Sunday, February 15, 2009

Sunday Update Valentines!

Hey Folks!

WOW! This week was INSANE.

Last Saturday was Ashley's birthday party.

Sunday Dad took me out shopping for work clothes & shoes. Then he took us to Texas Roadhouse.

Monday was work & then I went to Red Lobster with Dad & Amanda (on me!) When we left there we went to a Kohl's by Amanda for her shopping spree.

Tuesday was a lazy night for Tim and I & I can't remember what we did at all. I think we went to bed early. I know I wasn't on the computer though.

Wednesday was Bunco. I dreaded going but then had a blast, as usual. I don't know what's with my funk lately.

Thursday I had plans to stay at school late, but then I had a conference that pissed me off, so I left right at 3:10 and came home. I cleaned house & blogged a bit. I did manage to get on Wii Fit for a while & get my Think Thin Thursday up.

Friday was AWESOME. Tim hired a quartet to come to work & sing to me. It was embarrassing but in a good way. Everybody at work was talking about it. After work I took Grayson and Spencer to Wal-Mart, I had to get a couple things & I wanted to buy Tim's Valentine's present. I managed to get 3 of the picture frames I needed for his lithographs. I also got a nightie & a pair of pj shorts. I also got a couple things on clearance. I got 2 pairs of leggings for Carolynn for $1 a piece. I also got a Christmas set, with a hat & booties. It says, "Silent Night...Yea Right." Then Amanda met me at Kohl's. I got 2 tops for work, 7 pairs of microfleece undies, and a baby outfit that is fleece. I am going to use fleece as my diaper covers, so I'm looking for gender neutral fleece outfits. (Like a jogging outfit, only 100% polyester.) When I got home, Tim had the chocolate fountain set up, with 2 lbs of strawberries, graham crackers, Oreos, angel food cake, and my favorite sugar cookies. Yummy! I had picked up pizza, wings, and breadsticks so we ate dinner & then dessert!

Saturday morning we both had to get up early. I had Saturday School and Tim had church. We went off on our seperate ways. After Saturday School, I dropped off one of my students & then went to another Wal-Mart to get the rest of the picture frames I needed. I also got a bunch of other stuff! When I got home, I blogged, clean house, washed the frames & then loaded up the lithographs. When Tim got home, we finished cleaning up, I cut Tim's hair, and then we got ready to go out! We went to Yukon Steak Co. for a yummy dinner. We had crab dip as our appetizer, then we had salads, followed by steaks with crab imperial on top! It was DELICIOUS! After that we had plans to go to the movies & see Gran Torino, but before we got to the mall we decided against that. We ended up just wandering around the mall, window shopping. We did pick up 2 cute little toys for Grayson. (They'll stay at our house, but we bought them with him in mind.)

Aren't they adorable?

When we got home we pretty much crashed!


We got up, got ready for church, and went to the 9:45 service. After that service, Tim still had to do more sound, so I went to A.C. Moore. I got some good loot!

(adding pictures messes up the spaces, so I'm going to do a seperate post for those!)

After A.C. Moore, I headed back to church to pick Tim up. From there we went to Best Buy to look at computer junk. Then we went to I-Hop for lunch. Only we took the long-ass route to get there because we didn't know if we wanted something ELSE instead. Our waitress couldn't keep up with the lunch rush & another waitress ended up taking care of us. See, I got all you can eat pancakes. They were delivered about 5 minutes AFTER the rest of my meal. We didn't get ANY syrup with our pancakes. So, after waiting several minutes, we asked the other waitress (S) to get our waitress for us. She said, "(L) table 3, please!" Well, L came and checked on EVERY other table she was serving, except for us. She walked past my empty plate & cup, 3 TIMES! So, then S checked back on her table, next to us, noticed my empty plate, cup, and me sitting there looking amazed. She said, "Has she come by yet?" NOPE. "Oh my goodness...what did you need sweetie, I'll get it!" She immediately went to the kitchen and very loudly said, "Can I get a reorder for L's table!" Then nice and speedy like, she brought me a drink, fresh plate of pancakes, and a drink. Then she went and fussed at L. L through an attitude & then didn't come back to our table until we were done eating! Needless to say, we left a less than 10% tip, which NEVER happens! (Tim normally tips 25%!)

From there, we headed to Tabitha's house. She is lending me her OvaCue fertility monitor! If this month isn't it for us, I'm going to start using it next cycle. Then we drove by Chrissy's old house, just to see if they sold it or anything. It looked deserted. Then we went to Pep Boys. We got front brakes, my serpentine belt, Pepper Spray, car junk, and gloves for Tim. I'm hoping there won't be a problem with me keeping the pepper spray in my purse. It will really make me feel better at work. From Pep Boys we went to the movies. We saw "Push." It was pretty good. I hated the ending, but what can you do!? After the movies, we headed home.
Since we've been home, I've been blogging & Tim's been farting around on line. We had left-over Pizza Hut for dinner.

I'm off tomorrow & Tim has to work, so I'm hoping to get some grading done.

How was your weekend?

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