Wednesday, December 31, 2008

New Year's Resolutions In Pictures

#7 Clean the walls throughout the house. Possibly repaint the house as well. This is what 2 large puppies will do to your walls after ONE rainy day! #6 Put together this beautiful cradle my dad bought us. The hardware is in PA somewhere. You'd think that after a week at my parent's house, I'd have remembered to ask for it, but no.

#5 Get a hair TRIM at least every other month. This is what my hair looks like right now! All split and scraggly. Tim is my beautician and he has been lacking. I have to cut his hair every 2 weeks like clockwork...but mine gets pushed to the wayside.

#4 Bathe the dogs at least once a month. We suck at this. Mostly because there are 3 dogs & none of them "love" bath-time.

#3 Lose weight. The jean skirt is actually a skort & the only pair of "shorts" that fit me this summer. The red plaid, school girl skirt, is just that, part of a school girl costume I used to wear in college. (4 short years ago!)

#2 Grade papers. The week I assign them. And then get them back to my students. This is the pile I brought home over break. Yea, not done yet.

#1 Get pregnant. Sometime this year. If I don't get pregnant, start the adoption process.

What are your new year resolutions?


Haasiegirl said...

good luck on the pregnant one!!!


Smellyann said...

I'll grade your papers for you, bring them over!

My resolution is to play with Rob's balls more!