Tuesday, October 28, 2008

Well, on to next month

From Tuesday Night:

Well it is finally the end of this crap-tastic day.

I had a headache ALL day. Tim bought me some regular Tylenol tonight & it's FINALLY starting ot feel better. (That's what you get when your TTC...reg Tylenol!) I stayed at home & in bed almost all day. I spent a bit of time on my computer too. I had Girl Scouts this evening & that went ok. We did the majority of another badge, so we are well on our way to 2 badges & 3 patches. Way to go Stephanie! I'm actually really INTO it this year so we are being VERY active!

Anybody want to go to a Family Skating Party Saturday? from 4-6:30? It only costs $6 per skater!

From Wednesday Morning:
Aunt Flo has come to visit this morning. Wah.


Not a Baby? I beg to differ...

Well, I'm crying.

One of the moms from DS has this post on her blog right now. If you love babies and care, go watch it & then DO something about it.


It's graphic, so don't even click it if you don't want to see the images.

I'm bawling. I want a baby so badly...and yet daily people destroy their precious little miracles without a care. (Not to say that ALL women don't care, but so many, just see it as a "convenient" way to GET RID of something they don't want.)

Ugh. Just awful.

Chart Update 10.28

Well, I guess there is still hope. My temp went back above the cover line today. Yay! And, AF was due today & hasn't shown yet, so that' s a good thing. I'm going to spend some time reading Taking Charge of Your Fertility today. I called the doc, he doesn't seem worried about my low temps & called in the Clomid for me, just in case I do get my period, I can start right back on the next cycle with it. On Ovusoft.com they have a chart gallery & there was a woman on there with an even bigger temp dip than mine on CD 13 and she was pregnant, so we shall see. Also, the migraine with nausea is not normally an AF sign for me. I get migraines ONCE I am on my period...not before...

I'm holding on to the hope.

Mandy had a coupon for $4 any EPT product, so I bought a 3 pack of digital tests last night. I could test Weds, Thurs, and Friday. Or I might wait & try Thurs, Fri, and Saturday which is CD 18 for me. According to FAM CD 18 is when you are "pregnant" for sure.

We'll see what happens.

Monday, October 27, 2008


I think I'm out for this month. My temperature dropped way below the cover line (97.4) and I think AF is coming.

Thursday, October 23, 2008

Camera Critters

Well, I'd like to introduce you to my birdies this week. This picture was taken last Chrismas but not much has changed with them.

On the top right you have Speckles. He is the oldest and he is a pied cockatiel. DH got him at least 6 years ago. (from an ex girlfriend who's birds had babies) He raised Speck from a hatchling & has been handling him since he was days old. He loves to have his neck pet.

On the bottom, is my baby, Freckles. He is about 2 years and 7 months old. He is a love bug and always has been. My mom has one of his clutchmates & her name is Jewels. She is a beautiful pearl. Freckles is technically a pearl, but the males turn grey.

On the top left is our Meanie Head. His name is Scribbles. We got him from a bad breeder before we knew too much about finding a good breeder. He is mean and doesn't like much attention. He has bitten and drawn blood since we got him. He doesn't do that anymore, but we mostly don't take any chances either. He is about 3 1/2 years old. He's a grey.

I also have 4 fish, but the tank needs cleaned, so I won't take a picture today.

Blondie our old dog is in having her teeth cleaned. We've made the tough decision that if we can't get her quality of life to improve before the current bag of dog food runs out, we're going to have her put down. We're going to spend a lot of time on her though, over the next month or so, to help her out.

Chart Update

Just thought I'd post a screenshot, in case anybody was wondering how thimgs were going.

An awesome success!

Tonight was Science, Math, and Technology Night at Ingleside. It was "an awesome success" to quote Mrs. White, our principal.

I'm tired & won't be saying much tonight.

I am 9 days past ovulation. I had a temp dip & rapid increase, which COULD signal implantation!

I am due for AF on Tuesday & plan on waiting it out until Halloween to test.

I'm trying to keep myself braced for EITHER outcome.

Wish me luck.

I gained 1 pound of the weight I've lost back over the last week. Boo! I am down to 193. I was up close to 200 & I believe that I actually went OVER 200 this summer.

I'm going to go lay in bed and read Taking Charge of Your Fertility a little.


6-6 Meme

Well..I snagged this meme from Melanie, who snagged it from An Iowa Mom.

Basically I was asked to go to my pictures on my computer. Pick the 6th folder and then the 6th picture and post it. So, here it is:

It's my siggy pic for the forums I'm on.

The forums I'm currently active on are:




and http://www.diaperswappers.com/

My Username on all of them is TeachinAuntie!

Sunday, October 19, 2008


If you don't know anything at all about Natural Family Planning or the Fertility Awareness Method....I'll try to make this simple for you. If you do understand NFP or FAM you'll get right away, why I am TOTALLY psyched!

I have a clear and present OVULATION on my chart! (the little bird's nest with the egg in it) I am in the infertile phase & my temperature is still high. This is a CLASSIC TEXT BOOK CHART! Everything is EXACTLY as it should be!

I have never had a chart do anything even remotely close to this.

I am scheduled to start my period on Oct. 28. That's 14 days past ovulation. That's a pretty standard guestimate. If I have not started by Oct. 31...I'm most likely PREGANT! I can take a pregnancy test starting at 9 days past ovulation (DPO) but I don't know if I will. There is a chance of it being negative that early...I'd love to think I have the willpower to wait.

What should I do?
I am trying very hard, not to get my hopes all the way through the roof, so that if I'm not pregnant, I won't be AS dissapointed. Right now, the biggest thing making me happy is CLOMID worked! I ovulated thanks to this drug! If I don't end up pregnant there are 2 options, try again & temp/and "try" better or have Tim tested & then temp/and "try" better. There's always the possibility that his car accident could have hurt his fertility. He was pretty messed up in that whole region.
Wish me luck...If you pray, say a prayer. Tim and I BOTH want a baby so badly! Just to give you a comparison. This is just my temps from one of my "normal" cycles. This is over a span of 131 days! Up, down, around, and back again....all the time.

Saturday, October 18, 2008

Not Good

Carolynn Overnight+All Day+Grayson & Spencer=Cranky Auntie

Friday, October 17, 2008

Grayson's Not Afraid...

Well, a while back, when Amanda was over & we had Grayson & Wazowski here....Wazowski trampled Grayson. He never stepped on him, but he was racing through the house & jumping over Grayson where he lay screaming on the hallway floor. Grayson has been SLOWLY getting over his fear of dogs since then. (He wasn't afraid of the dogs before that--but that made him scared of Zowski.)

Well, I can now announce, that the G-Man is no longer afraid of dogs. Here he is playing with both puppies...taking that toy from them & then throwing it across the living room for them to fetch. (He can throw it about 4 feet.) He said, "Down!" "Drotsch it!" (drop) "No!" "Stop Doggie!" Here he is playing with Rosie's paws...while they were all relaxing!
Here he is giving Zowski a hug. He was all about the hugs last night...he hugged me, Tim, & both dogs, all night long!
Here he is playing dog on the floor. He wouldn't bark or anything, but he was crawling around & panting like the dogs.

Yay for overcoming fears! His Mom is terribly afraid & Dad "doesn't like" the dogs--so hopefully we can have a small part in helping make sure he doesn't develop an irrational fear.

Cloth Diaper Review

Well, I got to try out a couple more diapers on Spencer yesterday. Here he is in a girly Arabesque Baby size small, overnight fitted. I LOVED it! This is the diaper I traded one of my Bum Genius diapers for & I'm happy! I think it is "boyish" enough for a guy to sport too! It held up very well, and he's such a light soaker that it only soaked 1 of the 2 soakers.
Here's a cranky baby in a Bum Genius 2.0 on the smallest snap setting. This diaper FRUSTRATED me. It kept coming unsnapped while I was stretching the velcro. It held up amazingly! Spence slept from 6:30 until 10:30 in it, had a BM, and it didn't leak a bit! I definitely like these better on a little one than on Grayson. Grayson & Carolynn both pee straight through this diaper!

That's all for now!

Pep Rally

Monday morning, Chrissy, Carolynn, and I went to the McCain/Palin pep rally in Virginia Beach. Here are some of the photos we took. I got some video & some still of the show but we were in standing room only, so the quality is not blog worthy. Carolynn LOVED the little signs the girl behind us shared with her! Several people surrounding us took pictures of her with the signs & everyone was saying "Babies for McCain"...it was cute!

Hollywood Dance Party

Saturday night I went to the Hollywood Dance Party that an Indian River Service Unit was hosting with my Girl Scout troop. I had 13 girls go, this picture was taken before the last few arrived. I have blurred out the girls' eyes & noses to distort their faces, but left their big grins for you to enjoy! They LOVED it! They were supposed to dress up at movie stars...so we had quite a few Hannah Montanas!

Rant about Work

I hate my job. I can't stand what I do. I LOVE children...so why do I hate coming to work?

Well, let me tell you:

1. First off, the administration is a crock of bull. They have lied to us, yelled at us, demeaned us, and made us feel as though we have no authority or worth in the building. They expect us to do an awful lot for them with nothing in return. There are no consequences for negative behavior. Students are allowed to kick each other, fight, curse, call people names, and even attack teachers (as in previous years) and don't even get sent home the day of! Ms. Brown, the assistant principal, talks down to us--as if we are little children. We can't even get the basic supplies that we need in order to do our jobs. If the copy machine runs out of paper, then we are tough out of luck. We get blasted for making "too many" copies. If we made the kids copy the work that would take up WAY too much of our teaching time & we'd never get anything done!

2. Which brings me to materials. We are deprived/limited on the materials that we have at our disposal. We need paper. We need desks and chairs. (Yes, this is TRULY a problem!) We need resource materials to help us teach the material because our text books are written on a 7th grade reading level and our kids can barely read on a 4th-5th grade level. We need time to plan. Yes, planning time. I NEED some time during the school day to get crap done. I cannot take it all home & stay sane. I spend at least 2 or three days a week wasting my planning time in meetings. Our paper is hoarded and guarded. We only get 7 reams put into the copy machine a day. There are 500 students in this school. That means that for the entire school each kid should only have 7 pieces of paper a day. Homework alone can be 2-3 pages. Then add in Interactive Notebook pages, study guides (which are required by some students' IEPs), and other class activities and yea, it just doesn't work. If we just wrote all of the assignments on the Smart Board & made the kids copy them, it would take up all of their time to do the work. Many of the kids don't have pencils, scissors, or glue--and when we ask the school to step up and help out, we get "later...we ran out..." more excuses.

3. There is too much politicking. Every freaking person in this building has a freaking hidden agenda. Nobody can just BE. Every time you turn around, someone is "checking on you". We can't even go to the bathroom without someone keeping track of us. We are monitored and watched like babies, never trusted to just go in our rooms and do our jobs. The communication train doesn't move and people who have information don't give it out for fear of getting in trouble. We need to know what's going on.

4. The kids are bad. Literally, they are worse than any other children I've ever worked with. In Girl Scouts, in After School day-care in VB, in all of my student teaching and practica--these kids are just worse. They lie, steal, cheat, sneak, and don't even bat an eyelash. They have no problem selling someone else out just to get what they want. They have zero ambition to do anything. Many of them don't even care if you call their parents. (Because the majority of the parents are just as ambitionless as their children.) I have kids who are given an opportunity to redo a test they flunked & they are sitting here staring into space. They won't even TRY to figure it out. (It's an application based math problem.) I get so frustrated having to tell them the same thing day after day. They don't know how to behave & it is impossible to teach them how to act. I get so tired of the telling them over and over and over again to be quiet, to walk in a single file line, to just do what they are supposed to. I just get SO frustrated with them. I try to tell myself, their just kids. They are only 9, 10, and 11 years old. But, then I think of myself at that age & I would NEVER have acted the way they do. I was SCARED of my teachers in the fifth grade. I would do whatever they asked without question. I might question it with my parents---but never to my teacher's face.

5. There are bugs in the school. They can't seem to get rid of them & we've had them for 2 years now. I hate bugs. I hate seeing roaches. I live in fear of bringing them home with me. I can't have a cup of tea on my desk without checking inside every time I get a sip.

6. People don't do their jobs. Our cafeteria lady has been the monitor for like 50 years or something ridiculous. She doesn't take the time to learn the kids' names & she calls at them like this, "Hey Boy..." "Little kid..." "Little girl..." Which I think is degrading. She doesn't allow them to talk at all. She spread the fifth grade around the whole cafeteria, so they aren't even close to each other & expects them to eat in silence. ALL THE WHILE, she is sitting on her fluffy duff talking & yacking away with the assistant cafeteria monitor. Then 5 minutes before our lunch time ends (some kids having just barely gotten out of line) she has them start clearing trays & wiping down the tables. She lines them up & puts them out at least 2 minutes before MY lunch is over. THEN, she has the other 2 fifth grade classes line up at the same time! They come to lunch 5 minutes after my class. So, for 5 minutes, (while my kids are having their restroom break), the other 2 classes stand their unattendend. She OFTEN puts kids out in the halls. The cafeteria monitor is not the only one though. the SPED teacher who is supposed to service my one SPED child only pulls him for like 20 minutes a day to "make up" my assignments that he has failed. She doesn't actually TEACH him anything. She isn't in here to see how I do things in order to make sure she is showing him another way to learn something. The specialists don't all do their jobs either. They are supposed to work with small groups of children. BUT, they are the ones going around "checking on" others.

Wednesday, October 15, 2008

Wordless Wednesday!

Seriously sick obsession

I have to work tomorrow!

I got home from work around 6 o clock today. Guess what I've been doing since then.

Go on, guess.

Yea, reading. My book. I can't help it.

I am TIRED. Everytime I start to drift off, the story jolts me awake & I have to rewind the disc & play it again.

Oh, but vampire sex is an addicting thing to read about. And, Tim is sick. Which doesn't help me any.

So sorry if that's TMI.

Back to my book.

(I just got up to drink some tea & have a popsicle to try to wake myself up some. The only good thing is I already had a shower, so I can sleep in a bit later in the morning.)

Tuesday, October 14, 2008

CD 16

Well, so far no good. It's been 2 days of "high fertility" predictions on my chart & negative OPKs. (ovulation predictor kit tests) So, I haven't Oed yet. I'm still hopefully & we're still going to TRY at least every other day. It's actually been a lot more fun with a goal. I guess I'm the old fashioned kind of girl who sees sex as something that serves a purpose & I enjoy it a lot more when I'm actually doing it, for that purpose.

I've been OBSESSED with Eclipse, book 3 of the Twilight series, these past couple of days. I had to borrow it from the library (on CD) b/c we can't afford to buy it right now and it SUCKS. The reader is so SLOW...and it takes 19 hours to listen to the entire book! I can read the book cover to cover myself in less than 10! Oh well. I have to listen to Breaking Dawn as well. I'm going to start it tonight. I think I am falling for Edward but shh...don't tell Tim! I just wish I could have a love that is so easy and perfect. Don't get me wrong Tim is right for me in every way, it's just not that EASY.

School sucks. I hate my job. I know, I've said it before, but I do. I don't get any enjoyment out of teaching. I don't like my coworkers. I hate the politics and rules we have to follow. For example, at our Science Lead Teacher meeting, one of the teachers shared a 24 page Science Fair Project Journal that she gives her students. She wanted to make a digital copy available to all of the other Science Leads, so we could adapt it to meet our school's needs. She has to request PERMISSION from DOWNTOWN in order to SHARE something SHE CREATED HERSELF! WTF! If its worth-while we'll go through it & figure it out for ourselves! If its not, we'll dump it! BUT NO, we can't even SEE it until it gets approved! How does that help the children? A couple of the teachers in my building like to hoard materials. They don't and won't share. I don't understand that mentality. If we all shared our materials, wouldn't the kids be better off? They'd get the benefit of MORE materials! I don't have the energy to get into it all tonight, but lots of CRAPPY stuff happens at my work.

My good friend, the art teacher, who is due Thanksgiving Day weekend, went into preterm labor last week. She is at home on bed rest for the next 2 1/2 weeks until the baby is considered "full term". She is going to run out of sick leave & FMLA before she wanted to be back at work & I'm sorry for her. I am going to be making a diaper cake with all of my gifts for her baby shower. I'm pretty excited.

So far I've gotten her: 2 sets of WAHM made breast pads, an amber teething necklace from Inspired By Finn on Hyenacart, 2 baby outfits, an organic cotton baby hat, a plastic rattle, a wooden organic rattle, a 4 pack of receiving blankets (which mom is crocheting edges on), a tie dyed onesie from a WAHM and a Low-Water-Immersion dyed prefold, which I am going to send to Mom to put an edge on. I need to buy a pattern & get it to Melanie, so she can make me at least 1 baby hat for the little guy. I am also working on a custom order with a mama on DS for a little satin/minkee lovey. I love buying baby gifts! I can't wait until I have my own little baby on the way.

I recently bought myself 2 bumper stickers....they are Twilight themed. One says "Be Safe" and the other says "Bite Me". Yep. Love it! I also got my McCain Palin sticker to tape in the darn rental. Hopefully I get my car back by the quote 28th, so I can have it on there for a little while, before the election.

I have no plans for Halloween, how sad is that? What should we do?

Monday, October 13, 2008

I'm Up and Out Folks

Yay! I'm up and about to shower and leave for the Republican Party Rally today!


And, my Ovulation Predictor Test was negative. No O in the next 48 hours. I'll keep testing each day though. I am trying to remain hopeful & calm. If it doesn't work this time, we'll try again.

Sunday, October 12, 2008

Camera Critters Meme

This is Rosie. Our Golden Retriever puppy. I think she looks quite regal here. She is about 7 months old now. She's my sweet, smart, wonderful girl. I love her. Her full name is Rosie May. She loves to be petted and snuggled. She'll sit or lay next to me and just let me pat her all day.
Here's Tim with Wazowski. He's our Australian Shepherd/Lab mix. He's got light brown eyes and is a big boy. He's just over a year old, now. We got him for free from Craigslist. He's our first dog & our buddy. He loves to wrestle and is super hyper, all the time!
Here's Tim's old dog, Blondie. She's a cock-a-poo. She's 16 years old. She's blind and deaf now. She still putts around the house and is still alive and kicking.

Well, now you've met all of our dogs. We have 6 other pets, but I'll save them for next week! We love our puppies and our old girl!

A Thousand Words

The photo I'll be using as my prompt is called "Rainy Day in Rotterdam."

It was my Golden Birthday. I was turning 25 on the 25th of September.
I woke up, feeling glum and downtrodden. I slowly got dressed and gathered my things for work. I kissed Tim goodbye and he left, early enough to be on time to work. I continued to gather the materials I would need for the day. I packed scrapbooking supplies, to make baby shower cards for a friend of mine and a co-worker. I packed my hairbrush and all of my school papers. Once I had everything gathered up and waiting on the couch. I let the dogs in. That’s when I saw the rain and the mud. Wazowski and Rosie both came into the house, covered from head to toe, and I yelled and fussed at them to stay down. I quickly got Rosie into her crate and grabbed my many bags. I ran to the car and stuffed all of the stuff into the back seat. Then I pulled out of the driveway and headed to work, thinking, that I would definitely be late.
I drove fast but carefully. I didn’t exceed the speed limits. Not with that much rain and fog, I wouldn’t have been able to see. I got down Military Highway and onto I-464. I crossed the Berkley Bridge, which I considered to be the “hard part.” Then I slowed down and made my way into the right lane, preparing to exit the highway. The thought actually crossed my mind that a car accident would be a valid excuse for being as late as I was sure to be. I checked my mirrors and gauges and when I looked up, realized I needed to stop, NOW! Without thinking too much, I slammed the clutch and the brake to the floor. I had both hands on the steering wheel. The car jerked one way and then the other; I steered towards the guard rail, hoping to get off the road before I hit anyone. My car slid, the breaks wouldn’t catch. I was hydroplaning and I knew it. As I realized I wouldn’t make it, I braced myself for the impact.
I slammed into the rear passenger corner of the Honda in front of me. I grabbed the parking break, and pulled it into place, stopping my still sliding car. I turned the ignition off and reached, sobbing, to the floor for my cellular phone. I picked it up and hit speed dial in one motion. When Tim’s voice came through the phone, I panted out, “Car accident, Ballentine Blvd, on the highway, please come.” I don’t remember his reply, but he told me to call 911 and to try to calm down. I made the necessary call, gave them the location, and hung up. While I was on the phone with Tim or maybe the 911 Operator, the driver I hit got out of her car, looked at her damages and waved her arms while yelling in my direction. It was pouring. I wasn’t getting out of my car. The sky was near black with the storm clouds and I didn’t have an umbrella or anything. My purse was dumped on the floor and I hurt. I called my parents next, still crying. My mother answered the phone and I asked for my Dad. He came on the phone, half asleep, but perking up when he realized it was me and what had happened. He calmed me and assured me that it was okay, my car was replaceable, and asked if I was okay. I assessed myself quickly, all of my body parts were working, I didn’t even think I hit anything in the car. Once he was sure I was ok, he told me to get off the phone and wait for the police.
First a roadside assistance truck showed up, then the police. Later, Tim showed up. After receiving a ticket, for “following too closely”, I was released to go. I unloaded all of my important possessions from my car and piled them into Tim’s truck. I was soaked. I climbed into the truck and changed into a sweater I had pulled out of my trunk. Tim helped me into the truck and then got me off of the highway.
Our first stop was my school. I had called them at some point and let them know I was in a car accident. I wanted to make sure that there were plans for my sub to follow and let my kids know I was ok.
After we left the school, we both started making the necessary phone calls. I called the insurance company, while Tim called the Toyota Collision Center. Before we knew it, we were in Virginia Beach. While we were on the phone, my left arm and hand started to swell.
Tim decided that I should go to the Urgent Care Center and have it checked out. It was STILL raining. The Urgent Care doctor explained that the swelling was a typical ‘whip lash’ type injury and that it would go away. She then began to poke and prod at my entire body. She poked me in the belly and it made me cry out in pain. Apparently I had an injury I didn’t even realize I had. She poked at it some more and then explained that it felt like I had injured a rib or maybe my liver. Because I’m so fluffy she couldn’t tell which one it was. She warned us to keep an eye on it and let us go.
We stopped by Tim’s parents’ house to use the computer and then we headed to Town Center for lunch. We parked the truck on the 9th floor and rode the elevator down to the ground level. Then, both armed with umbrellas, we made our way outside. We ran across the street and jumped puddles all the way to Ruth’s Chris Steakhouse, but they weren’t open. Then we had to go back out in the rain to get to P.F. Chang’s. They were open and it was nice and warm inside too! We were both soaked. Our umbrellas turned inside out and we were freezing. My leather shoes were sopping wet and my ankles were black from the dye in the shoes. I used the restroom and brushed out my tangled, wet hair. Then we ate our lunch. It was okay.
After lunch, we headed home, in the rain. I slept the whole way home and then slept the rest of the day as well. It was an AWFUL, rainy day. Happy Birthday to me!

McCain/Palin Rally

Can I just say, that I am TOTALLY STOKED to be able to take Monday morning off of work, to go to the Republican Party Rally with John McCain and Sarah Palin!?!

The rally is at 10 am & I should be back at work by 12:30! In time for all of my conferences.

Chrissy and Carolynn are going to go with me. Dad would have come if he'd known sooner, but since it was short notice he can't.

I'm really not SUPER into politics, but I think this is an opportunity not to be missed. I told Chrissy, if they do meet n greets or pictures, I want to get one with Caro. Wouldn't that be cool?

Yea, I'm excited.

PS--do you wonder why I'm blogging at 7:30 am on a Sunday? Yea me too! The darn dogs needed out & I had to take my temperature!

Saturday, October 11, 2008


*I am . . . 25 years old.
*I think . . . about my family all the time.
*I know . . . that I want to have a baby, soon.
*I miss . . . my Mom.
*I fear . . . being without Tim.
*I feel . . . tired, a lot.
*I hear . . . the dogs wrestling.
*I smell . . . not too much, actually. I have a very poor sense of smell.
*I want . . . a baby. I want to get a big fast positive on Oct. 31.
*I crave . . . a baby. (see above)
*I cry . . . when I think about my car. And when I think about having a baby. And actually quite a lot.
*I search . . . for great deals.
*I wonder . . . what my life will be like, when I'm "old."
*I regret . . . some of the things I did and didn't do in college.
*I wish . . . I could be carefree. And that I didn't have to work.
*I love . . . Tim!
*I care . . . .about kids. Even ones I don't know. I especially care about kids whose parents don't take "good" care of them.
*I always . . . keep my hair long. I don't like how I like with short hair.
*I have . . . a full tummy. We had Applebee's for dinner!
*I worry . . . about not getting pregnant. I wish my body worked.
*I am not . . . strong. I'm a wimp and I'm weak.
*I remember . . .my 9th birthday. When my cousin held me upside down so my friends could "spank" me. Then I hid in my room for the rest of my party.
*I believe.... that I will get pregnant, someday.
*I sing . . . really badly.
*I argue . . .when I don't agree with someone, about something I STRONGLY believe about.
*I write . . .all the time. I love to write. I love to make lists!
*I lose . . . stuff, all the time. I'm very forgetful.
*I listen . . .to my books.
*I don't always . . .do what I should.
*I don't understand . . . why I haven't had a baby yet, but Chrissy has 4. It's not fair.
*I can usually be found . . . at work or on my computer.
*I need . . . Tim.
*I forget . . . everything. I am good with telephone numbers & dates...but everything else (even important memories, like my wedding!) goes in one ear and out the other.
*I am happy . . . when Tim holds me "in my spot" and just loves on me.


Well, today has been a pretty bum day. I crashed hard last night. This morning when I woke up I couldn't even remember what day it was. I woke Tim up and then went back to bed.

I got up around 8:30 in the morning. I haven't really done much all day. I put away all the laundry. Did a couple more loads of clothes...listened to my book....and did some scrapbooking.

The washing machine is broken and now I can't wash any more clothes.

Amanda just watched an accident on the highway. I've been looking at it on the traffic cams. It's not good. The entire cab of a tractor trailer is smashed into a pylon on the highway. There are at least 20 police and fire fighters but they can't get anywhere near the driver. Cars are so dangerous.

I have to get a shower & go bake some cookies. Our troop is supposed to be bringing cookies and at least 2 or 3 cakes for the cake walk, to the Hollywood Dance Party tonight.

I'm still listening to my book. I love Twilight.

I'm not as anxious, reading it this way (on CD), but it is still SO good! I need to get a hard copy so I can read at my own pace.

Gotta go...big scene coming up!



Friday, October 10, 2008


Bunco Day!
This day started out cruddy and only got worse. I can't remember really anything about the school day. I just know I felt like CRAP. After work I went straight to Greenbrier Mall. I got the rest of the Bunco prizes at Bath & Body Works and Yankee Candle. By the time I left the mall, I had a migraine headache. I rushed home & got started on the housework. Tim and I barely got it all done in time. Missy & Amanda ended up helping me get the decorations put up and everything 100% ready. Melanie was in a funky mood & Tabitha was having Morning Sickness. I had a migraine. It was AWFUL. Amanda, Missy, and Hannah (who's 11) were all subs. We also had a ghost. That only left 8 regular players & 3 of us were in crap-tast-ical moods. So, yea, Bunco overall sucked. Around about 8:15, my stomach finally gave out and I ended up in the bathroom for the rest of Bunco. Mandy came back a little while later and let me know that everyone was ready to call it a night (20 minutes early) :( I went out and did the prizes. A lot of the ladies (if not all of them) helped clean up the kitchen. Once everyone was on their way home, Amanda gave me a shot of my migraine medicine. I passed out shortly after that. Tim came home but I was too tired to really notice.

Thursday was fine. I don't think anything amazing happened.
I had meetings starting as soon as I got to work. They were pretty awful. The rest of the school day seems pretty blank to me. The kids were bad. I stayed after work until after 5:00. I got a lot of stuff done. When I got home, Tim and I cooked dinner and then ate. We had fried rice and fried shrimp. Then we watched "Fool's Gold", Saturday Night Live Election Updates, and The Office. After relaxing & watching t.v. we went to bed.

Today was OK. I got up and headed to work. I was there just before 8 am. I got stuff done & then taught, taught, & taught social studies all morning. Before lunch time I gave the kids their tests and let them get to work on them. We'll have to continue the tests on Tuesday though, because we had a lot of catch up testing to do. The kids were OK, not too bad and not too good. After school, I got all packed up and headed out right after 3. My first stop after work was Mary's house to drop off some Girl Scout paperwork. Then I went to the Republican Headquarters in Chesapeake to get some McCain/Palin signs for my yard, my Dad's yard, and my Aunt's yard. I also got a bumper sticker to tape inside the rental car. Then I went to the library to pick up Eclipse and Breaking Dawn on CD. Yay! I actually squealed in the car when I found out they were both in. I stuck the first disc of Eclipse in right away! Then I went over to the Post Office to mail the 2 yard signs to PA. Dad's republican headquarters closed down or moved or something, so he couldn't get any. I haven't put ours up yet, but I will tomorrow. Then I came home and set my "book" up in the kitchen. I started making Tim some dinner. We had chili. Mary from GS gave me some fresh peppers (green & cayan) so I used those. Tim came home and "we took a nap". Then Chrissy called, wanting to know when Tim would be over to help her with the van tomorrow. We didn't even know he was supposed to be helping. We called and chatted with Dad about it. Then we ate dinner and watched "Broken Arrow." It kind of sucked. Now, we are just being bums for the rest of the night.

10-11 Tomorrow!
The only thing on the schedule is the Girl Scouts' "Hollywood Dance Party."

Tuesday, October 7, 2008

Getting ready for Bunco

....Well today SUCKED.

Big time.

By 10:30 this morning, I wanted to cry. I began making arrangements to leave early.

I left work at 1:00 & went grocery shopping. I picked up a couple more prizes for Bunco and then I came home. I unloaded the groceries and then vegged on the computer for a while.

When Tim got home, I stuck some fish sticks in the toaster oven & we had dinner.

Then it was time for me to rush back to Girl Scouts. Except that it took over an hour to get there, thanks to us living across a damn bridge.

Girl Scouts was good--even though I wasn't even there an hour.

Then I came home & helped Tim with the dishes, laundry, and cleaning the carpet. We got the carpet in the living room, hall way, and office done tonight. The house smells 1000 times better! I also bought "Pet Odor" Febreze to help with the couch & beds.

There is still at TON to do tomorrow.

Here's the list:
1. Finish buying prizes (Yankee & Bath & Body Works)
2. Clean house & set up
3. Dust
4. Mop
5. Make Bagel Bites & Chocolate Chip Cookies
6. Clean fish tank

There may be more, but I'm too tired to think.

Monday, October 6, 2008

Twilight Update

So---a quick update...

Twilight Moms is cool--I wish they'd hurry & approve me so I can start posting!
There is a lot of Twilight junk out there to be bought. I want at least one or 2 t-shirts.
I have resisted buying the last 2 books. I am #1 on the wait list for the Books on CD of Eclipse and Breaking Dawn. I can't wait!
I've decided that a copy of Twilight is going to be one of my prizes for Bunco. The theme is "pampering yourself". I think it counts.
There is a TON of online material about Twilight. Stephenie Meyer's webpage has outtakes and extras that are tiding me over until I can get Eclipse.
My students at work all want to read the book. I told them its a grown up book.
The feelings that this book cause are unreal. I can't believe the way it has effected me. Someday I'll look back on this & be like, huh?

Yea--still obsessed.


So, today is day 6 of Clomid. Here's the timeline: (this may be TMI so stop reading now if you want to!)

You can check out my chart Here!

10/6 day 8 of my cycle
10/7 day 9, last day of Clomid
10/8-10/12 Waiting & watching to Ovulate (O)
10/12-10/19 Use Ovulation Predictor Kit & "get it on" every other night
10/12-10/31 If I chart an O & I can determine that I actually ovulate, I'll have 18 days from O before I can take a pregancy test. My temperatures should show whether or not, it worked.

I'm so anxious/nervous/scared/excited/and worred all at the same time! I WANT a baby so badly. It is going to be SO hard if I don't make it this cycle. I only get 3 tries with the Clomid. If I don't get pregnant after 3 its on to whatever the next step is.

One thing that I am going to say is a "sign" is that I suddenly have over 300 hours of sick leave. I have NO idea where that came from & it's probably a mistake. That's 40 days of leave. Or 8 weeks of school. If it's NOT a mistake & by some crazy chance it stays in my account, that would be FREAKING AWESOME for when I do have a baby.

I'm not going to point it out to anyone at work...just watch & see.

I think it's bedtime.

Chrissy Wrecked the Van


This is what Chrissy's van looked like at the scene.

This is the car that was in the middle. It was a Ford Pick Up. First up is the rear end damage, then the front end damage. You can see the bumper is pretty much gone but the engine is intact.

This is car number 1. The driver & 2 small children were OK. There is some rear end bumper damage, but the car was "drivable".
Chrissy's friend just came and picked her and Carolynn up. I don't know how/if she is going to get a new car seat. The Health Dept. got rid of the free car seat program.

Sunday, October 5, 2008

Friday, October 3, 2008

Blogging Game

One day, Trisha was outside going for a walk. She really hated to walk, in fact, she downright despised it. This was because she was tired of the nasty old men who would pervertedly let out cacophonous wolf whistles as she would hike down the road. Trisha hated feeling like a sex object, despite her night job as a lap dancer at the local T&A bar. Working at the T&A Bar, Trisha makes AWESOME Money from the men AND women that wont ever go home. One day Trisha got fed up with the bar and headed to a nudist beach. Being utterly disgusted by the fat men at the beach, Trisha decided to start a campaign to exile any overweight men, so the beach would no longer be an eyesore. This quest however, ticked off all the wives who thought their hubbys were fat yet fabulous. So she decided that this was not the place for her. She headed back to her hometown, and on the way she saw a house that was completely decked out in Halloween decor. “It’s only July, for crying out loud!” she thought. This person needs to be taught a lesson. So Trisha decided to….Toliet Paper the guys house to add decorations!! Then the next night, she forked his yard! (She really loves watching his reactions in the morning!!) He isn’t quite sure what to do with the forks. Well he knows is it’s going to be such a pain to mow the lawn.Trisha is so happy with herself for playing these little pranks that she brags to all her friends about it. She even puts it on her website! This man/neighbor finds out and comes running over to her house and passes chris in the garage killing black widows. He asks Chris about the angels and the other Christmas decor and Chris starts to panic. Not knowing what to say Chris runs inside and grabs Trisha. Trisha says to the man…"I really didn't want to be a snitch but I do know who is responsible for it. It was Kim's crazy neighbor, she thinks the world is ending and the only way to save it is by wearing Tweety socks, like Insane Mama's Grandmother!! While wearing these sock, she believes she is invisible. That is the reason she had decorated his lawn, wearing Tweety socks.The neighbor/guy asks "What is she going to do next?" Trisha answered, "I don't know, but let's follow her to find out." So they followed the crazy neighbor all the while hiding behind tree trunks and automobiles so they wouldn't be seen. They followed the woman to the big blue house on the corner. They couldn't believe their eyes when the woman took off her canary yellow robe, revealing a Tweety nightgown, and began to dance like a ballerina in the yard. She had her arms gracefully placed over her head and continued to pirouette all across the yard. Trisha, Crazy 4 Halloween Neighbor Guy (C4HNG), and Chris lurked behind a mini van as they watched the crazy show! Slowly, more and more neighbors joined the insanity by...

Want to play along? Check it out!

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Lets play a blogging GAME. Dont leave me hanging here. LOL The goal is to get as many people as possible to participate, thereby exchanging links with all blogs playing, moving your links around the blogosphere to new places! This helps your google backlinks, your technorati rating and is FUN!
Rules: I will start a story here. You cut and paste the story to YOUR blog and add a few MORE made up sentences onto it…..then add your blog on the bottom as a contributor to the story, come back here, leave me the link. Ill go get the NEW story, complete with your link, and the new sentences, and update this post…..and the next person takes it all, cut and pastes it to their blog, adds sentences, etc. get the picture? In the mean time, we are WRITING a made up story………..together!!! Lets get creative! Make sure you come back here and TELL ME YOUR LINK, so I can update the story here so the next user gets the full thing.
Be aware, there may be a part of the story from a user that I have not put up yet. Check the last link in the comments before you post yours to make sure you are getting the most updated version. I am not sitting right here everytime someone posts, so i will update when i return.
Everyone that plays in the next 24 hours will be eligible for a drawing on a non claimed prize that momdot has to give away.

Thursday, October 2, 2008

Day 2 & Butterflies

Day 2 of Clomid. No side effects today! Yay!

I am having some pain in my abdomen still though. For some reason today seems worse than yesterday was. (It was AWFUL on Tuesday!)

Court tomorrow at 9 am. Think good thoughts & if you pray, say a prayer that whatever is MEANT to happen, does.

I've got butterflies I'm so anxious. I have no idea what to feel. I can't explain my feelings.

I bought "New Moon" the next Twilight book. So far, it's just as good & addicting as the first. I can't put it down & I've been crying.

Darn hormones!

Ta Ta 4 Now!


1. Clomid is not covered by my insurance. It only costs $40 out right though.

2. So far, so good, no side effects.

3. When I asked Tim if he was "ready" his reply was, "I don't know. I think so."

4. We had fried tilapia with my Dad, Mandy, and J.C. last night. It was yummy!

5. School sucks right now due to being so far behind from missing 2 days last week.

6. Court is tomorrow at 9. I'll have an update about that tomorrow night.

7. My Dad is leaving today.

8. Twilight is an AMAZING read. I can't seem to put it down. I read over 300 pages yesterday! I can totally understand the "hype".

That's All Folks!