Thursday, February 5, 2009

Would You Rather....?

Here's another edition of Would You Rather...? from Momdot!

Would you rather be a Siamese twin connected at the lips or at the soles of your feet?
Would you Rather have your hostage negotiator be Dick Vitale or Ike Turner? Who?
Would You Rather have your cell phone ring function set on ” Taser” or ” Airhorn”
Would You Rather snore the sound of a dial up modem or fart the sound of a rapid fire machine gun?
Would You Rather eat cotton candy made from belly lint or suck on a human eyeball jawbreaker for one minute? OMG. Eww.
Would You Rather orgasm once every tens years or once every ten seconds?
Would You Rather have sex with the Tin Man or The Scarecrow?
Would You Rather have breast implants made of Nerf or Play Doh?
Would You rather fight Mike Tyson or talk like him?
Would You Rather have sex with a soft and tender Tony Danza or a fast and furious Mr Belvedere? Who?
Just out of curiosity, which question left you thinking ” What the heck”???
The cotton candy/eyeball one...GROSS & wierd. Who comes up with this stuff?!

1 comment:

blueviolet said...

I laughed that you don't know who Mr. Belvedere is. And who would want to be connected by lips, come on. Nobody.