Thursday, February 12, 2009

Sunday Update Pictures

Here are the pictures that go with this week's Sunday Update.

Ashley's Birthday Party @ Amanda's house on Saturday night, in Reverse:
Carolynn checking out the new Littlest Pets (I think it was a whale & a snail. The "most messy") They also had a bat at the store, but I didn't buy that one!
Ashley & Brianna checking out the LP.

Breaking into the presents!

The loot. The purple & pink dots was mine & the pink & orange dots was Mandy's. It was a very PINK pile!

Tim feeding Spencer, while he sits in MY bouncy chair.

Carolynn waiting to eat.

The big kids & their food.
Sunday after church time, Dad took me to Kohl's to go shopping. It was a very late birthday present. I got a dress, a pair of slacks, a couple tops, and a pair of Sketcher's shoes. I am very thankful, because I really needed some new clothes. Here are a couple pictures of that!

One of the outfits Dad bought me.

The dress Dad bought me. I wore this to school today & got LOTS of compliments. I really like the dress, it is stretchy & fits nicely.

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Smellyann said...

I REALLY hope you are pregnant!!!! Fingers crossed! Toes too!

Caro looks SO grown up in the pics! I like the outfits your dad bought you; they look great on you! :D