Saturday, February 21, 2009

Can *YOU* See It?

Here's one more, from the scanner. That's the control on top & the test line on bottom.

I'm 11 DPO today. This first one is Straight-Out-of-the Camera or SOOTC.

So is this one!

In this picture I turned all of the midtones down. You can see it here, I think.

In this one I turned the color hue and saturation way up and I think you can see it there too.

Here's another sootc.

Tell me what YOU think!

PS. Tim can see it! In REAL LIFE! OMG. Amanda you need to come look at my pee stick! Puh-LEASE!


HeatherC said...

I do see it! Congrats!!

Smellyann said...

I see it in the top one from the scanner!

I'm crossing everything I have two of!!!

The Jenmeister™ said...

Oh yeah, I see it! Congrats!

Joelle said...

I'm braiding my hair in addition to crossing everything I have two of! Can't wait to see the post later on tonight!