise other than WALKING and 2. I'm hungry, all the freaking time! (and generally what I'm hungry for, is NOT something I need to be eating!)

Between that little bit of weight gain and the fact that my uterus has already doubled in size (to something around the size of a plum/peach depending on who you ask), my pants are too tight & my bras are too small! What a joy! Carolynn and I went maternity clothes shopping yesterday! I got 2 sports bras from J.C. Penny. At home, they're great by themselves. Out and about, I'm wearing them OVER my regular bras. They give me the extra coverage I need/want. Also, I've been told and read that large breasts need 24/7 support. So, I'm on day one of wearing the sports bras all the time, and I really think they ALREADY feel better! (I've had severe breast AGONY since like week 4!)

ETA: I also bought 2 pairs of maternity pants at Motherhood. I'll post more about them in the next post though.

I'm constantly cold and the circulation to my toes seems off. When I'm home and barefoot, my toenails are purple. In the shower, I put the plug on, so that warm water covers & warms them!

And finally, I'm still gassy. I have to pee within every 2 hours during the day and every 4-5 over night. I have bowel movements SEVERAL times a day. I'm still taking at least one-two Gas-X chewables a day.

I am also taking a prenatal & tomorrow I might go out and get the Expecta and Boost that Missy & Ms. Reaves (respectively) have suggested.

Some of you may wonder why I'm putting ALL the details of my pregnancy on line. This is my journal. It's where I record things I want to remember. Sorry if you don't want to hear about it or you think it's TMI.

ETA: I'm 6 weeks and 5 days pregnant.

Wednesday, March 11, 2009

Hump Day Update!

Well, let's see...where are we...

Ahh, Monday's covered, so we'll go with yesterday & today!

I woke up feeling like poo and it pretty much stayed that way. The work day sucked big time! The kids were bad, I was pooped and it just stunk!

After work I went to Farm Fresh and dropped WAY more than I had planned, but I got a lot of good food! (including crab legs!)

I wanted to take a nap but I had to put away groceries and try on the maternity clothes from Ms. Clark. A good bit of the clothes will work for me, so that was nice.

Amanda came over around 5:30 and we headed to Virginia Beach. The girls were in a program at Princess Anne HS for their school. They did a dance and sang to the music. It was VERY fun. Of course, my stupid pregnancy hormones, had me bawling through parts of the program.

Afterwards, Amanda, Chrissy, Carolynn, and I went to Applebee's. It was good. Then I went back to Peggy's house and slept on the couch until Tim came to get me. I slept on the whole car ride home too!

Today, I woke up feeling like poo AGAIN! I guess this is my own form of "morning sickness." I actually felt rested, but I didn't feel good. On the ride to work, my eyes were blurry and fuzzy. It was wierd and scary. I had to fight with them to focus on the road.

After I ate some food at work, it went away & I felt better.

The kids at school weren't bad today & we went out for recess to enjoy the awesome weather!

After work I came home and bummed about. I'm SUPER tired. All the time. It's very difficult to keep my eyes open.

I bought 2 more diapers today. They are used, size small, bamboo prefolds. I've never tried one, but I've always heard of them! I'll add pictures of them when they get here!

Now, we're off to the Johnson's house. They're giving us dinner & Tim is going to work on Diana's computer.

I'm going to try to take a half day tomorrow, so I can get some housework done & not have to drive with this "morning sickness."

Monday, March 9, 2009

Not quite out of the woods, but we should make it through the forest

Few, there's a title for ya! So, today sucked butt. Lindsey didn't get here until after 1 am. BUT, she brought me Bang Bang shrimp, strawberry shortcake, salad, and soup from Bonefish, so I forgive her! However, I only got 5 hours of crappy sleep. So, I was tired & cranky all day!
UNTIL, Tim got to work & we went for my doctor's appointment! First up, I had to strip from the waist down for the awful transvaginal ultrasound. That is so uncomfortable! We got to watch our baby for a good 5-10 minutes and it was awesome! We could see the little peanut's heart flickering and beating away! The sac was measuring about a week behind the baby, but the tech said that is normal.
Baby Goetsch was measuring in at 5 weeks and 5 days and according to my LMP (last menstrual period) I am 5 weeks and 6 days. So, we're right on track. TECHNICALLY the due date has been bumped back to Nov. 4, but they can move it around so much throughout the pregnancy that I'm not going to change my tickers!
After the ultrasound, we had our little meeting with Dr. Morgan and he basically said, we're not out of the woods, but we can see the way out of the forest now! He's finally encouraged and hopeful that this baby will MAKE IT!

So, in the pictures, the black spot is the baby's "gestational sac" and the little white noodle is the baby. It kind of looks like an elbow macaroni!
After the doctor interview, we had my full annual exam. I had an internal and a breast exam and it sucked because Dr. Morgan REALLY hurt me. (during BOTH!) Tim laughed at me when he hurt my boobs..they've been so sore! He also made me bleed a little from the pap smear and I'm hoping that stops tomorrow.
After the doctor appointment, Tim and I went to Tom and Peggy's house. We visited with them for a while and then headed to my Girl Scout meeting. After Girl Scouts we went to I-Hop for dinner.
Now, it's bed time. We left my car at school, so we have to get up early to carpool tomorrow!

Sunday, March 8, 2009

Sunday Update!

Well fortunately, I managed to keep up with the blogging this week, so there isn't too much to report!

Yesterday ended with us taking Caro out to Babies R Us and then Target, just to get out of the house. We did pick up something I wanted to try out, but it didn't work for me. It's called a B-Buckle, it supposed to help expand your waistband on pre-pregnancy pants. The one I bought at BRU said one size fits most, but unfortunately, I'm not most. I was pretty bummed but oh well. I just found their webpage & apparantly they have sized ones too, but only up to a 10-12, and I'm a 14-18.

When we got home, we ate the super yummy chicken noodle soup I made. Then we putzed on the computers for a bit & went to bed.

Today we woke up late but still made it to church. After church we went to Olive Garden with the Johnson's.

After we ate, we headed over to Tom and Peggy's. I went upstairs and took a short nap. Tim and his dad worked on their faucet. After my nap I went and got the boys over at Cheeseburger in Paradise. Then I stopped in the mall to check on our broken camera. (Wah, it's toast!) Then I went back to T & P's house. We basically hung out there until about 7:00.

When we got home, both boys were asleep, but not for long. Spencer woke up pretty soon after Tim and I fixed ourselves some dinner. (He had my nasty lunch & ravioli and I had scrambled eggs.) The latest pregnancy thing is that I don't like my food. I normally LOVE fettucini alfredo at OG, but today it turned my stomach.

We watched an episode of Soprano's and I put Spencer back to sleep. Now, we're heading to bed. I'm hoping Lindsey shows up sometime soon!

Tomorrow is my ultrasound appointment! I am SO excited! If I get a picture I'll definitely post it! Tim is getting off early so he can go with me.

I have a list of questions, so far...exercise, the bump on my arm, and deli meat. I think that's all of them.

Do you have any suggestions?

Saturday, March 7, 2009

Fun with Flickr

I found this on Debi's blog, who found it on Courtney Kay's blog, who found it on Polka Dots and Pansies blog.

Here's how it works....
1. Type your answer to each of the questions below into Flickr Search.
2. Using only the first page, pick an image.
3. Select the size of boxes as 3 by 4.
Copy and paste each of the URLs for the images into fd’s mosaic maker.
Use these questions in each URL box!!!

1. What is your first name? Stephanie
2. What is your favorite food? Pizza
3. What high school did you go to? Green Run High School
4. What is your favorite color? Purple
5. Who is your celebrity crush? None
6. Favorite drink? Pepsi
7. Dream vacation? Disney World
8. Favorite dessert? Ice Cream
9. What you want to be when you grow up? Mom
10. What do you love most in life? babies
11. One Word to describe you. Organized
12. Where do you live? Chesapeake

Busy "Relaxing" Day

Ugh. I can't get a break.

Yesterday after work I waited around until Terrell got there with the boys. We loaded them straight into the car and then headed to Virginia Beach to get Carolynn. I picked her up and headed to Rock A Bye to buy "What to Expect When You're Expecting...", sneakers for Caro, and a Soothie bottle for Spencer. Then we left there and headed home. Only the traffic was ridiculous and it took for-ev-er to get home!

When I got home, Mandy was already here and waiting to get the boys, which was good. After she left, Tim and I got busy on the housework. We cleaned the entire house up (just picked up, no heavy cleaning) and then around 8:00 we were finally ready to go get some food. What started out as going to get "fast food" turned into going to the slowest freaking Ruby Tuesday's on the planet. It was just about 10:00 before we left there! Then, Chrissy called. The girls have lice. How nice. (sorry, I couldn't resist) And could we please go buy some stuff to treat their heads.

So, off we went in search of lice treatments. We found some at Wal-Mart and then headed home. Chrissy was in a bitchy mood & kept screaming at the kids. I put Carolynn to bed almost as soon as we got home. I also tended to the laundry before Tim and I headed off to bed.

This morning, the kids were all up before 6:30 am. Yea, we were up until after midnight. How fun. So, I got up at 6:30 and put the dogs out, then went back to bed. Around 9:30 I finally had to get out of bed again, because the dogs were whining and the kids were making a ton of noise. Chrissy was ready to leave to go to VB, to get work done on her van, and asked if we'd keep Carolynn. I said I didn't mind because Caro's easy. She left and Tim and I got moving.

So far I've folded 2 loads of laundry & I have AT LEAST 6 more I need to wash. There are loads in both machines right now. There is an entire kitchen full of dishes that need loaded into the dishwasher too. And, guess what Tim's plans for the day fix the leaky faucet out front. Which requires the WATER to be cut off! I said, no way, Jose! There's too much that needs done in this house!

So, he's running to Pep Boys to return the brakes he had me buy that were the wrong thing..and I'm going to go get back to work.

ETA: Oh by the way, there's NO SAFE way to treat lice on a pregnant woman still in the first trimester according to my doctor. So, my hair is tightly pulled up on top of my head. I'm staying out of the living room & Tim sprayed the house down with the treatment spray. Please pray that I don't get lice from the girls!

Small Talk Six

Want to join in? Go here to learn how and to view the weekly list Small Talk Six topics for 2009.

Today’s topic is the “6 places you would like to travel to if you had someone trustworthy to watch your children and pets.” You can answer this with a list of 6 words, 6 phrases, 6 sentences, 6 paragraphs, 6 photos, 6 videos, etc . . .

This is a fun one, because we have SO many pets that we don't get to go anywhere!
1. Walt Disney World-I love Disney!
2. Leadville & all the other parts of Colorado, that Tims' family lives. I'd love to meet ALL of his family!

3. Italy. But only if I could take my dad with us.

4. Tim said Germany...don't know why!

5. He also requested England. (He lived in Brady for a while when he was preschool aged.)

6. This one's a tie...either Alaska or someplace tropical, romantic, and beautiful!

Thursday, March 5, 2009


Well, I got good news this afternoon!

My first freaking ultrasound is scheduled for Monday at like 4 days!

I also got 2 new diapers in the mail from Shannon of Nanipoos & they are TO DIE FOR! So squishy and soft and adorable and perfect.
First up is this one "Giggling Animals" that I asked her to hold before I even knew I was pregnant!

Then there's "Save the Trees" which was a custom You-Pick-Size diaper that I decided to get after I found out. There aren't always many "gender nuetral" diapers stocked in her store, so I'm going to scoop them up until I have my stash full. I am going to do a custom with her too though!

Notes from My Day

I'm so happy! I got my beta results today! (at 8:40, because I couldn't stand to wait any longer!) My hCG measured at 1742 mIU/mL. Wahoo! Yay! Yippee! I used an online calculator and it appears to be doubling every 38 hours! That's GREAT!

If it keeps up this pace, I should be able to get an ultrasound by next Wednesday (when I am 6 weeks)! Yahoo! On Wednesday at 4 pm, it should be 27,872. They said he wouldn't do an ultrasound until it was over 15,000.

If it slows down to every 48 hours, I'd still be there by Thursday! Yay! I'm so excited. I should be able to get an ultrasound at 6 weeks, then! Yay! I'm hoping he can see the baby's heartbeat!

Oh my these children are going to drive me insane! I've had 2 boys throwing things around the classroom all day. Eraser bits, crayons, and pieces of paper..all over the classroom. So, I just made them clean EVERY little scrap of anything off of the floor. And I turned a blind eye when their classmates dumped ALL of the trash from their desks onto the floor. That should show them not to mess up my classroom. Anyway, I have to go teach math now.'s only been a week since I taught this math lesson & they've very nearly completely forgotten it!
AGH. It's so frustrating!

Anyway, Mrs. White interrupted my math lesson to tell me that one of my student's parents had called & wanted a conference & to have her child moved. Mrs. White said she didn't know what was the cause. Me neither...

So at the end of the day, I asked the child. She said there was nothing wrong. She didn't tell her mom anything.

So, after school, I called the mother and asked her point blank what was the deal. She basically says she doesn't think I'm "helping" her enough. She's one of the brightest children in my class. She gets as much of my attention as I feel she needs and certainly no less the average. (The LOWEST kids do get a tiny bit more time but we're talking the difference between 20 minutes and 25.) So anyway, she says, Mrs. White already said she'd move the child, and that's what she wants. So why pull me out of my planning time to deal with it? Huh? If you KNOW you're going to move her, just do it already, and give me one less child to have on my test scores. Whatever.

Wednesday, March 4, 2009

Quick Recap

Well, I'm trying to keep up with the week a little better, so I thought I'd quickly recap yesterday & today for your reading enjoyment.

Yesterday I got home from work early & bummed out on my computer for like an hour. Sweet Goodness it was AWESOME! Then I got rice and gravy going for dinner & cleaned up the house a bit. I also did a couple loads of laundry. When Tim got home & dinner was done we ate and watched Next. It was pretty good. We were both like WTF when it ended but yea, it was good. After that we went to bed.

Today was our second half of the SOL test at work, which was boring. I designed the PERFECT diaper bag, but I'm not sure if it's actually possible to make. I'm going to scan my sketch and post it on DS and get opinions. (I'll post a pic for ya'll too!)

I left work at dismissal time to go to my blood test. Yay! I was in and out super quickly too! When I got home, I spent at least an hour on my computer before heading out to Western Branch to pick up the super sweet awesome Jeep Wagoneer Limited Edition Double stroller from freecycle.
When I left there, I headed to Amanda's house. The stroller is too big to fit in my trunk, so I'm going to let her hold on to it, until I keep the boys, then I'll get it from her.
Tim and I ate dinner with her tonight, she made Italian Chicken, mashed potatoes, and canned corn. It was yummy. Now, I think it's bedtime!

Happy Hump Day!

Hey Folks!

I had another blood test today, I'll be sure to post the results tomorrow morning. We're basically hoping for something between 960 and 2132 or even as much as 2442-5065 mIU/ml.

Those numbers are based on my numbers doubling either every 48 or every 36 hours. The other numbers are the "averages" for 20-22 DPO. We might have miscalculated my O I MAY be 2 days behind where I think I am. (But if I am, then I would have had a CRAZY early positive test at 9DPO.)

Up next, I got the shark diaper in the mail today! You can go down to the stash pictures to check it out!

Also, I forgot to mention that on Monday I got an adorable outfit from Zutano in the mail. It was the ONLY prize I won in this season's Bloggy Carnival Giveaway. I'm actually a bit disappointed in the quality, but thankful none the less! A big shout out to Bridgette from "The Not So Blog, Blog" for hosting the give away! The outfit is VERY thin. It is a 0-6 months, but I'm hoping it fits the baby closer to 6 months, so the weather will be nicer. As it is, if we put it on a winter baby it would need a long sleeve onesie and tights or leggings.
Jacket: $16.45

T-Shirt $15.45

T-Shirt & Jacket shown together

Entire outfit, including leggings $12.45 and booties $17.45.

OK. This is officially the MOST EXPENSIVE baby outfit I own. OMG. I almost fainted when I looked at what it was worth. If you total it up, this outfit costs $61.80 before any taxes! OMG. That is INSANE. Especially for how thin it is! I sure hope it holds up in the wash, at that price!

And finally, one more thing I forgot to post new computer is completely here & set up!

And yes, this is all BRAND NEW equipment. The birds make a LOT of the black screen & computer case seem to be drawing it to them, they must have a lot of static still from the packaging. I've actually dusted my monitor several times already!

Well, I'm off to pick up a double stroller from Freecyle, so that's all for now!

Wordless Wednesday!

Yay! I'm 5 weeks pregnant now! The baby is officially the size of a SESAME seed! Wahoo!
I'll try to get together with Amanda to do my official belly pictures, but I can assure that, NOTHING has changed!

Tuesday, March 3, 2009

Would You Rather...?

Hey Folks,
It's time for another edition of Would You Rather, from Momdot!

Not Eat for 3 days or Not Sleep for 3 days?

Be an alcoholic or a kleptomaniac? (ok I had to look up kleptomaniac, but I'd rather be that than an alcoholic.)

Have to apologize on National television for marital infidelity or for a sexual shortcoming?

Give up your 3 favorite hobbies or lose your sex drive?

Lick the floor underneath the refrigerator or the underside of a toilet rim? (at least urine is sanitary right?)

Have no short term memory or no long term memory?

Pee your pants while meeting Leonardo Dicaprio or vomit on his shoes?

Be laughed at something you are proud of or not noticed at all?

Ok, my choices are in it's your turn. Copy & paste and let me know how you would decide...then head over to Momdot to share the fun with them too!

Monday, March 2, 2009

Blog Blather

So, in an attempt to not have to do another SUPER long Sunday update, I am going to TRY to post my daily recap each day! We shall see how I do.

Today was a pretty lousy day. We woke up (warm, thank God the power came back on!) and saw the snow. So I quickly found out that we had a 2 hour delay and went back to bed. Tim headed into the office to find out if his work was delayed/closed and it was.
Around 8:00, we got a phone call from Tim's work. They were allowing Tim to "work from home" if he wanted. Basically he didn't need to come in & as long as he said he was working from home, nobody would care....even if he didn't work from home.
So, he ended up taking me to work, because the freaking school systems around here are DUMB. They cancelled school on inauguration day w/ no sign of snow anywhere, but today with over 25 accidents at any one time on the roads, we had to go to work! URG.
The talk of the school was the robbery. Everyone wanted details and I was happy to share what I knew, Mrs. White didn't say it was privledged info and I think others SHOULD know about things like that, so they can protect themselves.
My admin team members were back in full force, so there was no down time for me. We got right into boring old test prep and worked those poor children until their fingers nearly bled. Then I sent them home with a LONG list of homework/make-up work/study guides to re-read, before the test tomorrow. No words of encouragement or pep rally this year folks, because well, most of us don't have much hope. There is NO way we are getting 100% passing on this SOL.
I had reheated chicken wings, fruit, and a couple oreos for lunch. After school, Tim picked me up and we headed to the bank to deposit my babysitting money. Then we went to Wal-Mart. We got some groceries and a few pieces of fabric for me to add to diaper clothes to make burp rags. Tim even walked through the baby section with me. We have a consumer reports account, so we won't be registering or making any big purchases without checking it. There was a $99 car seat on Woot! yesterday, but we passed on it, because I didn't recognize the brand.
When we got home from WM, we both vegged on the computers for a long while. I paid for 2 nanipoos, one is a custom from this fabric, called "Save the Trees" and the other is "giggling animals". I also paid for a dozen organic bamboo velour cloth tissues for Tim. He likes the soft wipes for wiping his nose at work (and around the house) but all of my wipes are printed on one side & he wanted something manly/plain. So, I ordered those today. The sweet DS mama who's making them is also going to send me an organic bamboo velour baby tee...for the new baby! OBV is SO soft...I can't wait to get it & squish it!

We had steak-ums and french fries for dinner, but I couldn't really eat. It's okay though, because I already had some Easy Mac.

My doctor called last night & I'm going in for another beta on Wednesday. I'll be sure to post the results when I get them Thursday morning.

That's about it. It's almost 9, so I think we're going to bed.

Sunday Update--On Monday

Wow. So this blog must have gotten pretty dry & boring to you all over the last week, huh? It's been a crazy high whirlwind week for me and I'm still a tiny bit in shock. Each day I have to remind myself, I'm pregnant! I'm making a baby! It's amazing! I end each night thanking God and praying that he keeps his loving arms around me and the baby. Tim is totally excited, but his dad is OFF THE CHARTS excited! He immediately called Grandma & Grandpa Goetsch to tell them. Of course, they have a bunch of grandbabies already, so this is no biggie to them, but they were very happy for Tim and I.

So, on to my weekly update.

Tuesday the 24th
Tuesday was a normal work day. I bummed out of Girl Scouts, b/c I was EXHAUSTED. Like I seriously felt about 1/2 dead. Oh, I just remembered. I bought my Book Fair books on Tuesday. I am reading one of them, so there's no picture of it, but the others are all adorable & get two thumbs up from me.
I loved Little Miss and Mister Men books when I was a kid. I'm going to start picking them up for the baby.

This was a cute collection of "easy read" stories based on the Disney Pixar movies we all love. I buy ANYTHING with Sulley on it, so I had to have it. It's hard covered too.

This book is too adorable! It basically compares the teacher to the job of the president. Very well done! I love it!And, I didn't take this picture. This is the one I'm reading, I went ahead and snagged a picture from Barnes and Noble. I think I'm going to pick up the whole series, because it's pretty good. I even think young BOYS would enjoy reading this one.

I left work at 3:00, came home, ate some food, and went to sleep. I slept from like 4:15-7:45. Then I ate some more & went back to bed by 9:30. I needed the food & the sleep.

Wednesday the 25th
I felt a bit better from my huge eating session & all the sleep I got, but I was still run down. I had a crazy day and ended up leaving work just a touch early to go in for my beta. The nurse hurt me just a tiny bit when she drew my blood, but I'm a trooper.

Thursday the 26th
I took a sick day. I was up all night long with AWFUL gas cramps and I didn't get any sleep. First thing in the morning I got my reassuring and wonderful beta results. Yay! I stayed home, got housework done, and planned how on earth am I possibly going to be a stay at home mom. It came down to I need to bring in between $600-800 a week, babysitting or working part-time or else, I can't stay at home. (And that's with serious cut-backs to everything we can cut.)

Friday the 27th
Sucked, at work anyway. We're all over test prep...but that's all we can do at this point. So Friday at school was boring. They've got 2-3 admin team people in our rooms all freaking day to "help" and it's getting old. After work, there was a funeral, complete with horse drawn buggy hearse. Fun, so I had to beat feet to get out before they closed VIRGINIA BEACH BOULEVARD for the 25 minute long processional! I still managed to get caught but only for a second before I detoured around it. I then headed all the way to BFE, I mean, Ocean Lakes in Virginia Beach, to pick up Grayson and Spencer. I had to go to their grandparent's house to get them. After I got them, I took them straight home. I had plans to run a couple errands, but I just couldn't. They were both whiney and fussy & I was in a cranky mood. I was getting way too upset over nothing. So I put Grayson in my bed (he was partially asleep, but mostly awake), and strapped Spencer into a bouncy chair in front of the t.v., then I called Tim. He was close by, so I tried to just make sure they were both SAFE without having to actually deal with them. (The car ride home was over an hour long and miserable.) I needed a "mommy time-out."
When Tim got home he scooped up Spencer and got him a bottle. I went and let Grayson out of the bedroom and got him a sippy cup of juice. I think I also ate a little something. Then Tim and I headed out to Pet Smart to get puppy food. After that we walked around Target. We managed to spend a bunch of money on who knows what. I know I got socks for the baby and a new "chapped boobie balm" that I'm using on my chin. Yea, I chapped my chin and the best thing for it is stuff marketed for sore boobies. I don't care. We also got printer paper and a toy for Amanda. Oh yea and gas medicine, because I'd gotten the OK to take it & needed to stock up. When we got home it was pretty relaxed. We made pancakes and sausage for dinner (and by we I mean I did & Tim watched the boys). After they ate, I bathed both boys & got Grayson to bed. Then Tim ended up getting Spence to bed, because by the third freaking time he fell asleep and woke up for no darn reason, I was getting mad. So, Tim came out and took him from me. I'm telling ya'll my hormones must have been raging, because I was CRAZY short-tempered all DAY! Lindsey and Terrell showed up early-ish, before 11 to get the boys and then Tim and I went to bed.

Saturday the 28th
Saturday was a good, crazy day. I got up and got ready for work, but I also had to figure out what we were going to do with Spencer and Grayson. Lindsey had to go to work at like 10 am or something crazy & we both had things to do. I couldn't take the boys to work with me, so we were waiting to see if Tim could take them to church & put them in the nursery. He could, so Lindsey met him there and the boys went in the nursery for the first 3 hours of our babysitting. I went on to Saturday school.
Once I got there, (late, oopsie!), I went to my room to get the pencil sharpener the kids like, and was shocked to find what looked like a caved in ceiling. I went back to tell Mrs. White, and then she came back to tell me, that my room hadn't had water damage, it had been VANDALIZED!

So, we went to survey the damage. "They" broke in the window, busted out a whole mess of ceiling tiles, stole the overhead projector that operates my Smart Board, and went back out the window. Mrs. White quickly went to get the custodian on the line & take care of the burgularly. I scoped out the other classrooms and they got the one next door to me, too. I was on pins and needles for the rest of Saturday School. It was all any of us could talk about. Turns out, there were 3 guys, 2 in the building and one in the mobiles. The ones in the building were smart, they knew precisely how our security system worked & used it to their advantage. But, they got caught, because our neighbor's noticed some commotion. The one in the mobile was armed and injured. He cut himself up on the glass from the window. But, he got away. Oh well.
After Saturday School, I took home one of my students and then headed to VB to meet Tim at church and get the boys. We left there and headed to Chic Fil A. Grayson fell asleep in the car. We managed to carry him in & lay him on the seat, and he slept the entire time we ate. Spencer played in his high chair while we ate. Then we carried Grayson back to the car, then into Tom and Peggy's house and upstairs. He slept the entire time we visited with them. We shared our news with them & they were pretty excited & happy. This is all bittersweet, because nobody wants to get their hopes up too high. (We're all STILL scared.) We left their house around 3:30 to head home. Grayson was STILL asleep.
When we got home, I carried Grayson in and put him down for a bit longer. Spencer also napped. I got a tiny bit of housework done & got in a few minutes of computer time before we had to run out again.
We headed to James and Missy's house around 4:55 and got over there after 5:00. Grayson FINALLY woke up, before we left to go to their house.
We hung out with James and Missy until about 9:30 and it was a good time. I didn't bring my camera but the boys hammed it up bigtime. Grayson is doing pretty well with sharing & not bullying (he actually didn't push Trevor at all!) I think he's finally learning that he has to play nice.
When we got home, Terrell was on his way back to our house (because he'd already come once, but his phone was dead so he didn't call. We weren't home, so he went home, plugged his phone in, then called us back.) so we waited. He got there shortly and took the boys home. We went to bed pretty much as soon as the boys were gone.

Sunday March 1
We woke up late. Tim left me and went to church because he had to run sound. I managed to get out of the house, but nowhere near on time for the 9:45 service. So I called Terrell and asked him if he'd like me to just pick the boys up, since I was running behind and would want to go to the 11:15 service. (the original plan was for him to drop them off at 11:15, and I was going to go out and about while Tim worked the 11:15) He said, sure, so I went by and got the boys. Only Spencer was just in a sleeper and I didn't want to take him to church like that. So, I went to Wal-Mart and bought him a cute little outfit.
Then we headed to church. I changed him in the parking lot & then took both boys into the nursery. Spencer goes in the baby room and Grayson goes in the big kid room. Then I snuck into the sanctuary just in time for church to start. It was a good service, about the last supper, and recognizing what Jesus did for us.
After church, Tim and I took my car and went to Plaza Azteca for lunch. It was gross. I did not like anything on my plate. Grayson ate his whole taco, but he was a BAD baby boy. Spencer chilled in his car seat & actually napped for part of the meal. The service sucked big time & we actually ended up with a different waiter when our waitress just disappeared. After lunch, we went back to church and got Tim's truck, then we headed home.

It was a pretty chill day at home. Tim and the boys took naps and I got some computer time and a ton of housework done.

I woke Tim up around 5:30 to take over in the playroom (watching the boys play & feeding Spencer) so that I could finish up the housework and then cook dinner. We ended up having Bagel Bites. After dinner I took Spencer into the office to relax for a bit and Tim kept Grayson. Then I had both boys for a while while Tim did who-knows-what.

After a bit, I got Spencer bathed and Tim took care of feeding Grayson. Until he threw a major-holy-mother of a temper tantrum and then I took over. I gave Grayson a bath and passed Spencer off to Tim all swaddled and ready for bed. Then I laid down in the bed with Grayson to put him to sleep. Our power went out around 9:30.
Tim got Spencer to sleep in the pack n play and came to bed. (I just slept there with Grayson--fully clothed, because I was so tired.) Lindsey called at about 10:45 that she was almost here, so I got up and got the boys ready to go. As soon as they left, I headed back to bed.
PHEW, what a week!