Thursday, January 2, 2014

2014 Challenge

I'm always up for a good, fun challenge, and Tim and I have a personal goal of getting the house organized & de-cluttered, so this one actually fits well into our plans for this year.

The 2014 Challenge is to remove 2,014 items from the home,  keeping in mind that new items brought IN have to be accounted for on the output.  (So at Easter, birthdays and Christmas we will have to get rid of as many things as we receive.)

I decided to start it off with going through the boys' "junk" toy bin.  They have one toy box that is for all the miscellaneous little things they cherish.  The toys there don't fit in with any of their other toys.  I managed to pull out 16 things into a "boy grab bag" to donate to Peace.Love.Swap at our Feb. 8 swap and 3 pieces to the Thomas Train track that we have recently rehomed to the Grandparents house.

So, this isn't to say that the boys won't get new stuff (or me or Daddy) but that we will try to get rid of some STUFF that we don't need. :) (in a eco-responsible way if possible)

We have a pile behind the shed as well of toys that need to go to the dump and we also plan to clean out the garage & my office!

I plan to have a nice stash of stuff to donate at the February 8 Peace.Love.Swap since it is being hosted by our church & I'd love it to have a great turn-out.