Monday, February 16, 2009

Kindle Anyone?

I think I want a Kindle. The new one. Not right now, but maybe by this summer. I LOVE to read! I am constantly reading, even when I shouldn't be. (At stop lights, recess...) The Amazon Kindle looks freaking amazing! The books on there are cheaper than the paper version too! That saves trees & gives me the audio book as well! You can go from audiobook to text just like */* that! I'm sure it's not the audiobook you'd get if you bought the CDs but, hey, any book I can read while driving is AWESOME!

Tim wants an MP3 player...either a Zune or an I-Pod. So, around about the time we can afford to get him that, I want a kindle! Maybe he'll get his MP3 player for his b-day & I'll get my Kindle 2 for mine. We shall see.

So, do any of you readers out there have one? Know someone who has one? Seen one when you were walking in the mall? I've NEVER seen one in person, nor do I know anybody who has one! So, out into the blog-o-sphere it goes!

I want a real live person's opinion of the Kindle, not just a techno-jargon review off a news website. Hook me up, folks!

To Do List Check Up:

I did the stuff that is bold...

Clean the kitchen
Mop the kitchen
Cook dinner (Tacos, Mac N Cheese, and mashed potatoes)
Play Wii Fit
Grade papers?
Eat ice cream for dessert


Smellyann said...

I know someone who has one and loves it, but that's all I know, yo.

Smellyann said...

And that's a weird dinner combination, dude! LOL!