Thursday, February 5, 2009

A scary thing happened at work...

The worst thing just happened to me here at school! I was chilling in my classroom, pretty focused on getting my work done, listening to Radio Disney Jamz 10. Then, all of a sudden, this MAN walks in, from who-knows-where, that I don't recognize! I stood up, turned off the CD, and leaned on my desk. He walked into the room but kept close to the door. I said, How I can help you? He said, "Aww, nothing." I said, "Who are you looking for?" "Nobody, I used to go to school here & this was my classroom." Oh gee, that's nice. "Yea, those teachers here really messed me up. They held me back and I was doing ok." Um, I'm so sorry about that, I wasn't here back then though. "Well, maybe you were, how old are you?" Um, 25, there's no way I was here! (He's like 40ish!? Do I look THAT old?) "Oh, no you probably weren't." (Then I started typing while standing up, I really need to get these damn plans done.) He tried to talk to me some more, but I was "busy", and that made him leave.

OMG. I was FREAKING OUT. I have nothing defensive in my classroom at all & the only other people in the building are the custodians! I did think of it after the fact that I have a whistle right by my desk. I might start taking it with me when I go to the bathroom, just in case.
I almost ALWAYS have my door closed & locked, but it's hot in here today & so I had it open. I will NEVER leave it open while I'm in here again.

So anyway, after he left, I went and got the custodian, Mr. Wilson. I said, "Mr. Wilson, you're supposed to look out for me!" He apologized & said he thought the man was a parent. I explained what happened & he took off to take care of it! Yay! So, then a few minutes later, as I'm typing an e-mail to Mrs. White, Mr. W comes back. Mrs. White is the one who let him in the FREAKING building! OMG. So, I stopped typing my e-mail and headed up to the office! She said she was timing him & that he wanted to go see his old room! I let her know that it wasn't cool & scared the shit out of me! Anyway, it's been almost an hour & I'm still razzled by it. It's so scary working in this part of town. Add this to one more reason that I need to get out of Norfolk.

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Smellyann said...

Oh, wow, that is scary. Bad judgment on her part! I'm glad nothing untoward happened!!